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“When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His throne in Heavenly glory.”

God willing, those of us who remain alive because of the truth of John 11.26 will see these words of Jesus come to fulfilment and be present as He takes His throne on Earth as He is enthroned in Heaven at the right hand of the Father now where we do not see Him. The physical enthronement of Jesus will take place as surely as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west for us today. However, when that will be depends on two things – the will of God and the obedience of His church.

His church, elect, and not the churches that belong to the other Jesus’… like the Jesus who was born December 24th, whose mother remained a virgin after His birth, whose priests are allowed to be called ‘father’, whose believers do not or cannot speak in tongues, drive out demons, heal the sick, drink poison and pick up serpents and have no harm come to them, whose wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of mammon, and so on.

When you realise now that indeed there are many Jesus’ and Christs who use the same name as our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, born in the northern spring through a virgin who did not remain a virgin after His birth, who was raised in Nazareth, who ministered testifying to the salvation and the revelation that is in His Name, prophesying of the resurrection that is to come in Him, and confirming His message with the signs and wonders that His believers and disciples can also do, who sent the Holy Spirit who reminds His disciples of all that He said, and who is coming back to reign on Earth for a millennium… then it is no wonder that when many call to Him, saying, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name, and in Your Name drive out demons and perform many miracles?” Jesus, our Jesus, will reply, “I never knew you.” Jesus, our Jesus, can say this to them because they had been following and practising the teachings of a different Jesus, not His teachings. So then, Jesus was not being rude but polite.

As surely as the enthronement of Jesus will take place in the flesh, it is possible now for the enthronement of Jesus to occur in our hearts, minds and souls so that our flesh behaves as if Jesus is enthroned already. Many would say, “But Jesus is enthroned in our hearts,” and say that they too are His disciples and believers. However, the truth is… they are not if they are not enthroning the Jesus whom the Holy Spirit inspired the disciples to write about. They may sincerely and honestly have been wanting to follow our Jesus, but because of their own laziness in not reading and practising the words of Jesus themselves, but have relied on others to do that for them, many are deceived. Deceived, as the angel said, by the maddening wine of the adulteries of Babylon the great and her magic spell. Remember, a wine is a concoction to dull one’s senses and a magic spell is a deception of slight of hand, and those who are looking for distractions and entertainment will be its victims.

Following a different Jesus and practising the words of a different Jesus will see you enthrone a different Jesus in your heart and keep you from seeing, experiencing and living the words of the Biblical Jesus in your life. That is why those who are believers and disciples of say the Jesus who is born December 25th will not be able to heal the sick in his name, or those who are believers and disciples of the Jesus who is a son of God will not be able to drive out demons, much less multiply the food, and worse still they will always be speaking of God as God, but never coming to know Him as their Father.

The deception, elect, has robbed many who are sincere from living that which Jesus died for on this Earth now. That is why there is no local fellowship that experiences what the fellowship in Jerusalem experienced in Acts 5.16: Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.

When what and who is enthroned in your heart, mind and soul is false, a myth, a concoction of someone else’s imagination, then whatever you say, think or do are but words, ideas and pantomimes of that which was never, is never and will never be.

When the Jesus you have believed in is not the Jesus of the Bible, when the Jesus you love, worship and adore is not the Jesus of the Bible, and the doctrines, traditions and practices are not based on the words of the Jesus of the Bible… then you will never experience that which the Jesus of the Bible said you should experience. Does that mean you are not saved? No, not necessarily, for God is just and in His justice those who have deceived others willingly and knowingly will pay dearly, but like all victims of deception, you still suffer as a victim needlessly. However, if the continuation of that deception is due to your laziness, that is, you have eaten of the teachings of others without seeking out the truth for yourself, then you will suffer for your laziness.

That is why during the times when the Bible was locked away, when men and women of faith were not as privileged as we are in the availability of supplies, but yet they held onto the testimony of Jesus and the word of God they had, even to the point of death… those heroes of faith are coming back in the first resurrection, whilst those who withheld the Bible and introduced their deceptions will gnash their teeth in darkness. However, that is what was… now what is is the present.

Now the Scriptures are freely available to all and sundry in the first world so that no one who says he is a believer or disciple of Jesus Christ is without excuse if he himself does not read and study the word with due diligence. And you, elect, have shown that it is possible for any man or woman of all ages and walks of life to read and study and practise the written words of Jesus whilst still living in the world without being a part of it.

And as the command “Listen to Him” continues to be restored to more and more who have called on the Name of the Lord, the plumbline is being stretched out, and when all is ready, judgment will come.

In the meantime, elect, the enthronement of Jesus Christ can take place now in the hearts, minds and souls of the believers and disciples of Jesus, and when that occurs, they will find that their flesh will manifest the power of the Holy Spirit that will permit them to be witnesses as Jesus commanded. For these are the words of the Lord and His teachings that when put into practice correctly will permit the transformation, even transfiguration, of any fellowship in the church that belongs to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Only a man of truth in whom there is nothing false will have what he is thinking, planning, saying and doing come to fruition because there is nothing false about him. As such, only those who are working for the honour of the one who sent them can do so, and therefore, only those who know the Jesus who sent them and are working for His honour can do so. Someone who is sent by the Jesus who is born December 25th but uses the words of the Jesus of the Bible is not working for the honour of the Jesus born December 25th. Someone who says he is sent by the Jesus born of a virgin who did not remain a virgin and yet cannot speak in tongues, drive out demons and heal the sick is not working for the honour of the One he says has sent him. As a result, much, if not all, of what they plan, say or do is not the truth, no matter how well meaning they are. Now do you see the power of the deception of Babylon the great? As another example: “Brave soldiers who get themselves wiped out do not obtain the victory.”

It is when we know who is the Jesus we are listening to, whose words we are preaching and following, whom we enthrone in our hearts and minds that the words and teachings that He gave us will manifest. It is at that moment… because He is enthroned in our hearts, His words will overflow from our hearts without a doubt because we know Him, and because we have no doubt, then we will have whatever we say and even whatever we wish because His words abide in us and we abide in Him. When He is enthroned in our minds, then our thoughts are captive to Him and then those who have been waiting for us we will be ready to punish, and the heart cry of our souls will reach the ears of the Father. When there exists for Jesus such a church on Earth, a church where He is already enthroned in the hearts, minds, souls and flesh of the people, then the Father will send Him back and quickly!

So now, elect, it is up to you, each and everyone individually, to ensure that Jesus is enthroned in your mind, heart and soul, and your very flesh reflects that enthronement in the way you live your life that will create the church that needs no letter from Jesus because it is the church that is completely obedient to the Holy Spirit.

And as you meet those who have drunk the maddening wine of the great Babylon and are under her magic spell, set them free… and not only for that prostitute, but her daughters as well, by revealing the Jesus of the Bible’s salvation, revelation and resurrection. If they will listen and come out, they will have spared themselves from sharing in her plagues, for God has said, “Come out of her, My people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues…”

Do so with love, patience and respect… avoiding any argument based on words but a clear and simple demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps they will listen; perhaps they will turn and be healed. However, do not let their refusal nor their opposition distract you from your primary task, and that is, to have Jesus enthroned on Earth in Heavenly glory as He is already enthroned in your heart, soul, might and mind.

For we now live in the times when these words of God to Daniel are finding fulfilment: “Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.” Purified by the revelation of the truth, made spotless by repeated application of the truth, and refined by the continuous practice of the truth, that is, the word of God as Jesus has said, “Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.”

It is when we who are on Earth have enthroned Jesus that Jesus is truly enthroned, for as He has said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.Again, I tell you that if two of you on Earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in Heaven.” When we bind ourselves together in agreement as one, that Jesus be enthroned on Earth as He is enthroned in our hearts, souls and minds now with all our might, it will be done by His Father and our Father, His God and our God, who is in Heaven.



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