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What proof is there that anyone has faith in, believes on and steadfastly believes in Jesus Christ, and who is Jesus Christ and what indeed makes up the whole Person of Jesus, by which a person may have faith?

The time has come to confront ourselves and let the truth confront us. What faith is has been defined for us by the writer of the letter to the Hebrews. Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. [The conviction and evidence of things not seen][1]

We know the consequences of believing and not believing in Jesus well enough, for it is written: “Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the Name of God’s One and only Son.”[2] So, those who believe in the Name of God’s One and only Son Jesus, are not condemned, but saved for eternal life. Therefore, what do we have to believe to be saved? That the Name God gave His One and only Son is Jesus? And in order to do that, we have to believe not Jesus, no, but God first, and believe that God has an only begotten Son whom He called Jesus. That is why, when a person can accept that Jesus is the Name of God’s One and only begotten Son, he has believed God. As such, a person who believes Jesus is the name of one of God’s many prophets, has already disbelieved God.

A person who believes Jesus is the name of a Jewish carpenter’s son who got crucified, has disbelieved God. Such persons may profess that they believe in the existence of God, and that they even believe that Jesus lived, had a ministry appointed of God and they may even believe that He ascended to Heaven, but it means nothing unless they believe God has a Son, an only Son whom He named Jesus. Otherwise they are in truth still treating God as a liar. Any person who does not believe that God has an only begotten Son, whom He named Jesus, has called God a liar, or accused God of lying. That disbelief may be spoken or it may be believed in their hearts, but God who hears what is spoken and searches the hearts of men, knows who really believes and who does not. That is why many religious people may live external lives of piety, but yet are not able to display the presence of eternal life in their speech or actions. They may know their religion and their theology, but they do not know the personality of God.

Jesus said, “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light…”[3] “What is truth?” Pilate asked.[4] And rightly so… and we may well ask which is this truth that we are to live by if we are to come into the light “…so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”[5] The truth is always based on what we know, not what we believe and what we know first is what we know about ourselves.

Right now, each of us knows one certainty. What we know about ourselves, what we are feeling and thinking now and what we have said and done, for we are always with ourselves, even when alone. As such, the truth that brings all men into the light is that all men are sinners. Failure to admit that we are sinners is to deny the validity of God’s statement about us, that He had to send Jesus to save the world. Yes, save the world, not to save the men who are sinners, no, but to save the world from the sinners. For the Earth itself did not sin, but the Earth became “cursed is the ground because of you.”[6] That is why Jesus said, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world.”[7]

The world was cursed through the image of God, Adam, who sinned, and whose children continued to sin so that the effect of the curse continued to multiply. No wonder creation groans waiting for the sons of God to be revealed. If we are not sinners, if Adam was not a sinner, the world would not have been cursed and would not need saving. Therefore, anyone who refuses to admit that He is a sinner has made God out to be a liar also. It is no wonder those who consider themselves righteous are condemned already, but every man or woman who confesses to this truth that they are sinners, has come into the light, because they have admitted that which they had done is sin, and had been done through God in this context, that it was God who made the world and gave the first commandment by which sin was possible through the disobedience of that commandment. The commandment itself was good, meaning, the disobedience of that commandment is evil and is therefore sin.

Thus, all who come into the light and recognise they are sinners have confirmed that God made the world, God gave the commandment, and the commandment as well as the world He made was good… so good that it deserved saving. It is written in Genesis 1: “God saw that it was good…” When we acknowledge that we are sinners, we acknowledge that God knows what is good and what is evil in what He sees. Thus, we acknowledge He is a worthy Judge, a worthy Judge of what is good and evil.

Living by this truth, that we are sinners, brings us into the light so that our deeds will be exposed. Repenting of our sins and believing in the testimony of God that Jesus is His only Son, whom He sent to save the world, saves us from the judgment that comes from our actions of desecrating this Earth and the vengeance the Earth will take upon mankind. The Earth does take vengeance on sinners. That is why it is written that the land vomited out the inhabitants of Canaan before the Israelites arrived. Thus all who believe in the Name of God’s One and only begotten Son are saved from condemnation by God and by all that is made by God, which became cursed because of our sin.

Understanding just what it means to believe in the Name of God’s One and only Son will allow you to see that which is about to happen to the world is just: the disasters that the Earth itself will unleash in earthquakes, in volcanic eruptions, in releasing itself from the curse and bring itself into the freedom that Jesus has given it through His sacrifice. The days of distress that are coming, especially the earthquakes that will also unleash the famines and pestilences and collapse every city, is merely the Earth exercising the freedom it has received from the Lord’s sacrifice. If indeed we are told to prepare ourselves for the day of the Lord’s arrival, do you not think that the world that Jesus saved for His Father would not prepare itself to greet its Saviour when He arrives?

Indeed, Jesus said, “I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”[8] An earthquake are the stones screaming out… screaming out that they are set free from the bondage of sin, for not only was the Earth cursed by the sin of Adam, but the sins of his descendants mounted so high that God had to wipe them out with the flood except for Noah and his family. As a result of the sins of the sons of Adam, the Earth was drowned, its deep springs emptied and its crust was cracked, smashed by the weight of sin as it were, represented by the weight of the water it took to wash away the sins. To this day, the Earth remains in bondage even though it was set free 2000 years ago when it drank of the blood of its Saviour. Yes, even the Earth has drunk of the blood of its Saviour, and rejoiced, for even the Earth will live its resurrection when fire will destroy it and purify it and a new Earth is created. This Earth on which we live has been waiting patiently for the day when its Saviour will return, and greet Him with a shout as it frees itself from the bondage of the curse and spend its day of rest, the Millennium, serving its Saviour, the Lord of all the Earth.

So, if the Earth has drunk the Saviour’s blood, how will the Earth treat those who have refused to drink the blood of the Saviour? As such, it should not distress you any longer of the days of distress that are coming, for indeed they are just the effects of Earth itself setting itself free from the curse to receive its Saviour as its Lord and King.

In the knowledge and understanding of this then, what can be said about those who have not believed in the Name of God’s One and only Son, and how can they believe unless it has been preached to them? The preaching of the good news then is to all creation, all creatures and all mankind, and this gospel of the Kingdom to all nations must be completed for that is what the Earth itself is waiting for, for the Earth is waiting to vomit out of its land every nation that refused the gospel. Thus not only will every creature be judged and every person judged, but every nation will be judged.

So, we have believed in the Name of God’s One and only Son, and we are saved and not condemned. Yet, this One and only Son Himself said, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven.”[9] And He also said, “For My Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”[10]

Look and listen – Jesus said, “everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him…” It is time for us to increase our understanding that God has given us of His Son, and the Name of His Son to believe in, as well as the words spoken by His Son to listen to and to practise so that as we discover the truths, the blessings and the power that is in His Name and His words, we will look to the Person, and believe not only in His Name, and His words, but in the Person. Those who were rejected by Jesus said, “ ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name, and in Your Name drive out demons and perform many miracles.’ ”[11] They had faith in the Name and used the Name, but… did not come to know Him.

If Jesus had to say to Phillip when Phillip asked Him a most reasonable sounding question, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us,” “Don’t you know Me, Phillip, even after I have been among you such a long time?”[12] Then how can any of us presume to begin to know Him for we have not seen Him as Phillip had? Without His physical presence in our midst, how could those who followed the first generation ever stand a chance of coming to know Him if He did not send the Holy Spirit and He blessed us, saying, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”[13]

Our experience thus far tells us this: Faith alone in the Name saves those who believe, but it may not be enough, especially if you are going to use the Name for prophecy, healing and deliverance, so some might say, “Then believe but do not use the Name.” If Jesus did not mean for us to use His Name to drive out demons and heal the sick, then He would never have said, “In My Name they will drive out demons, they will speak in new tongues…”[14] Thus it is clear, salvation begins in belief in the Name, but the extent of salvation depends and does appear to vary. It may be a mystery in part and controversial in part, but this truth cannot be denied and must be acknowledged for those who used His Name in Matthew 7:22 did believe in the Name, but were rejected. So were they saved only to be rejected? That would appear to be the case for now, till we know more later.

It should also be obvious to us now that the words that came from Jesus’ mouth must also be important for the disciples, for why else would the Father command the disciples to “Listen to Him”? Thus the listening to His words and the practice of His words adds to the manifestation of the salvation that has been poured out to each individual. However, perfect knowledge of His words and perfect practice of His words is still not the answer if the knowledge of His words, which is knowing how powerfully truthful and dependable they are, does not cause you to stop and look at Him, to look to Him, and wonder who is He, whose Name is so powerful that miracles can be done by it and even demons flee at its mention. Who is He, whose words are so true and reliable that everyone who listens to them and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock?

You are being trained and restored in having faith in His Name and His words, and will continue to do so. A Name that is famous around the world, though bandied around like a talisman and His words that are written and published in the literary world’s best seller, yet ignored. In a way we have cheated. We have been spurned on to know His Name and His words because both the Name and the words have a reputation of its own, the Name that changed the world and the words that have survived 2000 years for us to read. In that sense, you must now become aware that your faith is biased… biased and therefore not truly true, because the Name and the words suffer a bias of reputation. We are and can be motivated to believe the Name and use the Name and quote the words and practise it because it has such weight and presence in the modern history of mankind, we may be found wanting to be associated with Him because of 2000 years of precedent history. That is all good and fine for some and for others, but I pray not so for you.

If He rejected those who did miracles in His Name and if the Holy Spirit will not entrust His power to keener and wiser and better read minds than ours, what else may be missing? Indeed, something must be missing. We forgot that the Father’s will is “everyone who looks to Him and believes in Him shall have eternal life.” Perhaps we have been too busy being associated with His Name and searching out His words, even practising them to look to Him.

Mary sat and listened, and Jesus said she had chosen the better thing, but did she just listen, or did she also look, looked to Him and looked at Him? Was that why she later said Jesus said to her, “Who is it you are looking for?”[15] She must have looked as well as listened, looked at Him, and looked to Him. Looked and listened enough to know He is a Man who means what He says, which was why she had the bottle of nard prepared for the day of His burial. The bottle of nard prepared for the day of His burial was Mary’s proof of her faith in the Man she was looking at, even as she listened to His words.

Such a privilege is not available to us, that is the truth. We have however the Name and His words and His blessing: “Blessed are those who have not yet seen and yet have believed.” But wherein then is the proof of our faith? Does it have to wait for the last day as He said the Father’s will was, “My Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day”? If that is the only time when our faith in Him is proved, then in this life, we cannot do Him justice, nor bring Him justice.

But He has said and did say, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in Me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”[16] Therein lies an unpalatable ‘proof of faith’ – our ability to do what He has been doing, and doing also the greater things is in fact a barometer of our faith in Him. I say, unpalatable, because you can be certain the church at large will not like this test of faith in Jesus. They would prefer that there were no tests at all, so that their priests could pronounce useless words over the dead people they are burying. But even the apostle Paul challenged his congregations to test their faith.[17]

Some say, “I believe He is the Christ,” but so what, for even false prophets will come preaching, “He is the Christ.” Some will perform signs, wonders and miracles; even call down fire from Heaven, so what, even the false prophet will do that. Others will drive out demons in His Name and perform miracles in His Name, so what; many will do so and be rejected. Others will say, “He is Lord,” and be rejected also. Even those who said that they listened to His teaching and ate with Him, He may also reject.

James wrote in his letter to the twelve tribes: “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him?”[18] But from Jesus, we see that even deeds like driving out demons and doing miracles in His Name cannot prevent the Lord saying to us, “I never knew you. Away from Me you evil doers.”[19] So, what good are faith and deeds in such circumstances? Praise God that it is only from those who have been given much, much more is demanded!

To you, much has been given, and now much more is demanded. Before we can demand proof from anyone else, we must have the proof ourselves. Thus for us, ‘proof of faith’ is the ability to do what He has been doing and even the greater things. Up till now, you have believed in His Name, listened to His words, practised some of them, even read them, wrote them and sang them, and a small measure of power has been given. Now, it is time to look to Him and to have faith in Him… faith in Him, as if He had no Name and no words that have been pronounced, declared, written and quoted for 2000 years, faith in Him, the Man who sits in your house and speaks such incredible words, faith in Him who has no natural beauty that you would be drawn to Him, faith in Him before a single miracle happened to confirm His word.

It is time, as Pontius Pilate said, “Behold, the Man!”[20] to ask ourselves, did Pontius Pilate see something in the Man, Jesus Christ, that made him write, “The King of the Jews,” on His cross and to say to the Pharisees, “What I have written, I have written”?[21] Did he see in Jesus the Man who is worthy to be the King of the Jews? Only Pilate can answer that.

So, what of us? What do we see in the Man they call Jesus Christ? Would we have faith in Him if His Name and His words have not endured 2000 years of history? It is time to test our faith and find the proof of our faith. AMEN


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