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Jesus Lives

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Jesus never said goodbye!  Imagine the sadness amongst His people.  Imagine the dark cloud hiding all hope when He died.  But Jesus never said goodbye.  He promised the thief on the cross he would be with Him in paradise, but He never said goodbye.  How easily one can be confused by seemingly wrong or insufficient information.

In the 1700s in England, the whole population was waiting for the news of the Battle of Waterloo.  And in London, the news of a great victory was given.  Unfortunately, only the words ‘Wellington defeated’ was seen because a fog came up and obscured the rest of the message.  It should have read ‘Wellington defeated the French.’  Sadness swept the land and fear was rampant.  Any moment people expected an invasion.  Despair filled their hearts.  People fled from the coast away from the expected French army.  But then all was well… the fog lifted and the full message was seen.  Fear changed to joy.  People returned to their homes.  They celebrated and feasted…  Victory instead of defeat…  Happiness instead of sadness…  Relief instead of fear… 

Jesus was dead.  His followers forgot the promise that He told them that He would return…  Not once did Jesus ever say goodbye!

Jesus in His great love realized, and His Father knowing our lack of faith, prepared for this reaction.  That is why Jesus stayed with them for forty days and preached and appeared to His disciples… then He was only going to His Father to prepare a place for them.  His work was not finished on Earth.  He stayed to strengthen His church to give hope, for those who saw Him knew.  He was the Lord God and His people went forth in the strength of His love and preached the Gospel throughout the world.  For did He not promise He would be with us even until the end of the world?

Jesus lives.  He never said goodbye.

Let those words strengthen our faith.  Unlike Thomas, we cannot feel His wounds.  We have not had the wonderful experience of seeing Him in person after the resurrection.  We were not blessed like Paul who met Him on the road to Damascus.

Our faith can only be strengthened by reading His words and by prayer, and by asking the Holy Spirit to guide us and strengthen our belief.  Only by realizing our own weaknesses can we give ourselves to Jesus.  Only by acceptance can we find the comfort of salvation.  Only by forsaking all others can we find God’s peace.  Only by following Jesus can we find real satisfaction.  By our own works, so will we be known.

He never said goodbye.  I sincerely believe there are millions of Christians worshipping a dead Christ, not a resurrected Christ.  They are thanking Jesus for dying for them instead of thanking Jesus for living for them.  So everybody proclaim the power of the resurrection and the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for them. 

Praise God.


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