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If your King said to you, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased. Listen to Him,” the attitude with which you would listen should hopefully change. For, to be listening to the Son of your King is very different from listening to your Rabbi or even your Lord and Master. What is that difference and what should be that difference?

Honour… The honour being bestowed on the listener by the speaker is very different. It is higher, it is greater and it is much more precious, for a teacher (rabbi) speaks to a student to teach, a lord or master speaks to his servant to command, a friend speaks to a friend to counsel, but the Son of your King, when He speaks to you, speaks of His plans and His hopes and His future, for He is not yet… the King.

Even though Jesus is the Rabbi to all His disciples, the Lord to all His servants, and a Brother to all who hear and obey God’s commands, He is also the Son of God whom God Himself has commended and commanded that you should “Listen to Him!” So when Jesus is the Son of God who is your King… when God is your King, then the words of the Son are not only words that carry teachings, revelations, commands, decrees and laws, but they carry within them His own hopes, dreams and plans for the future, the future when He will be King.

Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, at the renewal of all things when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel,” when Peter said to Jesus, “We have left everything to follow You! What then will there be for us?” In that one statement the future plans of Jesus are revealed… what He would do when He is King on His own throne in His own Name and right… “The Son of Man”. His plans as He revealed it to the Jewish twelve were that they would sit each on their own throne judging the twelve tribes of Israel. Not that He Himself would judge, but that He would leave that to them. He made no mention of what will happen to any of the other nations, for He was speaking only to the Jewish twelve.

However, in Matthew 25 when again He spoke of Himself being on His own throne, saying, “When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His throne in Heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before Him…” there He spoke of what He will do with the nations other than Israel. If the Jewish twelve would judge the twelve tribes, then each of the other nations would be judged by disciples who come from each of those respective nations, and in order to fulfill that purpose and facilitate that, He gave a command, which when followed and obeyed will produce the necessary disciples from every nation, so that He will have disciples who can sit on their throne to judge the nations and tribes from which they come. This command is: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” The word “therefore” gives the validity of His command, for in 28.18 He said, “All authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Me. Therefore…”

The authority required to bring His plans, His dreams and His future to pass had been given, all of it, which is to say that because of His resurrection – the finish of the work He was sent to do – He is now able and authorized, permitted to bring into existence the plans, hopes and future that He had been speaking of.

You see, when Jesus is your Rabbi or Teacher, you listen and you learn from His words so that you may benefit from them. For every student learns in order to provide for his future… no student studies and learns in order to provide for his teacher’s future, yes. However, no student enters into any course of study so that he may use what he is taught to provide for his teacher’s future plans, hopes or dreams. At best, his fees may contribute to a teacher’s savings for his own future, and his success may contribute to that teacher’s reputation, but as to the student himself having the motive to listen and learn so that he may be the one who would bring his teacher’s plans to pass for him… hardly ever! So, if Jesus only remains your Rabbi, then even if you were to listen to Him or practise His words, it is only so that you might be blessed to succeed in your plans, not His.

When Jesus is your Master, listening to Him is so that you may earn your keep, your wages and your salary. Even if you are listening to Him and carrying out His words so that His plans will come to pass, you as a servant will not really share in it, for you have been paid for your labours. The construction workers do not end up living in the mansions they build for their clients. As such, when Jesus is only your Master, listening to Him fulfils your duty and earns you your keep, but yet you do not share the reality of His future.

And when He is your Friend, the plans of a Friend will only benefit you as friends, like one who would be invited to dine in the finished mansion once in a while, even as you have listened and put His word into practice as He had asked you as a Friend.

And to listen to Jesus as your Brother is probably the most dangerous thing there is for Jesus’ own future plans. For the plans and dreams of a brother when told to other brothers and sisters can result in the demise of that person. Joseph, son of Israel, is the classic example, for when he told his brothers his dreams, they were so offended that they sold him as a slave! The reality is this: If you are a brother or sister of Jesus, good! But what sort of a brother or sister are you? Are you to Him like Cain was to Abel? Or like the ten were to Joseph? When you listen to His plans for Himself, and in truth, the Father’s plans for Him, for the words Jesus spoke were given to Him by the Father, so that the plans, hopes and dreams of the Son of the King for Himself are in fact the plans, hopes and dreams of the King for His Son… what does it do to you? By God’s grace, the Holy Spirit Himself would not choose brothers and sisters for Jesus who would be like Cain to Abel or the ten to Joseph.

Even though Judas the betrayer was chosen, he remained only a disciple and never became a brother, for even Jesus only called him, “Friend…” However, it is still possible for you to be a brother or sister who would listen and help your Brother to fulfill His plans so that you can get on with your own plans for your own future.

Now, see that when Jesus said to Peter, one of the twelve, “You who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel,” He was telling Peter what he would be doing for Jesus in the plans that Jesus had for Himself; not what Peter may have planned personally.

For to listen to Jesus as the Son of the King, whom the King has commanded you to listen to, takes you beyond the listening of a student (disciple), a servant, a friend and even that of a brother or sister whose ultimate motive still remains the betterment of himself through the words of Jesus. When you learn to listen to Jesus, He who will be your King, you will hear the plans of the King for Himself, which include His plans for you, and your carrying out of those words, the holding onto of those words to see them fulfilled is your loyalty, and your willingness to live according to His dreams and plans for you is indeed your reward. For Jesus, though He is a Man, is a King like none other. He is a King who does not seek glory for Himself as other kings seek glory for themselves, so then His plans for you are the best plans there are for you, for in His capacity and capability as King, He can do much more for you than you can for yourself.

He is not like the kings of the Earth whose hopes and dreams for themselves involve the enslaving, the using and the oppression of you for their glory, without ever giving their subjects the ability to experience what they themselves experience. What Earthly king, what caesar or emperor in history have you seen who enthrones those who have served him on their own thrones as well? Thus as it were, elevating them to be their equals! But Jesus uniquely seeks to install those who have followed Him on their own thrones as judges, that is, as a person who makes their own decisions on matters before them. A king who can sit on his throne and judge his nation is no puppet monarchy. So, see the honour that flows from the throne of God to you when you recognize that God is your King, and to listen to His Son is to listen to the plans of the future King for Himself and for you.

So for everyone then who is willing to listen to Jesus as the One who will be the King when He comes as the Son of Man to sit upon His throne, and having listened, puts those words into practice so that the hopes, dreams and plans for the future are brought into effect… is truly one who is working to enthrone Jesus. And as Jesus said, “Do to others what you would have them do to you…” so those who are willing to listen in this manner and work in this manner will themselves be enthroned, for they have sought to enthrone the Son of the King.

You see elect, you and I are given the privilege of this knowledge with the wisdom and understanding of hindsight, so that you may be spared the need for martyrdom to qualify as one of those who can join with Jesus as ones who will be seated upon their own thrones to judge… as John testified: I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge.

Such is the fitting reward for those who are willing to listen to Jesus as subjects listen to the Son of their King about His own future, and having listened, gone forth to bring to pass everything their future King has planned and hoped for Himself. In order for this work to go on uninterrupted, then it is necessary that such persons escape martyrdom, for martyrdom is God’s special grace to those who remained faithful with what they had even to the death, that they may receive the highest reward, the highest destiny… that which Christ destined for Himself and that which Christ destined for the Father, for those heroes are heroes of faith indeed. However, they perished because of the lack of knowledge, for they were our forbears and being our forbears, lacked the privilege of our hindsight.

So, when we speak of the whole truth and set it out plainly as it is recorded for all who have ears to hear will hear… that the first twelve did not listen outside Bethsaida or on resurrection morning, and so on… are we belittling them or denigrating them in anyway? Not at all, for we are convinced they are better men than us, for with less knowledge they contended with greater faith, so that through them and in spite of them, the Holy Spirit has raised up the church for Jesus Christ. However, their faith and sacrifice do not deserve our idolatry, for that would then truly be belittling them. Proper honour to these heroes of faith is to use all they have left for us, both the good and the bad, and avoid the things that entangled them so that we may finish what they started and they can move on… out from under the altar to join with Jesus on the clouds of glory above Jerusalem to take those thrones prepared for them to judge the nations, each according to his own, so that they may receive God’s glorious and just answer to their cry, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until You judge the inhabitants of the Earth and avenge our blood?”

It is through them and by them that we are even privileged to have what is written that we may come to this place at this time… to begin to listen to Him who is not only our Rabbi, our Lord and Master, our Friend and our Brother, but who is truly our King, so that from here on when we listen to Jesus, we are no longer disciples who are listening to their Rabbi, servants listening to their Lord and Master, friends to their Friend, and even brothers to another Brother, but are His people who are bringing to pass His hopes and His dreams for them and for Himself. What a King we have in Jesus!

True justice then for the twelve and Paul, Barnabas, Luke and every single man and woman who held onto the little they had with faith, who did not waiver even at the losing of their heads for the sake of their testimony and for the word of God, is when we take what the Holy Spirit has written through them and set it out plainly and truthfully so that those who have ears to hear will hear… the hopes, the dreams and the plans of God our King through the mouth of His only begotten Son for Himself, His Son, His creation, His people and the eternities that are yet to come.

So, let “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches,” and let those who are willing to listen, listen… “Therefore consider carefully how you listen.”

Listen as a disciple then you will be rewarded as a disciple;

Listen as a servant then you will be rewarded as a servant;

Listen as a friend then you will be rewarded as a friend;

Listen as a brother then you will be rewarded as a brother;

Listen as one who seeks to enthrone his King’s Son… then you will be rewarded as one enthroned. For indeed, the Lord’s words are true: “Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what He thinks he has will be taken from him.”

So, “…the last will be first…” the first to see through the privilege of hindsight that gives perfect foresight… He is the Son of the King, so consider carefully how you listen to Him.

Long live the King!


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