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“I AM WHO I AM. [I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE.]” At that moment in time when God said this to Moses, there was one thing that He was not and that is, God who is King of His own nation and people on Earth.

He was Creator, God Almighty, and even Father and Son, for the Word who became flesh was with Him from the beginning, but as King who had a people and nation of His own on Earth, He was not. The birth of Israel as a nation would be the first attempt of God to be King of a nation of His own, a people of His own. However, that dream was cut short a few weeks after the exodus out of Egypt when the people made it obvious they did not want God to be their King when they appointed Moses to be God’s spokesperson to them.

In His grace to Israel, He permitted them to live as He listened to Moses’ entreaty and did not destroy them when they made a golden calf as their god in His place no more than another 40 days later, for Israel rejected God as their King in Exodus 20.19 and rejected God as their God in Exodus 32. It only took a nation of liberated slaves, liberated after almost 400 years of slavery, to turn and reject God both as King and God within a few weeks. Such is the root of ingratitude that runs deep in all men, all nations, that we have inherited from our father, Adam.

However, Israel would still be good for something, for it has always been through Israel that the Son would come and the Son Himself would likewise become King through a nation that would be birthed not by the flesh but by the Spirit. In the light of this hope God listened to Moses, and Israel was permitted to continue its existence until the time came for Jesus to be born of the virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Unfortunately, in a deadly fulfilment of the words He gave His own Son to speak in the Parable of the Tenants, these descendants of those calf worshippers did take His Son and killed Him on a roman cross. An event that permitted the Holy Spirit, whose power conceived Jesus in Mary, to use that same power to declare Him Son of God by raising Him from the dead, so that out of what is dead, a new life came forth, a resurrected life.

Likewise, by the raising from the dead of Jesus Christ, the dead hope of God to be King of His own nation on Earth was also raised. And as Jesus walked out of the tomb on resurrection morning, the hope of God to be King also walked out, and the call and invitation was sent forth, first by angels for the disciples who had been called and chosen to join Them on the Mount of Transfiguration where the plan of God to have His kingdom on Earth would be given to them in the same manner and detail as the plans of the tabernacle was given to Moses. God could give no other plans to Moses except the plans of the tabernacle and the laws of conduct and worship… the plans of the Kingdom of God were not given, only the plans for the Kingdom of Israel were.

When They saw the disciples did not accept the women’s message from the angels, Jesus Himself went back and gave the message, first to Mary Magdalene and then to the rest of the women, yet still no one came. No one came to receive the plans God had for His kingdom on Earth through Jesus Christ. What they got instead was a fellowship of people, a church, in which the seed of the hope of God’s kingdom on Earth laid dormant, just as the seed of Israel, Kingdom of God laid dormant within the Kingdom of Israel through its chequered history.

However, when the disciples displayed the same habit as their forefathers, the Kingdom of God remained a talking point, a hope and a future event that was not yet.

Such was the hope of the manifestation of His kingdom on Earth, that when the disciples wanted Jesus to teach them to pray as John’s disciples were taught by John to pray, Jesus taught them, “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name, Your kingdom come…”

The first thing Jesus wanted us, the disciples, to ask the Father for after the greeting was “Your kingdom come…”

The establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth by and through the disciples was the first item of business as far as Jesus was concerned“Your kingdom come” came ahead of “Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” You see, in Heaven the will of God is done as the will of the King, not as the will of God or Father or Master or Lord, but as the will of the King. So likewise, Jesus wanted us to pray, to declare, to speak, and to receive that God’s will be done on Earth as the will of the King, not the will of God.

For those who love to quote and practise what Jesus said in Mark 11.24 – “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” – take note, God would have you first ask and receive in prayer His kingdom, that His will be done on Earth as a King’s will, not a Father’s will only. In fact, Jesus taught all His disciples to pray not as believers or disciples, but as children, as sons and daughters, for the first words are: “Our Father…” And as sons and daughters, we are to believe for our Father to receive His kingdom, not our kingdoms, but His, so that we too might have a kingdom and not just a family. For without a kingdom, the Family of God is just a family and not a Royal Family. Without a kingdom, there is nothing royal about God, for it is kingship that bestows royalty, not divinity or power or family or immortality. All the other attributes of His Person do not and cannot bestow on God the royalty that only a kingdom can.

And so the “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE is the will of God to be Royal – to have a kingdom on Earth as in Heaven… to be King of both spiritual and flesh realms, and for His Son and the brothers and sisters who would come because of Him to be truly of a royal line, just like David received his royalty and a royal line, a royalty that would never have been his had Israel not rejected God as their King.

Even though it was part of God’s intention as Gabriel declared to Mary, “The Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David, and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end,” God’s greater intention was as He had declared earlier through Isaiah, “It is too small a thing for You to be My servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make You a light for the Gentiles, that You may bring My salvation to the ends of the Earth.” As such, the plan of God for Jesus’ future was not confined only to a Kingship over Israel, but over the entire Earth, the King of all the Earth. However, that plan was stalled when the disciples failed to respond to Jesus’ message through Mary Magdalene as loyal subjects would respond to the word of their King. He would remain their Lord up to the day of His ascension, but as their King, that realisation would not come until much later. Indeed, as the Epistles bear witness, it was Paul who reminded the church of the Kingdom of God and of the yet to come Kingdom of Christ, so that over the centuries that kingdom disappeared – the kingdom of power and not just of eating, talking and drinking; the kingdom of joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit – and was replaced by a religion with its own kingdom systems that is by and large devoid of miraculous power, even if some enjoyed military, intellectual, political and financial powers at various times through history.

However, as much as men like James and his disciples, Nicolas and his disciples, Balaam and Jezebel and their disciples, have distracted and prostituted the finished work of Jesus, the Holy Spirit remains on Earth, and in Him and through Him every word spoken by God and by Jesus will fulfil that which God sent them forth for and not return to God void without accomplishing that which God sent them forth for. The Holy Spirit, the Faithful Witness of the Father and the Son on Earth, has remained waiting and working, always working, so that through the ages, the seed of the Kingdom of God could grow, first as a shoot, then a stalk and leaves, becoming nothing like that which was sown until harvest time when once more that which was sown re-emerges multiplied, and the roots, stalk and leaves, once they have served their purpose, are cast aside and burnt, and the harvest is brought in. That after all is what Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like. Just like the grain that was sown as a seed that reappears at harvest time, so the Kingdom of God sown by Jesus into the Earth now emerges… that kingdom of power, joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit, where there is also eating and drinking as well as talking.

For the Holy Spirit who came from the Father at the request of the Lord Jesus has been with us working – convicting, reminding, revealing, teaching – as the Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power, Counsel and the Fear of the Lord, Truth, Grace, Holiness, Revelation, Life and Glory who He is, using all these attributes of His to not only reveal the salvation and Person of Jesus to men and women everywhere, even to those whom the church has failed to preach the Gospel properly to, so that unbelievers were changed to believers, to disciples, to servants, to friends, to brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, growing them until they could begin to attain the stature of Christ as a son or daughter of God themselves, and so Himself, through this work, become the Spirit of Sonship to others as He became the Spirit of Sonship through Jesus when by His power Jesus was conceived, born and raised from the dead to be declared the Son of God.

It was the great Paul who wrote for us: For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of Sonship. And by Him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The greatest aspect of the Person of the Holy Spirit, His greatest achievement if you like, is the Spirit of Sonship, the crowning centrepiece that His power, knowledge, wisdom, counsel, the fear of the Lord, truth, grace, life, holiness, revelation and glory would bring Him to be.

The Holy Spirit who is One with the Father, who comes from the Father through the Son, the One who is honoured by the other Two with the unforgiveable sin if anyone should speak against Him, was given to all whom Jesus has chosen to baptise with as the Spirit of Sonship. To receive the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Sonship and for any person to allow Him to work in them and turn them into sons and daughters worthy of the Lord and the Father is the greatest honour God can bestow on any man or woman.

But now, elect, the enthronement of Jesus Christ in your heart and the pouring out of your life like a drink offering on the altar of God to see Jesus enthroned on Earth in Heavenly glory so that the long held desire, will and dream of God to have His own kingdom on Earth, a kingdom He can give His Son, would be fulfilled, means that you give back to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – that which They had only hoped for, dreamt of and waited to receive. You give them that which They will be the fulfilment of “I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE – Kingship on Earth, His kingdom come on Earth, royalty on Earth as in Heaven – God in His own kingdom on Earth because you who have enthroned Him in your heart have caused it to be so. And far above that – above the enthronement of Jesus in your heart and on Earth soon – from the moment you have enthroned Jesus in your heart, and your heart cry from the overflow becomes “Abba, Father, my King” until all that comes out is “My King,” you have returned the Holy Spirit to the Father and the Son in a blaze of triumphant glory that eternity has never beheld – the hope of glory fulfilled – for through those whose enthronement of Jesus causes them to cry, “My King,” the Holy Spirit Himself is transformed, transfigured and becomes the Spirit of Kingship, the Spirit who comes forth from the King, the Father, and the King, the Son.

The Spirit of Kingship – not that which God could give us, but only that which God can receive from us. He who was and is can now be who is to come, not as God the Creator and God the Saviour, but God the King because He has a nation of His own, a people of His own, a people who are not conquered and enslaved by Him so that they have to receive Him as their King, no, but a people who cry out to Him, “Be our King forever and forever without end,” His own sons and daughters who changed the Spirit of Sonship they received and gave Him back as the Spirit of Kingship, who have grown up and no longer need to cry out, “Abba, Father,” but shout out triumphantly, “My Father, My King!” and so God is He who is the I AM and now through those who enthroned Him on Earth He will become what HE WILL BE – the King who has a royal family of many sons and daughters who are worthy to be kings and lords themselves so that He Himself is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. And when this age is finished, when this creation runs its full course of time, from New Earth the dreams of the empires of God can be launched into the New Heavens and the New Eternities, for the Holy Spirit who came forth as the word was released in the beginning is even now preparing Himself to be launched forth into the new beginnings, but this time He goes forth into the darkness, revealing by His light that which has always been in God’s mind as the Spirit of Kingship.


Behold, your King comes riding not on a colt, the foal of a donkey, Jerusalem, but He comes mounted on a white horse, leading the armies of Heaven. On His thigh is written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Come, King Jesus, come! And let all who have ears to hear say, “Amen!”


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