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Words that describe the overflow that is used in God’s language, include: abundance, exceeding, surpassing, and, the more than enough. As such, the secret to the manifestation of the overflow rests in the Lord’s Law of Life, when He said, “Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance.”[1] “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.”[2]

However, the abundance is tied to listening, so that you receive the knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdoms of Heaven and of God,[3] and the application of these secrets in the manner of the faithful servants of Matthew 25. And the overflow of the good measure, pressed down and running over in Luke 6:38, is tied to forgiveness being given. As such, there are conditions to be met for the overflow to occur. Anyone who will not listen carefully to Jesus and put that which they have heard into practice, like the good and faithful servant, can forget about the overflow of an overcomer. Likewise, anyone who will not forgive can forget it. We are, I remind you, not speaking of being saved and of not being in the race, but winning the race. Mediocrity is not the name of the game anymore, but rather, excellence and dedication.

There are two types of overflow: the overflow of a blocked drain that just seeps out and keeps seeping out, which in itself has no power, but rather, just a gentle trickle much like a brook trickling down the side of a mountain. It may keep you alive, but it will not sweep away all that lies before it. As such, the overflow of an overcomer who can overrun, overtake, overpower, overturn and overwhelm, must not be the inspired trickle of a blocked drain, but an overflow that is like the flow of a bursting dam. There must therefore be, by reason, a pent up of the power behind the overflow; a penting up and a laying up that is achieved because the vessel holding the power has deliberately held back what it had been laying up. For He will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along.[4] Likewise, that is the way we are to release the overflow from within us. There must be a penting up, and if we have pented up to the hilt, then there must be a repenting (pun) so that we are pented up some more again. Holding it in and holding it back until a force is built up in us so that when released, the overflow surges forward not as a trickle, but a pent up flood driven along by the Holy Spirit.

Now it should be obvious that those who listen enough and practise enough just to get by another day cannot release this overflow with sufficient force. If there is no laying up of the power of God and the word of God with a sense of “penting up”, then there is no build up of the inertia needed to release the momentum to sweep all before them. Many come into the Lord and repent when they first come in and then cease their repentance, or repent only of the same things over and over again without going into the deeper things of their lives. For them, repenting is saying sorry again, but they do not see it as a process of repeating the penting up, that is, to spend a time, years even, preparing, staying hidden, practising, and then suddenly to be released on the scene with such force that all are swept before them.

Jesus appeared suddenly at the Jordon and was baptised from the moment He began to preach. He was doing things and teaching things at such a high level with unprecedented power and authority that all others paled compared to Him, even John the Baptist. He did it for the church as well with one sermon and one miracle. He turned a small rabble of 120 to 5000 people, probably about 5-10% of the population of Jerusalem.[5] Imagine the Lord suddenly moving out from us in such a way that 5-10% of Sydney joins us in a few months. That is the overflow of the Lord, not as a trickle, but as a pent up flood that sweeps all before it and all resistance is futile.

In the same way, He did it for Israel. 430 years of pented up anger, rage and injustice would be righted in one month with the complete ruining of Egypt, and out of her would pour half a million men able to bear arms to march across a desert to descend on the cities of Canaan. Out of nowhere, cities like Ai with a population of 12,000 men and women[6] would have to fight a 500,000 plus army. Even though the first generation perished, the Lord replaced them almost to the man, 603,550 excluding the Levites[7] to 601,730[8] with the second generation, and when they came out of the desert to the Jerichoans, that 600,000 men must have looked like a flood outnumbering them perhaps 10 to 1.

So, likewise, the laying up of the word of God in you must not overflow as a trickle. A trickle of an overflow is enough to keep a small group alive, which is what we are, however, an overflow of the word of the Lord released like a pent up flood will sweep all before it. Now the trickle and the pent up serge is not speaking of quantity as much as quality as well. Instead of sparring with an opponent, it is better to hold your tongue, meditate on the word in your heart and mind until, as Jeremiah said, “His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in,”[9] so that when you do speak, you speak with such authority and power that you cut through the words of others. That is what Jesus did from the time He said, “Didn’t you know I had to be in My Father’s house?”[10] till He appeared at the Jordan for John, His cousin, to baptise Him. He was laying down the scriptures in His heart and mind over and over again until He knew where each scripture was meant to be and how it was to be used so that He would always be able to disarm His enemies, the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law, with one word or a sentence. And then He backed up His irrefutable word with a clear and simple demonstration of the power. That is exactly what the Lord promised us when we face the same enemies. “But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves. For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict (or refute.[11])”[12] And how can you do that if you do not recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit so that He can quickly remind you of what has been said?

The journey to be an overcomer is not a new teaching, no, it is as old as the story of Israel. For the books of the Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers describe the three stages of the development of the overcomer. Exodus is where God confirmed His choice and sent Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt, and the book is centred on the deliverance and the early adventures of Israel as she began to learn to live with God. It is similar to your life being set free from sin, and learning the basic things of living in Christ, such as attending prayer meetings and so on.

Leviticus is where the Law was given and practised. In the same way, you are brought to listening to Jesus and to practise His words so that, like the Levites and the rest of Israel, you are trained to become familiar with God’s way and His voice. For the Israelites, there was the movement and the settling of the Cloud above the Tabernacle, and the sound of the trumpets[13] as well as the ritualistic setting up of the Tent of the Tabernacle and the encamping of the tribes around the Tabernacle. God was giving a display of disciplined regimentation to the nations they would be facing at a time when warfare was not yet a disciplined affair, but rather, a free-for-all fight to the last man standing. This is the same display that the Lord showed outside of Jericho. Six days of marching to build up in the men a penting up of the sound of the shout they would release on the seventh day. There was also a similar time of penting up of fear in the enemy watching, and wondering, “Why don’t they do something?”

Once they had learned the Law and the practices of the Law in Leviticus, then Israel was to go into the book of Numbers. Indeed, the book begins with a detailed census of the size of the Israelite army to give you an idea of the force that God was about to unleash on the Canaanites. The mere sight of that army was to melt hearts, as Rahab testified, “All who live in this country are melting in fear because of you.”[14] The book of Numbers was meant to have been a combination of Numbers and Joshua. Had the Israelites obeyed and gone straight in the first time, there would be no book of Joshua or even Deuteronomy, but rather, we would be reading that Moses parted the Jordan as he did the Red Sea, and it would be Moses leading them in the early victories, with Joshua taking over later to complete the occupation of the land from the river (Wadi) of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates,[15] as had been promised to Abraham (Abram), their father.

You see, the real book of Numbers was meant to carry the list of the number of the army and of the tribes, the list of the number of kingdoms and of cities they conquered, the number of enemies they killed and the number of the plunder they would take. It would literally be a book of accounts, war after war, battle after battle, one victory after another, until the numbers decreed had been fulfilled. In the same way, the Chronicles journey was to be one akin to Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers without Deuteronomy or Joshua. It should have been one of the deliverance of the new creation out of the bondage of the old, Israelites and Gentiles made one by the Lamb, followed by a time when the new nation, the Kingdom of God, would journey out learning to put into practice the new laws they received. They were to do this in Jerusalem, and once the numbers were fulfilled of people being saved, healed and delivered, they would scatter at the signal of the persecution, the signal that Jesus promised them that they would be receiving the hundredfold of.[16] A scattering that would have resulted in Jesus arriving back to start His reign on Earth, a reign that might have encompassed three millenniums rather than the one that John was shown almost 100 years later.

In the same way that the promised time of the Government of Jesus was shortened and reduced, so also the Israelites never occupied more than one third of the allocated land promised to Abraham. So, those who say the church is a spiritual Israel are correct in part. We have certainly made the same mistakes as Israel. So, instead of going straight from our “Exodus” and ‘Leviticus” to our book of Numbers with the church growing in strength and in deeds based on the numbers of the blind healed, the lame healed, the deaf healed, the lepers cleansed, the dead raised and the good news preached to the poor, we went into our own version of Deuteronomy and a wandering in the desert where the book of Numbers became a record of numbers of people who died. So it is as history shows, the book of Numbers of this “spiritual Israel” is a record of the number that have died or have been killed and who were killed by the church and all who professed to be part of her. It is not a record of the number of blind people whose sight was restored, but the number that became blind, lame, lepers, deaf and dead. It is not a record of how many who were poor heard the good news, but how many who were made poor because the good news was withheld until even the Bible was locked away so that the average person could not read it.

Just as the Lord waited 40 years for that first generation of Israelites to perish, so now He has waited almost 80 generations (double), before He is raising up a new generation. A generation who are like the children of Israel who watched their parents die in the desert, and who in their hearts had resolved never to go back there, but were prepared to hear the voices of Joshua and Caleb who spoke of what it should have been and could be yet again. A new generation that will set the record straight, just like the second generation that followed Joshua into the Promised Land, except this time, the Joshuas who lead will not die as that Joshua did, and this generation will do all that was promised, even seeing the Lord arrive on clouds of glory.

Thus, if you consider yourself as having accomplished anything, we have not, but rather, the excessive practice of the word and the reading of the word is so that vessels that have built up in them an overshadowing amount of the word and deeds of Jesus, can be released in an overflow that will gush forth like a pent up flood that will overrun, overtake, overturn, overpower and overwhelm all before them.

In order to lead, God had to raise up His Calebs, men of a different spirit, who would be the witness to Joshua, who is in our case, Jesus. Calebs who can say, “Yes, what Joshua said is true,” for Caleb explored the Promised Land with Joshua. Likewise, you are meant to be like Caleb to our “Joshua”, Jesus, having explored the promises of Christ and found them to be true and achievable, can testify to them. And we testify to them when we are ready, when we have laid up one after another miracle, sign and wonder that when released, will not trickle out, but will wipe out all unbelief and doubt, sweeping up from here to Jerusalem to rise up to meet with Christ.

The days of distress, the dreaded tribulation, the false prophet, the antichrist and the mark of the beast are merely Jericho’s placed before us so as to measure, to give us a sense of the overflowing power of the Lord that we have, which Paul wrote of and tried to describe with these words: Now to Him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,[17] to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen[18]

Now, learn to pent up and then repent again and again, until when the Lord sees fit to release us, we are not a trickle of testimonies as we have been, but a surging flood like the waters that were released when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built.[19] That penting deluge was so great that only eight survived, and God had only to wait 120 years (same number of disciples in the upper room). Now after 2000 years of waiting for the church to realise that it must come to full power, what sort of deluge awaits this world?

Tremble in fear all who hear and understand.

Rejoice all who love not their lives as to shrink from death,

For He is coming like a pent up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along.


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