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Jesus was indeed a Superstar in every definition of the word.  If Jesus was a 21st century entertainer, He would be playing to sell out concerts everywhere He went.

During His time, His reputation as being the Man you went to see if anyone of your family or friends or servants was sick was so famous that rulers travelled to seek Him out for their sick children, even Roman centurions sought Him out and were not ashamed to approach Him directly or through intermediaries.  Indeed, in a time when there were no ambulances to transport critical care patients, the people brought to Him their sick so that they could be healed.  And everywhere He went, a crowd formed or followed, and except for the towns that had no faith, no one who was sick was not healed.

People did not go to Jesus for His message, but for His healing miracles.  But having received the miracle, many stayed for the message.

So what was Jesus’ plan for succession in His ministry as He was leaving?  Did He have in mind to raise up superstars like Himself – an individual who would do all the miracles while an audience watched in awe?  If He did, He would never have told the eleven, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing.” [John 14.12]

No, Jesus Christ the Superstar had no intention of raising up superstars after Himself, but rather, a super church after Himself – a fellowship of believers who are able to do everything that Jesus has been doing.  A church where every member, that is, believers who are baptised by Jesus with the Holy Spirit, led by men and women who are disciples, individually and corporately is able to heal the sick, drive out demons and do miracles so that just as people brought their sick to Jesus from miles around, the sick would be brought to such a church from miles around.

For a short honeymoon period, such a church did exist in Jerusalem.  That was because the apostles were there, but when the apostles were gone, that church disappeared.  There is no record in history of another local church where all their members were able to do the things of Jesus to such an extent that all the sick were brought to them with consistent results of the magnitude of Jesus and the early church when the apostles were in Jerusalem.

There have been individual superstars with healing ministries, where regular healings occur because of the ‘anointing’ of the particular individual, and there have been ‘happenings’ where an outbreak of revival seemed to have occurred.  But few of these have withstood the cold hard cynical review of the world.

What Jesus had in mind was simply this:  A church, a fellowship, of say 50 or 100 established in an area, whose members through the stewardship of the Holy Spirit are able to heal all who come regardless of their illnesses, drive out all demons and perform enough miracles of provision and protection to maintain their own security, so that the area that the church is in has light that keeps back the darkness.

Imagine for a moment that all the local churches we already have are doing this every day of every week of every year through their regular local members.  There would be no need for hospitals or asylums, etc.

The truth is, the current local churches cannot do this through their regular members with enough consistency for the people around them to take their sick to the church instead of the hospital.  Yes, prayers are said, do not get me wrong, but the people are so rarely healed that any sensible person would seek first the medical doctor before they seek the believers of Christ.  Sadder still, many are the ‘believers’ of Christ who seek out the practitioners of the occult before they seek their own kind for healing.

The temptation to be the next superstar is great for those who have been called to ministry, especially when the gifts do operate in their lives regularly.  And indeed, many have succumbed to this temptation, building up great ministries of large congregations where audiences come to see them perform and God blesses as they perform.  God blesses as these superstars perform because He has compassion on those who come… but do not assume for a moment that is THE plan of God.  No, the plan of the Lord is, “…ANYONE who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing,” in the very least.

So, the third work of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop has been to prove that this is possible – that a local fellowship can raise up believers and disciples who individually and corporately heal all who come and so on.

When you see all the newcomers receive healing at their first visit, and many who come back again and again because their healing has been INCOMPLETE or used up, that is when you know you are part of a such a group that is going to show the world and the church just what Jesus had in mind when He said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do the things I have been doing.”

The resurrection of the super church is about to happen.  A local church where all its members do the things that Jesus has been doing.  Such a church is worthy to greet Jesus and His martyrs when they arrive on clouds of great power and glory.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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