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To have been able to stand in the presence of the glory of the Lord for 40 days and nights and bear witness to the Lord unfolding and teaching even more than what He taught them as He poured the Holy Spirit upon them in His presence and the fire that is the consuming presence of God… that which was and is now brought up to the New Covenant level is what the eleven missed out on because they did not go to Galilee that morning as soon as the women told them.

Everything that was foreshadowed through Moses as Israel came out of Egypt – the column of fire by night, the cloud by day, the 40 days and nights on top of Mount Sinai – would now be displayed in the same place and time on the Mount of Transfiguration that resurrection morning, if only the eleven had believed the women who told them.

We can spend time lamenting on what we have missed out on or we can repent and await the new orders, the new plan, that which God had prepared because He foreknew our disobedience and continuous tendency to rebel.  Nothing about Israel’s rebelliousness was a surprise, for before they crossed the Jordan, Moses had already told them they would rebel.  So likewise, what happened in those 40 days after His resurrection and what did not happen had already been foreknown by the Lord.  That is why He met with them (the two) on the road to Emmaus; that is why He walked into the locked room they were hiding in; that is why He was on the shore to greet them after a fruitless night… and likewise, these last days and that which would happen has been foreknown by Them.  All that remains is for you and I to accept His foreknowledge and live according to what God already foreknew and not even think that we can change His plans.

Having said that, a person could easily argue that the eleven then were never destined to go on resurrection morning and that the church was launched exactly as God had always intended it, with the eleven disbelieving the women and even the two on the road to Emmaus, Jesus joining them for a piece of broiled fish behind locked doors, a fruitless, fishless outing followed by breakfast on the shore, then a quick walk up to the mountain in Galilee, then onto the Mount of Olives for a quick goodbye as Jesus ascended, and a short walk back to Jerusalem to continue with what they were doing… getting in prayer together, especially at Herod’s temple, and waiting for the Holy Spirit, not to mention a quick little game of casting the lot to select Judas’ replacement from the two men they thought were suitable.  Finally, the big day arrives and they see tongues of flame rest on them, and as they pour out into the streets to be witnessed by the crowd gathered there by the Holy Spirit, to then have that crowd laugh at them because they seem drunk!

That is it… that is what Jesus died for and came back to life for – a series of unrelated random events where no further impartation and revelations are given in detail and the church, His body, planned before the world was created was launched… almost as a drunken spectacle.

That is what happened and many will say that was what was meant to happen and the rest is history.  And no one can say they are wrong unless… unless a completely different church from those which have descended from the Jerusalem launch can be found.

A church that not only knows how to test for apostles, but lives in the first love that the Ephesians had forsaken.  A church that knows what the practices and teachings of the Nicolaitans are and has nothing to do with them.  A church that has no Balaamites or Jezebelians in their midst.  A church that faces persecution and hardship, not just with perseverance, but also with deeds that are a constant display of the power of the Kingdom of God… where faithfulness is not only to the point of death, but to the point of His return.  A church whose reputation of being alive is based on the fact no one in them dies except by martyrdom.  A church that seeks to boldly make a disciple of the nation they are in, baptising that nation in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and one that is truly rich, so rich that mammon is used not as an essential, but as a convenience.  A church that bears no similarity to any that has been descended from the Jerusalem launch, without any of its ancestry.  As such, it would be as it were, a new creation, something the world has never seen before.

That after all is the purpose of innovations… to produce that which is so new that the only similarity between the new and the old is just the name.  As such, as much as the technical innovations are first based on the weaknesses and errors of the seven descendants of the Jerusalem congregation, so now the real innovations must be founded on what the congregation started on the Mount of Transfiguration would have been like.

In the first place, the command of God to disciples – “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.  Listen to Him!” – would not have been spoken directly to only three disciples – Peter, James and John – but to all eleven and the replacer of Judas, the one who would never betray Jesus for her own glory or righteousness.  What was later revealed to Paul in Roman 1.4 would have been revealed to them all – Jesus, who through the Spirit of Holiness was declared with power to be the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead.  It would be a congregation where every founding member heard and knew this command…Listen to Him!” and as such, a congregation, which from the beginning practised His words that He had said as the Holy Spirit reminded them.  As such, if men like James the Younger were to stand up with their judgments, even the least of the congregation would know immediately that James was speaking contrary to what Jesus had taught except of sexual immorality.

Where men and women no longer related to one another as under the law, but by the word of Jesus and the power of God, for it would be a congregation that had witnessed the transfiguration of the women as the Lord had been transfigured, and it would not be a church that makes up rules of conduct as they went along.  Indeed, the current rules of dos and don’ts are suitable only for a congregation whose members have no power to heal the sick as often as they wish, to translate at will, to multiply food whenever they need and even to change water to good wine.

You see, a congregation whose members have all beheld the glory of the Father in the Son and the power of the Holy Spirit in the same and one place is a collection of men and women who not only abide in the Lord, but in whom His word so abides that whatever they wish and whatever they will will be done for them.  When you have a congregation where the members can all do what Jesus has been doing and even the greater things, then the rules of conduct and behaviour, its very liturgy, must be different.

The etiquette of a congregation where its members can read the hearts and thoughts of each other must be very different from that of a congregation that does not have the ability to know another’s thoughts.  Indeed, before a person speaks, his listener would already know what he is about to ask, so that indeed you would have a group of people who answer before the question is asked.

All this must stem from one simple single pronouncement from God.  Had they gone to Galilee, they would all have heard the Father Himself tell them to listen to Jesus.

As for the Holy Spirit, those churches descended from Jerusalem at best believe in the Holy Spirit.  Indeed, the crowd gathered on Pentecost day in Acts 2.1-13 were merely witnessing the behaviour of people who had just met the Holy Spirit… but a crowd gathered at the foot of the Mount of Transfiguration would have beheld a group of people who had come to know the Holy Spirit after spending 40 days and nights with Him on top of the mountain.

This is the undeniable difference between a church launched by members who had just met the Holy Spirit and a church launched by members who know the Holy Spirit as Jesus said they would know Him.  When you first meet someone, it is difficult to recognise his voice, much less know what he really wants or likes or even what seems good to him.  But when you come to know someone, you recognise his voice and his habits.  The Jerusalem launch had at best eleven men and a few women who knew about the Holy Spirit as Jesus had spoken of Him, but a Galilean congregation would have every member who had come to know Him over 40 days before they came down that mountain with Him.  If you cannot see the difference in behaviour of two such congregations, then Heaven and Hell would not seem different to you.

Indeed, had the eleven gone, their work from the onset, from the very start, would have been so different.  Peter’s first sermon was one of words, which convicted many to repentance, but there were no preceding miracles.  The blind did not see, the lame did not walk, the lepers and the deaf were not healed before the Gospel was preached, but rather… it was, With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation,” instead of doing what Jesus did when He first started preaching by healing all the sick and demon oppressed first.

Instead of one man standing up defending the behaviour of his friends and pleading, pleading with strangers to accept his words, it would have been an entire congregation moving through the crowd forgiving all of their sins and healing their sick to prove that they have such authority to do so because Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but also the Son of Man.  A flood of forgiveness and the power to confirm their authority to forgive sins that would begin the annihilation of the power of sin over all men so that none would have to receive the wages of sin unless God so decreed.  A congregation that did not just amaze the Jews who had gathered, but a congregation that would have given Death a fright because his place in the life of men as the wages of sin had been annulled.  A congregation that would have so threatened not just Satan, but Rome and every other principality and power immediately.  For the sick were being healed, the food was being multiplied and the gods of war were being neutralised.  Indeed, the four horsemen of the Revelation would have been eliminated had such a congregation been birthed and allowed to grow.

Which congregation then does the Son of Man deserve to have launched the church?  It does not really matter now, as it is too late for that, 2000 years too late.  What really counts, what really matters is which congregation does the Son of Man deserve to have waiting to greet Him as He arrives on clouds of glory with His elect and the Father’s angels.  The descendants of Jerusalem or the descendants of Galilee as if the eleven did obey, did believe, and the first disciples all spent 40 days and nights on that mountain in Galilee and we are their descendants to testify to what had been prepared for them?  Selah.


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