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We know that we have come to know Him if we obey His commands. The man who says, “I know Him,” but does not do what He commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But if anyone obeys His word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in Him: Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.[1]

Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did, and so many have tried to emulate the walk of Jesus with their lives, walking in love, walking in truth and grace, and for many, walking in poverty, forsaking as it were the riches of the world. Indeed, these are right attitudes to have, for John himself said and testified, “We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only [only begotten Son] who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”[2]

The fullness of grace and truth is what Jesus walked in, came in and came with, and this grace and truth overflowed through Him. This grace and truth was declared and manifested through Him when He commanded all who could hear Him to “Repent and believe the good news!”[3] His grace permitted us to repent and His truth declared us the sinners that we are so that we needed to repent. Thus, when Jesus spoke the word, “Repent,” that one word extended to us the grace of God concerning the truth about us that we are sinners.

John wrote: “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”[4] “If we claim we have not sinned, we make Him out to be a liar and His word has no place in our lives.”[5] Thus, the word from Jesus, “Repent,” provided for us to acknowledge the truth and to have the truth in us, for we who repent have acknowledged that we have sin and that we also have sinned, as such the truth is in us and His word has a place in our lives. All who repent have made Jesus to be a speaker of truth.

Therefore, anyone who says, “I have done nothing wrong,” has made a claim that they have not sinned and are without sin. Such a statement only tells us that the truth is not in them, nor do they have room for Jesus’ words in their lives, and worst of all, they have made Jesus out to be a liar. Such a person also accuses you who dwell in Jesus and in whom Jesus dwells to be a liar.

In the light of this, what then can we say about those who come in Jesus’ Name preaching faith in Him without repentance? What can we say about those who preach, “Believe and be saved,” shying away from repentance because it may offend people and drive people away and may be too harsh, too fundamentalist, and too sin-orientated? Such preachers have in fact denied God’s grace to their hearers, for without repentance, there is no forgiveness and without forgiveness, there is no salvation, only fearful judgment.

If the psalmist says we are to fear God because with Him there is forgiveness,[6] then how much more should we dread Him if we have not received the forgiveness, but only have judgement awaiting us. Not only that, they have, that is the preachers, have denied the truth that their listeners, the people they are preaching to, are sinners. Since they have denied the truth about their audience, they have also denied the truth of Jesus’ testimony that He came for the sinners and not the righteous. As such, by not preaching repentance, those preachers have negated the whole purpose of Jesus’ work and denied the Father’s testimony as well. They have made God out to be not only a liar, but an accuser through Jesus Christ. For, if there is no need for repentance, then there must have been no sin in the first place. If that was the case, the Father was unjust in casting Adam and Eve out of the Garden and condemning the devil to eat the dust of the Earth.

A preacher who does not preach continuous repentance has then in fact made God out to be an accuser, not only an accuser, but a slanderous one at that, and that His Son, Jesus, is no better. Thus, if indeed anyone is to claim that they are in Him, then they must walk as He did. That walk begins with fullness of grace and truth, and that grace and truth overflows unto their mouths when they call out, “Repent!”

Thus, we have those who deny Him after they have lived with Him, and their denial of Him means that they have denied their original testimony, making themselves out to be perjurers and liars. But those who come in His Name saying that He is the Christ, yet do not preach repentance as He did, have made Jesus out to be a slanderous accuser, a Satan. Thus, the ‘Proof of Indwelling’ begins with a walk of continuous repentance, because you acknowledge the truth that you are a sinner and that Jesus spoke the truth when He called you to repent. However, in order to walk as He does, we must have that same fullness of grace and truth to begin with, and the fullness of grace and truth must overflow unto our mouths with that signature word of God’s grace and truth… “Repent!” The presence of God’s grace and truth in you is when you repent. The overflow of God’s grace and truth in you is when you invite others to repent with you, not just to believe with you. The overflow of God’s grace and truth removes all shame from you about Jesus and about His words. That overflow is revealed in a life which lives in continuous repentance to inspire others to repent.

There is no shame in such a person concerning the truth of themselves as a sinner, and therefore no shame about the truthfulness of Jesus’ words. Such persons are the ones Jesus was speaking of when He spoke of those who are not ashamed of Him and His words. However, the false preachers who are with us and are coming have already declared their shame for Jesus and His words when they drop that first word out of their self-sanctified vocabulary as they preach on faith in God to increase the physical (health), financial (wealth), political and intellectual (career) wellness to their flock, all the while, burying the word ‘repent’ less they offend. And since one has to practise what you preach, less you are shown a hypocrite, avoidance of the word ‘repent’ allows such preachers to avoid the need to repent. Some may argue that though they do not preach it, they do practise it in secret. Such arguments are easily blown out of the water by the Lord’s Law to all, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”[7]

To walk as Jesus did, one does not practise what one has preached, one preaches what one has practised. Jesus practised grace and truth before the Father in obedience to the Father’s command, and as such, the preaching of Jesus to us begins with, “Repent and believe…” For us who have practised repentance, we should preach it. A person who preaches what He practises is a man of truth already. A man who practises what he preaches is a man still trying to enter the truth. Thus, to dwell in Jesus is to dwell in grace and truth first, and the overflow of that grace and truth dictates that repentance of sins must be preached in His Name always, without apologies.

However, Jesus did not just walk this Earth in the fullness of grace and truth, and although He appeared to walk as one who was homeless, He was in truth walking in the midst of His home, for He is the heir of all which belongs to the Father. If He appeared poor because He was not robed in fine clothes and covered in gold, it is because He already owned everything. As such, a walk in poverty, as some denominations would demand of their people, is not walking as Jesus did. But then, those who perpetuate such misguided doctrines have forgotten the most important ingredient of Jesus’ life after His fullness of grace and truth… His power.

When John wrote: Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did, he was not expressing a new thought or revelation, but merely reminding us that it has always been Jesus’ intention that we indeed are to walk as He did. For not only did He declare the powerful truth that “anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing,”[8] but the first thing He told the disciples that they would be receiving from the Holy Spirit when He came upon them would be power;[9] power to do what He had been doing and power to do even the greater things. It was and is the intention of God that we do walk as Jesus did on this Earth, full of grace, truth and power.

The power, the full power to do what Jesus had been doing and even greater things than these, would be poured out in ever increasing increments to those who displayed a continuous overflow of the grace and truth that came through Jesus. It is as if, to God, a test of trust-worthiness was not in what one did as far as obedience or acts of righteousness are concerned, (which is why in the Old Testament, it is written our acts of righteousness are like filthy rags[10]), but rather a test of trustworthiness, a test, but one which you would prove that you could be trusted to live in His house with Him and in Him, is your ability to dispense the same grace and truth to all He brought to you by telling them to “repent and believe,” as Jesus told you to “repent and believe…” Thus the practise of repentance is the first proof that you have heard Him and believed Him, and the preaching of that repentance is the overflowing of your testimony that the word you have heard from Christ is true and gives life, even life everlasting.

However, the practice and the preaching of repentance can still be counterfeited, for it is always possible to deceive man, but it is impossible to deceive God. The presence of His power in one who practises repentance in secret and testifies and preaches it openly to do what He has been doing and even the greater things, is the threefold proof of the indwelling of God in that person, for it is God’s grace that saved us by His truth and power. Grace, truth and power, the fullness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, which makes Them almighty and unmatchable by any of Their enemies. For Their enemies may have power of sorts, but they possess neither the grace nor the truth.

The first apostles, beginning with Peter, preached repentance as Jesus did, and faith, and that preaching permitted the flow of power in the early years for signs and wonders, so that for a short period of time, it was as if they were going to be doing even the greater things as they began to do the things that Jesus had done with the cripples walking, the sick being healed, demons being driven out and even the dead raised. Alas, there is no act of the apostles that one can say was a greater thing. What happened was the re-introduction of the Law of Moses due to their Jewish fondness for the observation of their traditions and rituals, as well as love of money, which turned them from practising the words of Jesus as their justification to observance of the Law again for their justification.[11]

Indeed, James’ recommendations are based entirely on observations of the Law rather than the practice of Jesus’ words. Then we should not really blame James or even Nicholas too much, for they were merely the spark that burned down the barn. Peter and John displayed that they had not fully comprehended the magnitude of Jesus’ work to set them free from the Law where it is written: One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon.[12] What right did those who had drunk the blood and eaten the flesh of Jesus, who had been cut off from God according to the Law in Leviticus 17:14-15, have to enter the Old Covenant place of worship to pray? If they were going up to the temple to preach, that’s fine, but it is written they were going up there to pray. Their pageant still for the old wine, as Jesus had taught that those who have drunk of the old wine say the old is better,[13] and as such, they had difficulty letting go of it. The old wine of temple worship and prayer, in the presence of the witness of the Old Covenant, remained strong in all of them; so strong that even Paul succumbed when he went to the temple to give notice of the date when the days of purification would end and the offering would be made for each of them.[14] The seduction of the temple proved too much even for Paul, and he too fell from the practice of the words of Jesus to observation of the Law. Even for Paul, power never increased to the point that he was doing the greater things.

Indeed, not one of them was given enough power to do the one thing that would have proved Jesus irrevocably to be the Resurrection and the Life, before His return. Not one, who lived and believed, was spared from death. The power, the full power to live and prove John 11:26 true was withheld… why? Because they had slid from the fullness of grace and truth when they went back to partial observance of law as well as partial practise of the words of Jesus. The fullness of truth was no longer present, for they could not admit to the truth that they, who had eaten the flesh of Jesus and drunk His blood, were cut off from God according to the Law, therefore, no amount of observance of the Law would benefit them. Yet, when they welcomed partial observance of the Law for themselves in order not to offend the Jews who were zealous for the Law, they had in fact denied the fullness of the truth. As Paul wrote, they had slid into hypocrisy.[15]

When the observation of the Law increased as a co-requirement for those who were disciples of Jesus Christ as listening to Moses became as important as listening to Jesus, the power decreased because the truth decreased and grace decreased. Until by the first Millennium, the church was a powerless monster practising very little grace and truth, but a monstrosity of superstitions and heresy, drunk on physical, financial, political and intellectual power. An addiction it has yet to completely forsake and abandon. But in truth and grace, it would be foolish to abandon these four powers of the world unless miraculous power was restored, miraculous power not just to a few, but to all who seek to dwell in Jesus.

When they, the disciples who were of Jewish descent, re-embraced the observance of the Law, they denied that they had eaten the flesh of Jesus to the fullness of its consequence, for had they acknowledged it, they would have realised they were truly cut off. However, their denial even in part of the consequence of their action by faith to have eaten His flesh, meant that they were no longer fully remaining in Him. For Jesus said, “Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood remains in Me, and I in Him.”[16] Partial admission, partial indwelling, incomplete indwelling, incomplete trustworthiness, which meant power had to be withdrawn.

Now, the gifts of God are without repentance and irrevocable,[17] so the power poured out on the first and second generations who received them was not withheld, but of the third and fourth and subsequent generations of believers, very little power was ever poured out again.

For in a climate where partial observance of the Law was deemed as important as, and perhaps even more important than, the practice of the words of Jesus, there were few who were dwelling fully and remaining fully in Christ. In case you have missed the point, partial observance of the Law is to deny the fullness of faith in the eating and drinking of the blood and flesh of Christ, and so deny one’s status of remaining in Christ. And if one does not fully remain in Jesus and His words do not fully remain in you, then Jesus’ words, “If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you,”[18] has no application to such a person. The inability to have whatever you wished for, whatever you will to be done for you, meant that no one would ever be able to do the greater things. If John 11:26 is not proved true before Jesus arrives, then the opportunity to prove Jesus’ words to be true in it entirety is lost.

For in the Millennium, the returned saints can never die again, and those humans who live on this Earth can no longer live by faith in Jesus Christ for He is in their midst physically. Therefore, the full restoration of power is not only desirable, but absolutely imperative. For without it, John 11:26 cannot be lived and if there is no one to testify to the truth of John 11:26, then the words of Jesus are incomplete in their fulfilment.

This then is how we know those who are liars and are antichrists, not that they do not believe in Jesus, but that they have denied their own testimony, which they have shared with us when they were with us. However, they must have fellowshipped with us in order to also receive the power that is being restored. Having received the fullness of that power, even the powers of the age to come,[19] the antichrist himself will then take that power to produce the false signs and wonders to deceive those who have not loved the truth. The camp of the antichrists, including the false prophet, will preach their gospel of ‘believe in Jesus and be saved,’ abandoning the practice and preaching of repentance completely, so that they will have denied the grace and truth of Jesus and have made Jesus out to be a liar. Since they make Jesus out to be a liar, then there is no logical reason why they should believe in the final promise of Jesus, and if they did, they cannot, they absolutely cannot allow it to come to pass. So they are doomed, doomed to gather the armies of the world to fight against the Lord on His return in order to prevent Him from fulfilling His promised, “Yes, I am coming soon.”[20]

Thus, to walk as He did is to walk in fullness of grace, truth, and power, the fullness of power that will be restored to one and ones who provide their proof of exclusion from the Law so that John 11:26 will be witnessed to and testified to by that group that will remain alive and rise to join with Him in the clouds after the dead in Christ have risen. A group who remained alive despite the best of men’s efforts to kill them so that there can be no doubt that whoever lives and believes in Him can never die.

Hence, the fullness of grace and truth dictates that we must live and walk as ones cut off from God according to the Law, with access unto Him through faith in that Jesus Christ is indeed His only begotten Son who came from Him, full of grace and truth. As such, we seek no righteousness before God or men by partial observance of the Law, which suits our convenience, but seek only righteousness through faith.

However, just because we are cut off from God by the Law, does not by any means allow us to be lawless. As such, we, as brother Paul said, will uphold the Law;[21] that is, we will prosecute the full weight of the Law upon those who have chosen to remain under the Law or to return to its yoke whether fully or partially. Thus, outlaws who uphold the Law for those who have chosen to remain under the Law have declared the Law is good.

As such, the ‘Proof of Indwelling’ lies in walking as He did full of grace and truth, with power streaming from Him. Continuous repentance then is our acceptance of the fullness of grace and truth from God, and continuous preaching and exhortation for others to repent and believe the good news is giving out of the grace and truth. Freely we received, freely we give until it pleases God to trust us once again with full power to do what Jesus had been doing, and to do the greater things, to live and never die because He died and was raised again for us. And He is coming, no, arriving very soon.

If we are wrong, then God forgive us and remit the sins of all we mislead to us and count it not against them, for they knew not what they were doing because of us. To God be the glory. If we are right, God be glorified again and again. AMEN


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