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Jesus came to reveal to us a life that we never thought was possible.  Not a life of faith, not a religious life worshipping God as we understood Him to be, not a moral life of sinlessness, not even a righteous life.  For all these lives men had thought possible, which is why before Jesus came there were already men of great faith like Noah and Abraham.  There were already great religions, all espousing a moral life of avoidance of sin, lived doing good and avoiding evil, so that one could earn the right to be righteous before God.  However, until Jesus came, no one thought that it was possible to live the miraculous life.

Sure there were people who did miracles before Jesus came.  There were Moses, Elijah and Elisha… but they were the few, three out of millions of Israelites.  What Moses, Elijah and Elisha revealed of the miraculous life was that it did exist, but you had to be specially called by God for a specific purpose before you could live it.  In Moses’ case, it was to rescue the Israelites and see them safely across the desert to the promised land.  In Elijah and Elisha’s case, it was to cleanse Israel and to lead them back to the Lord.  However, in their days they were the only ones who could do miracles.

However, Jesus came and showed us that the miraculous life can be for everyone.  He began with His twelve apostles, even the one who would betray and deny Him, who were able to heal the sick and drive out demons.  Then He extended it to the seventy disciples He sent out later, and they too were amazed that they could heal the sick and drive out demons.  Even a man who was not with them could drive out demons using Jesus’ Name.  Later He told His remaining disciples, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.  And he will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” [John 14.12]  With that statement Jesus told us that the life miraculous is available to anyone who believes in Him.  Indeed, as He later said, His believers would lay hands on the sick and they will be healed.  The life miraculous is available to all His believers and disciples.  Although Elisha had a school of prophets, they were not able to do miracles as he did, but the believers and disciples of Jesus can.  However, just because Jesus has revealed that it exists, it does not meant that all are interested to participate.

There are three types of people in this church and indeed the world when it comes to miracles.

Most are like Herod who heard of Jesus doing miracles in his jurisdiction, but never bothered to go and see for himself.  Indeed, because his life was so comfortable, he did not see the need to even go and watch Jesus perform a miracle.  When Jesus was finally brought to him, it was then that he demanded Jesus to do miracles for him to see.  So it is for so many people, they have heard of miracles, but they see no need to witness it for themselves, because like Herod, they are healthy and wealthy enough not to need a miracle.  If perchance they are brought into the presence of the miraculous, they would like to see one, just to satisfy their curiosity.

Others, like the Pharisees, will go and watch to see for themselves that life can be miraculous.  They will observe and criticise something they themselves cannot do.  That is why they were upset with Jesus who healed the sick on a Sabbath.  Unable to do anything themselves, they could only criticise and find fault in those doing what they could not do.

Some are like those who sought Jesus out because they needed a miracle in their lives, like the ruler from Capernaum whose son was dying, like the centurions in Capernaum when their servants were ill, like the fathers whose daughters laid sick or dead, like the women with the issue of blood who touched Jesus, like the friends of the cripple who lowered him before Jesus, and so on and so on.  Because of a need, they sought out the miraculous life.  However, it is not recorded that those who were healed then went on to heal others.

Then there are those who themselves can and have done miracles, but like the disciples who left Jericho, they are deaf to the cries of those in need because they are too busy walking with the Lord.

And finally there are those who, having heard of the miraculous life, go to watch it being lived, then seek out the giver of such a life because they have a dire need, and having received it, will sacrifice their time to bring others in need of a miracle to Jesus.  In case Jesus should ever be unavailable, they practise the doing of miracles until they can do it, so that they may do miracles for all who need it and use the miraculous life as an instrument to introduce Jesus as He truly is.

So, what of you when it comes to miracles?  Are you like Herod?  Have you heard of miracles but are not interested because life for you is so comfortable?  Or are you like the Pharisees who cannot do miracles and yet are great critics of those who can?  Or do you seek the miracles because you need them for yourself, but ignore those who also need them because you need to walk with Jesus?

The life miraculous is available for all who have faith in Jesus.  It is for anyone… anyone who believes. That is what Jesus also revealed with His life, and because He said we can do it, then we can live the miraculous life as He did, so that our fellow men can be helped and God is glorified for His mercy, for through Jesus, His Son, ordinary men and women can do miracles.

Jesus certainly did not start the church so that men and women could live a religious, moral, righteous life, so that we would be sinless and pleasing to God because of our sinlessness.  The church was not meant to show the world a life of faith, religion, morality, sinlessness or righteousness… but rather, the miraculous life that comes because of faith in God, a relationship with Him that adopts His moral standard about sin and righteousness.  The life miraculous is what the church was meant to introduce the world to, as the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the food is multiplied, storms are calmed, the dead are raised and evildoers are stopped in their tracks by a simple display of miraculous power, like Elisha blinding the entire Aramean army before taking them to lunch.

So what does your church offer?  Miracles?  Anyone?

Hr. Ed Kwan, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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