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· Imagine Friday nights during the Millennium. What would we do? How would we enjoy it?

· Imagine family brunch with Jesus on Sundays during the Millennium. Look how the little children are crowding around Jesus and asking Him to play with them!

· Imagine the joy of coronation when all bow and worship in silence but with hearts bursting with love songs in the spirit as Jesus is crowned King of the Earth in Jerusalem.

· Imagine what Jesus’ throne on Earth during the Millennium looks like and the cup that He drinks from. Imagine His pillow.

· Imagine the clothes we wear during the Millennium. Do we have to wash them? Can we be as tall as we want? Would we get pimples?

· Imagine the Holy Spirit by the Father’s side as They watch all that happens on Earth during the Millennium. Can we visit them in Heaven as often as we want? Would our Father again feel like speaking to us from a cloud?

· Imagine the law courts during the Millennium. Imagine the judges- how would they differ from the judges in Israel’s time? Imagine what justice is during the Millennium. Imagine freedom during the Millennium.

· Imagine law schools that teach the laws of the Lord, and not the laws of the world. Imagine that they teach about justice for Jesus, and not justice of the world. Imagine Bible colleges with a curriculum and program that raise up, educate and train up sons and daughters, not just disciples and servants. Imagine the Holy Spirit’s Workshop during the Millennium!

· Imagine females giving birth during the Millennium. Imagine what a hospital would actually be. Would it still be called “hospital”?

· Imagine your children’s first day of school as they run off to learn about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Imagine that they love doing their homework and love exams…

· Imagine a wedding during the Millennium. Would Jesus always be The Guest of Honour? Imagine having the King as your Guest!

· Imagine Jerusalem, the city of the Great King, the city He loves and has chosen.

· Imagine being mighty in bringing justice for Jesus! Imagine living and believing and never dying…

· Imagine the Earth where all the sons of the devil have been harvested. Imagine a world without their oppression and disturbance. What then will be things that cause people to sin, which are bound to come and who will be the person through whom they come?

· Imagine new words and deeds of Jesus that we can practise during the Millennium. Imagine being able to listen to Jesus AND look at Him at the same time, all the time. Imagine holding Jesus’ hands in yours.

· Imagine being able to take His words to new heights, depths and delights because of His presence on Earth. Imagine our testimony of Jesus and the Word of God multiplied 30x60x100fold, blessing our God with a harvest of Jesus and the Word of God 30x60x100fold.

· Imagine all the dreams of our Father and the Holy Spirit coming true as Jesus received power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and praise!

· Imagine new Bibles that record Jesus’ words and deeds during the Millennium. Imagine weekly publications of Jesus’ sermons and preaches. Or us preaching words for Him to enjoy.

· Imagine an Internet that is solely devoted to glorifying Jesus and spreads His words without a single virus.

· Imagine watching a sunset and fondly remembering that day of the trumpet call of the first resurrection when the dead were raised imperishable and we were changed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye. Imagine sharing with one another: what you were doing, where you were, how you felt when you heard the sound of the trumpet call.

· Imagine being with Jesus forever.

· Imagine gearing up for the final battle against the hoards of Gog and Magog. Imagine the explosive anticipation of VICTORY for Jesus.

· Imagine that there will only ever be five in the Lake of Burning Sulphur (Satan, beast, false prophet, Death & Hades).

· Imagine seeing and hearing and feeling the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming out of Heaven from God. Imagine the delight and satisfaction of the Lord, the Lord and the Lord. Imagine the giddy excitement and pleasure of the Bride coming to meet her perfect Groom. Imagine the precious jewels and treasures adorned on the Bride of brides! Our true Queen!

· And imagine Jesus as a Father. No longer just the One and Only begotten Son of God, but a good Father like His Father… Jesus, a Father. IMAGINE…

Amen Lord.


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