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Remember my question from last week, “How do we know if we are on the right side of the end game?”[1] First, we should ask, “What is the right side?” You can say, “It is the side that brings glory to God,” or, “It is the side that brings justice to Jesus.” To me, that is neither here nor there because both sides can bring glory to God, both sides can bring justice to Jesus. This is the mastermind of our God.

Practically speaking, the right side of the end game is the side of the winning player. It is the side we all want to be on. The player who wins is the one whose will is done and whose objective is achieved. The player who loses is the one whose will is defeated and whose objective remains unfulfilled.

So to re-phrase the question, “How do we know if we are on the winning side of the end game?” God plays to win. That is why He sent Jesus. We understood and accepted that “Jesus is Success” though He never said so of Himself. But the Lord did say, “Take heart! I have overcome the world[2]… Have courage, I have conquered the world.”[3] And in the Chinese Union Version comes clearly the word “victory”: , which is translated to mean, “You don’t have to worry, I have already won over the world.”

Just like there is only black or white on the chess board- truth or lies- good or evil- Godly compassion or human compassion- Godly jealousy or human jealousy- Godly vengeance or human vengeance- there is only win or lose in the end game. The end game for Jesus is to fulfill His words in perfect precision and satisfying glory and everlasting justice, “For My Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”[4] And our end game in preparing ourselves, the world, the church and our enemies for the return of the King is founded on these words, “I am making everything new!”[5] Our end game is beyond full power, the coming of the lawless one, surviving the distress unequalled from the beginning of the world, the Millennium, the Lake of Burning Sulphur and the Book of Life- but it goes right into the moment when our God can say, “Let everything be made new!” and it is made new- because only then will things be marvelous to our God.

Not that I am saying we should focus on winning or losing, rather we should focus on the will of our God and His objective that all be saved. Even for the five (the false prophet, the beast, the devil, death and Hades) who will be thrown into the Lake of Burning Sulfur, the lake is their salvation. Because salvation is the place in eternity where the Sovereign Lord desires you to be, not where you desire to be. If destruction is where God decreed for them- then they are not lost to God. God’s will was done- Scripture is fulfilled- Jesus is proved to have spoken the truth.

And so the right side of the end game- the winning side of the end game- is the side that focuses on God’s plans and visions to get to the right time and the right place in the prescribed way for everything to be made new. It is doing everything we can to get to that point because that is The End Game. And it is also the Beginning. For our enemies, who are everyone (men, Satan, angels or demons), who do not have in mind the things of our God but the things of themselves- they will do everything deliberately or inadvertently to deter, delay and hinder God from getting to the place where He again speaks, “Let there be light,[6] into a new world where He knows that His Son would not have to die for this time. This is the new order of things, for the old order of things has passed. The old order is the Lamb who was slain before the creation of this world. The new order is what is marvelous to God.

To be on the right side of the end game is to have the things of God in mind, and not the things of ourselves- to have compassion of God in our heart, and not compassion for ourselves- to display the courage of Jesus in our spirit, and not our own courage- and to seek knowledge of our God, and not the knowledge of the world. Then overflowing from who we have become in the Lord, for the Lord and purely because of the Lord, are we able to say AND mean it, “Yet not my will be done, but Yours be done.”

And this is the clue- being on the right side of the end game will lead you to your own Garden of Gethsemane just as Jesus was led to His. Our Garden of Gethsemane is the place where we wish that the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit could be spared from the grief of handing us the cup of wrath that avenges the blood of Jesus, because we know that the One who hands out the rod to discipline is hurting so much more than the one who wields that rod to discipline. But in our oneness with God, it is possible to shield and protect Him when we create an opportunity for Him to say, “Enough! Withdraw your hand!”[7] because the right side of the end game is the side that satisfies our God’s desire for mercy.



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