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From the Eternity of unfathomable harmony …God in the beginning said “Let there be light”’ and so began the revelation of God and all His majesty, power, glory, magnificence, perfection, immeasurable love and gentle compassion and that light shone into the darkness but the darkness could not understand nor overcome it…. for it never saw the light of the beauty of the harmony that makes God the ‘I AM THAT I AM’ and the ‘WHO HE WILL BE THAT HE WILL BE’.

For Satan although he was perfect in beauty, his beauty was no light but darkness for his beauty was used to promote disharmony through his trades and the violence of his trades…for what desecrates a sanctuary is disharmony…just as harmony is what sanctifies a sanctuary.

For the beauty of the garden was to reveal the harmony of God ….for beauty is the light to display the harmony but they looked at the beauty itself… worshipping the beauty when they should worship the harmony the beauty is displaying… for when you worship the light you do not see what the light is showing you.

For harmony is the essence of the garden of God which in itself was to fill Adam and Eve with all the sights and the sounds…and the fruits they would have eaten…. therefore their expulsion from the garden deprived their children of any knowledge of what true harmony is and hence Cain killed Abel as the first fruit of the loins of Adam.

For harmony begins when you answer “yes” to this question “Am I my brother’s keeper?”…just as the answer “no” becomes the source and manifestation of disharmony which in its fullness manifests in murder. Satan the murderer…. because from him manifested nothing but disharmony.

For harmony was established between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Eternity Before and it is never changing – unable to be destroyed, for They refuse to disagree with One Another, nor be jealous of One Another…refuse to have Their rights…to defend Their rights…or to wrong One Another…for They keep Their best for Each Other and keep Each Other in the best…keeping Each Other continually glorified, comforted and exalted.

For the recognition of title, position and relationship…destroys harmony.

For the Lord, even though He was God, was pleased to be made nothing and made Himself even lower then the angels not laying claim to any rewards He may have because of what He had done.

For harmony is not just going forward doing what is good and righteous, but it is also actively refusing to know an evil, think an evil, practise an evil…for harmony is not just putting up with things but also the active refusal to take up things…to take no offense…to keep no records of wrongs…to endure all things …to be silent when wronged…to be misunderstood and treated like you don’t exist…to let others claim the glory of what you have done BUT to keep your peace within you for you know what is to come – you know your labour is not in vain for you know where it all ends as you know the end from the beginning.

But as long as your heart is held down by pain and hurt and the need for vengeance and retribution, and holds on to being wronged and righted …there can be no harmony …for even if you create the beginning of it with a kind word, a handshake or any other friendly gesture no matter how it grows and increases…no matter even if it solidifies and becomes solid it only takes one ill thought towards the other and harmony dies…for it is the law of harmony that whenever man speaks not of the things of God but has in his mind the things of man it breaks the harmony of God…which can only be maintained by well thinking…beginning with thinking well of God as God thinks well of God ….rejoicing in the Lord even though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines and the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food and there are no sheep in the pen nor cattle in the stalls …for only then can you bear the fruit that lasts.

For thinking well of others is not thinking that they are a pleasant or nice person …thinking well of others is to have plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give them hope and a future…and since your plans will not fail, it is to think well of them as if they already are what they will be…for only when you understand God’s harmony are you able to govern your thoughts with harmony… for if you do not…how will you be able to think like God thinks…how will it be …like Father like son – like Father …like daughter…

For thought is the source of invincibility.

But what price would you pay to be as humble as your God – as gracious as He is  – as silent as a Lamb to the slaughter  – it is priceless …you have to live it…and that is to not allow the law of your mind to be subject to the law of sin in your heart.

For the deepest truth of what Mary did that caused Jesus to say that wherever and whenever His Gospel was preached what she had done would be told in memory of her …was that when she poured out her perfume upon Jesus she gave it as if it was not hers but the Lord’s …she gave what belonged to her to Jesus as if the gift already belonged to Him …therefore she was anointing Him with His own perfume yet it came from her – but because she did not seek to possess it but sought only the joy of giving it…she anointed the Lord…for with care did Mary listen to Jesus to hear what He was really saying and with an intensity did she watch Him to see exactly what He was doing …and in doing so she responded to what had never been heard or seen on Earth before.

For when people behold harmony …it will either cause them to fall on their knees or face – it fixates them so they cannot move …it is as though they are entranced  – for it is the sight of something no one has ever seen but yet their soul and spirit automatically reacts and yearns for it –

The exact representation of the glory of God in the face of the Lord Jesus is the look of harmony. Harmony…looks like Jesus …having its own powers and authorities.

The power and authority to bring down every proud man with a look…but is only apparent to those who seek it, and to see it before the glory comes…for a group of people talking and laughing is not harmony, for harmony begins in the heart…for as much as words that come out of a man’s mouth is the overflow of his heart, so the countenance of his face is the reflection of his heart.

And to see it on Jesus you have to first believe Him – that He only works for the honour and glory of the One who sent Him …and Mary did, and her soul and spirit reacted and yearned for it …and knowing the magnificence of what she was beholding is beyond any appropriate reciprocal appreciation, she did what she could. For the beauty of Jesus that she appreciated not with eyes of flesh but with a heart swollen with love…revealed the harmony Jesus was forging for man and for God…that truly God could live with man forever and man with God forever…therefore in her mind she must anoint the Lord for His burial…for such beauty…such magnificence…must be undeniably confirmed once and for all.

So when the perfume touched the skin of Jesus, it softened it for the nails to penetrate and sealed the fate of Jesus there and then …that oil, that nard, is like the ink of the counter signature beside the Father’s Name on the decree pronounced over Jesus… that He is the ‘LAMB’ that takes away the sin of the world …

Such is the power of harmony…for it produces actions of eternal renown by those who have been inspired by its light…inspired to no longer consider that which they have received as their possession and that which they have given away as their possession …for there are many who want to see and hear but they are not interested in what is the thought behind the word and the action, and until then, you really do not know that P/person …and you really have not seen the harmony the beauty has revealed… that you may understand that not considering that which you have received as your possession and that which you have given away as your possession makes it so there is no want and no lack and where there is no want or lack there is no violence – there is no rebellion – there is no disharmony  …for without harmony you cannot  see why Mary did the better thing ….the beautiful thing.

For when harmony is present you see the motive of a person in the higher brighter lights and that is when every tongue is silent – every thought held captive to Christ.

For God’s nightmare was about to come to pass…Jesus slain …when crucified for sinners.

For the Lord’s passion was released when the eternity of the One He loved was at stake, but it was self control that enabled Jesus not to cry out in His sufferings …nor come off that cross, where for six hours jealousy for His Father was the driving force in His thoughts to maintain the harmony that would govern what came out of His mouth….“Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit”…for even love needs self control…for perfection is maintained because of self control but it needs patient endurance of that of One nailed to a roman cross …

For such is harmony and the restoration of it that Jesus shed His blood and the Holy Spirit poured out His Holiness over all creation …and because the maintaining of harmony between Them is what makes Them Holy…so also poured out over all creation was the harmony that makes Them One…poured out in the hope – that men and women would learn to live with one another and with God in the world they had been given, in harmony and with harmony in action in their lives.

For if Jesus did not even dare to find faith when He arrives…much less knowledge… much less love …then how much more did He not even dare to hope to find the full release of harmony on Earth that it could be released in Heaven for it to be spread throughout the saints so that through this…. harmony and not disharmony is taken into the New Earth, New Jerusalem and New Heavens…for the Holy Spirit will contend with men and their disharmony for so long but has no intention of contending with it forever.

For the saints in Heaven may have peace, joy and unity but they do not have absolute harmony…the evidence of this is that even the martyrs under the altar are crying out for vengeance …for that is a sign that there is not God’s type of harmony in Heaven, for if there was …they would have known that God was already planning their vengeance and they would not have to ask nor cry out.

But it takes much practise to have the harmony of the type and calibre of the Lord ….it takes to know and understand that New Jerusalem is not only just the City of Truth – the Righteous City – but that every brick, every stone – everything declares the harmony of God as God lives with His people forever…for living in New Jerusalem is the resurrection of man living with God …the resurrection of Adam living with his helper …the resurrection of the bride and groom …and as such the resurrection of all His Empires in eternal harmony.

And for this reason to this very day the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work unceasingly for They alone know the treasure that is harmony…this treasure that They have is the greatest of treasures unmatched even by immortality – it is the treasure that makes divinity worthwhile and precious…for there is no comparison between harmony and eternal life … they are inseparable – for harmony is the source of eternal life and eternal life the source of harmony.

But not inseparable is harmony and immortality…for immortality without harmony is absolute wickedness and evil…and absolute evil is to be immortal without harmony.

For it is not only faith…for faith is so basic that it lacks harmony… that is why there is only a mustard seed… for within it still exists conflict.

For the disciples had faith but that did not stop them arguing with each other over who was the greatest on the night of the Lord’s Supper …nor stop them clambering for position as to who would sit at the right and left hand of Jesus … for the absence of harmony ruins everything. It ruined the Lord’s dinner at Martha and Mary’s house the first time…it ruined the night of Lazarus’ celebrations …even ruined the Last Supper…for even in the Lord’s presence they were still arguing over who would be the greatest …such desire for recognition of title, position and relationship always destroys harmony…for even the transfiguration of Jesus could not be sustained because He had no one to harmonize with.

Harmony existed before faith but because harmony was lost we needed healing and that is why by our faith we are healed…for to have harmony you need to obey…you need to consider the needs of others first …what the other is planning.

Harmony must be based on what is absolute – for absolute and harmony co exist together.

But because harmony was lost we were given faith to believe again …but when you have harmony your commitment to one another needs no faith ….for the absolute commitment of the well being of one another is so total there is no need for faith any longer.

For faith is needed when a person listens to the question “Did God really say?”.

Satan cast doubt into the ears of Eve when he said “Did God really say?” and Eve failed to reply with the absolute truth…“YES”…for if she did that would have been the end of the matter…but to overcome doubt introduced by Satan into the heart of men, faith was there through Christ who was sacrificed for He was the Faithful High Priest – the Faithful One.

For when you come into God’s harmony the commitment to one another is absolute – the faith in one another is absolute –

For absolute faith makes for truth as absolute harmony makes for absolute truth.

For without harmony every effect of unity, peace and love may look stunningly beautiful on the outside but when you cut it open …what may have been pleasing to the eye will be disappointing to the taste.

For without harmony everything is ruined, but when you can learn to master harmony you can govern all things…for the man who governs his thoughts, governs his speech and his actions and that is why it was one of the most important things God established among Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And the presence of God’s harmony exposes our weaknesses, our sin, our error – and all of what we may have thought was our best ….all of what we thought was pretty good …in the presence of harmony will be revealed as the debacle that it is.

For the reduction of power in Paul’s ministry by the time of Acts 21, made him weak not in the weakness where the power of God can emanate …but in the weakness that he sought the approval of men all because he and Barnabas lost the harmony …for how quickly does something lose its beauty when the harmony is gone and how quickly is the harmony destroyed when you don’t have the same mind or understand the mind of the other person but seek to defend your own righteousness and take offense.

The importance of God’s harmony is so paramount that Father, Son and Holy Spirit would rather suffer 1900 years of those they have called to salvation and to serve Them…portraying Them to be liars – portraying Jesus as the Man who does not keep His word for He has not returned as promised. They would much rather put up with that, then risk the full power to manifest in Their church without harmony being in residence.

For the seven harmonies of the Sevenfold Spirit have powers and authorities in their own right…all displayed in their fullness in Christ Jesus…all displayed in the world, to the world by God Himself  …Who entered His creation enhancing it by His very presence as He walked amongst His own speaking the words of eternal life given Him by the Father who sent Him as He journeyed towards Jerusalem doing exactly as He was commanded.

For Jesus…is the way God speaks and acts…but He is also the very thoughts of God Himself.

Jesus…is the way God thinks …He is His every thought which is generated and governed by harmony even in the face of all of what and who opposes Him, accuses Him, slanders Him, denies Him, mocks Him, spits on Him, flogs Him, crucifies Him…even forsakes Him.

For our Lord and God is a Warrior and by His death God received back His harmony, His peace and His rest.

For the purpose of harmony IS peace …and the purpose of peace IS rest….

And the peace the Lord Jesus gives is His peace…and His peace is not by the absence of war but by the presence of harmony that wars against disharmony …until all disharmony is vanquished – for where there is disharmony Jesus will wage His war and raise His standard because disharmony dulls us to the Lord’s word and makes the light of the Lord in us not shine with the brilliance that it should  – and the rest which comes from THE peace which is the CORE of His harmony …is rest for God …that He may sit and watch the words of Jesus proved true as He watches His sons and His daughters and how they deal with the false prophet and the beast ….watching the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ wage their own war against disharmony until only absolute harmony reigns…for what is absolute is untouchable, unchangeable, unquestionable, unchallengeable, and omnipotent…

For that which is perfect can still be perfected, but that which is ABSOLUTE is what is beyond ALL challenge.

And by the Spirit of Glory we are made one and that oneness is what achieves the power of the present Age…but it takes harmony between those who are one to release the power of the Age to come –

And the achievement of power and the purpose of power ….the power to achieve and the purpose of the achievement …and the achievement of the purpose of power is: The maintenance, the perpetuation, the continuation of harmony and the destruction of anything that interrupts the flow of that harmony.

And we who are united as one by the Spirit of Glory and live in peace and harmony with one another are blessed with the power to do the impossible and live forever in the prosperity of that achievement …for unity brings the blessing of the removal of all impossibility …peace brings the blessing of living in the prosperity of that achievement …but it is harmony which makes it last …for even if you can do the impossible and live in the prosperity of that achievement, if it does not last then it is only futile and meaningless …

Harmony makes all things last forever …because the blessing of harmony is longevity.

That is why God not only created but then redeemed, justified, sanctified, glorified and resurrected, so that He could innovate His greatest treasure …the treasure that makes His Divinity worthwhile and precious…the treasure that gives Him His longevity  –

The harmony of God who is One…the harmony of God who just is…the harmony of God who is Absolute…

And to achieve harmony and to have the achievement of it as well as the maintenance, restoration, outpouring, recognition, need, existence, preservation, consolidation, longevity, expansion and even the innovation of it …is to have all of infinity which makes for harmony in dynamic action …and that action being the sacrifice…the forgiveness, the grace, the repentance, the love, the wisdom, the understanding, the knowledge, the prudence, the perfection, the eternity, the creation and the innovation …for such is the manifested wonder of God’s true glory and wisdom.

For harmony is the foundation of His strength and power for it is the anchor and bindness of His Oneness Unity and Peace …and God alone knows every aspect of this multifaceted jewel and so He alone lived what it cost for He alone knew the bounty and the beauty of its outcome. For He is the way it opens…He is the truth it reveals…He is the life it manifests…the power it unleashes…the love it produces…the thoughts it generates…the eternity it births …for even the wealth of the eternities cannot endure beyond God’s children without harmony being present ….harmony that is never changing …harmony that is eternal, perfect and absolute.

For God is Holy because He maintains harmony within the Godhead …for the maintaining of harmony within Them is to expose the love in harmony and the harmony in love ….to expose the 21 threads which form the tapestry of love – the very fabric of love forms the tapestry and the tapestry reveals the harmony in absolute love and the love in absolute harmony –

For harmony and love are our weapons of divine power –

And divine power is the power of the Divine Life…not just a miraculous life …not just an immortal life …but Divine Life. The Life of God is divine because of the power of harmony…and the power of which is manifested in the harmony They have…are the weapons of God’s Life.

Weapons which will bring down every proud man who sets himself up against God and exalt every man who walk humbly before his God.

For harmony is when a Son only seeks to glorify His Father …when a Son is in full agreement with His Father …when He has committed His own independent will to His Father  –

It is when brothers can come together and work together to increase and prosper the Father to give the Father rest…for the mind of Christ is always in harmony with the will of God –

For even though Jesus is God, when He became flesh…He had to again choose between good and evil…between harmony and disharmony…He had to be tempted all over again so as to experience all that man experienced –

For as our Intercessor He had to understand even the fear of man and the knowledge of the fear of man. For Jesus feared as a man would fear but He did not let it overcome Him, but He overcame it by letting all fear overtake Him…the fear of death…even the fear of lack and loss…fear of the lack of courage at that moment…for who has enough courage to face the cross until they face it…who knows how much courage you need until you are there.

That is why the man who boasts he has courage will be proved a liar and the man who trembles in fear will be proved a liar…because from him will come the true courage at that moment –

Harmony is what proves the man of courage to be a liar and the man of fear to be a liar and that is the harmony of courage and fear.

And when we look into the eyes of Jesus and we see the deep of the sacrifice and understand the harmony of courage and fear as He faced the cross…as He made Himself one with us in every way …we drink of the living waters given us without cost and hear the Spirit and the Bride say “Come”….and we who hear cannot help but say “come”…for it is the overflow of our heart …every thought of mind and heart now governed by harmony that is yearning to be one with the harmony of that of the type and calibre of our Lord Jesus Christ who went before us overcoming the world that we would not longer be dissatisfied …being a Servant to the plans the Father had for Himself and for us…helping Him bring to pass His plans to give hope and a future to an obstinate race…to those who are evil and wicked and rebellious …for there is no greater plan than the plan of the Father …there is no higher thought …and as there is not, the next best thing is to be a S/servant to those plans …serving Him and helping Him to bring them all to pass by doing exactly as He has commanded.

For as Jesus said – “Those who want to be first must be a slave to all”-

For when there is harmony, Lordship produces the perfect S/servant …that is…it turns you into the perfect S/servant. Harmony makes You the perfect Servant of all those You are the Lord of …for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in harmony with Each Other but in Their own right They are Lords of Their own individuality…in understanding that, it helps us to be lords in our own right and yet serve one another without compromising our individuality.

For the Lord is Word and His thoughts and plans are word…

Heaven and Earth may disappear but the thoughts of the Word will never disappear for before sin there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

And the Word became flesh to be a Servant to the plans of God that we might have life in the full…life in the Spirit in the full…born again of the Spirit unto God…for They know the plans They have for One Another for a hope and a future …plans to keep Each Other in the best and to keep Their best for Each Other …plans to keep Each Other glorified, comforted and exalted for They are Shepherds to One Another –

They are the Good Shepherd to One Another and the Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep – For the Father lays down His Son ….the Son lays down His life …the Holy Spirit lays down His Holiness for the sake of Their sheep…for the sake of Each Other …for the sake of harmony between Them …that it would never be broken.

They laid down that which is the most precious to Them …that which is Their Life …

For Jesus is the Life of the Father for the Father lives in Him, but if you live in Someone you live through Someone and without His life Jesus does not live…and without His Holiness the Holy Spirit is not the Holy Spirit.

He may be the Spirit of wisdom and power but nowhere is He known as the Powerful Spirit or the Wise Spirit but known only as the Holy Spirit.

And when men cannot see that They are the Good Shepherd …that is when they stumble because they have no light, but when they can see They are the Good Shepherd…that the Father is the Father of the Good Shepherd …that He is One with Him …and the Spirit that comes from the Father is the Spirit of the Good Shepherd…that is when you have light in its fullness and will not stumble no matter how dark …and it is when the darkness cannot overcome the light for the darkness does not understand the light that is the Good Shepherd.

For when You are the Good Shepherd the Light of Life shines out of You.

For the very reason for the mystery of God is to show men they need to change the way they think in the inclination of their thoughts.

For whatever the Lord speaks is perfect…it is the hearer that needs to change…for the way Jesus says things can only be understood when you are prepared to change your heart and mind and conform it to the heart and mind of God…for He cannot present things for people to understand in their state of mind that causes the Father grief…for in the beginning every inclination of the thoughts of man’s heart was evil all the time…so the Lord cannot tell man what they are to say and do without changing the way they think…for if the Lord says it so we can understand…it changes what we do and say but does not change our mind and hearts.

For the world would have you deal with things before your mind is changed, but the Lord prefers to let you deal with things after your mind is changed…that is why when Jesus first preached He said “Repent and believe”…and did not mention sin…because for men to stop sinning he must change his mind about his sin and see it as something he does not want to do again.

And when we change and have harmony of heart and mind we love one another as God has truly loved us…and so have become more and more like God ….for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit love One Another as God has loved Them …Those Three who are One …Those Three who are the Good Shepherd to God who is One.

But the love of many will grow cold…for love grows cold when we do not rejoice with the truth, and we do not rejoice with the truth when it may not be what we want to hear …

But when we hear what the Spirit still has to say to the church we will rejoice …rejoicing in the truth for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth …He is the personification of harmony for He is in agreement with the Father and the Son at all times …revealing what has been concealed and making known what has been hidden.

And as the Word is contained in the flesh of Christ and God’s power was meant to be contained in the church and the Kingdom of God in our heart…so His newness must have a vessel to contain it…for this newness is the new testimony, a new manna and its power will cause the budding of a new rod of authority and so it demands a new ark …an ark which will completely destroy the need for any other ark.

The Ark of Harmony …because harmony is unconditional…and as each and every one of the Elect of the Holy Spirit learn what harmony is in God’s eyes …that is the Ark of Harmony … They are the Ark of Harmony in which is the testimony…the new bread and the rod of His authority.

The authority and power to wage war against all disharmony until it is vanquished making the hope of God an absolute.

For there is a good way… a better way….and the best way for this age to end and for Jesus to return …and then there is the way God dared not to hope for…yet hoped for …

And so we who commit ourselves to live in harmony with God and with each other forever are going to give the Lord the way He dared not hope for …yet hoped for…

For the Elect have been set aside by the Holy Spirit to facilitate the finale of the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom and to prove that which Jesus told Martha to be true irrevocably – Set aside to hold to the cause of revealing the hidden manna…not as a matter of word or appearance or promise, but of substance – which means to ensure there is harmony even if it costs us our life for greater love has none that H/he lay down H/his life –

But yet even Paul and Barnabas did not understand the importance of harmony, neither did they understand what a peacemaker really is …to make peace at all cost even if it costs you your life.

But you can only fathom the price of harmony when you can live and never die and have power to do whatever you wish and whatever you will…and to lay down such a life…that is the cost of harmony.

To lay down the power to do whatever you wish and whatever you will …just like the Lord.

For when the Holy Spirit lives with a person He convicts that person …when He lives in a person He changes that person …and when He permits a person to live in Him He harmonizes with them and they get to keep your individuality as He keeps His…moving like the wind together …just like when Jesus was watching the Twelve across the lake…He was not moving, but the Twelve never realised they were always in His sight…that He was always in that boat though He was on the mountain …but the moment He did get into the boat to be where He always has been, the boat had to immediately go to where He wanted it to go from where He had been….for S/someone who has harmony is like the wind that moves and the air that is perfectly still and yet the T/two remain O/one.

Change begins when you begin to harmonize with just one other human being when you seek to live in harmony.

For Harmony is more then just being one or the same or being united…harmony means complementing …a complement of contrast that accentuates the individual beauty to a level that was greater then what was designed.

So what is the cost of harmony?

What price would you pay to have it…to maintain it…if you cannot die…if your life does not consists of your possessions –

To understand the cost you must understand the life you lay down is not the life you experienced tainted by sin. It is the life never tainted by sin…that is why the Lord cannot bring us into the Land of the Absolutes without harmony.

But you cannot begin to understand the concept of harmony when you live a life contaminated by sin… for sin brings death.

For the Lord lives a life that even those who consider themselves sinless would never match.

For They live to live to live…not to live and die and live again.

They have given us the life sin has not tainted by removing everything tainted by sin except one sin …speaking against the Holy Spirit. And as none of the Elect will speak against the Holy Spirit they live in Him the life that can never be tainted by sin.

So how do you lay that life down? –  You lay it down by not living it…

The Lord has removed all sin by the blood of the Lamb and then placed a commandment that we could not help but obey …for there is not one of His Elect who would not listen to Jesus and who would not work for the Holy Spirit.

It means to live the life that is not your will but someone else’s will…

It is essential for all to master JOHN 11:26 to acquire the life where there is no death in theplaces where there is no sin except speaking against the Holy Spirit…having done this, learn to pay the price of laying down that life to harmonize with others who cannot die either.

For the Workshop of the Holy Spirit can become the most beautiful, impressive congregation the world has ever seen since the Holy Spirit was poured out into the 120…but without harmony it may seem good to us, but will it seem good to the Holy Spirit who as He poured out His Holiness also poured upon all creation His Harmony with the Father and Jesus.

For it is the absence of harmony amongst the disciples of Jesus which caused Him much grief but we will not grieve the Holy Spirit as Jesus was grieved …but we will take the very best of Him and make it better by taking the hope He has and making it absolute …by taking His hope of having sons and daughters living in harmony on this Earth given them before Jesus arrives and make that hope an absolute …absolute harmony between sons and daughters here on Earth in full blossom and maturity and sweetness of ripeness before Jesus arrives…with all His brothers and sisters seeking only the glory and satisfaction of the Father …seeking only to give the Father rest ….seeking only to prosper Him and not harm Him to give Him hope and a future …to have brothers and sisters of Jesus who feel the same way He does about the Father…their Father….brothers and sisters who have the same mind, heart and motive as Jesus for that is how the Holy Spirit sees those whom He has elected as He brings them to the place where they would wish the one wish the Father would wish them to wish ..

Ones who know where they we are going…because they know where they come from…and so know where they are at …ones who know who they are.

For a lamp provides some light, but when the seven Lampstands are together at full power, the illumination is not 7×1 but 7 x 70 more than one…for as we allow the Spirit of Glory to make us one…the oneness is magnified as the glory is displayed through all of us, to reveal perfect harmony, oneness and unity and then the world will know not only has the Father sent Jesus and the Father loves the disciples of Jesus…but the Father has sons and daughters who love Him and His Spirit as Jesus does and that will be the light which reveals the beauty of the harmony of God as all disharmony is vanquished …the light to illuminate the place where the feet of our Lord Jesus will touch dust once more …and when they do the arrow of victory…the last arrow….will come out of the mouth of our Lord and it will carry the fire and the breath that will overwhelm the false prophet and the beast…

And that last arrow fired…the arrow that signals the victory of the Lord as it signals the peace will be fired the moment the Lord’s feet touch the Mount of Olives …and we, with all the other Elects who have returned with Him, will bow as wheat bows at harvest time before Him… worshippers in spirit and in truth…and meticulously wipe the dust from our King’s feet and worship He who lived and died and who now lives forever…for that is the fruit of harmony…and our thoughts…the inclination of the thoughts of our heart and the plans of our mind are set on the highest praise for God …and not with our mouth or tongue but with our thoughts we will say …‘HOW GREAT THOU ART’ … for by that one fulfilled Omega Promise of the Lord “ Yes, I am coming soon” ..Jesus receives justice, praise, glory, honour and the whole complete will of God has been satisfied.

That is why now before He arrives as He begins to make known His thoughts to us… it is for us to understand that it is not the content of the thought to see…nor the brilliance to hear …it is the harmony of His thoughts…harmony of His mind and heart that He wishes to show us. For harmony of the mind and heart of the calibre of the Lord Jesus does not break when mocked…when insulted…when spat on…when flogged …when crucified…when forsaken.

Words and actions and even thoughts of men cannot bring it to it knees nor overcome it nor vanquish it …for the mind of Christ is always in harmony with the will of God …and the will of God is that Jesus lose none of all that He has given Him but raise it up…raise them up at the last day –

For all creation trembles not because God is roaring or has His arm bared – but the ones closest to Him tremble with anticipation at the thoughts of God…for creation first took its form in His thoughts not His word nor His hand …remove the thought and the word and the action has no meaning …one thought can undo the entire creation.

No creature can ever win against the Creator no more than a picture can speak against the painter…for it is to see the true limit and to know only God is without limit.

For the true limit for all things and all persons and all creatures is this one truth:

They are not God …so no matter how Satan tries to become powerful or how powerful he becomes the truth always defeats him …he is not God…so no matter what he thinks, wishes or desires…no matter what …it is ABSOLUTE.

So who can oppose God if They choose and have chosen and continue to choose never to oppose Each Other by being and remaining One till forever ends and until whatever comes after forever ends… and so on and so on …

For it is only when You are An Absolute that You can fill all Eternity…

And harmony must be based on what is absolute and God is absolute because God just is –

And so ALL absolutes are unchallengeable  –

And so as the fragrance of the knowledge of God filled the garden…. so soon even the perfume of His fruit will be made new again and His Temple will be filled with the fragrance of the knowledge of God forever …for the fullness of God is the Temple of the New Jerusalem.

The Temple of our God who is absolutely God because of this unfathomable harmony that exists within Him that makes Him One and allows Him to reconcile all things to Himself forever beyond all challenge –



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