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“My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jews. But now My kingdom is from another place.”

It is one thing to fight to prevent the arrest of your king… it is a much more serious thing to fight to avenge the murder of your king. For anyone to whom Jesus is not just Saviour and Lord, but King, then the written evidence of the four gospels clearly spells out a plot to murder Jesus that was so hell bent on success that literally even the death of Jesus Christ on the cross by His own will did not prevent His murder, for the spear was still run through Him.

If the Kingdom of God is now from another place as Jesus said, where then is that other place? Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the Kingdom of God is within/among you.” Jesus said this to Pharisees who were at that point asking Him when the Kingdom of God would come. So then, in His reply, Jesus firstly tells us there is no ‘time’ as to when the Kingdom of God would come. So that by their careful observation – as Pharisees love to observe the times of feasts and signs as to when prophecies would be fulfilled – the coming of the Kingdom of God cannot be dictated by a time factor, the ‘when’ that the Pharisees were seeking. And Jesus then expanded His answer to tell them that the Kingdom of God is not determined by geography either.

So then, the Kingdom of God is free of the constraints of time and geography, but Jesus did tell them where it is already: “…the Kingdom of God is within you” and “among you.” This then is the place, the “another place” that Jesus spoke of, which is defined and determined neither by time nor geography, it exists within those whose hearts are longing for the Kingdom of God to be established through them. As such, the Kingdom of God can appear anytime and anywhere, whenever there are those whose hearts are longing for the Kingdom of God to be manifested. And for there to be a kingdom, there must be a king. Thus at this moment in time, at any moment in time anywhere in the world where there are men and women whose heart, soul, spirit and mind are set on the Kingdom of God, there the Kingdom of God can come.

For the Kingdom of God is power… first as a word into those whose hearts are noble and good and who accept, return, understand and persevere with it until it yields forth the 100, 60, 30 fold harvests, which means that as long as the word of the Kingdom of God… as long as the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is preached, seeds are sown into the hearts of men and women. And day and night, how that word grows, no one knows, but when harvest comes, it will yield forth the Kingdom of God. And what harvest would bring forth the Kingdom of God? It is the harvest of the end of the age, first of the sons of Satan and then of the sons of the Kingdom of Heaven… for that is when the angels are unleashed to do their long awaited work. So it is that which the Kingdom of God awaits… like a seed laying dormant in the ground until the water and the warmth of the sun come, and it gives up its existence as a seed, it dies as it were to yield the plant that would give a 100 fold more for the harvest.

That time of dormancy is unpredictable for men… so that Pharisees cannot observe its ending and people cannot tell where the dormancy will end until the Kingdom of God appears amongst them with power out of those in whom it has been residing.

For the Kingdom of God to come forth from within those in whom it lays dormant, so that it may be amongst them and also amongst the people, it takes a call, a sign, an awakening, that can spur the hidden to become visible, like water and warmth can touch a dormant seed to sprout and grow to yield the harvest.

What then are the calls, the signs, the things, which can awaken a kingdom from its slumber in the hearts of those who are waiting? They can only be two things: When a king is born or when a king has died. No other two things in a kingdom’s life stir up the hearts of its people more than the birth and death of their king, so that a new king will ascend the throne. Indeed, for the Kingdom of God, there has been a birth and a death, and now another birth as it were, for a new King to ascend to the throne. For Jesus Christ was sent into this world as the Son of God to save this world. His birth was the birth of the King of the Kingdom of God as the Son of God. His death then likewise was the death of the Son of God and of the Son of Man. For though by His own word He would die as the Son of Man, however it is by the testimony of His murderers that they killed the Son of God. For the centurion who stood in front of Jesus said, “Surely this Man was the Son of God!” So that through the mouth of more than two witnesses the verdict is… that it was the Son of God whom they murdered that day, who by His own word and action called and proved Himself to be the Son of Man as well, as He said… He is.

So the One born to be King of the Kingdom of God – the Son of God – and the One born to be King of the Kingdom of Man – the Son of Man – were both murdered in the same Person that day by Jews and Gentiles alike. For it was when He said to the Jews that from now on they would see the Son of Man at the right hand of God that they all condemned Him as worthy of death.

So then, the One who was born to be King, the Son of God, was murdered and the Son of Man was also murdered. A murder that the angelic hosts have born witness to in the Heavenly places for two millenniums, for even though they were held back from rescuing Him by His refusal to call on His Father, it does not mean that those loyal angels of God who fought the war of Heaven and drove Satan and his angels out, have not seen, heard and waited for the unleashing of the testimony from Earth that would permit them to finish what was started 2000 years ago. For when the war in Heaven started, it was the testimony of one Man and one Spirit who started it. It was Jesus coming out of the desert with the Holy Spirit in Him presenting the evidence that confirmed the devil to be a liar and a murderer from the beginning, which then allowed Michael and his angels to do what they had waited for millenniums to do – drive Satan and his angels out. However, when that was done, Satan (and his angels) had one final sanctuary left – the home of man who had listened to Satan rather than God.

When Jesus came into this world, this world was merely a prized possession of Satan that he had acquired through the plying of his trade – lying, which is why he could offer it to Jesus as it were, if Jesus would worship him. Jesus could have avoided using the Father’s solution by taking Satan’s solution by bowing down to Satan. Creator bowing down to creation… Creator worshipping creation so that creation would be forever greater than the Creator. That was what Satan was after… which would have fulfilled the ambitious desire of his heart: “I will ascend to Heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the Mount of Assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

The testimony of Jesus to confirm Satan’s murderous nature, with the Holy Spirit as co-Witness when Satan told Him to jump off the top of the temple, was enough for the loyal angels to drive out those who would murder the Son of their King.

However, the Jews had rejected God as their King and the Gentiles never knew God as their King. As such, to man and for men, the murder of Jesus has never been the murder of their King’s Son… their future King. It was always portrayed conveniently as a sacrifice of God so that men might be saved… and when James the Younger arose, he even more conveniently bypassed even that and substituted partial observance of the Law as a more commendable action.

Amongst men, the first witness to say that men had murdered Jesus was unreliable, for he had perjured himself, lying under oath when he, Peter, denied that he knew Jesus. The second witness was quickly silenced… and after that, there were no more who would say to man’s face, “…you have betrayed and murdered Him.” Betrayed because we owe Him our loyalty for He was our King from the moment He was born, for He is the Son of the King they rejected. For Jesus is not the son of David but the Son of God, and to legitimize Him as the Son of David is to legitimize the Jew’s anarchy against God when they rejected God as their King. David only ever became king because God accepted their rejection of Him and in His love for them, gave them their desire. It however does not mean that their action to reject God as their King is legitimate in any way. The Jewish call for a man to be appointed their king is creation bowing down to creation’s rule, leaving aside the rule of the Creator completely.

Man fearing Satan and appeasing him is creation bowing down to creation, leaving out the Creator. Men fearing God is creation acknowledging its proper relationship to the Creator.

So, the lack of reliable witnesses who could testify that the evidence clearly shows that Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man, was murdered not only by Satan but also by men, both Jews and Gentiles, has meant that this evidence has never been presented to the courts in the prescribed manner… that is, having two or three witnesses to determine the case. As it is written: On the testimony of two or three witnesses a man shall be put to death, but no one shall be put to death on the testimony of only one witness. The hands of the witnesses must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. You must purge the evil from among you.

Peter was unreliable, leaving Stephen as only one witness who declared the truth… Jesus was murdered by men, Jews and Gentiles. The Lord then raised up two who He hoped would take the stand – Barnabas and Saul. However, Barnabas was led astray by Peter’s hypocrisy, leaving again only Paul. Paul never bothered to bring the charge of murder, for he knew of its futility being the only one witness. However, Paul left behind for us this revelation that He is… the King of kings and Lord of lords, which would be confirmed later by his seconder, John the beloved, in the book of the Revelation.

So then, the evidence has been locked away like a cold case, awaiting for the day when there will be two or three, or even more, reliable witnesses who have not perjured themselves by denying that they are His disciples nor have sold their testimony for money, who would together loose on Earth so that it too may be loosed in Heaven their testimony, and bind on Earth the sentence or verdict from that testimony so that it too will be bound in Heaven.

When two or three men, and also now, women, who having read the evidence for themselves, seen the evidence and the proof for themselves that Jesus is not only who He said He is… but that He was murdered by men, both Jews and Gentiles, with Satan’s help (for Satan entered Judas), and present it before the throne in Heaven. The angelics who have always known this truth need only to wait for those witnesses to put their hands to the putting to death of the murderers as it is written, then they, the people of the Kingdom of God, can also join in.

When this happens, the holy angels can go forth and begin to remove the sons of Satan until all are harvested and thrown into the fire, and then also harvest those whose hearts place them firmly in the Kingdom of Heaven. For their desire is to believe so that they may be saved to die and go to Heaven… and according to each man’s heart and faith, it is done to him as Jesus said, “According to your faith will it be done to you.” And those whose faith allows them to believe that they should remain alive until He arrives or at least to be martyred… will be left to fulfill the Scriptures that can only be fulfilled by the disciples, servants, friends and brothers or sisters of Jesus.

Thus, when the word of the Kingdom of God is awakened in your hearts, such that your entire innermost being longs to see the Kingdom of God and not just the Kingdom of God, but to see your King enthroned here on Earth, then the Kingdom of God within you will come forth to be among you… anytime and anywhere. Now, the word of the testimony through ones such as you who are of the Kingdom of God and who can cry out, “You have betrayed and murdered Him, my King,” against the evil spirits and against the descendants of those who murdered Him and would leave Him dead by refusing to believe in His resurrection, will sound through the Heavenlies, and the holy angelics will finish what they started 2000 years ago. No longer will Earth be a sanctuary to Satan and his angels, but it will be the battleground until every one of them is removed and cast into the fire reserved for them and for Satan.

And they will do so once the witnesses themselves put their hands to the putting to death the murderers themselves. The word dictates that the hands of the witnesses must be first in putting the murderer(s) to death (Deuteronomy 17.7). It means that no longer will there be prayers said nor messages preached about this crime, but rather, there will be action consistent with the laws of the Kingdom of God… out of the hands of these witnesses will come the power of the Kingdom of God to put to death the murderers of their King, Jesus Christ… and the process and details of that execution, as in all criminal cases, begins with the seizure of evidence, confiscation of property and domains, imprisoning of the suspect and execution of the sentence with the utmost prejudice to those who are guilty, unless the judge hears their plea for leniency and the sentence is reduced to lifelong servitude in a manner befitting the crime and the mercy of the Judge.

Elect, that is why it is not about praying or preaching or evangelism as the church would go about it, but it is about being able to do what Jesus has been doing, and even the greater things, not just by our thoughts and words, but by our hands. It is our hands laid on the murderers that permits the people of the kingdom to join in to dispense the justice due to the Victim.

“Justice for Jesus, our King!” Let all who are His loyal subjects shout, “Amen!”


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