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Love the Lord Your God

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In the beginning the Word already existed – He was with God and He was God in the beginning and He created everything there is – nothing exists that He did not make.

Life itself was in Him and this life gives light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot understand it let alone EVER extinguish it.

And then by the word spoken by the Father, God the Word became now God the Begotten… the only Begotten Son of God, and received the Name above all other names. For at the Name of Jesus, every knee would bow in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, and every tongue confess that He is Lord to the glory of God His Father …who first glorified His Name on the night Jesus was born, when all the angels declared the Good News – for every angel, whether holy or rebellious knew who He was and whose Name He held, and it was so glorified among all of God’s servants and amongst those who were rebels, that the sons of the Devil immediately plotted to kill Him through Herod. But the chosen Lamb was already slain from the creation of the world… a lamb chosen because it represents innocence and hope and joy and all things good …and carries with it the hope of a future generation.  So who could kill the Lord of Glory… the One who is the Ruler, Possessor and User of all Glory …who could kill the One whose Glory is His Domain? 


And yet the Possessor of all Glory lay down His life as God the Word to take up life as God the Son the moment the Father said, ‘Today You are My Son …Today I have become Your Father.’

And so now the Son of God becomes every word and revelation given Him by His Father… given to Him to manifest and prove true, and in doing so proving all men liars.

And we are given to eat and drink of the Word and Life of He who has manifested in the flesh and blood and so have eternal life to know God …to know His eternity which unfolds into time when it is given form by His word …for time is taken into eternity to give continuous unceasing forms that will reveal the Empire of God’s dreams… forever unfolding by His powerful word …yet His choice of word the most simplest and purest as ‘Let there be light.’ But yet it was not spoken in a loud thunderous voice, but in a quiet voice, in language that came in rhythm …there was no sound at all as His thoughts were brought into manifested form, but the sounds began when the Morning Star began to sing… for so penetrating was His word and the intonation of His voice that the Morning Star when given form, gave immediate release to song …for God has always been Opera …God always had the Word in Him, always had song and music and grandeur in Him – always had word put to music within Him… for so splendorous is His Being… so perfect the word of His mouth and the song that emanates from His heart, that by the breath of His mouth and by the splendour and revelation of His coming, all those who oppose Him will be overthrown and destroyed.


For how could nails be permitted to pierce and make entry into the Word and Life of God made flesh and blood …how could Word be broken on the cross… and His life poured out, if not for it to be an eternal declaration …that nothing can separate us from the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord …not death, life, angel, demon, not present or future nor any powers, not height or depth nor anything else in all creation can separate us from God who is not created but was in the beginning …and He has proved to Himself and to all creation that nothing is impossible for He who is Love, that is true …for only true Love will last the distance… for if it is not true it will perish and be found wanting …but He was not found wanting nor will He perish, for He proved nothing was too hard for Him to do… nothing impossible for Him to accomplish …but He does not say that it was not hard …that it was not very hard… for it was very hard for Him to endure six hours with hands and feet nailed to a merciless roman cross… body broken… blood poured out …but Jesus had brought the pleasure and joy He had with the Father to Earth, and He sowed the seed of it in the six hours He was on that cross… where it died for a short while and then produced the 100, 60, 30 fold… but still… in His darkest hours it seemed that all had come to nothing… for the fig tree had not blossomed and there were no grapes on the vine, the olive crop had failed and the fields produced no food …there were no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls.  What had it appeared that He had accomplished with all the words He had sown in the 3 years He was on Earth?

For His disciples did not take Him at His word …nor asked any questions that would reveal the Father… but only wanted to know what would happen to them – what would happen to Israel – They only wanted to know what the Lord would do… never what the Lord did know.


But yet the words of a man formed part of the inspiration that would sustain Him in His darkest hours. For the prayer of the prophet Habakkuk inspired the Lord …even when His disciples saw only His death on a cross and not the Life that was in His blood …for always the Lord rejoiced in the Lord… for the joy of the Lord was always His strength.

For this was the Testimony of God: that God had given men eternal life and that life was in His Son …and He who has the Son has life and He who does not have the Son does not have life to know God who is Eternal Life and who prepared a body for His Firstborn over all creation so He may obey Him – a body to be offered as a sacrifice as He was lifted up before all men so all men would be drawn to Him… for the arms of the Father were already outstretched to His children, nailed with His Sons’ to the cross… for His soul yearned to bring them near to live in His courts. He longed for their soul to yearn for the courts of the Lord …their heart and flesh crying out for the living God… and so Jesus stood between the people and the Father’s fury to reconcile the world and men back to God as He drank the full strength of the cup of the fury of His wrath. And we must watch Him and learn, we must listen to Him and learn, and ask what did the disciples see… what did they see Jesus do that remained unwritten… for in the same way the Elect will stand between the fury of the Father and Jesus and the world.

For it is the presence of the Elect that unleashes Their fury – just as without their presence the fury of the Father and Son cannot be unleashed, but being there, the Elect will stand between the world and the fury of both Father and Son, and the end will come …and so we will do what Jesus has done and remain standing to do the greater things as we take the fury of both the Father and Jesus, and with only the Holy Spirit in us… only Christ formed in us, can we pursue relentlessly and victoriously the road of the Elect and journey upon it until the end does come… for we are living eternal life now, for coming to know God and Jesus Christ is to know the Holy Spirit who enables us to stand before the Son of Man when He arrives as we remain in His word and His word remains in us …not to, as Jesus did, lay down our life unto death taking the punishment for our sins… but for us to remain alive to witness the second coming of the One who did …because Jesus paid the price we could not pay and His work is complete, for it is He who treads the winepress …He who calls Himself the ‘Word of God’ …He who has a name written on Him that no man knows but He Himself… a word that was written with a lash. For, forty cuts of the lash form the name only He knows… a name written not in English but in the language that perfected Him …the language only He knows to utter perfection… known and understood only by Him, for not even the Father or the Holy Spirit claim to understand it… for it is written in the language of sufferings, and the name is for Him to know what it was that He had done – for Him to know forever what was the price He paid.

For He is the One whose darkest hours would eclipse the darkest of hours of all men yet He takes them and makes them His own and says, ‘Come follow Me’ …and we see Heaven stand open and a white horse whose Rider is called ‘Faithful and True’… and He rides forth and with justice… judges and makes war …for His last breath was not by men but by the will of God… His resurrection from the dead not by men but by the power of God …for He tasted the wages of sin but death had no power over Him for there was nothing in Him that belonged to Satan… and so His eternal Kingdom will come, but not by men who only eat, drink and talk, but by the power that resurrected Him from the dead. It will come by power and righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit who declared Him with His Holy and Sovereign power to be the only Begotten Son of the Living God …and those who are far away will hear what He has done and those who are near will acknowledge His power …as the Only true power …as we understand what the first disciples did not understand …that through Jesus we can receive the power of the Holy Spirit who can do all things, and it is without limit to anyone who can be fully entrusted with His Power… for Jesus was crucified in weakness… but HE lives… and lives forever by the Power of the only True God.


And we have been crucified with Christ and no longer live but Christ lives in us. The life we live in the body we live by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us.

But what did it appear to Him in those dark hours on the cross that He had accomplished… where was the 100 fold of the seed He planted?

They could not see the King He was …could not even see the undisguised, stark and naked truth that Adam sinned, but God was paying for it …could they not see or hear that the Lamb of God that had harmed no one had been led in silence to the slaughter …could they not understand that its slaughter was not to cover the sin of Adam but to now pay for the sins of the world …did they not have eyes to see, or ears to hear, or hearts to understand that Jesus was born King and that no man makes the King of kings, King, and that the way of the Kingdom of God to come on Earth as it is in Heaven is by way of sacrifice …that the cross of Christ is the power of God to save and that His Kingdom that is to come will only advance by His Power, His Way, His Truth and by His Life?

And that what we are given without limit is the love of God which changes us they we may now have righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit …who allows us to do all things without limit with His power when He can fully entrust us with the holiness of its purpose, which is to make every way straight for Jesus …every mountain low and every valley filled in that the Kingdom which has Righteousness and Justice as the foundation of its Throne, and a King whose love and faithfulness goes before Him can now come.

For the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Powerful Word …it is the Kingdom of Christ…the Kingdom of the True Man ~

It is a manifold eternal Kingdom of the One True God and Jesus Christ whom He sent… eternally unfolding …for it is the Kingdom of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we are made ready by He was in the beginning… made ready by the Holy Spirit – the Father of our spirit – the Lord who is the Spirit – the Spirit of God – the Eternal Life of God – the One who forms the eternal Word in us …Christ in us the hope of glory ~

For He even gives us the ability to say, ‘Jesus is Lord’ as He makes known to us the holiness of the Name that is above all other names – 

For how awesome is the love of God, we are yet to fully know… and how childlike our wonder of Him, are we yet to fully understand… but yet fierce and jealous and loyal and proud and protective of Him we are as our whole being has been trained to remain alive for this moment …to live to see …the entrance of the Son Himself …His Name which is above all other names written on us as the Name of Jesus is exalted above all other word which now abides in us …for His Kingdom has come and the Millennium of His reign has begun.


For even though the Kingdom of God is felt on Earth before He arrives, the entire Kingdom is not raised up until He returns and raises up the Kingdom of Power.

For Jesus said, ‘This is the will of Him who sent Me… that I should lose nothing of all that He has given Me but should raise it up on the last day.’

And that is, He will lose nothing in the Kingdom of God, but raise it up on the last day. 

And just as we who are alive today represent the first fruit of the Kingdom of God, it is not until those who are waiting for the first resurrection are raised, that the entire Kingdom is raised up.

For this is the will of His Father… ‘That everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life and Jesus will raise Him up at the last day.’

And so, just as Jesus will raise up the Kingdom of God on the last day, He will raise those who look to Him and believe in Him …just as Stephen the first martyr believed and looked to Jesus.

For the Millennium IS the last Day …and after that Day, Heaven and Earth disappear and the dead are raised and the time of judgment begins.

And we pray and we watch and we work and we wait in anticipation that we may hear Him say to us one of the most simplest and most purest and most powerful words, ‘Come up here.’

For these words will resonate in the word now in us… for we are more alive now then we have ever been …for His full power used for His holy purposes has surged through our flesh and blood that His Kingdom may come on Earth …and Heaven has opened and made way for the entrance of the Man who is God. The Man who, when He comes, everything has to obey His voice.

And at that time our whole being is radiant with His pre-existent glory… the glory of the simplicity of pure devotion to Christ… Christ in us the hope of glory …for zeal for His kingdom has consumed us as only the love of God satisfies the emptiness in our soul …and yet such zeal comes out of something which is beyond love …beyond us loving Jesus …it is the devoting of our whole being to the glory of Him – to the glory of Jesus, the Christ of God.

Jesus our much longed for King… our much loved Lord …our long awaited courageous and loyal Brother, the Firstborn of our Father, and with everything He is to us… from Brother to the Lord God Almighty, there is no part of Him eclipsed by another… for He can be all things to us for He is the great I AM… and to say when we have seen Him that everything has been worth it will be the biggest understatement ever spoken.

For when we live to witness what we are longing to see and longing to hear, then if it had cost us anything less than everything we had… then it would have been an insult to the Lord of Glory and the new life given us in His blood.


For if it had been any other way then by His Power… by His Way… by His Truth and by His Life, then we would not be brought to this place to witness the second coming of Christ …this place where our flesh will be revealing the glory of God that is within us.

For the blood of the Lamb that purchased us for God carried with it the hope of a future generation, and we live it that we may have joy …and have all things good as God is Good …all things perfect as our Father is Perfect …all things eternal as our life is now eternal.

So whether patient endurance, persecution, discipline, pain, death, life, rejection – all will have brought us here …every word of Jesus we listened intently to and obeyed and practised will have brought us here… every rebuke heeded will have brought us here… every strike we took for Jesus and His Gospel, and every mark we bear on our body that declares that we belong to Jesus has brought us here …for what worth can we put on the times we listened when He whispered, ‘Don’t give up’… when we ate and drank of Him when He said, ‘Remain in Me and let My word remain in you’… when He said, ‘Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.’

He had the words of eternal life and we knew it… for only He alone filled the ache in our hearts, only He alone filled the void in our life and the emptiness in our soul …and we only desire to live and not die because He died but now lives again …and our soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the Lord …for our heart and flesh cry out for the Living God for we are not ashamed of Him and His words before men but long for Him… yearn and cry and live for Him as we work with Him and not against Him …and so have an unnatural to the world but natural to God, desperation of heart… hunger of flesh …thirst of spirit ….yearning of soul… as our entire being rejoices that we are the first fruits of the Kingdom of the Living God as it is made manifest on Earth and we earnestly await the day that the entire Kingdom is raised up, for we know that the power of this Kingdom rests in the M/man who forgives.

For the Man whose blood sealed the Covenant for the Forgiveness of Sins is the One we wait for and neither death, life, angel, demon, present, future, height, depth nor any powers, or anything else in all creation… can separate us from the love we have for Jesus …and no matter what days are to come and no matter who else leaves our Lord, as the love of many will grow cold, and brother will be against brother as evil increases in all the world… we must NEVER desert our Brother who gave up everything to come for us… we must never leave our Lord who died for us …never commit treason against the King who rides into battle with us and fights for us …BUT we must love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and might, and then nothing – NOTHING – will be impossible… for nothing is impossible for those who love their God as Jesus loves His God.


And we know that… For the Lord who is Spirit has worked and is working tirelessly training us and preparing us and correcting us and refining us… even comforting us… that we may be made ready for not only the days of unequalled distress, but for the day that those days will lead us to… so that the Elect of the Holy Spirit of God will remain standing to meet with their Lord when He arrives in His Father’s Glory …for when He arrives, it will be with the Holy Spirit who chose us and trained us, for He is the Glory of the Father, and He is the One who has made us ready to receive the One who is worthy to receive all power and wealth and wisdom and strength and praise and glory and thanksgiving and honour …for we counted the cost and it cost us everything… but what cost us everything is what we now live for …who we now live for …for what would it benefit us if we had gained the whole world but lost our very soul …lost our fellowship with the Soul of the only True God …lost the privilege of participating in the reign of Christ who is not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters, for He who makes us holy and we who are made holy are of the same Family.

And so when much is demanded from those who have been given much …it is a demand we hold as precious and sacred …for it is a call to be with Him where He is – and a call to do what is only possible with Him.

For to hear the Son of Man say, ‘Come up here’ is only possible for those who have been taught by God Himself and have listened to Jesus Himself …and just as the Father taught Jesus when He was on the Earth, so the Holy Spirit teaches us. For when Jesus came to Earth in the flesh He did not remember what He knew before He was made flesh until the Father reminded Him… for He knew all that He knew as a Spirit but in the flesh His mind had to learn what He already knew… so He could then experience it in the flesh.


And so now our mind of flesh is to be constantly listening to Jesus so as to have only on our mind the things of God …that we may have the mind of Christ.

To have a meditation of heart that overflows to our mouth – meditating only on His words, and speaking the overflow with all our heart.

For it is to have a heart that is constantly listening to hear more of Jesus.

And it is to have eyes set only upon Jesus and so fill our eyes with light as we only see His eyes as our eyes are constantly looking to listen to Jesus – watching Jesus. 

It is to have hands that are practising what we have been listening to of Jesus… even hands that anoint Jesus as Mary did.

And when you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and might, it is as Jesus loved His God.

For He is the way to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and might ~

He is the truth of what it takes to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and might, and He is the life you live when you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and might. 

And as we love the Lord our God as Jesus loves the Lord His God …what little that we have to give… if given from a pleasant mouth …in pure and perfect prayer and with righteousness and with purity to the Lord God …then the little is now the much of what inspires Him and sustains Him in His darkest hours …even as the world moves into its greatest days of distress.

For it is a declaration that we will wait and wait patiently …rejoicing in Him, and who He is and the all of what He is doing …rejoicing even when the fig tree is not in blossom and when there is no fruit on the vines and the produce of the olive fails… rejoicing even when the fields yield no food, and the flock is cut off from the fold and there are no cattle in the stalls… but yet we will exult in the victorious God of our salvation, for He is the Lord God who is our Strength, our personal bravery and our invincible army.

He makes our feet like the feet of a deer and will make us to walk, not stand still in terror, but walk, enabling us to go on the heights making spiritual progress upon our high places of trouble, suffering and of responsibility.


For whatever He does, we will praise Him for He is worthy of all praise ~

Whatever He says, we will honour Him for He is worthy of all honour ~

Whatever He asks, we will obey Him for He is worthy of perfect obedience ~

Whatever He creates, we will glorify Him for He is worthy of all glory ~

Whatever He reveals, we will thank Him for He is worthy of all thanksgiving ~

And whatever He is still to be, we will love Him for He worthy to be loved with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our might.

And because of this command ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and might’ …no one can come to full power unless they are practising to think as Jesus thinks, have the heart of Jesus, hands and feet of Jesus, and love God as Jesus loves God.

And when we have gone and learned what this means…

‘The world must know that I love My Father and have done exactly as He has commanded Me,’ then we will love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our might.


For we have been brought from the power of Satan back to God because the evil ruler of this world had no claim on Jesus – for he had nothing in common with Him – there was nothing in Jesus that belonged to Satan, and so he had no power over Him – so only at the Name of Jesus and at the feet of Jesus will every knee bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

For all …everyone …with the exception of those already condemned to the Lake of Burning Sulphur because they do not count …ALL will say from bended knee – from lips purified so they may call upon the Name of the Lord …lips purified with red hot diamonds that they may call upon the Name exalted and held higher than any other Name …they all will say, Father – ‘Thank God for Jesus!’ and they all will call on His Name because now on Earth there is the faith that will justify the words and actions of the One God sent, for Jesus IS exactly as the Father wanted and desired for His creation to be and everything He wanted is revealed in Him.


So revealed in Jesus in its perfection that the Father said,

‘After I have poured out My rains again, I will pour out My Spirit upon all people’… and the rains He pours out again is His grace …the unused grace the Father has picked up all these years so as to keep it for the last day when He bends to purify the lips of those who are yet to call on the Name of His Jesus.

For by grace we have been saved through our faith in Jesus Christ, and so nothing is wasted, nothing goes unused, all has a purpose and all has its time.

For all will call on the Name of the Lord …on bended knee …with purified lips …and thank God Almighty for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour …the Lamb slain from the creation of the world –

For all holds the Creator’s Signature of Life and not death… mercy and not sacrifice …love and not fear.

For Satan made us afraid of our Father by counterfeit darkness, but there is nothing in us that belongs to Satan anymore …for in the Word was Life and that Life is the Light of men and the Light shines in the darkness and the darkness will never EVER extinguish it …for it is Christ who lives in us, we no longer live, and our faith in Him has given us the ability to do the things He did and the greater things we will continue to do… for our Father’s perfect Love casts out all fear as indwelling in us is He who is perfect Love, and the only fear we have is a most holy and reverent fear of our God who is Jesus Christ, who is the fullness of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit …the fullness of the Father, the Word and the Spirit for They were the three Witnesses in Heaven to the truth that Jesus was the Son of God …just as the three witness on Earth were the Spirit, the water and the blood.


For all is given so all may receive the Lord into their hearts and so have upon their lips the Name held above all other names, and until we have called upon that Name …the Name given our Lord …the Name of Jesus …then our lips have not tasted the Life of the Word …nor savoured the Word that is Life, for that is to know what it is to serve our Lord, Christ the King, the Word of God …and to live the magnitude of His sacrifice and to serve Him shoulder to shoulder and so live the all of the revelation that God is all in all …and that the sacrifice that is true IS the only True Sacrifice.


For we are being offered a life that is so fulfilling that it is never full – never ending – discovering new pleasures, new creations, new knowledge that we have no idea of.

A life so wonderful that the language that gives it perfect description we have not mastered, but we can say that no eyes have seen nor ears heard the all of what it is, but it is only the Spirit who can make it known to us.

But one thing we can be sure of, we will understand perfectly WHY Jesus obeyed the Father and did exactly as He was commanded …for because He did…

The Father will have His Family and the Lord His future ~


So let us now be ready …for all Heaven is waiting for the Elect to reveal the work of He who is unseen and unknown by the world …for He has guided us into all truth, and has not spoken on His own but only spoken what He has heard and He has told us of what is yet to come, bringing glory to Jesus by taking from what is His and making it known to us …for all that belongs to the Father also belongs to Jesus.

And the work of God is to believe in the One He sent, and when we do the work of God and believe in the One He sent… then we do the works of Jesus and even greater works because Jesus has gone back to the Father… but yet we can ask for anything in His Name and He will do it …and He will do it for IT IS ONLY the work of the Son which brings glory to the Father, not the work of men.

So forgive us Lord that it has taken us so long to take Jesus at His word and so reveal the Kingdom of God that is within us… but let Your Kingdom come, for the Millennial reign of your Son is where Jesus fulfils His word that He is ‘Lord of the Sabbath’.

For the Millennium is the Sabbath Day where it will be only lawful to do good and unlawful not to do good.

And we wait patiently with the joy of reunion with our Lord filling us, for it will enable us to carry on… for it makes us invincible …for when the enemy is depleted of its power, ours will never end because we will never die.

For we serve the One that we know is Lord… and we know He is Lord for He honours His Name by treating His enemy mercifully in spite of their wickedness, their evil ways and their corrupt practices.

For even the dogs outside of New Jerusalem will live the life they lied for, murdered for and conjured up with their magic arts. They will have the desire of their heart without the sin… for that is the great mercy of our Father… that is the mercy of the King we ride into battle with.


And so know this, the Elect of the Spirit of God – that when Jesus comes, He will rule the nations with an iron scepter, and those of the Elect who are strong enough to hold to the word of the Lord are that iron scepter in the Lord’s hand –

For He is the Vine and we are the branches, and if the branches become very strong, then they will be strong enough to be the Ruler’s scepter.  

And so we must always continue in our ministries – always listening to our Master’s voice, for if we cease, we will doubt who Jesus is – we will doubt the Lord we serve – we will reject the King of the Kingdom, for we will lose all our knowledge and faith in Him.

So we must never stop… for the King will be escorted back to Earth by the Holy Spirit – the Glory of the Father – and when He arrives, the Kingdom of God is brought into its fulfilment and Christ our King… Jesus our Lord… arrives when the Elect of the Holy Spirit are ready to receive Him on the Mount of Olives as One who is worthy to receive all power, wealth, wisdom, strength, praise, glory, thanksgiving and honour – for He is the Lord our God whom we have loved with all our heart, soul, mind and might …and we are ready to receive Him when we are ready to stand between the world and the fury of the Father and Son and remain standing …praising His Holy Name …for His ways are righteous …and His W/word is T/truth …for His motive has always been JUSTICE! 


And we praise Your Holy Name, Father …and say, THANK GOD FOR JESUS CHRIST!



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