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When even those who say to the Lord, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name, and in Your Name drive out demons and perform many miracles?” [Matthew 7.22] have only been promised by the Lord that on that day all they will receive from the Lord is a sharp rejection, “I never knew you.  Away from Me, you evildoers!” [Matthew 7.23] then how much less for those who cannot say that to the Lord?  Now that is a scary thought, and if it were true, then there is no hope for anyone who has faith in the Lord but was never taught that he could do the things that Jesus has been doing. [John 14.12]  In fact, you would not want to do the things that Jesus has been doing, like miracles, driving out demons and prophesying, if that is all one would receive from the Lord.  Certainly, an ignorant might even go as far as teaching that prophesying, performing miracles and driving out demons are no longer for those who call Jesus, “Lord,” for then they would be called evildoers.  That is why, elect, I call them ignorants.

In the churches you hear people being referred to as believers and non-believers, saved and unsaved, pagans and Christians, non-Christians and Christians.  But rarely do you hear of the terms ‘knowers’ and ‘ignorants’.  These then are terms I would like to introduce to those who have been called to be the elect of the Holy Spirit for the days of distress, that they may be shortened for their sake. [Mark 13.20]

As Barnabas and Paul were set aside by the Holy Spirit for the work He had for them, so the elect for this time have been set aside by the Holy Spirit for the work that He likewise has for them.  Like Barnabas and Paul, it is to testify about the good news of Jesus to those who have never heard of Jesus, and also to attend to the false teachings that have arisen and oppose them.  Barnabas and Paul set up many new churches in Asia minor, but when they encountered the false teaching emanating from Jerusalem, they went up to oppose it.  However, for some inexplicable reason in Acts 15, neither Barnabas nor Paul opposed James with his reintroduction of the Mosaic Law.  Somehow James was able to convince Paul then, but as we read later in Paul’s letter to the Galatians, it was something that he much regretted and in his other letters opposed… but too late.

Now likewise, the present elect must continue to testify to the truth about Jesus as Barnabas and Paul did, except things have become much more complicated.  When Barnabas and Paul were around, there was only one Jesus Christ from Nazareth.  Now there are many.  And it is essential that as an elect, you realise that the Jesus you are testifying about may not be the Jesus that the ‘Christian’ you are speaking to follows.  This should not amaze or alarm you, but rather, if you know the enemy, this is what you must expect, for Jesus Himself warned us there will be false Christs.  And with practice, any counterfeit must improve.  So 2,000 years later, should it surprise you that there are actually false Jesus Christs?  Those who have suffered identity theft will understand this completely.  Identity theft is not a 21st century phenomenon.  It has been around as long as Satan and his sons have been around.  Thanks to The Testimony of the Holy Spirit, we can now lay down the criteria for the identity of the Jesus whom Paul preached… and Barnabas too, until he was also led into hypocrisy by Peter.

The Jesus Christ whom we are to testify about is the One born of a virgin in Bethlehem, visited by wise men from the east in Nazareth, whose mother gave birth to four step-brothers and some step-sisters to his step-father Joseph.  We do not know the exact day of His birth, but we know He died during the Jewish Passover and rose from the dead on the second day after He was buried in a tomb, but three days after He was ‘buried’ in the bowels of the Earth.  He chose twelve apostles… of whom one betrayed Him and the other eleven disbelieved and disobeyed Him after He had risen from the dead.

Now that’s just for starters.  Out in the world right now, there are many other Jesus’ followed by many millions, even hundreds of millions.  Here are some of those I have encountered:

  1. The most popular one by number of followers is the one who was also born in Bethlehem, but was visited by wise men on the night he was born, whose mother did not have anymore children after His birth.  Coincidentally, he also has a step-father called Joseph and they also fled to Egypt as refugees to escape king Herod’s infanticide.  Within the circle of his believers, some hold him only to be the co-redeemer, his mother being the other redeemer.  (And yes, by a strange coincidence, the mothers also have the same name.)  His followers like to call other men ‘father’, especially if they are their priests.  Whereas our Jesus commanded us to call anyone on Earth ‘father,’ [Matthew 23.9] for we have only one Father, and He is in Heaven.
  2. A second Jesus has almost identical birth details as the first, except His followers hold him to be the sole redeemer, and his believers cannot be validated by the signs that accompany them.  In our case, all our believers, according to the word of the Lord Himself, will have these signs accompany them:  “In My Name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” [Mark 16.17-18]  In fact, some of the believers of this second Jesus believe that the new languages (tongues) are of the devil.  So then, according to them, we who speak in tongues are of the devil.  They pray for the sick rather than just lay hands on the sick, and signs and wonders are limited to specially ‘anointed’ people only.
  3. There are also versions of Jesus Christ where some are not the only Son, but just one of many.  There is a Jesus Christ who is an angel also, and there is one who is just a prophet.  And there are many who are merely ‘good’ and ‘holy’ men.

So, elect, firstly get to know who your Jesus is so that you are not an ignorant but a knower.  (See that it sounds like Noah.)  That way you will not be rude to those who are following their Jesus.  Our work is merely to testify to all and sundry about our Jesus, the One we know, not the One we believe, for we were commanded to be witnesses, that is, ones who testify to what they know and not what they believe.  You see, believers can be the most ignorant people in the world.  Just look at those who believed the world was flat.

Those who believe our testimony are then given their own right to become witnesses themselves as they practise the words of our Jesus and experience the truth about them in their own lives through discipleship.  As for those who do not believe, well they have at least used their God-given gift of freewill, and you have done your work.  We testify to let people choose whether to believe or not believe.  We do not make converts… as Jesus rebuked the Pharisees who made converts.  No, we make disciples from believers and believers from unbelievers with a testimony confirmed by signs and wonders that gives life and freedom.  But we do not make converts by the threat of death and extermination.

So once we know who our Jesus is, we no longer need to apologise for the followers of the other Jesus’.  Indeed, as love is not rude, we must also learn not to be rude, and so leave those who want to follow their Jesus to do so.  And in not being rude, we do not call their Jesus false… just different.  Indeed, a different individual.

Now, you can see why our gracious Lord would speak harshly to those who called Him, “Lord, Lord.”  For they are those who follow the other Jesus’ and do it in their Jesus’ name.  Our Jesus never knew them because He was never their master.  And to our Jesus, they are evildoers and workers of unauthorised work because they are people who do not know their master – ignorants.  But you are not to be so, for our Jesus has clearly said, “Now this is eternal life:  that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.” [John 17.3]  No, you are called to be knowers by whose faith this world will be condemned to destruction with the arrival of your Jesus on clouds of glory with His martyred saints with Him to reign on the Earth for a thousand of HIS years and not Gregorian years, and then the end will come so that He can go to be with His Bride – the city of New Jerusalem.

So, dear pastors, it is only fair that you ensure that the Jesus you are serving is also this same Jesus.  Otherwise, God bless, but be on your way and follow the Jesus you truly are called to serve.

As for those who claim that they and they alone are the true church, well, elect, here is the good news:  They can keep you out of their church, but they cannot keep you out of Heaven or the Kingdom of God.

So do not be ignorant but know who your Jesus is and who you are, an elect of the Holy Spirit, set apart to finish His work so that the Jesus He raised from the dead can return and reign, and as part of that work, manifest the church that Jesus had in mind when He invited the eleven to go to Galilee on resurrection morning – the church the world has never seen.

Hr Ed, Manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop.

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