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It is the Holy Spirit who has suffered almost two thousand Gregorian years of slander at the hands of men who are supposed to be working for Jesus.  When the Council of Jerusalem said that it seemed good to the Holy Spirit that we gentiles should adopt the recommendations of James, the half-brother of Jesus, the men of the council inadvertently made the Holy Spirit out to be a spirit who would go against those who had sent Him, that is, Jesus and His Father.  Now Jesus had called Him the Spirit of Truth, and if a man of truth is one who works for the glory and honour of the one who sent him, then how much more the Spirit of Truth would work for the glory and honour of the Those who sent Him?  If it did seem good for the Holy Spirit that we gentiles observe the recommendations of James in preference to the teachings of Jesus, then the Holy Spirit is not the Spirit of Truth, which actually means that Jesus was lying when He told the eleven that He was sending another Counsellor, the Spirit of Truth. [John 15.16-17]  The full ramification of the council’s adoption of James’ recommendations in their letter is evident in the splintered and powerless church of the twenty-first century and of the last twenty centuries.  We have allowed a spirit into the church as our counsellor who actually will recommend that we discard the teachings of Jesus to make things easier for ourselves when it suits us.  No wonder there are so many teachings, doctrines and practices that go against the teachings and commands of Christ.

For those who are still wondering what teachings are there that go against the teachings and commands as well as the practices of Christ, here are a few examples from day to day church life:

  • Calling other men ‘father,’ as practised by some.
  • Killing those whom we deem to be heretics, forgetting that Jesus let the woman caught in adultery go free.
  • Prophesying the exact day of Jesus’ return.

Now that the Holy Spirit has testified, then it is incumbent on us who are the elect of the Holy Spirit to stand with Him as His co-witnesses, and demolish all the rubbish that James and his men have brought into the church by first practising everything the Holy Spirit has reminded us about that Jesus has said in the four gospels to the total exclusion of all else until we have mastered the teachings and commands of Jesus.  Why go elsewhere when we have not yet done what we were commanded to do?  Jesus told the disciples to teach everything that He had commanded to the nations they would disciple.  But how can one teach what one has not mastered?  It would be like the blind leading the blind.  A student teaching another student does not bring about great results.  It is a teacher teaching a student that can bring about the required results, and the better the teacher, the greater the result achievable in any student, each according to his ability, for it is the quality of the teacher who can bring the best out of every student.  But if we have allowed a teacher, a counsellor, into our midst who would recommend that we go against the very teachings of Christ, how then can anyone hope to be able to emulate the Lord Himself?  That is why there are very few who can do what Jesus has been doing, much less the greater things, because the spirit they are listening to is the spirit of Acts 15.28.  And that spirit is not a spirit of truth, for it does not work for the honour or glory of the ones who sent it.  So then the reality is this, those who hold to the recommendations of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 are listening to a spirit that is not a spirit of truth.

Now this will upset many, for there are many in the ‘church’ who love James and his recommendations, especially that which he wrote to the Jews to practise in his letter.  If the practice of the recommendations of James can allow you and your congregation to do the things that Jesus has been doing and even the greater things, then fine, ignore this finding.  Indeed, if the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the lepers are cleansed and the dead are raised in your services regularly without the need of special revival services, then carry on.  However, after twenty-two years in the kingdom, I know that this is not true at all.  Revival services are held over and over again because we are in constant need of revival.  In medicine, a patient who needs to be revived constantly is a very sick person.  A healthy person needs no revival, for he can carry on with life and his daily business.

So what is the true daily business of a church and its members?  Is it being busy doing well by avoiding the eating of food sacrificed to idols and strangled meat and avoiding drinking blood, while the blind remain blind, the lame remain lame and so on?  Or rather, is it that we should be eating every manner of food because Jesus has declared all food to be clean, as well as eating His flesh and drinking His blood everyday while we heal all who come to us, set them free from their demons, preach the good news to all creation, all creatures and all mankind, and make a disciple of the nation we have been called to live in, baptising it in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and when there is no one to minister to, keep each other free from sin and its effects by forgiving each other of our sins?

Now the question is this:  Which type of church would the Holy Spirit prefer to work and live in?  The one that practises things contrary to Jesus’ teachings and commands, or the one that is constantly practising the words and commands of Jesus until they can master them?  Which type of church would you prefer to pastor?  Which type of church would you prefer to fellowship in?  If you say you obey Jesus, can you remain in a church that constantly has you call other men ‘father’ in contradiction to Jesus’ command?  More importantly, which type of fellowship would the Holy Spirit remain with?

The unfortunate truth is that the Holy Spirit is poured upon all flesh, so even in those churches that practise things contrary to Jesus, He remains there.  He remains because He is patient and His one desire is to bring glory to Jesus and the Father.  So unceasingly He convicts, hoping that we will respond.  As such, it is not a matter of who is right or wrong, but who has been wronged.  The person who has truly suffered is the Holy Spirit.  He is the One who has been wronged.  He is the One who has been slandered.  His gifts are treated as if they are curses, His presence is ignored and His Name is used to justify our way and thinking.  He is prevented from finishing the work that Jesus sent Him to do, and if He cannot finish His work, He cannot leave.

So, what should we do?  Repent… repent of listening to men like James the Younger who do not have in mind the things of Jesus, and apologise to the Holy Spirit.  Then as a sign of your earnest repentance, be found by Him (the Spirit) studying and practising the words of Jesus until it pleases Him to come and teach us.  Then perhaps the Lord will be gracious to us and restore the power that we have lost and give us the keys to the Kingdom of God, which have never been given to anyone, (Peter only received the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven) so that we may reveal amongst ourselves the kingdom that is supposed to be within us and amongst us.

He has stood up and He has testified.  It is up to us to agree with Him.  Throw out all the recommendations from men like James the Younger and let the Holy Spirit be the Spirit of Truth that He is… bringing glory and honour to those who sent Him – the Father and the Son.  That is the beginning of justice for the Holy Spirit, which will be completed when Jesus arrives back in the flesh so that all eyes can see that indeed He had raised Jesus from the dead, declaring Him to be the Son of God by His power.  The arrival of Jesus brings complete justice to all of Them – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop.

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