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“…but the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what My Father has commanded Me.”[1] Before a person can come to the place of the overcomer in Christ, the attitude of humility must first be firmly established. These words of Jesus put the whole picture in the correct perspective. From creation to salvation, resurrection, and to the eternities beyond, this verse sums up what it is all about and that which we are to bear witness of. We are witnesses of Jesus Christ, yes; that He is the Son of God, yes; that He died and rose again, yes; and that only in His Name can men be saved, much less be healed, yes – all of that is true and correct in their proper context.

However, it is time to see the complete overview, and that is to bear witness to the relationship of God the Son to God the Father, and indeed, to the relationships between God and God and God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For too long, the focus has been on God’s relationship with us and our relationship with God. This is a focus that is needed for those who are growing towards maturity, just like a child is self-centred in their relationship with their parents. However, as children grow, the relationship should, if those children are filial, become parent-centred so that they may learn to be parents as well. Now, it is time to realise and see the relationship of Jesus Christ with His Father. Jesus said, “I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold on Me, but the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what the Father has commanded Me.”[2]

If Jesus had not done exactly what the Father had commanded, there would be no perfect sacrifice, no atonement of our sins, no salvation, no healing, and no peace for us. No man before Jesus Christ and since Jesus Christ had been able to fulfil the commands of God exactly, not even Moses. Adam did not do exactly what God told him to do; we are the evidence of that until Jesus came into our lives. In fact, the catastrophe of the world is the proof that man did not do exactly what the Father commanded. Not even the great Moses, for when God told him to speak to the rock, Moses struck the rock and lost his place in the Promised Land. The nation of Israel did not do exactly what God the Father commanded them, so they lost the Kingdom, and to this day, their descendants are paying the price of that disobedience.

Only Noah was able to do everything just as God commanded.[3] To be fair to Moses, God gave Moses more commands than Noah, although the task of Noah was equally arduous, if not more so. Although Noah can be used as the example of the reward of a man who did exactly what God commanded him, Noah is only a model of the perfection that came through Jesus Christ. Indeed, Noah is an excellent example for those God believers who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God; for Noah did what God commanded him and he inherited the Earth. Noah was the meek who truly inherited the Earth,[4] and the only other man besides Adam who could say he had dominion over the whole Earth. However, Noah was not obeying God at the risk of his life. Noah was obeying God to save his life, that is, the command of God to Noah was that Noah should save his life. “I am going to destroy, put an end to all people… So make yourself an ark.”[5]

As such, Noah is a poor model of the obedience displayed by Jesus Christ to God’s command. For God’s command to Jesus Christ was that He lay down His life, as He said, “The reason My Father loves Me is that I lay down My life—only to take it up again. No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of My own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from My Father.”[6] Jesus wasn’t laying it down to save His Father’s friends, but to save His Father’s enemies, for all have sinned and are enemies of God. So, the obedience of Jesus Christ exceeds even the obedience of Noah, the only man who did everything God commanded him, which is why figuratively, through the flood, Noah became the second Adam, the man through whom all of mankind would come also. Adam was the first Adam, and Jesus was the last Adam, one an image and likeness of God and the Other, the Exact Representation of God, not an image. Noah was an image of the last Adam, a man who would do everything God told him. However, Noah’s motivation was self-preservation whereas Jesus’ motivation was self-sacrifice.

There are many who are God believers and are chosen by God, chosen to do specific tasks, which change the course of history, beginning with Noah. Most people, like Noah, are inspired and motivated to obey God out of self-preservation. Noah obeyed because, if he obeyed God, he and his family would be saved. All of us came to Jesus Christ out of self-preservation so that we would not be destroyed, so that we would be healed, and so that we would be delivered out of our bondages be they spiritual or physical. We came so that we would be forgiven and be brought back into right standing with God. We prayed so that God would answer our prayers. We obey the commands so that we will be blessed. It is self-centred and self-preserving, which is why all men are descendants of Noah at best; and at worst, they show themselves to be descendants of Adam, self-seeking, and having no regard for God’s command.

If your growth and maturity have always been directed and inspired into Christ-likeness, that is, being like Christ, or as the term ‘Christians’ implies ‘little Christs’, then coming to this place and position is a must. For Christ’s obedience to the Father’s command carried no self-preservation motivation, only self-sacrifice. He was to lay down His life, this is the command He received. Some would say, “Yes, but He was to take it up again.” That is true, but if you thought that would make it alright, that it would make the sacrifice any less painful, then you have never sacrificed, for the sacrifice itself is a journey into pain and suffering, not pleasure and delight. The standard fare we offer to people to attract them to Jesus is the promise of comfort and joy, even pleasure and delight, but rarely is the message of self-sacrifice, pain and suffering mentioned, because it is not what the many want, only the few.

So, the words of the Lord, “Make every effort to enter through the Narrow Door,”[7] comes to mind, but at this Door to the Kingdom of God, He need not say, “…because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to,” for many will not bother at all. Even as Noah built the ark, no one helped him except for his family, and when he entered, no other men or women outside of his family joined him. If they will not believe Noah, they will not believe you. It is because we do want people to believe and be saved that we preach the gospel that offers self-preservation to the multitudes, but for those who aspire for the more, it is the Gospel of Self-Sacrifice, which is the true gospel. For in it lies the true likeness of Christ. At this point, it is imperative that I point out that the Gospel of the Self-Sacrifice of Christ is not the powerless counterfeit offered by some denominations where they preach a life of self-sacrifice and servitude as well as obedience without a shred of miraculous power to do whatever they wish. Christ’s sacrifice was done as a Man full of miraculous power, able to preserve Himself with a word, who then laid down His life and refused the temptation to preserve Himself by another way.

It would be like Noah having the power to stop the flood yet choosing instead to take years to build the ark so that God could do exactly as God wanted. But Noah was powerless to stop the flood, and as such he could only obey God and build the ark to preserve himself and his family. All men are powerless to stop themselves from dying or healing themselves of cancer or the like, so to compare any man to Christ’s obedience is to find a man who could heal himself or keep himself from dying, yet chooses to lay aside that power to obey God’s exact chosen way, even if it meant pain, suffering and death.

As such, make it plain in your own heart and mind that there is no man who is the equal of Jesus Christ, for He alone is the One who had the power to preserve Himself yet chose to obey God exactly. He even allowed Himself to be handed over to Satan and to sinful men and then to Death, the unholy trinity of the enemies of God – Satan, men and Death – to be betrayed, made subject to the lies of Satan, the cruelty of men and then murdered by Death, because that is exactly what the Father commanded Him to do. For God did not command Jesus to lay down His life by a quick beheadment, or in our times, a bullet in the head, but a slow tortuous path to death on a roman cross.

Jesus said, “The world must learn…” therefore someone must teach the world that Jesus loves the Father and has done exactly what the Father had commanded Him, even to death on the cross. Someone must teach us, the church, and that person is the Holy Spirit, which is why He alone, the Holy Spirit, is the One Jesus commanded the churches seven times: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”[8] If we have not learned, then we cannot teach others. That is why you’ve had to learn to recognise His Voice that He might teach you and you might hopefully learn that Jesus loves the Father and has done exactly what the Father has commanded Him.

Now see if you can, that salvation in Jesus’ Name is the proof that Jesus loves the Father and has done exactly what the Father commanded. That the healing of the sick and the driving out of demons is the proof that Jesus did exactly what the Father commanded, because it was the stripes, which Jesus took on Himself exactly as the Father commanded, that healed us. So, from now on, we do not seek to heal the sick to preserve them, to bless them or to give them a little sweetener, or even a bribe that they come to Jesus, but see that every healing is the proof that Jesus loves the Father and obeyed Him exactly. See that every blessing that can be received and manifested in His Name is to teach the world and to prove to the world that Jesus loves the Father and obeyed Him exactly.

It has nothing to do with us, our ministry, our lives, or our reputation; no, the days of self-centredness must come to an end for you and me. It is no longer God watching over you, but you watching over God, watching over God’s household and watching over God’s reputation.

So then, the arrival of Jesus Christ over Jerusalem is not for our benefit, but for His benefit, so that the world will know He is who He is, and that He loves the Father and has continued to obey Him exactly, even arriving on the day appointed by the Father and not by Himself. For Jesus has clearly said, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in Heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”[9] So then, even the day He arrives shows us that He obeys the Father exactly in all that He commands.

So, why did Jesus do that? …Because the Father is a tyrant? No, Jesus obeyed the Father exactly, not only because He loves the Father, but to show us how much the Father deserves to be loved because He is so good—the only Good Father, the only Good God, that He deserves to be obeyed exactly, even if it is death on a cross.

Now, it is time for you and me to appreciate the generosity of God, and how easy He has made it for those who believe in Jesus to be like Jesus. For God’s command to us is not a command of self-sacrifice, pain, suffering and sorrow, no, but a simple command of these words: “Listen to Him,”[10] whom He commended to us, saying, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.”[11] Here is where God deserves all the praise, for anyone, anyone who loves God, can do exactly what God commanded them as Jesus did, if they just listen to Jesus. That’s it—no sacrifice on the cross, no death on the roman cross, no flogging—and you have become like Jesus in the Father’s eyes if you love the Father and do exactly what He commanded: “Listen to Him (Jesus)!”

That is why you must never insult God and treat listening to Jesus as a burden, nor should your ears itch to hear the voice of men instead of Jesus. Now, do you see what an offence that is to God when He has given you the opportunity to be like Jesus in His obedience to the Father through three little words, “Listen to Him”? Yet, you and I have fled to listen to other men and their words, but as you shared your delight in listening to Jesus with others, they have disdained it. That is why even though we are considered a cult because we only listen to Jesus, practise only His words, and follow only Him, we must always consider it a privilege and a joy. For truly, it is a privilege and a joy beyond words and boasting that God the Father should show His love to us through Jesus, His only Son, and He also gave us the ability to obey as Jesus did, exactly, by simplifying the command to “Listen to Him!”

Noah had to build an ark to obey God.

Abraham had to leave home and wander a land not his own to obey God.

Moses had to build a tabernacle, as well as govern and provide for millions of rebellious people to obey God exactly.

But we only have to “Listen to Him (Jesus)!” How much far superior then, the blessing? How much easier the yoke and lighter the burden God has given us?

So, as a sign of your appreciation of what God has done for you, solving the problem of teaching and making the world learn that Jesus loves the Father and has done exactly what the Father commanded must overshadow all other priorities. When you can bring yourself to this state of mind and your thoughts captive to Christ’s heart cry, “the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what My Father has commanded,” and allow this one problem to overshadow all your other problems, to allow this one ambition to teach the world that Jesus loves the Father and has obeyed Him exactly, overshadow all other desires, then you are ready and have already overshadowed all other desires and ambitions of the world.

You have become an overcomer who is the overshadower, for that is what the Holy Spirit is waiting for, one and ones who would make it their task to teach what Jesus wants to be taught to the world. This is what Jesus wants the world to learn: His love for the Father and His obedience so that not only is He glorified, but the Father may be blessed by a world that has learned to love God and obey God just as Jesus does. This is the Way Jesus came to show the world, how to love the Father and how to obey Him exactly. This is the Life Jesus came to give, the life of One who loves the Father and obeys the Father exactly. This is the Truth Jesus wanted to show us about the Father, that He desires to be loved and obeyed exactly because God alone is Good.

So, leave behind your childish ways and leave behind even your sibling ways. For the brothers of Christ did not believe Him and James stood up with a judgement that could not teach the world the love that Jesus had for the Father, but only dragged the infant church back to a lesser light. So the world has never seen that Jesus loves the Father and has obeyed the Father exactly, and even now is obeying the Father exactly as He waits at the right hand of God for the appointed day of His return, a day that only God knows.

Take up the way of true servitude and friendship as brothers of Christ who serve Him like a servant, and yet will only say to Him, “We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty,”[12] when we have learned to love God as Jesus does, and obey God exactly as Jesus does.

So, in everything that we think, say and do, as we listen to Jesus, this one thought, one verse and action must overshadow all else: “The world must learn that I (Jesus) love the Father and that I (Jesus) do exactly what My Father has commanded.” This is what must overshadow our lives, and if we let ourselves be overshadowed by Christ’s desire, then our wishes and desires will overshadow all others.

That is why, in the days to come, do not fear what others fear, nor call conspiracy what others call conspiracy, for the priority of God overshadows all priorities of men, the plans of God overshadow all plans of men, the stature of God overshadows all men, and the Kingdom of God overshadows all the kings of men. And we, who make God’s priority our priority, God’s plans our plan, God’s stature our stature, God’s Kingdom our kingdom, will overshadow all that is before us. AMEN


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