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Thank You Jesus.

If you cannot make a righteous judgment when your sin is set before your own two eyes, then how can you make a righteous judgment when their sin is in the distance? If you have unforgiveness or hatred inside your heart, then your heart has demons. Therefore, you will hear each other’s demons. They will hear your demons, and you will hear their demons.

But if you release your deceiver from judgement because you are loved and you love your enemies, forgive them their sins then. By the grace of the Holy Lamb of God and by the grace of our merciful Holy Father and by the Spirit of our Father, who is the Holy Spirit who testifies to the truth, you are released from captivity from your deceiver because your sins are forgiven you. So then, you will hear their demons, but you will not hear your demons because the deceiver is cast down and the demons are cast back out because there is no more curse.

No longer will you stumble because there is no more night, for the Kingdom of God is within you. So, master your sins in the Light of Grace. But if anyone should sin and you rebuke them and they repent, then forgive them. If anyone sins seven times and seven times you rebuke them and seven times they repent, then forgive them and do not look back to sin. Always leave room for repentance (that is for everyone) and do not set perimeters because the Lord has set the perimeters.

Do not judge your deceiver because all judgment has been given to our Saviour so that Grace and Truth will be glorified again. Do not condemn your deceiver, for vengeance is the Lord’s, for the Sovereign Lord is Grace and Truth. So, by releasing our deceiver from judgment, we release the deception that they are our enemies. And by releasing the deception, we repair the division. So, by repairing the division, we heal our nation. And by Jesus’ amendment, we can maintain our agape pathway and bring forth good fruit from our branch of the Vine of Grace and Truth.


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