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Innovations XXIII

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No amount of deeds, love, faith, service and perseverance can appease the Lord’s anger if any church tolerates that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess.  That is, one who would present herself as a queen as Jezebel was queen to Ahab, whose counsel to Ahab was murder, to snatch another man’s vineyard (no pun intended).  So likewise, this ‘Jezebel’ Jesus spoke of, who was a woman in Thyatira and is now a spiritual entity in the church, only has counsel for murder to takeover another man’s vineyard… Jesus’ church.

Indeed, her manifestation and presence in Thyatira was part of a devilish plot to exaggerate and justify the prejudice that the men of the church would have towards women.  For after all, was it not Jezebel, a woman, a false prophetess, who misled the servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols?  Even Jesus said so.  Her presence justified the mindset that would seek to continue to dominate and subjugate women as the weaker sex, as the one who listened to Satan, as the one who gave Job bad advice, and so the women must continue to be placed in the lower position than the men.  Did not even the great Paul say that he does not allow women to teach?  As such, the liturgy of the Galilean congregations’ regard for women as being equal if not greater than men will surely be deemed heresy by the descendants of the Jerusalem congregation, especially by those congregations and now denominations that are the children of Jezebel.  Congregations that take great pains to avoid sexual immorality of the flesh whilst birthing ‘children’ of God who do not know who their Father is, as well as practising the avoidance of food sacrificed to idols (physical food) whilst treating the flesh and blood of Jesus with contempt.

How does one treat the flesh and blood of Jesus with contempt?  Firstly by breaking the Covenant for the Forgiveness of Sins and replacing it with one of the former covenants.  And secondly by directing people from listening to and practising Jesus’ words to listen to and practise the law, the prophets and the psalms.  Disciples of Jezebel are those who use their forgiveness by God to condemn others… and who pride themselves on their observance of the law, the prophets and the psalms while giving scant regard for the words of Jesus… and they, together with the disciples of the Balaamites (those worshippers of mammon) and the disciples of the Nicolaitans (those Judaizers), have created one of the great if not the greatest religion of the world, but not the family God desires.

Jezebel and her daughters then go further than the Nicolaitans, who in their zealousness for the law according to Judaism at least have their disciples listening to the law, the prophets and the psalms.  Jezebelians go much further, for they offer the so called deep secrets of Satan to their disciples… that is, they promote the ‘secrets’ of Satan as being equal if not greater than the secrets of the Kingdoms of Heaven and of God.  That is why Jesus has promised, I will strike her children dead.”

Jezebel filled the vacuum left by Magdalene.  When the men took all the apostolic offices, there was no female apostolic office available.  Without the strong leading of Magdalene with her silence for unity’s sake, women began to do and say things never intended for them by God, as if a rebellion was ushered out of frustration… for the women could sense that something was amiss, but did not know what.  It was and is the classic case of two wrongs trying to make one right when the right one was overlooked.

In the Old Testament, the male prophets led other male prophets, but the women prophetesses like Deborah operated independently of the men.  So likewise, the New Testament order is male apostles oversee male prophets, whilst the female prophetesses should be overseen by female apostles.  Imagine women discipled directly by the one herself with the mother to assist her, who could and would minister alongside the men.  Certainly there would have been no place for the Greek widows to complain in Acts 6 and the seven would never have been needed… for if there was a female contingent of greater power than the men because they were more willing and able to serve at the ‘lesser’ tasks of food preparation and waiting on tables, the seven would not have been needed.  Does it not amaze you that they did not choose even Martha?  After all, the eleven had dined many times with her cooking and serving them.  A female contingent of greater power, I say (not the Lord), because it was us, the men, who were more concerned as to who is the greatest in the kingdom and who would be at His right and left hand.  The women were more concerned about who would cook His food, serve His drink and wash His left and right foot.  Who then do you really think can be trusted with more power?

However, before we set off into fantasyland, there is a real danger that must be addressed.  For it was a woman called Jezebel who was responsible for Thyatira’s troubles and from her seeds have grown the great harlot…  





A religious system, which is pyramidal, with its capstone as mystery and its foundations as the abominations of the Earth… and for abominations, see ‘religions’ of the Earth.  A system that is workable only in the natural system of men.  A system opposed to God’s system whose capstone is…

The glories of the Heavens

The Father of sons

Jesus the Christ


As such, this freedom, this liberation, this resurrection is not for all women, but for those who are listeners of Jesus as Mary was, who are respecters of no men but worshippers of the Man, who love none but Christ Himself, whose suitability for office, suitability for privilege is proven by their holiness unto the Lord and confirmed in their trustworthiness by their power.

As such, being a woman does not make one eligible for the contingent, but being a woman as Mary and Mary were women, now that is different.  Such women would have no time for Satan’s so called deep secrets, for they are filled with Jesus’ deep secrets, filled with what has been whispered in their ears by the Holy Spirit, waiting to be released to shout it from the top of roofs, the freedom that every woman and child is waiting to hear.

It will be through the females of the Galilean church that the final call for repentance will be given to the children of Jezebel, and when that call, when that shout has been released, then the final suffering and killing of Jezebel’s children can be released and be finished.  It will be this great suffering and slaughter that will prompt her to seduce the one who is already condemned to take his place as her king… just like Jezebel counseled Ahab into murdering Naboth for his vineyard.  For the condemned one will see an opportunity to endear himself to the world and its abominations by using the powers he has and the words of the Lord he knows to heal, feed and deliver those who are destined by God for the slaughter.  And so in his heart will rise the great rebellion to heal those God has struck with His plagues, to feed those God has starved with His famines and to deliver those God has imprisoned… and by his success, the rebellion will be emboldened until he declares himself God in God’s holy temple.  The sight of him healing those struck by the plagues of the two witnesses and feeding those who have been starved by the droughts brought on by the two witnesses, and finally even giving a way for the beast from the abyss to enter once more the realm of flesh and walk this Earth again as a man, a son of Adam.  To the condemned one, Jezebel will offer the greatest ‘so called’ secrets of Satan so that he would be able to negotiate with the devil himself to hand over his authority to exercise on behalf of the first beast.

And what form will this call of repentance take that will come from the women of Galilee?  One of self-righteousness, praise and proper holiness?  No… but one that comes from the hearts of those who have been mocked and rejected because of God’s call on their lives, one and ones who have had to bear the mockery of a ‘virgin’ birth, one and ones who have always been overlooked and placed in the background, one and ones who know their Father, one and ones who know and love their Lord, one and ones who no longer need to believe or hope for they have heard Him, they have seen Him, they have felt His power heal them and deliver them, and even held Him if only as a spirit holds a spirit.  One and ones whose testimony is not a faith preached, but a life lived and a testimony shared.  One and ones who know what it is to be condemned by the law and not stoned by the only Man in whom there is no sin.  One and ones whose mercy and compassion make them such perfect daughters of their Father that His power is displayed through them in ways that not even Jesus has done… truly the ones who would do the greater things.

It will be a call of such motherly compassion and sisterly mercy that even the spirits of Nephilims long displaced from their own flesh, left to roam this Earth unloved, hated by their own fathers and mothers, feared and loathed by the sons and daughters of Adam, and not fit for Heaven or Hell for they never belonged to God’s plan… even they will be moved to do and say things that no eyes have seen, no ears have heard, and which the minds of men (pun) have not conceived.

Through this resurrected ministry, through the women of Galilee, the depletion of the enemies’ ranks will begin and the mother of all prostitutes will be forced to once more adorn herself and stand at her door to beckon that foolish young man to enter her chambers.  The condemned one will not be able to resist her, for his ego will not permit it.  His love for humanity and not for God will be his excuse, and reason will play no part in his reprobate mind… for he will see himself saviour of mankind with a chance to possess the vineyard.  All he has to do is kill the Son… again.

One third of mankind must perish – the children of Jezebel who will not repent even when they have been cast upon their mother’s bed of suffering.  Ranks of demons depleted, harvested, those who refuse this great repentance, which undoes the wrong perpetrated on them when the sons of God had children with the daughters of men, children born not of God’s will or even men’s will, but of a rebel’s will.  Victims all, but no more.

Who would have thought, who would have dreamed of such an event?  But is it as foreign as it seems or did we miss something when we were too busy?  We men have been too busy arguing about our positions and greatness, too busy worrying about our stomachs and safety, too tired to notice and too distracted by our discomfort.  We know He asked those demons, “What is your name?” but did anyone remember how He asked?  Does anyone know how He asked?  Does anyone care how He asked?  The listener did… she cared, she knew, she remembered how He spoke when out of her seven demons were driven out, and now her sisters will know too, will remember too, will care too, for the Holy Spirit will tell them those things that the eleven men could not bear to hear.

Besides the quiet gentle beauty of the holiness of a Galilean woman no Jezebel can stand and boast, for she knows all her prophecies amount to nothing and the so called deep secrets of Satan are meaningless when you stand against those who love and know the Truth Himself, being descended from the one who bore the Truth and the one who held onto the Truth.

So once more…

Love and faithfulness meet together;      

righteousness and peace kiss each other.

Faithfulness springs forth from the Earth,     

and righteousness looks down from Heaven.


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