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“Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away,” said Jesus to the disciples as they were sitting opposite the temple on the Mount of Olives that day as He answered their questions about the end times when they asked Him, “…what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?”

If you have not yet appreciated the significance and the enormity of this verse, then it is time… and if you have already, then be reminded as to be edified and encouraged.

“Heaven and Earth will pass away…” as in disappear, as in becoming no more and to no longer exist, includes this Earth we now live on and every star and galaxy that astronomers are discovering.  That is, this whole universe including this world, this Earth, will be no more, but the words of Jesus will outlast them.

This Earth, which no human endeavour could match or make, much less the universe, which makes every achievement of man – man’s works, words, and entire history and legacy – pale to nothing, for in comparison they cannot outlast the words of Jesus.  Not only that, this Earth and universe in which exists all the works of man – from the pyramids to the spacecrafts – will all, all pass away, but yet the words of Jesus will never pass away.  When that happens, anything that has not involved the words of Jesus, and therefore the word of God, will have no consequence, no existence even, because they will have all passed away.  The pyramids will have passed away… Mr. Hawkins and every atheist’s words about God will have passed away because every book and every computer that stores their words are on this Earth in this universe, which will have passed away.

So as men rush around using their 30,000 or so days they may have (that is about 80 years), if they are blessed, to work, to build, to produce and to write words of fantastic theories and philosophies that ignore and deny God… God looks at us and knows that whenever He chooses to roll away this present Earth and  Heavens, this universe, everything and anything that is made by man will disappear.  As such, the anger of God does not last… for He knows men are but a blade of grass that will pass away and his place will not know or remember him.  So how superfluous and foolish are men who spend their few days working to be remembered when everything will pass away except for the words of Jesus?

Now, elect, this is not written to convince those who do not believe God.  If it were, it would be a waste of time.  This is written for you who not only believe but have come to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Himself God, so that you may learn to sit on the throne with Him and see this Earth and this Heaven, this universe, from His perspective, and appreciate even more the privilege and the future He has given you.

For if His words will never pass away, then every work that is based on His words will never pass away, for what is achieved by believing and practising His words has the nature of endurance and longevity as His words do… so that when Heaven and Earth pass away, what is left are His words and the works that are done as a result of believing, obeying and practising His words.  As such, His command that all who hear His words should also practise them so that they may not become like foolish men who built their houses on sand that are swept away when the river rises, is His way of ensuring that we who have believed in Him will be rewarded with a history of our lives on this Earth that endures even when this Earth and this Heaven pass away… so that anyone who comes before Him when Heaven and Earth have passed away but have kept His words and worked His words will not have passed, neither will their works have passed away.

The understanding of this truth and reality will allow you to look at every wicked and proud man (or woman), who denies the existence of God, with pity, for they are pitiful, for nothing about them will be remembered when Heaven and Earth pass away, when they have not in them the words of Jesus because they did not believe them when they heard them.  All of their words and works will simple vanish with the Earth and the Heavens, like a dream that one awakes from, and they are left with nothing that they can boast of, for they themselves will have no memory of their own words or works, and neither will anyone else, for when this Heaven and Earth pass away, only the words of Jesus remain, and the memory attached to these words and the works that stem from faith and obedience to these words remain.

How do we prove this?  There is no need, for the proof of the truth of these words lays in the proving of the Man who spoke these words.  You see, elect, these words were spoken to His disciples in private as it is written:  …the disciples came to Him privately. This is not a subject matter for open discussion with those who do not believe Jesus or those who deny Jesus, but rather, this is for those who are His disciples to know.  To know that any faith and obedience to the keeping and the practising of the words of Jesus gives that person an eternal existence that surpasses the longevity of this Earth and this Heaven.

For all who receive (hear) His words, accept them, retain them and by perseverance produce a crop in living a life that is centred upon these things, have secured for themselves a future that outlasts Heaven and Earth.  And if you have come to know (not believe but know) that Jesus Christ is the Man of Truth in whom there is no lies, then you are to know, and this is why Jesus said it to the eleven in private, that the words of Jesus you have accepted and obeyed give you a memorial that outlasts the Heavens and the Earth.  And since His words are life, then it is not a memorial of a person’s life after he is dead, but rather, it is a memorial of your life as you continue to live on forever in Him and with Him, going from eternity to eternity.

As such, all who know Jesus need no proof of this truth.  But the knowledge of this truth will allow all who know to “…look at every proud man and bring him low, look at every proud man and humble him, crush the wicked where they stand,” for you know even as they raise their voices to the Heavens and cloak themselves with violence, even as they prosper and grow in wealth and stay healthy, that suddenly they will be swept away, first by death, and then when this Earth passes away, nothing they have ever said and done will be remembered by them.  For even though Heaven and Earth pass away, they do not pass away, for at the resurrection of the dead, they will all be there, but they will be there as ones who suffer from amnesia… they will know who they are, but will have no recollection of who they were, and the memory of what they have ever said and done will evade them like a dream when one awakes.  This is what the psalmist understood when he entered the sanctuary of God, as he wrote:  As a dream when one awakes, so when You arise, O Lord, You will despise them as fantasies.

When Noah emerged from the ark, the world he left behind when he entered the ark was gone forever.  Even though he had never entered a spaceship and travelled to another planet, his ship was like a spaceship because his planet became a totally different planet.  There was not a single landmark to remind him of what was so that the people he knew, their words and their works became like a dream from which he awoke.  That entire period of depravity before the flood had vanished forever.

So likewise, that which happened is about to happen again.  No denial of the existence of God by great faith, knowledge or wisdom can stop the inevitable fulfilment of God’s timetable of His word.  No building of man will survive the days of distress as every city collapses.  No philosophies or learning or propositions or judgments of man about the existence or non-existence of God will stand as Jesus appears on clouds of glory.  No religious presumptions as to who Jesus is or is not will stand when He stands up to testify.  No interpretation or doctrine of faith that denies the full (complete) authority of Jesus’ words will matter as the juggernaut of His word’s fulfilment tests the works of everyone who has called on His Name and has used His Name even if it is to prophesy, preach, cast out demons and do miracles.  If those who belong to Him, who are loved by Him, are not spared the sharpness of the judgment by His words, then consider what lays in store for those who do not believe Him or His words, and even worse for those who plotted to discredit Him, oppose Him and murder Him.

Take comfort, no, rejoice to know that not even a single miracle, not a single word, prophecy, preach or sermon, not a single shred of even someone as powerful and great as the false prophet himself will survive the passing of the Earth and the Heavens… but the simplest act of obedience by the least of a brother or sister of Jesus according to His words will outlast this Earth, this Heavens, this universe, to be remembered on New Earth in New Jerusalem when God recalls His words and every thought, speech and deed that was inspired from His words.

They have been spoken, they have been written, and they will never pass away… that is, the words of Jesus Christ.  So as He has said, the Lord has chosen and brought forth His elect.  And as He has said, earthquakes, famines and pestilences are increasing; wars and rumours of wars and revolutions have occurred and are occurring; many are the saints who have been imprisoned and killed, flogged and tortured.  So then shall soon appear the false prophet, which no amount of faith can stop or hinder; shall soon appear a way of buying and selling that needs a mark on the forehead and right hand; and Jesus Christ will appear on clouds of great power and glory… whilst this Earth will have gone through the distress like the birth pangs of childbirth.  A distress that will see a third of mankind killed, plagues of an unprecedented proportion unleashed, every city collapsed and there is nothing, nothing proud and godless, God hating, God forsaking men can do to stop it.

But on you, elect, who know this, will fall the task of bearing witness to these inevitable, undeniable, irresistible truths, so that God may continue to have mercy on those He chooses to have mercy, compassion on those He chooses to have compassion.  And you will be able to do this and do it well because you know Him who said, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away,” and you have received, accepted and retained His words; you have heard and persevered with them until you understood them enough to produce a crop of 30, 60 and 100 times of what was sown into your heart; and you have not been ashamed of them or Him.

So learn to see, no, learn to watch, for He commanded that we should, “Watch!” with the confidence of one who knows Jesus is the only Winner in this debate, and only His words matter anyhow.

Remember and repent, for “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away,” said Jesus.

So proud, sinful men… consider your words and your works.  Can they cover the Heavens and the Earth so that they will not pass away before you are humbled, laid low and crushed, never to rise again or be remembered by you?


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