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When God sent His Son to save this world so that anyone who believes would not perish but have eternal life – that is, now to come to know Him, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He sent – He did not send Jesus (His Son) in a blaze of glory with the armies of Heaven with Him, laying low every tyrant and performing His mighty miracles in Jerusalem’s temple so that the self-righteous, the rich and the powerful would flock to worship Him. But He sent Jesus, our Jesus, to be born of a virgin betrothed to a descendant of a defunct line of Judean kings stemming from David, during the northern spring when lambs were born.

Even though He would be well provided for with the gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense from the wise men of the east so that their time as refugees in Egypt would not be as difficult, nevertheless, the young Jesus, of which very little is written about except for the incident of Luke 2.41-52 at the temple, grew up from a young age experiencing and learning what His ministry would be all about.

Salvation of the world, revelation of the Father and resurrection of all who are dead are the threefold work of Jesus we all know or should know. However, the manner in which He was sent to accomplish them is what we should and must understand, for He was not sent to save the world, reveal the Father and resurrect the dead as a Lord and King with power, pomp and majesty. His was not the pampered life of Moses to be brought up in a king’s household as a prince, but rather, His was the life of a fatherless boy whose mother was the laughing stock of the village, for she conceived Him as a ‘virgin’ and His stepfather was a man who spent his days having to contend with those who mocked him. And even His stepbrothers and stepsisters who came after Him, how do you think they really treated Jesus? You need look no further than the way they treated Him in His ministry years when they thought He had gone mad and they did not believe Him.

As such, from the very first instance, the preparation and education of Jesus started as Him being the Victim of injustice from all quarters… from king Herod who wanted to kill Him to the children who would have taunted and bullied Him. Such things need not be written of, for if you believe the virgin birth and you know human nature, then you would know Jesus would never have received any fair or pleasant treatment growing up, and this is confirmed because He had no close childhood friend who was amongst His disciples, for they were all strangers. Indeed, those who should have been His closest childhood friends, as I have said, thought Him mad and did not believe Him.

From there the life of Jesus went from being the Victim of one injustice after another – called Beelzebub because He could drive out demons, deserted by His disciples, betrayed, lied about at His trial, flogged, bashed, crucified and murdered on trumped up charges by self-righteous hypocrites who could not do the miracles He did and out of self-preservation handed Him over to Caesar.

You see, when Jesus said, “But I, when I am lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men to Myself,” He already knew the manner He would be lifted up, not as a King on a throne with the soldiers of men, but as the Victim of men’s cruelty and evil on a roman cross, nailed there to be drained and pierced so that He could truly become One of us and be One with His Father – a Victim of lies, treachery, murder, betrayal and injustice.

For God Himself became a Victim of Satan’s treachery when Satan lied to Eve and deceived her so that both she and Adam died from eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When you knowingly get someone to eat or drink that which can bring death, it is called murder. That is why Satan is a murderer from the beginning, as Jesus said. And as time passed and the world lurched from sin to sin, God experienced even more betrayal and treachery as Israel disobeyed Him and ran after other gods as early as a few weeks after the deliverance from Egypt. Man too became a victim like one who is innocent becomes a victim to those who know more than he does. Adam became victim to Satan’s evil and cunning and his own disobedience, and because of Adam, everyone born since is born victim of sin, treachery, betrayal, murder and lies.

The journey of Jesus Christ’s life was the journey of becoming a Victim of all that God and men have fallen victim to so that He could truly understand us and be one with us and so that all who would come to Him, He would not reject. He became a Victim of sin as all men became victims of sin, and yet despite His knowledge, wisdom and power, He never victimised another. In His experience of His life as a Victim, He became truly One who could save us and understand us… and in His refusal to victimise others, He condemned all who made victims of others so that all who would repent would be forgiven.

All men, all descendants of Adam, who would repent would be forgiven for making His Father and Him Victims of Satan’s deceit and treachery. For, if Adam had refused the fruit, he would have saved God from the consequences of Satan’s schemes. And because He Himself when victimised never made a victim of anyone else, Jesus truly became the only One worthy to judge all men, to judge them and have mercy on those who are victims of sin, and to judge and punish those who made others victims of sin. That is why the multitudes of Heaven shout, “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for true and just are His judgments.” True because He judges as a Victim would judge, and just because He knows not only what it is to be victimised, but more importantly, He knows it is possible not to victimise.

You see, it is the cowardly, the vile and the unbelieving who victimise others, especially when they themselves avoid being the victim, or worse still, have the power and ability to avoid being the victim. Satan did not become a victim of any treachery, lies or murder, but chose to use his cunning, knowledge, wisdom and beauty to deceive and make those who are innocent and weak his victims.

A true coward is one who uses superior power, knowledge and wisdom to victimise others. A truly vile person is one who having become a victim, then turns and makes others victims of the same crime. And a truly unbelieving person is one who withholds mercy from those who are begging for it when it is in his power to dispense that mercy. When you understand the meaning of true cowardice, vileness and unbelief from the perspective of victims, you can see why Jesus called the teachers of the law ‘hypocrites’… why He said it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and highly impossible for him to enter the Kingdom of God without God’s will… why He had little time for the self-righteous religious, even the rich and powerful, but spent His time with sinners, drunkards and prostitutes… for He too was becoming the Victim of all victims and yet with His power as King of kings and Lord of lords, He steadfastly refused to victimise others.

That is why all who would repent and come to Him, who are thirsty and hungry for righteousness, He never rejects… but those who oppose Him, He will come and fight with the sword of His mouth. Such is the justice of God.

His experience and knowledge as a Victim of treachery, cruelty and evil truly made Him worthy to be our Saviour and great High Priest, making intercessions for us at the right hand of God, and as the great Dispenser of God’s judgment and mercy, even wrath, for truly Jesus is the only One who understands God and His image, Adam, for the V/victims they are of evil.

His great control and refusal to make victims of others even though He Himself was victimised makes Him the One who can truly set aside those who can be trusted with the miraculous power of God and be the Judge of everyone, especially the rich, the powerful and the kings of the Earth. For He knows what it is to have power, power to avenge one’s self and withhold the vengeance. He knows what it is to have the power to victimise others and how easy it is to excuse one’s self for doing so just because one has been the victim.

On that roman cross where He was lifted up as a Victim of our sin and evil, He drank everything – our treachery, our betrayal, our pain, our hurt and the temptation to retaliate and victimise – and forgave us all as He uttered these eternal words: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

In utter pain beyond human comprehension, He came to experience the cost of forgiveness – just how painful it is for victims of treachery and injustice to forgive… how painful it is for God to forgive our treachery and betrayal of Him… and how painful it is for us to forgive those who have sinned against us and victimised us. And as He hung there, refusing to come off that cross even though we taunted Him as well, refusing to call on His angels to deliver Him and wipe all mankind out… once and for all He also forged for those who would forgive, who want to forgive and who need to forgive, the grace and the strength needed, and so set the Covenant for the Forgiveness of Sins forever with His triumphant shout, “It is finished.” The Victim had taken all that could be dished out at Him until there was nothing more His enemies could do and He overcame Himself – His anger, His pain and His right to retaliate – so that truly all sin lost all its power and forgiveness would truly triumph, and mercy would prevail over judgment.

The perfection and the fullness of mercy of His Father He has truly carried to the highest perfection and fullness of mercy, for from that moment on, from the moment He shouted, “It is finished,” He released for all victims the freedom to know their time of victimisation was over and they were free, free to show mercy on their enemies and so forever turn their enemies into their footstools. There was nothing more His enemies and our enemies could do to us or against us, except to refuse His mercy… and now our mercy. With the exception of the false prophet who blasphemed the Holy Spirit and the beast who did not learn from his incarceration in the Abyss, all without exception would be shown mercy.

Death, Hades and the sea would give up its dead for judgment and yet at the time the lips of all the peoples would be purified that they may call upon the Name of the Lord as it is written in Zephaniah 3.9 and be saved from the lake of fire… it will only be the cowardly, the vile and the unbelieving who will go to the lake of fire because they are too cowardly, too vile and too unbelieving to ask for, to receive and to believe in mercy.

Mercy then is the final arbitrator of judgment and all who refuse God’s mercy only have themselves to blame, no one else.

It is the invitation of the Victim to all who victimised Him – “The time has come… Repent…” – to repent so that He may have mercy on them and show them the glory of God that can transform and transfigure a victim to a victor as it did Him.

So this time He is not coming back to walk the path of the Victim, but rather, He is coming back to take those who obeyed Him, believed Him and loved Him enough to walk the path of the Victor so that they can learn from Him how to reign as kings and lords, just as He learned from them how to be a Victim.

To those who have the heart to understand and study what this means – “I desire mercy, not sacrifice” – He will test and train with power… power that gives the victims to either be victimisers or be to victors who know how to judge and dispense mercy.

It is until we learn to not victimise others even though we have been victimised that the Holy Spirit will truly release His power to the church of Jesus Christ without limit.


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