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The command of the Father and the Holy Spirit to all disciples from that glorious day on the Mount of Transfiguration when They spoke from the cloud of glory to Peter, James and John remains unchanged to this day.

A person, anyone who listens to Jesus can have his life changed in less than five minutes if he would really listen.  One such person was a woman who was going about her daily chores when she happened to encounter Jesus.  As Jesus was thirsty, He asked her for a drink.  This is the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.  If you read the conversation between Jesus and the woman aloud like one would in a play, you will find that the conversation is less than two minutes.  Yet within that two minutes, the woman changed and became the first evangelist to win an entire village for Jesus.

How and why did she change?  Because she listened to Jesus.

When Jesus mentioned ‘living water,’ she immediately latched onto the subject and asked Jesus how He would get this living water.  That is the sign that she was listening to Jesus and did not treat what Jesus was saying as nonsensical mutterings of a thirsty itinerant preacher in need of some help.  And when Jesus asked her to bring her husband, she showed herself as an honest woman by telling Jesus the truth.  These were her qualities.  She had an attitude of listening intently and of honesty, fulfilling that which Jesus said the Father was seeking in His worshippers – worshippers who would worship in spirit and in truth. [John 4.24] Without the power of signs and wonders, her testimony to the villagers alone was enough to persuade them to go out and see Jesus for themselves.  This is the power of listening to Jesus.

Another woman whose name we know – Mary Magdalene – also listened intently to Jesus as she sat at His feet instead of being worried about many things like her sister Martha.  Her ability to listen to Jesus allowed her to discern what Jesus would be doing next… and so she anointed Him the second time to prepare Him for burial and earned for herself the honour that what she had done would be made mentioned of wherever the gospel is preached.

Two women who listened to Jesus… one had her life changed in a few minutes, and the other had her name eternally glorified.  Neither of these women were ‘holy, pious or morally superior women.’  They were sinners… ordinary women who did a most extraordinary thing – they listened to Jesus and they listened well.

Now, have the confidence that as you have listened as they have in spirit and in truth, you too are the kind of worshipper God is seeking.  And now as the Lord reveals Himself more and more as the Spirit of truth that He is, so then the worship of Him in spirit and in truth is more achievable than ever.

Be encouraged by these two women… one who had a history of failed relationships, and the other of abuse, which resulted in her having demons that needed Jesus to drive out.  For all who listen to Jesus will likewise be set free and glorified.  It is not a free gift as such, but rather, a command that allows a person to work at obeying it – “Listen to Him” [Matthew 17.5; Mark 9.7; Luke 9.35 The Testimony]– and it was the women who really did.

As you go and share about the command to listen to Him, as much as we now know that the men did not listen, so now you have these two as examples of disciples who did listen and they were women.

When the eleven did not listen and obey, they found themselves in the middle of the lake going nowhere fast.  When the woman at the well listened, she found herself leading the entire village to Jesus.

When the eleven did not listen to Jesus, they were rebuked for their lack of faith after Jesus arose.  When Mary listened to Jesus, she was rewarded with eternal glory before Jesus even went to the cross.

So then, the Spirit of truth that the Holy Spirit is will reveal the truth and separate those who do listen to Jesus from those who have heard Jesus speak but do not listen.  For the first group, the Lord has a life changing time for them that will lead to eternal glory.  For the latter group, a rebuke and a sharp one.

So, if you have been listening, do not stop.  If you have not been listening, then repent and listen to what the Spirit of truth is now saying to the churches.

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Factory

Copyright Information: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION [NIV] All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®,
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