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Joy of Reunion I

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We have no idea what it is to be the only Father of an Only Son who completely obeys You because He loves You, a Son who is willing to sacrifice His Own life so that Your hopes and dreams, even dreams of Empire, would be fulfilled.

For a person’s dreams of Empire speaks of ambition, and ambition speaks of a selfishness, which in the context of God the Father, we would find conflicting with our romanticisation of love. We romanticise love for we are not love as He is Love. And unless we learn to mourn for Jesus as a man mourns for an only son, at least not one of us will come to know what love is from the perspective of He who is Love. And if we fail to understand what love is from He who is Love, who knows and understands what it always was, is, and will be, then Love will never be able to share the uniqueness of eternal love with those whom He has given eternal life to, in the hope that They would be known as They know One Another, and that They would be loved as They love One Another. And eternal life is now, for Jesus said, “Now this is eternal life; that they may know You, the Only True God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.”[1]

When the flaws of our propensity to be distracted by what is irrelevant from what is pan ultimately important haunts us daily, we are forever condemned to live as dogs who may recognise their Master and enjoy their Master’s company and kindness, but never, never, come to the place where the Master longs to bring us into the place where He alone goes, where He lives to dream His dreams for the One He loves.

He tried to show us this on Resurrection morning, so that the sight, sounds and participation in the joy of the reunion would so transfigure our minds, hearts and souls, even our flesh, faith and desires as well as motives, that we would no longer be the man we imagine ourselves to be, but the man God always purposed us to be, male and female. Not male and female that would be limited by the need of marriage to legitimize their love, but male and female images of God who, like the angels, are not given in marriage but who, unlike the angels, can come to know and understand the eternal love that the Father has for the Only Begotten Son and that same eternal love that the Only Begotten Son has for the Father. No wonder it is written: Even angels long to look into these things,[2] things that concern this salvation, and the grace and the glory that would follow.

For now we must understand that the epistles of the eleven were written by those who did not see or hear what was intended for them to see and hear on that morning, and because that time of the revelation was expired, it became no longer lawful for men to speak of, even when they were shown it again. For there is a time for everything, even in the ways of God, and until the opportune time comes again, he who was shown later what the eleven did not see or hear, could not utter a word of it to us except to write: I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third Heaven… He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell.[3]

How inexpressible the joy of the reunion between the Perfect Father and the Son who had been made perfect through suffering on the Roman cross – inexpressible because of its unfathomable depth and height, width and breadth of the love that generated the joy and the intensity of the suffering and separation, which brought about the occasion of the reunion. For if there had been no separation, there would be no reunion. And God knew it would take the joy of the reunion for men to know Him and His Son as He wanted to be known. So that which began as a thought in the deepest recesses of His noble heart eternities past, is now rushing headlong to the crescendo of the joy of the reunion at the Mount of Olives between the Head and the many separated parts of the body gathered from the ends of the Heaven and the Earth. And it will be a foretaste of the joy of the Resurrection of the Dead on the Day of Judgement, and an aftertaste of the joy of the reunion between the Father and the Resurrection.

All the events of a process that would give ascension to a pure creation to such a height of existence that only the Creator would know what awaited the creation – an act so noble that the highest degree of paradox had to be involved.

The first will be the last; the last will be the first.

The Alpha and the Omega,

The weak would be strong; the strong would be weak,

The Righteous would be made sin, and the sinner made righteous.

And what is the greatest of selfishness is the greatest of selflessness.

Had there been a man there that morning, be the person male or female, to witness the joy of the reunion between the Father and the Son at the Mount of Transfiguration, then our limited and petty attempts of defining and enacting love, would have been stripped bare of all romanticism, and we would know what Love truly is. Mere words like – patient, kind, does not envy, does not boast, is not proud, not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs, does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, always protects, always trusts, always hopes always perseveres[4] – are inadequate expressions of its true grandiose. That is why the apostle, who was inspired to write to us what Love is, was unable to express it when he was shown the fullness of Love in the third Heavens. He considered it so holy that he wrote: Man is not permitted to tell.

Certainly, men who are still seeking to reduce God to their level of knowledge and understanding, men who say the ways of God are contemptible and futile, men who considered His Son’s revelation of the perfection of His Fatherhood as blasphemous and something to curse, will never know.

But now, once more, there is another opportune time, the last opportune time, for men to acquire by grace through faith, the experiential knowledge of the joy of reunion that is held in the Perfect Father and the Perfected Son. For Christ suffered, and, as it is written, was made Perfect through suffering.[5] If the Author of our salvation experienced the suffering to attain the perfection that He was declared with power to be the Son of God, so too then, it is no wonder that those who follow in His every footstep, following every word He had penned with His body and blood through speech, action and thought, should also find themselves sharing in His suffering so that we may also share in His glory.

It is no surprise and no wonder then, that only those who proved their faith to the extent that they did not shy from death, but lost their life for the sake of their testimony of Him and His words, are those who will be coming back with Him.[6] And those who now live a faith equal to the heroes who were martyred, that they defeat death in refusing to die, even though the times of distress would make death more attractive than life. Somehow, in ways we do not know or understand, the reunions of saints who lost their heads for Jesus and saints who refused to die but held on with impossible faith to His unbelievable words: “And whoever lives and believes in Me will never die,”[7] will cause a display again of that joy of the reunion. So that even the saints in Heaven who did not elect to return or remain would be transfigured at that display, just like the eleven and Mary would have been. So that the body of Christ, whether they be those who will wait out the Millennium in Heaven, or those who will live out the Millennium on Earth, will be made ready to co-join with the bride at the wedding supper of the Lamb to unveil the Empires of God’s dreams. And all creation will see what God had so selfishly with all selflessness been working unceasingly to prepare for Himself and Him whom He loves. For then we will know as we are fully known, the full height, width, depth and breadth of the love of God for His Only Son, Jesus Christ.

So now, the Holy Spirit of God who is Love is preparing those who elect to remain alive until He arrives, to walk the lonely path of aloneness with God, carrying the easy yoke and the light burden of the cross of Jesus Christ, to meet with Him at the Mount of Olives.[8]

So then, consider all things, everything, a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus, for whose sake we will lose everything[9] as the days of distress now rush upon this sleeping world like the dark intents of a thief. As in the days of Noah, as soon as Noah had completed everything God had commanded him, he was given one set of seven and then the waters were released, rushing through the darkness of space and the depths of the Earth to fall upon unsuspecting men as they went about marrying and giving in marriage, buying and selling, and whatever else they were doing.

It is written: After the seven days the flood waters came on the Earth.[10] For Noah, it was seven days of hurried work, as pair by pair, the animals came to him and he had to lodge them in the Ark. For Noah, it was days of work, strange work, unfamiliar work, not the work of an Ark builder, but of animal husbandry. For the world of his day, it was seven days of their usual revelry with the unusual sight of seeing pairs upon pairs of animals going into the mad man Noah’s Ark.

Likewise, our seven, which has begun, will be days of unfamiliar work whilst the world begins to behold a sight they have not seen before. If the world considers it strange, it is only because they never wanted to see and hear what was always available for them to see and hear for the last 2000 years, the words of Jesus coming to life in them. Words that they too could have proved true with their lives, if only they had believed what they were told, and listened after they believed and practised what they had heard.

So, the strange work of the Holy Spirit will begin in earnest, for finally it is time for a man to mourn for the One they pierced as a man mourns for an only son. And in whatever way this distress may come upon you, remember, it is merely the Lord making known to you what belongs to Jesus, and whatever belongs to Jesus belongs also to the Father. For the joy of reunion between the Perfect Father and the Perfected Son belongs to God and to His Jesus only, and we have the privilege of fellowship with their Spirit, who makes known to us all things, even the deep things of God.

So, we say with the Spirit and the bride, “Come!” Amen


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