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By Gale James

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If only the one chosen by the men had been the one intended by God …

For the roots of bitterness that existed between the Israelites and the Ishmaelites which gave rise to a millennium long conflict began because of women….for when the disputes arose between the women, the men were incapable of resolving them and this conflict continued to grow even after Jesus revealed the antidote to such a toxic problem.

But instead of the problem being solved it gave birth to yet another…the men disciples not watching or listening enough to Jesus to see how He dealt with the issues that arose between women ….for they never watched nor listened enough when Jesus taught this crucial lesson at the house of Martha and her sister Mary. They never saw how He resolved the dispute that arose between them … that by telling Martha when she complained that Mary was at His feet listening to His words and not helping her prepare the meal….  ‘‘that she was worried and upset about many things but only one thing is needed…and Mary had chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her” …that what Jesus was telling her, was that the best was still reserved for her …for the meal still had to be prepared…..and if she had seized that opportunity, received His invitation, and understood what was being given her ….she would have opened her ears to hear as she had opened her heart to serve ….and done both simultaneously.

For it was not whether Mary or Martha responded to Jesus, or took up the opportunities given them… but it was how Jesus reconciled the conflict between the two without leaving them jealous, bitter or envious of one another.

For so ingrained and destructive was this ongoing problem….the roots of which remained steadfastly intact because Abraham never was able to correctly resolve the conflict between Sarah and Hagar.

For how different it would have been if Sarah had treated Hagar differently…not as a servant girl and chattel to be used and disposed of when no longer needed, but understood Hagar’s bitterness against her. Bitterness that lodged itself deep within her because she had to bear a child to someone she did not want to…and then had that child taken off her and raised as someone else’s until they had a child of their own…and then that son returned to her like yesterdays newspaper.

Conflict between women still remained an unresolved issue in the days of Abraham and Sarah….Hagar and Ishmael…because it had never been properly dealt with nor reconciled since the days of Adam and Eve.

For that is when the great injustice done to women embedded itself so deep into the female image of God that the roots of bitterness that took hold became so out of control …so choked with unforgiveness, that the only thing that it could birth was unceasing conflict, hatred and division that no one has yet been able to resolve, repair or reconcile ….not because the answer has not been given …but because no one watched and listened to Jesus enough to know the answer when it was given.

So then all that remained still unresolved between women would be what determined that the central core of disharmony still rests in the daughters of Eve.

Rests with them because of all the different roots of bitterness that have been implanted into them from the day Eve was blamed by Adam for giving him the fruit of the tree that brings death.

For from the day Adam refused to take on the full weight of the sin upon himself, but sought to cast blame on Eve… he left the Father no choice but to punish.

That is the difference….between Adam and Jesus….

Jesus took the punishment due every man and woman, so freeing the Father from having to punish them …but Adam cast blame …so the punishment demanded that women would bear birth with pain and men would toil the ground.

But yet even though the pain of toiling the ground is more pronounced, it is still much less then the pain of childbirth and the joy of harvest still much less then the joy of the birth…

For even in punishment Eve and her daughters received a blessing, for as much as God greatly increased their pain in childbearing so greater again did He increase the measure of the joy of the birth. 

For one of the greatest injustices done by men to the daughters of Eve …is that when those angels that fell because they saw the daughters of men beautiful and began to marry as they chose…the sons of Adam did not stand up to defend their sisters from being raped, and so did not prevent the birth of the abomination called Nephilim….who were to be the cause of the great flood and the cause of the desolation of the Canaanites.

For the sons of Adam did not drive them out, rather they began to offer the women just as Lot offered his daughter to save the angel….just like the Levite offered his concubine to save himself and in Jesus’ day…. just like the teachers of the law and the Pharisees…offered the woman caught in adultery to appease the law.

But contrary to the opinions and actions of men, this was not the reason why God had brought forward Eve out of the 12th rib of the body of Adam …for she was not brought forward to be a chattel to be bought, sold or possessed nor to be a beast of burden ….she was to be his helper and the forerunner, even the mother of many daughters including Mary the Mother of Jesus …and Mary Magdalene who would come forward after Judas Iscariot the 12th apostle was removed from the body of Christ.

For it was always God’s plan to have the 12th position vacated so that another had to be appointed.

Always in God’s plan that the man appointed to betray Jesus unto death would be replaced by the woman who anointed Jesus for His death.

Always in His plan to have one female apostle and eleven male apostles.

One female who is neither the 12th nor the 13th apostle but known as the ‘one’….always it was to be eleven plus one…..not 12 not 13 but three ones ….one, one and one….with that one woman able to do what it would take eleven men to do.


An innovation of the Galilean congregation will be centred on the role of the women, and if any innovations suggested so far are radical and offensive, then what the women of the Galilean congregations are to be…and will be …will be by far the most radical, liberating and resurrective of all the innovations.

Resurrective because the original life of a woman was to be helper to the man ….one who helps by easing the burden by using her knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and counsel and so would have been able to help Adam be a husband to the Garden he was always meant to tend …..

And so it is not so unexpected that the daughter God chose to replace Judas Iscariot was a woman abnormally discipled by Jesus. Discipled differently from the men for it was not the Lords place to disciple her as He did the other Eleven  – but discipled differently because she was indeed different. Because out of her seven demons were driven and she had already had a foretaste of the Sevenfold Spirit of God filling all the places the seven demons had previously taken for their own.

And yet she would remain a woman not acknowledged by men but only God …for only He knew who she really was…what she had truly done ….and what she was still capable of.

A woman kept in the background….one, who in silence came to know and understand the Lord more than any other …her wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel and even power hidden ….not because it was not there …not because it was not evident….but because it was never seen as what it truly was –

An ability to watch and listen to Jesus so much, that she came to learn what would make or break…..divide or make one…. the Church Jesus died to give life to.

For when visible it was ridiculed….when heard it was dismissed ….when spoken of even by Jesus… was never acknowledged ….for who of the men when they preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ included in their preaching what Mary had done so as to fulfil the words Jesus spoke when He said…

‘‘Wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world what she has done will also be told in memory of her’’. For who of them preached …. ‘LISTEN TO JESUS’ even in the face of adversity and ridicule…..or who of them told how Jesus was anointed for His death and burial even in the presence of animosity and judgment ?

For Mary loved the Lord in such a way that the apostle John the Beloved rested his head on the chest of Jesus only after he saw Mary and how she ministered to Him.

That is why Jesus loved him …why he was known as John the Beloved …not because he did it of his own accord but because he saw the greater way and copied it even though he knew not what it was…nor where it was going……nor who it was he was trying to copy.

For copied she was… but accepted she was not …but yet her voice did not pierce the stillness to make complaint nor give argument over who was the greatest ….or who would fill the positions at the right and left of Jesus …and so giving no rise nor access to any such discussion or dissension for she refused to bring disharmony or dishonour to the One she loved and was committed to.

She would do nothing …say nothing….to diminish the power or bring the Lord’s church or Name or reputation into disrepute….for neither by force nor by words would she claim her position by speaking what should not be spoken or heard….or doing what should never be done or seen because she was  the one abnormally taught…she was the one who listened to hear, and so discipled as differently as she was different from the others …as different as the female was from the male –

Obsessive in her watching and listening to Jesus….obsessive in taking into her memory every word Jesus spoke to her…taking Him at His word and committing herself to His Life…to be the woman able to resolve, reconcile and bring to an end once and for all, the bitterness which began in the Garden so long ago and spread its roots so possessively across the expanse of the world that God so loved that He gave His One and Only Son ….sending Him into the world not to condemn the world but to save the world through Him.


For without women ….without Mary the Mother…. Jesus could not have been born as the Son of Man, the Son of God, even the Saviour of this world.

Nor would He have had His needs and the needs of His disciples met while He walked the road to Jerusalem to face death by crucifixion on a roman cross. 

And indeed the most definitive evidence of the resurrection of the women’s role as helper to men came resurrection morning…

For if not for the women the men would never have heard the news that Jesus had risen and they were to go to Galilee….

For it was the women who got up early to go to the grave – the women who found it empty – the women who were spoken to by the angels….a woman who first saw Christ risen and held Him and the women who delivered Christ’s message to the men.

Just as it was the men who did not go early to the tomb – the men who did not believe Jesus had risen –  and the men who did not go to Galilee on resurrection morning.

For this time, it was not the woman who was giving the man the fruit of the tree that brings death because of a lie.…but it was now the daughters of Eve who brought the fruit of the Tree of Life from angelic beings and from God Himself, Jesus Christ, to the men to eat of and taste of its life giving power –  to taste and eat of its fruit of forgiveness…

But yet the one appointed to be the helper, and now even resurrected as the helper, was still being claimed as bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh…even blood of my blood… with the sons of Adam still claiming their ownership and dominance over the female image of God…just as when their mother Eve was brought forward out of the rib of Adam, it was without hesitation that Adam claimed her as his own… For when he said ‘bone of my bones’ he meant ‘blood of my blood’….and so claiming he had made Eve – Even naming her woman for she came out of man….naming her before God even had a chance to speak her true name.

For Adam, even at that early stage, no longer recognised the Lordship of the Father, the Ownership of God …that God alone owned Adam who was created without life …as He alone had Ownership over Eve who was created from life….coming forward with such power from the rib of Adam … such power that brought forward the female image of God …for it was the birth of the power of daughters ….the power of ‘Daughtership ’ – the ‘Daughtership’ that comes from our Father…

For it is full Sonship AND full Daughtership which turns curses into blessings……puts all things into His hands …and shows Him all He has done …


For the redemption and resurrection of the role of women came on the morning of the resurrection of Christ….a resurrection that brought to light that what the sons of Adam did on that morning is what Adam should have done in the Garden millenniums ago –

Disbelieved the message and ignored the women – for how different it would have been if Adam disbelieved Eve and ignored the message – and the Eleven believed the women and obeyed the command.

The tragedy being Adam believed the message of death and the apostles disbelieved the message of life. A tragedy that escalated into even a greater tragedy…not going to Galilee on resurrection morning.

And worse still, the tragedy was yet compounded when they failed to wait for the Holy Spirit to give them power…power to choose…power to see God’s choice…power to see their mistake…even power to repent, and the church has suffered the consequences of that disobedience and unrepentance to this day.

For when they could not wait to fill the place vacated by Judas with the one chosen by men and not the one intended by God, the perfect will of God, the perfect foundation of God had from then on been compromised by the will of men intruding on the decision of God.

And the proof of this is when the Greek widows complained that they were left out of the distribution of the food from the widows of Jerusalem – women complaining against women –

The cycle perpetuated, causing the disciples to make their biggest mistake ! …appointing Nicolas of Antioch whose teachings and practises through his followers the Nicolaitans, has left the church divided and powerless for two millenniums and just another great religion of the world.

For their failure to appoint Mary allowed the bitterness among the women to arise and bring forth the disaster of the appointment of Nicolas, and out of that can be traced the advise of the Eleven, even Paul, concerning the treatment of women …

For the Holy Spirit could not overturn their decision not only because if He had it would have divided the house and caused it to fall even before it was built…but also because the apostles used the casting of the lot to choose Matthias… and since it is written… ‘‘The lot is cast into the lap but its every decision is from the Lord’’… then the Holy Spirit would have been overturning the Lord’s decision, and that could never be, that would never be.

And yet worse still, at that moment they were unknowingly legitimising men’s use of the casting of the lot to make decisions for themselves ….now bearing full blasphemous manifestation when the lot is cast for the choosing of rulers and kings.


For how different it would have been if the one chosen by the disciples was the one intended by God…

For Jesus already had 9 who were perverse and unbelieving, 2 who had their own ambitions, and 1 who spoke to cover his own inadequacies …but the Lord took what was good in them and nurtured and refined it, so when their helper was again put in their midst …they would receive her help to take all the Lord had invested in them, and her, and  take it all the way into the greater things which would have seen them on the road to the Mt. of Olives to witness their Lord’s arrival as ones who have lived and never died …for they had been transfigured in the presence of the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For if the Eleven had gone to Galilee on resurrection morning the women would have accompanied them, and amongst whom would have been the first person to see Jesus risen and the last person to anoint Him for His death ……amongst them would have been God’s sovereign choice to fill the position which now had been vacated by Judas Iscariot, son of Simon.

And to prove God’s elections are perfect, even in the continued rejection of Mary, even in the continued rejection of the helper by men…there is no evidence of any bitterness in Mary…no evidence of any bitterness taking root even when the men disbelieved her message that Christ had Risen…nor believed the message that they were to meet Jesus at Galilee. And because of this she did not proceed to Galilee by herself, for if she did, she would have brought judgment on the other Eleven…and by not going to Galilee herself she became one with their sin, and so she did not afford the Lord one from whom the Lord could raise a whole new nation as Moses afforded the Lord ….and in remaining with the Eleven she saved them.

For Mary was the only woman who had not drunk of the cup of bitterness but only drunk from the cup of mercy. For bitterness cannot enter eternity for it would destroy it …it would turn eternity into eternal torment.

For bitterness and its ally unforgiveness, which opens the door to conflict and disharmony, cannot be the hallmark of the Galilean congregation ….for it is a congregation that has descended from the eleven AND from Mary.

For its behaviour, its liturgy – is not only based on the 7 letters of Jesus but must have in its blood ….in its inheritance…must have in it the reality…that amongst the apostles was a woman, a daughter of God – One more powerful than men as the Holy Spirit is the Power of God.

A congregation not believing, but knowing who they are….who their women are….

A congregation not only with power… but joy, peace and righteousness in that order for that is the order from the female point of view…from a woman’s perspective …

For joy is the strength and the strength comes from the female …for to the female is given the burden of childbirth, the pain of child bearing.

Joy then peace and then righteousness, for it is the joy and peace that brings forth the true righteousness and not the opposing abomination…self righteousness.

For it was to be a church where the most powerful of the apostles was a woman.

Where the first apostle to do all Jesus was doing and the greater things was a woman.

For it was a woman who was the first one to see the risen Lord because it was a woman who was the last one to leave the tomb… It was a woman who was the first one to hold Him in the garden because it was a woman who was the last one to anoint Him before His death.

And that woman was a woman out of whom 7 demons were driven – one, who at the sight of her demons would flee. 

Mary Magdalene …the last one to anoint Jesus and prepare Him for His burial …and so it was her perfume resonating in the garden on resurrection morning which served as a reminder to Jesus of the scent of a woman – a reminder to Him that those who love Him have committed themselves to His fate, and to His destiny.

For when one has not drunk of the cup of bitterness but only drunk from the cup of mercy then their power to help…their ability to lead…their understanding of resolution and reconciliation, would bring a final end to the war of bitterness that rages…would overcome its fierce hold and its determination to make evil give rise to evil.

For God does not choose for no reason, and Mary Magdalene was chosen for many, many reasons…the greater portion of them remaining hidden…known only to God but those revealed are that she watched and listened to not only learn what Jesus made known from what the Father had shown Him as a Son but was so teachable that she came to learn what Jesus knew as God….bringing out Him revelations that the men could not.

Revelations of what He knew of harmony between God…what drove it, what sustained it, and what created it – enabling her to live what would end the war before it began. The war that threatened to rage within the ranks threatening the life and power of the church…making a mockery out of the words and life of Jesus…the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the revelation of the Father by the Son….

And with such a helper, with such a leader, men and women could be brought to the place where they feel the death of Jesus and the sullying of His Name, and the belittling of the Spirit, and the insulting of the Father and know…not just believe…but know they must do something about it…for they see themselves as the last survivor of the Family and on their shoulders falls the task of justice even vengeance…. 

For it is the absence of Mary from the ranks of the Twelve that has made as much difference as the presence of the Holy Spirit.

For we must understand this about Mary…when she was already listening to Jesus, James the Younger was still an unbeliever…when all others were still considering whether to commit their heart to Jesus already no one was going to steal her heart away from Him.

So understand this about Mary…she listened so well to the Lord and was so in love with Jesus that she was more then capable of being His witness even without the power of the Holy Spirit and that is why the teachings from the men the church has….that because of the absence of Mary they really do not work, because not one of the men came to listen and to know the Lord well enough to be able to testify without the Holy Spirit and His power  – only Mary, the exception to the rule – the religious rules made by men – The exception, and so rejected.

For men would not permit it, not even if she is God’s choice – and not even if she heard, saw and understood something they did not, even mastering what her Master had come to bring us the mastery of.

And such mastery of things not even to be spoken of ….is what will bring the avenging of every woman who has ever been abused, raped, molested, or treated like a beast of burden rather then the female image of God she is …and what will bring justice to God’s Son.

For when God appeared in the form of a Man, the women in all their repression and abuse still with humble reverence rose to the occasion attending to the Lord…meeting His needs and the needs of His disciples in the most genuine, sensitive, practical and yet radical way …still able to love even though they themselves had not been loved but had suffered needlessly and unmercifully at the hands of men who had appointed themselves ruler and master over all…for they never could see nor understand the equality of the male and female image of God….and so never to see nor appreciate the female point of view, but continued to see themselves as deserving the greater portion…the best position…the highest honour, with even the apostles advising that women remain seen but not heard – with no place of leadership offered… no ministry encouraged …..and no potential nurtured ….and never any acknowledgement of how glorious the female image of God was ….the one who was created in the Image of the Holy Spirit …the unseen One ….but yet the all powerful One, who brought her forward out of Adam, made her separate from him because Adam did not acknowledge her equality to himself. 

If only the replacement for Judas Iscariot had been Mary Magdalene it would have been the beginning of what can wait no longer …. Justice for Jesus…as she freed all the women who went before her, all the women who were with her, and all the women who came after her …lifting the curse God had no choice but to place on them…turning the curse into the fullness of the intended blessing it was always going to be.

For if she had not been hindered but had taken her place as the first woman apostle she would have birthed in its proper timing and proper place the Galilean church…

The church the Father and the Holy Spirit wanted for Jesus would have been birthed not in pain but in joy, peace and righteousness…birthed by a woman just as Jesus was birthed by a woman…and as that one woman and those eleven men walked back down that mountain as one for they had stood in the presence of the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for 40 days and 40 nights…the Galilean church would have been given life and life in abundance.

Birthed in full power …and from full power…because it was birthed from the harmony of oneness.

For God’s choice of who would birth His Church had been made many millenniums ago…and she was incredible…and God was going to show her off, for the Lord would have had the Eleven present themselves before the Father with Mary and then reveal the Father’s supreme choice above the Eleven…with Mary being transfigured before them just as Jesus had transfigured in front of Peter, James and John…bearing the fruit that proves her selection by manifesting full power – in oneness – for the transfiguration of Mary would have been like the budding of Aaron’s rod…so as to flower and bear fruit as a sign of God’s sovereign choice.

God’s sovereign decision that it was a woman…the woman called ‘Mary Magdalene’ who He had chosen to be the first woman apostle…

The last apostle appointed by Jesus for she was the first apostle to see Him risen.

For it is always that the first will be last and the last will be first.


And the men would have been so radically changed…so liberated…freed at last from the shackles of Judaism, from witnessing God’s glory and the glory of God’s daughters…and so the glory given God when His daughters takes their place alongside Him and take their place as the helper to men…to lead, to nurture, to inspire, to focus, to heal, and to keep on healing.

And if it had taken place in the way God had originally planned, with the Galilean church birthed at the proper time and at the proper place and from the proper vessel, then we would not be standing here on this Earth still without Jesus with us in the flesh because the church is still without full power…still with its women and all women still in bondage because there remains in existence the same unresolved issues and problems and conflicts and wars that still have bitterness and unforgiveness as their roots.

Bitterness, which took its firm unrelenting hold in the garden, sending out a rampage of enslavement throughout the world God so loved for its prime objective, its only focus, was to turn brother against brother…nation against nation…women against women…to have men enslaving men, offering their women and children to demons, gods they had not known, gods who recently appeared, gods their fathers did not fear…

For that was to be the power of the one chosen to fill the position vacated by Judas Iscariot … even the power that birthed Eve separating her and her daughters from Adam and his sons. For the power that birthed them was the power that would free them…for it was the power of daughters…the power of the helper, the unseen one, the unacknowledged one, the unknown one, the silent one…but yet the powerful one who could and would help lead the church into the victory which only comes through our Lord Jesus Christ.

For no man can do what a woman was sent to do, for only another daughter, another sister, can avenge the daughters of God and the sisters of Jesus Christ. For what Mary has freed woman from gives them the freedom to live life and life abundantly.

And so no man can do the work appointed the women…they have never desired to in the past and so never will in the future… but yet it will come to the place where all things will be reconciled so that once more there will be neither male nor female amongst those worthy of the resurrection for they will be indeed like the angels…

For the true glory of the Holy Spirit’s Workshops, the true glory of the Galilean church, is in the way the females learn to bring justice to Eve and her daughters and reconcile all matters between them through love without intervention from of the sons of Adam.

And so the role of women in a Galilean congregation must receive its defining from the first woman appointed to be an apostle ….a woman who would have had power equal to eleven men…for such was the measure trusted her – as such was the measure of trust given Mary the mother when God put Jesus in her womb.

For it is through Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother that women have received God’s trust because through them it was trust proven true.

Trust proven, through Mary the Mother, who was trusted with the Son…

Trust proven, through Mary Magdalene, who was trusted with the Man…

Trust also proven to attend to the appointed time …


So all women, sisters, and daughters……know that even if no man trusts you, God does – because it is trust that has been proven true by the women who went before us, and if God trusts you who are men that they would not….. 

For it is the presence of women trusted by God…trust that is measured by the amount of power they have, that would have kept Jezebel and her daughters out of the church.

And it is the women who have God’s trust who are able to declare, able to shout from the rooftops what is whispered to them, that will expose Jezebel for the harlot she is …

For the women of the Galilean church, their propriety and modesty is not displayed in their clothing…but displayed in their ability to remain silent and withhold their superior power until the man asks for their help. Their holiness is displayed not in religious abstinence, but by a zealous dedication to glorify God by being the helper that brings forth the image of God to its fullness of stature in Christ.

Indeed such women need no jewellery, for they are the jewels…that precious pearl so sought by the pearl merchant…they need no rouge or powder…for their beauty flowing from within them transfigures even their flesh so that the brightest of stars cannot match the glamour of their presence.

The freedom of the Galilean women will surpass any liberation offered by the world for theirs is the freedom to be what God is …and is not…

For they are the Image of God …and yet …are all that God is not…

For they are female and God is Male …so are, what They…Father, Son and Holy Spirit …are not ..

So the greater things that Jesus has promised truly rests with the women for they being women, being daughters of the same Father, can be all that He is AND can be all what He is not..


For this time, the women will not be repressed…for there is no man who has enough power to take away their freedom or resurrect it for them, but He who is the Power of God.

For if even the Apostle who has set this in place will not repress them, who is there who can challenge this will of God to glorify His Name and His Image.

Who is there who can challenge His will when His daughters release the joy and the peace that are placed in the helper so the righteousness of the Son of Man can be displayed without further delay.

For the fullness of the work of the helper role carries the completeness that carries the perfection that carries the mercy and compassion which also includes the helpers own mercy and own compassion…

And so even though it is harder to patiently endure and wait for true solid love to ripen, then it is to patiently endure persecution…the women…the helper has done both…


For the role of the women was the role of helper…the one who brings forth the Image of God into its fullness of stature in Christ…the one whose  power is equal to that of eleven men …

The helper…who gave birth to God’s Word made flesh ….

The helper…who nurtured the Son He became …..

The helper…who nurtured the Man He grew to be….

The helper…who anointed Him for His death and burial ….

The helper…who was first to see and hold the risen Christ….

The helper…who was to transfigure first in the presence of the Trinity …

The helper…who was to birth the Church in full power …

The helper…who will lead the Church into its victory in Christ….

Such is the role given the daughters of Eve…the daughters of God…

But yet if God’s ways and thoughts were not higher than ours, who would have thought it, who would have thought that the role of women was such that it is…no one…EXCEPT GOD ALONE…


So women why are you crying…for the joy, peace and righteousness of the Kingdom finds its greatest manifestation in you.

For who could experience a greater joy than Mary’s …to behold and hold her love again …

Who can experience a joy greater than the mother’s after the birth pains are gone and she holds in her arms the new life she has brought into the world.

Can a farmer stand in a field ready for harvest and experience a joy greater than a mother’s…..never…it will never happen…

And who can experience peace greater than Mary who came to know, not believe …but know her love is alive…

And can anyone’s righteousness exceed hers…a demon possessed woman set free by Jesus now in the arms of the love who has been declared Son of God by the power of the Spirit of Holiness. 


For how the injustice that was done to Eve and her daughters sat in the heart of the Father was truly made known when from the punishment that He had no choice but to give her…did He bring forth in its greater glory all of which He only ever wanted to bestow on her…

The abundance of joy, peace and righteousness…

The Joy peace and righteousness that will now echo throughout all the Kingdom…

For what is loosed on Earth is loosed in Heaven and what is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven.


Joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit, that is the Kingdom of God’s when the helper is permitted to do what she was to do…for women…so women why are you crying…cry no more…

For though the wicked bindeth us with cords, the waters of salvation has loosed them and made the bitterness sweet forever…and as long as He endures, so we the daughters of God, the sisters of Christ, the female of image of God…so we will endure…

For we only hold in our hearts these words ….this request..


Father, forgive them for they did not know what they were doing.

AND Father, forgive us… for we did not know what we were doing when we gave Adam the fruit of the tree from which only you may eat of …WE REPENT FATHER…

For Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever…AMEN


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