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When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “…Your kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…” He knew that the Person who would be trusted with the doing of that will when Jesus Himself was gone… would be the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit, the great Listener who only speaks what He hears, is the only One on Earth who can hear what Jesus is interceding before the throne for concerning His saints and His work on Earth.  No one else on Earth… no apostle, no prophet, no spirit… not one person on Earth can hear Jesus’ intercessions as perfectly as the Spirit Himself.  And since He only speaks what He hears, then should it surprise anyone who has spent time coming to know the Lord that saying the prayers He has heard Jesus speak before the throne is the main if not the only way the Spirit prays… since He does not speak on His own?

Thus, those who have been baptised with the Holy Spirit and have received Him and His gifts can be used by the Spirit as His instruments to repeat the prayers of Jesus on Earth in languages that no one understands except God.  Now, I hope no one is stupid enough to think that the Holy Spirit will repeat the prayers of Jesus on Earth in languages that His enemies can understand.  One of the greatest inventions Satan bound to the church was the prayer books… so that every move and request of the ‘church’ became predictable.  Now, in war, how long do you think you will last against your enemy if they had foreknowledge of your every move?

No, the Holy Spirit was not sent to help us to pray, but rather, He was sent to pray the prayers of Jesus He hears prayed, in languages that no one understands except God, with us saying the “Amen” to them.  And since another has agreed to the prayer on Earth, as Jesus said, “…I tell you that if two of you on Earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in Heaven.”  After all, who prays the perfect prayer?  Jesus, or any of us?  Surely Jesus of course; and the perfect prayer deserves perfect faith.  To be able to agree to a prayer you have not understood is to show perfect faith and trust in the Person you are agreeing with.  When a disciple says, “Amen Holy Spirit,” to prayers spoken in tongues through himself or others, he has demonstrated perfect faith and trust.  Now, objections and fears arise from some saying, “What if the tongues were ‘demonic’ or ‘soulish’?”  Don’t be slow… can you see you said, “Amen Holy Spirit”?  If the prayer in tongues was not of the Holy Spirit but from a demon or even the spirit of the other disciple, you have not agreed to it.  Thus, a congregational prayer meeting where disciples meet and pray in the tongues of the Holy Spirit, with “Amen Holy Spirit” being chorused by them and the believers who have yet to begin their discipleship… in such a prayer meeting, only the perfect request of Jesus has been repeated and agreed to on Earth so that whatever happens is exactly what Jesus wants His body to do.

When you understand this, you can see why the church had been ‘con’-vinced into praying from prayer books and to generally eliminate the congregational use of the gift of tongues in prayer meetings.  The worst ‘con’ of course is that cleverly invented lie that the Holy Spirit left with the death of the last of the eleven… John.

Since it is only the Holy Spirit who knows what the Father and Jesus had intended to show the eleven on the Mount of Transfiguration, and since it is only Jesus who knows exactly what He would have liked the church launched in Galilee to be like… then it is perfectly logical that every fellowship that seeks to have the resurrection of the Galilean church manifest in their midst to first devote themselves in prayer with the Holy Spirit in His language, even as the congregation provides the “Amen”s.

As Jesus said, “God is Spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth,” so we can worship the Holy Spirit who is God as He prays.  As we participate in His prayer meeting, we are privileged to hear Him use us to speak out of the overflow of our hearts through our mouths in the multitude of His glorious languages.  We can worship in the privilege of saying, “Amen,” with Him… truly a working fellowship.  In this way, the very appearance, growth, behaviour and sustenance of the church are not directed by the wish or will of the prayers of a man… but by the prayers of the Spirit who knows the wish and will of the Man—the Son of Man who is the Head of the church, as the church is His body doing what the Head wants, going where the Head wants.

By ensuring that the congregational prayer meetings are entirely for the agreement with the Holy Spirit’s prayer, then any effort by those who do not have in mind the things of God but of men in divination is eliminated.  Then, little by little, like a tree growing out of the ground, prayer by prayer, amen by amen, we will witness what Jesus truly had in mind for His church, and when the intended church is present, then we will see why the woman that John saw had this title written on her forehead: 





For until what was originally intended is shown, we will never know just how far the churches descended from Jerusalem have really strayed.  This mystery remains… even though we now know they did not go, we still do not know why the eleven did not go to Galilee that morning.

The answer to that lies closer to us than what we care to admit.  For in the days to come, you will meet those who will refuse to say, “Amen,” to the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit.  The mystery as to why anyone would refuse saying, “Amen Holy Spirit,” is the key to lawlessness and the lawless one.  Indeed, the lawless one will demand that all say amen with Him and to Him so that His will be done, and the refusal to say, “Amen Holy Spirit,” will be the first sign of his wickedness, and those who would want to follow him or can be deceived by him will likewise find the practice of agreeing with the Holy Spirit’s prayers in tongues distasteful.

But for the moment, we have the privilege of working with the Holy Spirit by being His armour bearer, to be able to say as Jonathan’s armour bearer said, “Do all that You have in mind.  Go ahead; I am with You heart and soul.”

Thus, it is our privilege to launch the resurrection of the church that should have come out of Galilee as we commit all our “Amen”s to the only Person who can do so by His power – the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Holiness, who makes us holy for Jesus Christ.  Amen


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