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You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.[1]

Make no mistake – it is the Lord who called you, chose you and elected you, and it is He who anoints you. Not a single person can begin to serve the Lord unless the Lord calls, chooses, elects and anoints them. You can make a sacrifice to God and pray and praise Him, but until you are called, chosen and elected, and likewise anointed, you are not in His service, only in His audience.

It should be obvious to you by now that all of creation, everything, is part of the audience that is created and permitted to watch what God is doing. So, you can be saved to be part of the audience, for those, who have died with faith in Christ but did not lose their heads because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God,[2] will be part of the audience watching from Heaven as Christ reigns on the Earth with His elect who have come back with Him for the Millennium. So, consider the privilege you have been given to be alive in this time and to have this understanding of the workings of the Kingdom of God. For, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”[3]

If you have been thinking that it is a strange teaching that God is looking for those He can have faith in, know that it is not a strange new teaching. Jesus Himself speaks of the one who has been entrusted with much, meaning the one whom God has faith with and in is the man whom God trusts. If the man who puts his trust in God is blessed,[4] then what of the man in whom God trusts? And who is the man whom God trusts? He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of David, Son of Man and Son of God. To be a man or woman whom God trusts is to be a man or woman like Jesus.

So, for those of you who want to go on, it is no longer a question of whether you can trust God or whether God can trust you. For it is out of the overflow of your heart that your mouth will speak, therefore, your heart must be full and overflowing with the exact things that God has in mind, before He entrusts you to speak from the overflow of your heart on His behalf. Just because you are a preacher does not mean you are speaking on God’s behalf from the overflow of your heart; no, for many are merely speaking from the outpouring of their heart. If you listen to the content of some sermons, you will find very little of Christ in that outpouring, but just contents that would have earned them the same rebuke as Peter received. As preachers of God, we must learn to aspire to speak from the overflow of our hearts, not the outpouring of our hearts. However, God will not fill your cups to the overflow until the outpouring of your heart is pure Jesus. When you learn to preach and to speak from the outpouring of your heart things that are in the mind of God and not of men, then you will be brought to the place where it is not you who fills your heart with the word of God, but God who fills your heart with His word, that your cup overflows because God is the One who is doing the pouring.

But, like Noah, unless you have been prepared to put in the hard labour, which is really no labour at all, to lay down verse upon verse of His word in your heart and to put it into practice again and again, you will not come to the day of Noah when the ark was finally completed and God began to pour into the ark until it overflowed. For when God told Noah to build the ark, the ark was to hold “two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground,” and God told Noah they, “…will come to you to be kept alive.”[5] God’s promise to Noah was that if he finished the ark, one pair of each animal will come to him and he won’t have to go out to get them, to be kept alive. However, when Noah had finished the Ark, God said, “Take with you seven (seven pairs) of every kind of clean animal, a male and its mate, and two (one pair) of every kind of unclean animal, a male and its mate.”[6] God filled the ark far more than Noah anticipated, filled it to the overflow, as it were. Once God had filled His ark full, it was then that He released the waters of the deep and the waters from Heaven until the whole world was flooded and only that which was in God’s ark remained alive.

The completion of the work by Noah and the filling of the ark released the waters that overtook every fleeing creature, overturned every house, overthrew any kingdom and overpowered whatever the Nephilims had built on the Earth, and so overwhelmed Noah that the first thing he did was to make a sacrifice to God.

Likewise so is the pattern now, for Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”[7] As the present “knowers” of God, those who know their God, continue to lay down word upon word, practice upon practice, until their heart is full of the word of God as it is written, so then God will pour into them the increase. Just as Noah prepared an ark to receive a pair of each animal, he received into the ark seven pairs of clean as well as one pair of unclean animal, so that as the ark was filled with more than what was intended, your hearts will be filled with more, more than what is commanded.

Do not be like those on the broad road to destruction who do not value the words of Jesus as the much, but have to add to those words their own judgements and practices, which they deem will make things easier, like James the Younger did in Acts 15. Be one and ones who see that the words of Jesus are sufficient for every situation and occasion that you can encounter. When you learn to appreciate that God has given you the much in the words of Jesus and that He will demand much from you according to Jesus’ words only, you are ready to be entrusted with even more.

So, as you lay up the words and works of Jesus in your heart, as you prepare to receive the words of Jesus into your heart just as you were commanded to listen to Him, like Noah who was preparing to receive the pairs of animals, and you complete the work, that is, the word that overflows from your heart are the words of Jesus, then you will be ready to receive not what is commanded, but rather the more than commanded, the desired. For when God made a distinction between the clean and the unclean animals, and increased them to seven pairs of clean, God put into the ark the distinction between the desired and the obligation.

The believer and the disciple do what they are obligated to do, that is why even the disciples called themselves servants, and when speaking about servants, Jesus said, “We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.”[8] Those who have read the word and put the word into practice because they are obligated to do so, are still merely servants, for their attitude makes them so, and you cannot call them “faithful” servants if they have not been prepared to believe all they have been told, and do all they have been told, unless they laid down their lives for what they were told to do. So, consider carefully your ways. If you have some words of Jesus in your heart that you practise sometimes, then you are a cup filled but not full to the overflow, and the only way you will reveal your heart is when you are poured out, that is, tilted and even overturned. If you have all the words of Jesus that you practise all the time, (and for us in 21st century Sydney, it means every word of Jesus from Matthew to Revelation, for we have the luxury of being able to have the complete library to read openly and in safety) then you are ready to be an overflower. The ark in you is complete, for you have done what you were commanded and obligated to do. Once you are there, then it might please God to pour into you more than what He had commanded, the more that He desires.

What poured out of Noah’s ark was not just one pair of each animal as he was commanded, but rather, an overflow of what was commanded. There were six extra pairs of each of the clean animals,[9] which was what afforded Noah to take from to make his sacrifice of burnt offerings, otherwise Noah could not make a burnt offering of animals immediately, or else a whole species would have gone extinct.

Those who have filled their hearts to the overflow with the words they were commanded to receive, that is, the words that are defined by the commandment to disciples, “Listen to Him!”[10] – have gone the extra mile. They have been given the much by their attitude, for it was how they received the command that determined whether the words of Jesus are the much to which nothing more could be added except our testimony of their effect in our lives, or the little to which selected parts of Moses’ Law and even philosophies of the wise were added. That fullness of faith, that faith-full-ness, made them eligible for the more that could be entrusted to them. That which is entrusted is more than that which is given.

The three servants of Matthew 25:14-30 had obviously been doing enough to keep their work as servants, and because they had been doing what they were obligated to do, the Master then came “and entrusted his property to them.”[11] Those who were faithful to that trust were then “put in charge of many things.”[12] When the Lord returns, those of you who want to qualify to reign with Him must be proven worthy to be put in charge, not just entrusted, but put in charge of His property.

As such, to be in the company of overcomers who will live to greet Jesus and the members of the First Resurrection as they arrive back on Earth, you have to be worthy for the Master to entrust to you now more than what you are obligated to do. To lay up the words of Jesus and to put them to practice is the obligation of every disciple, but for every disciple who lays up so much and practises so much that it overflows out of their lives all the time, they will be entrusted with that which is not commanded but that which is desired. The servants were under no obligation to make more money for the Master, but it was the Master’s desire to see them go the extra mile.

As you lay up the words of Jesus in your heart to the overflow and incline the thoughts of your heart to that word, that is, the desire of your heart is inclined to the words of the Lord, then shall God add to you, entrust to you, the desires of His heart. To the Jews, God only revealed one desire, mercy, when He spoke through the prophet Hosea, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice,”[13] and Jesus told them, “Go and learn what this means.”[14] Had they done so, He would have revealed to them more of the desires of His heart and soul.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.[15] You will come in with your own desires, as all do, but the diligent laying down of His word in your heart till you overflow, means that the word in you will reveal to you the desires of His heart, for He has said, “So is My word that goes out from My mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”[16] The overflow of His word from your heart will accomplish what God desires, for the desire is higher than the command. At that moment, the fullness of the word in your heart will generate desires in your heart, desires He has given you hidden in the double-edged sharpness of Psalm 37:4. In that overflow, you will know what God’s desires are, for they are also your desires and you will be the one accomplishing them. That is, your accomplishments are His desires, for your accomplishments are the result of the overflow of His word from your heart unto your mouth. Then you are the one who, having been entrusted with His desires, will know Him intimately all the more. Having proved your trustworthiness, then shall you be put in charge of many things.

To the Jews, Jesus reminded them of what the Father had revealed of His desire for mercy, but to His disciples He gave the command to love their enemies that they may be merciful as their Father in Heaven is merciful. The overcomer who learns to allow the word of Jesus to grow in him till it overshadows all else and learns to let mercy triumph over judgement, is worthy of the company of Stephen the martyr. When mercy overflows out of you, you are ready to be entrusted with more of the desires of the heart of God.

Thus, the laying up of the word and the practise of the word, does not reach its maximum overflow of power until the word that is released is released to accomplish what God desires and achieve what He purposes. Even at the level of the overflow, those who lay up the word and practise the word so that the word would accomplish what they desire and accomplish what they purpose, may have power, but not the power of the overcomer. For Jesus did not only speak what He heard the Father say and do what He saw the Father do, but He did it all and said it all to accomplish what the Father desired and to achieve the purpose the Father sent Him for. That is why “the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what My Father has commanded Me.”[17] If saying what is on the mind of men and not what is on the mind of God earned Peter the status of “Satan”, then the man who speaks with the overflow of the words of Jesus and the practice of the words of Jesus, in order to accomplish his own desires and to achieve his own purpose, is surely the false prophet who sells his allegiance to the antichrist (the beast) and speaks on his behalf. No wonder both are thrown into the Lake of Burning Sulphur alive. Even Satan is given a reprieve of 1000 years before he and Death join the accursed pair in the Lake of Fire.

Now, see the fullness of the evil of this pair, and understand why the two of them were thrown alive into the fiery Lake of Burning Sulphur.[18] The antichrist is one who, having been a disciple of Christ, now denies his testimony of Christ, and the false prophet is one who holds to the testimony of Christ, which is the spirit of prophecy, for false purposes to release the overflow of the words of Jesus to accomplish his desire and his purpose, not God’s. Since it is the false prophet who speaks on behalf of the antichrist and does the signs and wonders on his behalf, the antichrist does not have to reveal himself until it is too late, when the deception is complete.

What makes the false prophet so powerfully deceptive is that he will speak from the overflow of the words of Jesus for his own desire and purpose to shield the true nature of the antichrist until the end.

But you, who are called, chosen, elected and anointed by the Lord, the Lord and the Lord, will know him because of the fullness of mercy and compassion[19] in you for the Lord. You will know who you are for you alone know whose desires you seek to accomplish, and whose purposes you seek to achieve. Is it little wonder you have to be one who God can also trust, just as He trusted Jesus? If you have become one whom God trusts, have you not also done what Jesus had been doing, and if even the supervision of the Holy Spirit is removed from you, that is, the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way so that you can strike the Earth as often as you wish with plagues,[20] the Earth that God so loved that He sent His Only Begotten Son to save, is that not a greater thing?[21]

If that is so, have you not proved Jesus’ words to be true at their most incredible? And if there are more than two of us who can reach this level of trustworthiness in God so the rest remain alive till Christ arrives and the two are sacrificed in Jerusalem, then have we not proved that we who live and believe shall never die[22] to the glory of Jesus and the Father who told Him to speak these incredible words? Would not the Holy Spirit’s heart swell with pride to see His elect welcome back the elect of the Lord on clouds of glory?

The road is narrow, and few are they who find it. So Lord, gather Your elect and elect some more as Your servant Spurgeon once prayed. AMEN


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