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In The Beginning

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In the beginning when God created Adam, He gave five things to Adam.  Things that define what every human needs to have a life that is fulfilling, which is life abundant:

  1. He gave Adam a home – Earth, with all the creatures in it – so that Adam would have a place to call his own and a place to rest.
  2. He then gave Adam a future.  “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the Earth and subdue it.  Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” [Genesis 1.28]
  3. He provided food for Adam with all the trees.  “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole Earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be yours for food.” [Genesis 1.29]
  4. He gave Adam work, placing him in the garden.  The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. [Genesis 2.15]
  5. And He gave Adam someone to help him.  “I will make a helper suitable for him.” [Genesis 2.18]

A home, a future, food to eat, work to do and a helper are the five basic things that every person needs for life.  This was and has always been God’s plan for everyone.  When Jesus came and brought out the new creation through Himself – those who through faith in Him would become born again of the spirit through the Spirit – He did not depart from the pattern established by God in the beginning.

To those who would believe in Him, He gave them a home, a new home.  For when He first preached to the Jews, He did not say that they should repent and believe because the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel was near, but rather, to the Jews who were already living in the land that God had already given them, He spoke of a new home for them – the Kingdom of God… the kingdom that He told His disciples was within them and amongst them.  Like Noah, Abraham and Moses before, God promised them all a new home… a world free from Nephilims for Noah, a land free from idol worship for Abraham, and for Moses a home free from slavery.  So likewise, to the Jews who would believe in Him, the new home would be a home free from all the needs and wants of men, for the power of the kingdom would supply through miracles all that is needed, even that which the pagans run after.

Jesus gave all who would enter the kingdom a future… a future like Adam’s, one where there is the promise of dominance over the kingdom as His kings and lords, just as He promised the twelve that they would sit on twelve thrones.  That future He revealed in His word and teaching as He spent time with them.  A future that so occupied His attention that in the forty days after He rose from the dead, all He spoke about to them was of the Kingdom of God, not of the Kingdom of Heaven or of Israel.  The Kingdom of God is our future, which Jesus came to give us, not the Kingdom of Heaven.

Food was provided through His flesh and blood and also through His word.  Which was why He taught His disciples to eat His flesh and blood, saying, “For My flesh is real food and My blood is real drink.”  [John 6.55]
Not only His flesh and blood, but He also declared all foods to be clean just like in the garden… Adam could eat of all the trees except one.

The work Jesus gave us to do begins with the practice of His word so that we will become established and not ones who can be swept out of the kingdom.  Obedience to His commands is like obedience to God’s command to Adam, which gave Adam security of tenure.  Likewise, the practice of the basic teachings of Jesus in Mathew 5, 6 and 7 gives every disciple security of tenure.  Security from which and by which we could then begin our career as carers of the Kingdom of God, just as Adam was the carer of the garden, until we are ready to expand the kingdom so that eventually the Kingdom of God would fill the Earth and rule over it.

And in order that we do not do this alone, Jesus likewise gave us a Helper – the Helper, the Holy Spirit who would help us through His ministry… help us remember what Jesus has said by reminding us, help us by teaching us, and so on, as He said in John 14, 15 and 16, even giving the power to be His witnesses.

Now likewise, we who are the resurrection of the church from Galilee should learn to do likewise for all those whom the Lord will give us according to His will and purpose:

  1. When they join us, they must be given a life, a new life.  Like Jesus gave the Jews a new kingdom, so literally we have to give our people a church that is new, unlike anything they have come out of.  Just like Noah had a new world, Abraham had a new God, and Moses had a new nation to be prince over, so the people the Lord gives us must come into a new system different from the one they have left.  The newness of which begins with the dedicated fulfilment of the command to listen to Jesus and Jesus alone.  However, we can offer that newness as well thanks to the Testimony of the Holy Spirit, for those of us who have mastered it will speak and teach differently to the teachers and preachers of the church that was raised late in Jerusalem because of disbelief and disobedience.  The newness begins with what we can show them of the ministry of Jesus through the details given us by the Holy Spirit.
  2. A future… not one of death in hope to go to Heaven, but to live and never die, to see in the arrival of Jesus and to spend the Millennium with Him, learning from Him the science and art of kingship.  A different future, a new future.
  3. Food for all who come in.  Food, that is, our testimony and the Testimony of the Holy Spirit for them to eat and drink, and even the fruits of the Spirit which we now have access to.  These will be given to all who come and they are invited to eat and share of them.
  4. Beyond that which Jesus gave us, the single focus of the church is the work to bring Jesus back.  Everything we do and say, whatever it may be, every gospel preached, every testimony shared, every person brought to repentance, every miracle, sign and wonder, and the growth of the church, has one purpose and one purpose only – to fulfil the scriptures so Jesus can place His feet again on the Mount of Olives.
  5. Giving them a Helper by introducing them to the Holy Spirit as He is meant to be, unfettered by any teachings and doctrines of the Jerusalem church, so that they can meet the helper, and know what a church at full power is meant to be to the world that has yet to know the Lord.  The church itself is the helper for the people, as the Holy Spirit is the Helper to the church.

So then, we who have the privilege to be amongst the first of this move of God are obligated to do things as He has always done things.  The Church of Jesus Christ from Galilee is to provide a new home, a new future, food, work and a helper to all who join it from the world and from those who are coming out of the prostitute and her daughters.

Our work is not to judge or condemn, but to fulfil… to fulfil the original plan of God so that the world may see the church that God had in mind to raise up if only the eleven had believed and obeyed and not delayed… to fulfil the scriptures so Jesus can return and show the world what God had in mind for men if Adam did not sin, and to bring the martyrs back, even the twelve so that they can show the world what God had in mind through Israel.

So then learn to offer to one another the new life, the new future, the food, the work and the H/helper so that when it pleases the Lord, He will bring in those He wants to join us.  As for those who choose to try and destroy this work, let them share Satan’s fate, and for those who disbelieve this, let them remain in the church started by the eleven, for it is good that they should be saved and see God in Heaven according to their faith.  As in all things, do to others what you would want done unto yourself.  If we want to see what we believe for and work for come to pass, so we should help all who prefer the church that the Lord launched through the eleven in Jerusalem receive what they are believing for.  But for us, the vision is clear, the clouds are gone, and we can see the promised land clearly, and there are no mountains we cannot move nor giants we cannot slay.  It is time; the Kingdom of God is here.

Dr. Ed, Manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop


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