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In Revelation 2:26-27 the Lord said, ‘He who overcomes and keeps My works[1] and does My will and obeys My commands[2] until the end, to him I will give authority over the nations – and he will shepherd them with an iron rod – and like the vessels of the potter they shall be shattered – even as I was disciplined by My Father’ – for from that discipline did Jesus receive His authority.

Jesus was disciplined unto shattering and the authority He received from that He gives to he who overcomes and keeps His works and does His will and obeys His commands until the end – but with the authority He gives us also comes the discipline He received, just as with the discipline comes the authority He received.

For salvation has been given not only to believe in Christ, but also to suffer for His Name’s sake – To repent and believe and to suffer in a worthy and honourable way as opposed to a worldly and futile way –

For that is the honour of those God has not destined for wrath, but destined to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus –

For all of the wisdom, which God had given was not sufficient for the world to know Him, so it pleased God to save those who believe by the simple Gospel –

For God not only wants all men to be saved but also for all men to return to the knowledge of the Truth – for where the Spirit of the Truth is there is liberty –

There is the freedom to look at His opened hand and then to look past it and to see His outstretched arm and then to look past it and to see Him –

To see the One who satisfies the desires of every living thing at the mere opening of His hand –  To see the One who at the mere opening of His heart swept away our sins and scattered our offences so we could return to Him – for He has paid the price to set us free –

He has paid a King’s ransom for each and every one of us so that when we believe in the Name of His Son, the release of the truth held in that Name would then move and work effectively and powerfully in those who simply believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ ~


For God pushed the boundaries of God when He came in the flesh and entered into creation with His love abounding and endless – His mercy and grace unfounded – His strength and power incomparable –

And if we want to be His disciples, we must put aside our selfish ambitions and shoulder our own cross and follow Jesus – following His example – 

And if we try to keep our life for ourselves and refuse to go to the cross to be crucified with Him, we will lose our life and our soul, even if in the process we gain the whole world – but if we give up our life for Jesus and for the Gospel, we will save our life and find our true life in Christ…

For we may be in every way distressed but never will we be overwhelmed –

Harassed on all sides but never conquered – persecuted but never forsaken – 

Cast down but never destroyed – afflicted but never crushed –

Perplexed but never driven to despair –

Killed but never remaining dead… for we live the resurrection life when we have endured not the pains and frustrations and persecutions, which are common to all men – but when these sufferings are the result of making the choices as Christ made, causing the world to treat us exactly as it treated Jesus…

For Jesus was the Son of God and His cross was an outrage in a sense that ours never can be – For He suffered the curse that we should be exempt – so to carry our cross is not a summons to accursedness but a calling into resurrection and glory…

A calling to us to reason as Jesus reasoned – and for our attitude to be the same as His –

For Jesus reasoned within Himself that though He was God, He did not demand or cling to His rights as God – but made Himself of no reputation – He made himself nothing – and took the humble position of a servant and appeared in human form – and in human form obediently humbled Himself even further by dying a criminal’s death on a cross – 

And so our attitude must be the same as His, and we must reason as Jesus reasoned –

That we who were made in the image of God consider it no small thing to be made one with Jesus in death and in life – and do not consider it a sacrifice to be of no reputation and to be made nothing – but consider it an honour to be humbled by the work and words of our Lord who even before we were, He was – and so we, who are in the form of man and in the form of a servant, do make captive in our heart a righteous love for the road of glory and honour, which leads to being beheaded for Jesus and His Testimony, and then onward into the first R/resurrection and to the life of our Lord as the Son of Man – making captive within our heart the love that seeks out the way of the Lord – needing and wanting His teachings to be revealed to us in the Light of His unconquerable Love… revealed in the Light of His Love for the Father and His love for the Holy Spirit and then lastly in the Light of His Love for us –

His love for ones who are the worst of sinners, but who consider all things but a loss compared to bringing honour to the truth that Jesus chose us and we did not choose Him, but we now consider being a disciple of the living Christ an unsurpassable greatness, for it is but an invitation to become disciplined as Jesus was disciplined, and so to be of the better resurrection as Jesus is the only R/resurrection –

And we reason as Jesus reasoned – for that is the life of the only true obedient servant who lay His life down for His friends – lay His life down only to take it up again – so we now always bear in our bodies the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus might also be made manifest in our bodies –


For our hope, our joy, our crown in which we glory[3] in the presence of our Lord – is it not those we bring into the first resurrection with us as Jesus so desired to bring us into the first resurrection with Him? – Is it not when they are standing in the presence of our Lord Jesus when He comes? – Is that not our hope, our joy, our crown of glorying[4] before the Lord? – Not what we did, but that the work and words and sacrifice and death and resurrection and life of our Lord was revealed through us and in us by the Light of His Love, revealing the purpose of our discipleship and fellowship with Him – and manifested in its full glorious truth in the ones who stand in His presence at the first resurrection, for they have been counted as trustworthy, for they did lay down their life for their Lord and so have been counted as worthy to bring the Lord honour – because God has highly exalted Jesus and given Him a Name, which is above all Names – for at the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow of those in heaven, of those on earth and those under the earth – and every tongue shall confess that JESUS Christ is the Lord to the glory of God His Father ~

For Jesus Christ is the Resurrection of the glory of the Father –

The resurrection of the honour of the Son and the resurrection of the thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit – who gives resurrection to all who are found in Christ Jesus ~

And we say, ‘Not my will, Holy Spirit, but Your will be done,’ and as Jesus did, we arise and go not even with the assurance that we will not lose Love – that we will not lose God in our valiant quest to raise Jesus even higher than what the Father has risen Him – but we will go with the certainty that we will reveal God and His Christ and reveal the honour of God through our actions and our words… our attitude and our obedience… for whether it be by death or whether it be by life, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the person of Jesus Christ that has to be revealed and made known and brought glory and honour through the Light of His Love – and if it be honour to God to destroy us, or be honour to Him to receive us – then so be it.

For our obsession is not to be with our own salvation but our obsession is to be with God’s salvation and to His Christ being highly and fully exalted with every knee bowing even lower and every tongue confessing without ceasing that Jesus is Lord to the glory upon glory of God His Father as the Son is honoured and the Holy Spirit is given thanksgiving –


For God seeks what has been driven away from Him by those who have seen His glory and yet seek to have that glory for themselves so as to receive the honour of the One whose Name is above all other names –

But how can they have the glory when they would not even risk laying down their life for such an honour?

How could they receive it let alone stand in its presence when they have never bowed their heart in the presence of God?

Nor how can they take the seat of honour – for upon the seat of honour on which no other can triumph is seated Jesus Christ the sacrificial Lamb of God and the One who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?

But those who are against His goodness fight a war, which God can never lose because He is above all other intelligence and His goodness consumes all evil and His love transcends all hatred and their quest is fruitless for them – but it will bear fruit for God – for it will only prove beyond measure that He is the Lord, and it will only cause all the earth to be still and repent and know that He is God and there is no other God but Him, and there is no other Saviour but Him ~

For God who is Love, loves to honour, and honour He will those against Him and those for Him even though He is Master, Owner and Sovereign God over all –

Because it is impossible for anything to permanently succeed without Him, for all things are only possible with God – so if He is not with you then He is against you and what you strive for without Him becomes impossible to sustain, for it is the Holy Spirit who brings all things to pass – who makes all things come true –

Even with all the laws He has put in place, they only work to bring about honour to the One who established them and set them in their place.


And to live in more and more knowledge and understanding and comprehension of God, belongs to ones who have laid their life down for Christ and His Gospel – living now in R/resurrection P/power with the Light of His Love giving expanse to their mind so their comprehension of the things of God is increased –

For they now will have revealed to them things which are not meant to rest in heaven but are given so the work of the Lord is continued on earth until the end –

And us to be like Jesus when He said, ‘Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has no where to lay His head,’ for what Jesus was the revelation of and held the revelation to, had no place to reside and rest even in the heavens, for it came from the heavens to earth – but neither does it lay at rest on this earth for the revelation He was, and the understanding He brought – was for what was yet unseen – what was not of this earth nor of these heavens –

And there was no rest for Him, even though we can have rest in Him and lay our head upon His chest and receive His peace – but the revelation of God which He was and is – had to have its release at the appointed place and time –

It had to have its releases at the cross – where the present heavens met with the present earth – The point from which the New Heavens and New Earth were being made manifest within the body of Christ –

And there was no place either in heaven or on earth where He could lay His head, for at the centre of the universe – at the cross of Christ is where God was to be revealed in the most explicit way and at the most crucial time within all existence – the revelation of which would change our existence then – now and forevermore.

For the crucified Christ – and what it reveals in being crucified – what it reveals in laying our life down ~ It reveals God –

It reveals God at the most crucial time of our whole existence – when we were perishing – 

And even though the cross of Christ is an outrage in a sense our cross can never be – by this did we see God and know God at the most centre point of even His own existence, and we came to the centre of His world –

For the centre of His world was Jesus – we came to the centre of His world – the centre of His universe where L/love had to face the loss of L/love…


And we must never underestimate at what place Jesus was banished to –

To what far off place He had to go when He became the accursed One – for that was the cost Love was willing to bear – to be fully identified with sin and to be the accursed thing which God could not look at, and to have to go where no other had gone before and from that place He cried out, ‘My God My God why have You forsaken Me – why do You remain so distant and why do You ignore My pleas for help[5] – why have You let Me live and yet have delayed My salvation from Me?’[6] – but then into His Father’s hands He peacefully committed His spirit – 

For where Jesus went and what He became – He kept us from – the pain and suffering so impenetrable that the unchanging truth of His Sonship and His Eternal Identity gave Him no comfort or consolation but was obscured from Him because in that place, and in every way in the fullness of a man – God could not be heard nor seen nor felt nor experienced nor touched for it was a distant place…

Jesus ran the risk of losing what He had never been without ever… the loss of which was to Him inconceivable, inexpressible, unimaginable… for nothing could fully prepare Him for what it would cost Him to be the bearer of the sin of the world – nothing and no one could fully prepare Him to have to face the loss of L/love – the loss of the Father as He has always known Him and been with Him – for it is not even to be imagined let alone meant to be experienced… let alone meant to be experienced by God…


But He endured at the place where He kept any other man from going, and if the condition of His body was so horrendous – then how much more was the horror of the place where in all your senses and in all the thoughts of your mind there is nowhere where God can be seen or felt or touched or heard – and not even the lake of burning sulphur can be compared with where the Bearer of all sin was sent so our sins would not be counted against us –

For the powerful force of the wrath of God against sin in all its maturity and fullness was given a glimpse of by the condition His body was left in – but what could be seen which was beyond recognition was only a small measure of the atrocity of which would remain unseen to our eyes and inconceivable to our mind –

For what Jesus gave us – where He went so we would never have to go there – that accursedness He became so we would be exempt… makes it that there is nowhere else to go but at the foot of the cross where from our heart we want and need and desire to repent from our sin of betraying Him, and leaving Him, and being ashamed of Him and His words, and being in rebellion against L/love and hiding from its Light –

To repent from being in rebellion against God and refusing to run the risk of being crucified for Jesus and His word – our soul reaching out to Him, for our repentance is in the earnestness of one who now sees with the Light of His Love, repenting accordingly now to what we have been enlightened to –

For if we withhold our repentance, we are in that place within us where we cannot hear God or feel Him or touch Him or come to know Him… then the void is a terrible suffering to our soul of which it does not need to suffer now, because Jesus went there for us and set us free from ever having to go there and we need to acknowledge our glorious salvation and that our sins are forgiven and come to know what we have been saved from, so we can reach out to what we have been saved for with an eagerness, even a desperation, which has formerly escaped us –


Because we were given salvation not only so we could believe Christ but so we could suffer for His Name’s sake – that is the honour in our salvation that is for us to take up and to bring it all the way home after it has been matured in its stature and richness by us living in the ways of the Lord – because it is something magnificent that this road to glory takes us to – to what is so uniquely God –

For this road to glory is God’s glory and not man’s idea of glory –

For God was glorified when Jesus lay down His life to bring into effect the New Covenant for the forgiveness of sins… for the laying down of His life was the glorious gospel of our salvation and that was glory unto God, His Father – just as it is glory unto Him when Jesus is exalted and given our worship and praise and honour –

The road to glory and the road of glory is dying to all else but Christ and seeing it not as a sacrifice but an honour we do not deserve – the honour of dying for Christ and with Christ so we may gain Christ and be found in Him – knowing Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings… that is the road which leads to glory – a road we never dismiss nor take for granted that it is only to be used as our highway to heaven because God loves us more than that – He loves us enough to want to make us just like His Son and so we never take the love of God for granted, nor the Light of that Love, nor the Presence of that Love, nor the Comfort of that Love, nor stop eating of His body and drinking of His blood until He returns so that we never again reject in any way the Light of His Love and what it is trying to show us – that we may gain a better resurrection – so we never again reject love so sweet and so good and so enduring and so selfless… lest the light go out in us and from us and cease to come our way again….


For if the Cross of Christ is the centre of the universe and if the Cross of Christ is the test of everything – the test of everything that we may argue about God and whether it is true or not – the test of everything within us to see if we are worthy to be disciples of our Lord and Christ – worthy to follow Him and give up all for Him as He did for us, even though what He gave up was infinitely more than we ever can ever give up for Him, but our worthiness of Him – even if we are worthy to honour Him with our bodies and our life, worthy to honour Him in our death – it is seen in whether we still refuse the Light of His Love to see by and so still refuse to risk crucifixion for the sake of Jesus and His Gospel of salvation –

For there is nothing that is not revealed to us on that cross that is not able to divide soul and spirit and bone and marrow and if we refuse to be crucified in whatever way – refuse to lay our life down for the sake of the only Name given under heaven by which we may be saved –

If we refuse to acknowledge the wisdom and power and the victory and the truth of His cross and that at the foot of it we need to repent in all earnestness, even desperation before the One who has the power to not only kill our body but has the power to destroy both our soul and body in hell… then we will never know that when we come to the cross by the Light of His Love and see it by that Light and with that Love – that we have come to the centre of all revelation and can now make captive to us the victory which only comes through Jesus Christ our Lord – for finally we can see it as it is –

For repentance begins at the cross and is ever so much sweeter to God when it is bathed in His enlightenment to us – 

For at the centre of God’s universe – when we are at the feet of the sacrifice of God and when we now turn our face heavenward – the Light of His Love reveals Jesus as He fills the whole universe – and as we look up at the full height of the cross, it is so much bigger than our mind can comprehend… the love that pours out from it is not able to be processed by us because it is the love God has for God has for God – that is the love which He wants to give to us and did pour out to us .and which was rejected by us…

But the Light of His Love refuses to allow our mind to limit what we are now seeing and it helps us process it instead of running from it – it glorifies and reveals Jesus and will not allow our mind to refuse the magnitude of what is right in front of us anymore –

For the Light of His Love reveals what is already there and it will not, once it has been given to us and is manifest in us, it will not curtail or cease to expose what are the aspects of our salvation which we need to know, so Jesus is glorified through us – and so that we never stop calling out to the Father to show us the ways of Jesus as we reveal to Him our new attitude that we consider all else a loss compared to coming to know Jesus as He becomes our Teacher in the whole sense of the meaning of the word Teacher… the fullness of the discipline it entails and the fullness of the obedience it demands… so the fullness of the authority can be revealed. For we are asking the Father to show us the ways of Jesus which formerly no one else desired to know or be taught… and yes, we already are being given the teachings of Jesus to eat of, but now we are asking for the all of the Teacher who teaches those teachings, and that is asking for the best of the best to teach us the way He was taught and with the discipline He was given, and with that comes the release of the love which was displayed on that cross… seen, felt, heard and experienced through the discipline He received which will now make us just like Jesus to the glory of our Father… 


For it is God alone who will present men to Himself faultless – and the crossbeam and the vertical beam that marked the spot where the Son of Man who did not count equality with God something to be grasped but made Himself nothing and humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross –  that cross of the obedient servant will extend out to the east and the west and the north and the south and the choice Jesus made that L/love would choose to face the loss of L/love – so that what He lay down could be taken up by us – will bring it home to us loud and clear that whether we live or die for Christ – that we consider everything else a loss compared to the unsurpassable greatness of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord for whose sake we die to all things so we may gain Christ and be found in Him, knowing Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death and to attain to the resurrection of the dead…

Even the first resurrection… even resurrection that we may live and never die… 

For He is an endless wave of pure Light and Love and the evidence of His almighty Righteous Love will be heavier than the cross of Christ upon all who deny Him the glory and the honour and worship and the adoration that is His – 

For when we are in the sanctuary of God and see by His Light of Righteous Love, we will be satisfied with the destiny of the wicked –

For it is Jesus who will consume the wicked one with the Spirit of His mouth and destroy Him in the splendour and revelation of His coming –

For being destroyed by God, even that is an honour – 

For honour for Jesus is all around us if we seek to now be able to see by the Light of His Love – And honour will come to Him from the east and west and north and south as the supreme revelation of His coming consumes all in its wake – all of those who have not loved the Truth but have loved the lie – 

And that is the power of the Kingdom we seek to live now –

The truth so crushing and so enlightening – the full weight of the power of it raising us with death unable to hold us down because Jesus has already conquered it for us –

And so as God is His own Interpreter… then the full interpretation and the full responsibility which comes with that power to raise from the dead lays entirely with Him –

The full responsibility that comes with the honour of laying our life down for the Gospel and then taking it up again lies with Him – for the honour of it escapes us – the way it envelops the Lord’s return we have not taken captive within our mind –

But we must capture this – that it is not us who present ourselves before God blameless, but is it God alone who keeps us from falling and who presents men to Himself faultless, and He will do it with inexpressible joy when He sees in each of the redeemed, the exact image of His Son.  And that vision will be worth every cent – worth every treasure in His kingdom – a King’s ransom for a King who is His Son – so He may be glorified and honoured and seated on His throne in full majesty where once His cross, which displayed God’s love of redemption and God’s power to save us declared His coming salvation – His coming glory – and the honour of the One in whom, and for whom, and through whom the resurrection body did become His supreme achievement – 

It is God who makes us honourable – it is God who gives us the ability to honour – it is God who gives us the opportunity to participate in the joy of honouring God and being honoured by God –

So whether living or dying whether it be heaven or hell –

It is we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ –

We die for the Gospel in service to God and we live for the Gospel in service to God – putting aside the desire to obsess over our own salvation and replace it with a desire to obsess over God’s salvation, even God’s salvation for all…

For His selflessness, His Love, His desire to teach us Himself and to reveal all things of Himself in the Light of His Love and not for us to learn through the darkness of His wrath, are alone grounds for wanting, needing, desiring with all our soul to be able to participate in the honour which is held in our salvation – that we were given our salvation not only so we could now believe in Christ and so we come into our much needed repentance – but also that we could now can participate in the honour of suffering for His Name’s sake and suffering to the point of death –  even death on a cross…

What an honour… what a salvation… what a God… what a Lord… what a Saviour…

What a road to glory… is the highway of honour…


Yes, honour for Jesus is all around us – it was in our salvation and it is in our resurrection and it is in the life we live for Him…

And as we seek to now be able to see by the Light of His Love, we will see that it is everywhere waiting to be taken up for the exaltation of Jesus and Jesus alone and it will come from the east and west and north and south –

For our hope, our joy, our crown in which we glory in the presence of our Lord – it is those we bring into the first resurrection with us as Jesus so desired to bring us into the first resurrection with Him – 

And is it when they are standing in the presence of our Lord Jesus when He comes –

And if that is our hope, our joy, our crown of glorying before the Lord – then let it be for Jesus His Crown of Honour as we all stand in His presence at the first resurrection – because we have been counted as trustworthy to reign with Him in power and in Love 

For we did not refuse to be crucified for His Name’s sake – but lay down our life for Him and His Gospel and considered everything else a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord and being counted as worthy to bring our Saviour honour through the salvation He brought to them –

For so close does Jesus bring us to the Father through what He has done that the Father can meticulously wipe away every tear from our eyes – but it is to be true of Jesus first before it is true of us – that the Father wipes away every tear from His eyes first…

Always Jesus first and then us… and the Father would have it no other way and we would have it no other way for now we are in all earnestness – even in all desperation – seeking to see only by the Light of His Love –

For only by the Light of His Love can we see what is right in front of us and what is all around us ~


And who is right in front us but JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD ~

And what is all around us but THE HONOUR WHICH IS DUE HIM ~

Let Jesus and the honour which is His now be made one to the glory of His Father, who now and forevermore is God over all of which has been redeemed by His Son, and resurrected by His Holy Spirit –  His royal Titles being:

Wonderful Counsellor ~ Mighty God ~ Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace ~




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