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This is what the Lord says: “As for the prophets who lead My people astray, if one feeds them, they proclaim ‘peace’; if he does not, they prepare to wage war against him. Therefore night will come over you, without visions, and darkness, without divination. The sun will set for the prophets, and the day will go dark for them. The seers will be ashamed and the diviners disgraced. They will all cover their faces because there is no answer from God.” But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression, to Israel his sin.[1]

Micah lived in a time of Israel not unlike ours as you can see, and by his statement, he filled himself with four things – power, the Spirit of the Lord, with justice and might – not to preach to the nations around Israel, but to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin.

In the same manner, it is time to declare to the church its transgression and its sin, its sin of ignorance of the command, “Listen to Him!”[2] and its transgression in adopting the recommendations of James the Younger and to drag the Holy Spirit into it as if the Holy Spirit would approve those recommendations.

For the Holy Spirit; to say it seemed good to Him would mean that He was speaking on His own contrary to what Jesus said, “He will not speak on His own.”[3] And if it was not the Holy Spirit speaking, then it must have been either Jesus or the Father who spoke. If this is the case, it means that Jesus went against His own teaching or the Father disagreed with Jesus’ teachings, especially concerning the drinking of blood. In either case, firstly, it means Jesus cannot be trusted in the absolute solidness of His teaching, or secondly, that Jesus was lying when He said, “My teaching is not My own. It comes from Him who sent Me. If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether My teaching comes from God or whether I speak on My own.”[4] The transgression and sin of Acts 15 is that they had adopted recommendations that had nothing to do with listening to Jesus and therefore nothing to do with real faith in Him.

Politicians are elected because they cause people to believe in them by their speeches. However, often you find that the same people who elected those politicians are the ones who oppose them most vehemently when the politicians begin to do things that they do not agree with. You should know this. Politicians want you to believe in them so you would vote for them, but rarely do they want you to know them, much less understand them. God alone wants those who believe in Him to come to know Him that they might begin to understand Him. The injustice done to Jesus is that the people who claim to believe Him have not listened to Him, but have gone out to do things in His Name. How can you believe in someone whom you have not listened to? The failure to listen to the One you say you believe in makes you a liar. And such a liar is truly an evil seed sown by Satan into Jesus’ Kingdom. For a person who believes yet has not listened and proceeds to do things in His Name, is saved by his faith in the Gospel he heard, but is destroyed by the commands he did not hear. Thus, you can be a person whose soul is saved because you believe that He is the Christ, but in the ignorance of the Command, you will experience the truth of God’s word for those who do not listen carefully to the One He commands you to listen to.

The Jews proved that they believe in God and so ritualised their temple worship that they added rules upon rules. But they did not listen to the one God commanded them to listen to. “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since My Name is in him. If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you.”[5]

There is absolutely no mention, not once, anywhere in the annals of the nation of Israel that they ever stopped to listen to the angel who bears God’s Name. They were so lacking in spiritual matters that God had to send prophets, men, to speak to them. Why? Because they were not listening to the angel assigned to them. Now notice, God assigned an angel, not the Holy Spirit, to guide the nation of Israel.

On top of that, they then did not listen to the one they proposed to speak to them, Moses, for they said to Moses, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have God speak to us or we will die.”[6] So they remained a nation, but in their history, they lived both the curses and the blessings that God promised them in Leviticus 26 when they either did not listen or they repented in part when the hard times came upon them.

So for us, whom has the Lord sent that we the church should listen to? Is it another man or a group of men, or did He not clearly tell us to “listen to what the Holy Spirit says to the churches”? And did He not clearly say that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth to bring us into all truth[7], He will tell us things and He will speak to us[8]? Nowhere did Jesus say, “Listen to My half-brother James.” And when James stood up, he did say, “It is my judgment…”[9] To James’ credit, he did not say, “Thus sayest the Lord…” As such, the sin and the transgression lie not with James as much as with the apostles and the elders in that they listened to a man and not to the Spirit. If James’ recommendations were corrected to the words of Jesus, it would have been different, but his words were contrary to the words of Jesus.

Jesus said, “A house divided against itself will fall…”[10] and by the letter of Acts 14, we unwittingly divided the House of God. God is seeking true worshippers.[11] So how can we be worshippers of God in spirit and in truth when we do not listen to the Holy Spirit, but agree to the recommendations of those who would cause such a misrepresentation of the Holy Spirit? By God’s grace they did it without malice, just ignorance and no understanding, for if the letter had been with malicious intent, there would be no forgiveness. For blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is to maliciously insult Him. The state of the church is the consequence of its adherence to the teachings of James. Indeed, in many places, the letter of James is taught to the church as if it were a letter written to the church.

Now, look at the words of Micah. But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might.” Micah’s solution to God’s problem for his day was to ensure that he himself was personally fully equipped for the task. Likewise now, you must be focussed to personally be fully equipped for the task. He did not ask God to fill him with power or with the Holy Spirit or might or justice, but he filled himself up.

That is the reason why now the Book of the Powers is being released and the spectrum of God’s power is being disclosed to you so that not only will you have power, miraculous power, but you will know and understand what the power is, and what it is used for and when, in every situation, showing yourselves to be skilled workmen and women of God.

Looking back, you have been coached to fill yourselves up with the words of God that have come from His mouth, as much as you can remember. Aside from the exercise so that you may know what He said, this is also the reason why you and those who come after you must be trained in the knowing of the words that come from the mouth of God. John the Baptist said, “For the one whom God sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.”[12] When you are constantly speaking God’s words, the Spirit is without limit in you, that is, you are full of the Holy Spirit. Full power can only be achieved by fullness of the Holy Spirit, and since the Spirit is given without limit to he who speaks the words of God, then only those who come in Jesus Christ’s Name, who speak the words of Christ, will have the unlimited power and Spirit. If you never read, never listen, never memorise, never practise, how are you going to speak the words? And how is the Holy Spirit going to remind you of what you have not heard or read?

Preachers who fill their sermons with their own words have very little power. The Holy Spirit still obligates Himself to heal and confirm the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever it is preached by whomever. However, watch and you will see that those who claim to have power still need bodyguards for their personal security. Ungodly speech is speech that does not contain the words of Jesus. In order to speak like Jesus, just like Jesus, you can either be walking around quoting Him verbatim or speaking as He did, saying only what the Father said to Him, and in our case, saying only what the Holy Spirit is telling us. If you are truly saying what the Holy Spirit is telling you, your words will have the power to convict with regards to judgment, sin and righteousness. If you are claiming your words to be that of the Holy Spirit, very little conviction is there. You may be able to tickle the ears of the called and chosen, but you will not be able to convict the devil with regards to his judgement, nor sinners with regards to their unbelief about Jesus Christ. As often is the case, if I speak my words, very little happens. If I use the words of Jesus or that which the Holy Spirit gives me, even demons have to flee. Thank God for the practice.

Micah also filled himself with justice. Now that is something you must never lose focus on. You are elected to bring justice to Jesus, not to edify yourself. Part of the journey is so that you might see the injustice that has been done to Jesus and not focus your selfish eyes on the injustices done to you in the hope that you might fill yourself with an overwhelming desire for justice. And to you has been given the Gospel, God is Justice, and justice is what He delights in. Indeed, He so delights in justice that He is Justice.

And lastly, he filled himself with might, not power, but might, which is a personal ability to move and do things, a personal health and wealth, a personal knowledge of God, a personal wealth of testimonies of the ways of God through constant disciplined practice. Might speaks of muscles that can make one powerful in the natural sense. As such, this might does not come from receiving the power or being entrusted with the power, but by a personal training regime. You can receive the power and the knowledge of the power of God and be educated, but unless you take the power given to you and train yourself to be a mighty man or woman of God, then you are like a soldier equipped with weapons you are unfamiliar with. In any war, such soldiers are always overwhelmed.

This last section, might, will determine how well each of you stays the course. Shammah and Eleazar are known as mighty men of David. Indeed, if you read the annals of the mighty men of David,[13] you will find very little assistance mentioned of the power of the Holy Spirit, but each were skilled fighters because of their courage and prowess. Compare them with Samson who never trained, never disciplined himself, yet slew one thousand when the power of the Holy Spirit came on him.

Be both… be a mighty person of God in whom dwells the power of God without limit, for you are always speaking the words of God in order to bring justice to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When you are ready, not when God is ready, for God has always been ready to bring justice to Jesus, when you are ready, then you will declare to the church its transgression and its sin. All who refuse to repent will be harvested, for it is a liar who will say they believe in the One they have not listened to, and if they will not repent, then by their own words, they have condemned themselves a liar. And so, the Lord’s Kingdom will be weeded and made ready to receive Him. AMEN


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