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Making Disciples II

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The cost of being a disciple has been made clear by Jesus.  All the personal things we are to leave behind for Him, however, are returned to us many times more, if not a 100 times as much.  There is, however, no mention of the cost of being a discipler.  Why is that?

So what is the cost of being a discipler?  One can mention the time spent and the disappointment suffered when those you are discipling desert you and even betray you, as Jesus experienced.  However, the reality is that the cost of making disciples is far exceeded by the pleasure of making a disciple, that Jesus did not have to outline the price, but rather, paid out the price with His life to show us the fruit thereof.

When we do not make disciples out of the believers assigned to us, we deprive ourselves of the pleasure, the good pleasure, that the Father showed Jesus.  For as the Lord Jesus was saying what He heard the Father say, in the manner of how it was said, and doing what He was shown, Jesus was being discipled by the Father.

So, what then is the cost of being a discipler?  Very little when compared to the pleasure of being a discipler just like the Father and the Son.  The Father discipled the Son, and the Son discipled the twelve, and the twelve were supposed to make disciples, like the Father made disciples and like the Son discipled them, showing them what the Father was saying and how He was saying it and doing it.

The cost of being a discipler is to see that which you pour out of yourself turn to nothing as those you disciple leave you, desert you and betray you.  However, the reward of a discipler is to come to know the Father and the Son as Those who have made disciples, and have your disciples leave, desert and betray you, but also to have one and ones who go on and take all that you have taught them to the fullness of the glory that awaits them.

To those who are prepared to be discipled and then go onto obeying the command and making disciples, the Father and the Son will reveal and share with them the joy and the pleasure that They have in making disciples after Themselves.  And if God is discipling you to be like Him, then what is the fate that They are preparing for you?  A time of eternal bliss in Heaven?  An eternity of worshipping Them and fellowshipping with Them in New Jerusalem?  I think not, for those who have not only paid the price of being a disciple, but go onto obeying the final command before the Lord’s ascension to the right hand of the Father, there awaits a much greater destiny… and that is the destiny of being like the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For being made into a disciple allows you to experience what Jesus experienced when He was discipled by the Father.  Learning to make disciples allows you to experience what Jesus experienced.  The Father has a perfect Student, but Jesus had some very imperfect students.  Jesus took that which the Father did and applied it to a lesser template than what the Father had to work with, and so did a greater thing than the Father.

When we who are imperfect attempt to emulate Them in making disciples, we then take the act of making disciples to an even higher level so that if we should succeed in producing a disciple for Them of the fullness of the stature of Christ, that is where They share the glory with us.  It is this challenge that arouses the Holy Spirit to His highest and best for us, for His greatest pleasure is to assist anyone who is prepared to make disciples to produce disciples of the stature of Christ, for then He Himself fulfils His destiny as Spirit of Sonship.

As such, if the opportunity for discipleship is offered to you, take it up, for when you have been discipled, then can you be a discipler and come to know Them – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in the true pleasure of eternal life.

So, what is the cost of being a discipler?  If you understood what it offers, you would never ask.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop


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