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I want you to know how much I am struggling for you and for those at Laodicea, and for all who have not met me personally. My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.[1]

It takes faith to believe the mystery of God, namely Jesus Christ, but it takes complete understanding, that is perfect understanding, to know the mystery of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. According to the apostle Paul, this is only possible if the members of the churches are encouraged in heart and united in love.

You are now entering the edge of perfect understanding, which is complete understanding, and the coming of Jesus Christ is also your journey towards perfect understanding. For when Jesus appears, all doubt is cast away, for we will see Him face to face and touch Him flesh to flesh, just as the early disciples did. Although they saw Him face to face and many touched Him, few understood Him until after the Resurrection when He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.

However, the ruining of the church with the manifestation of divisions and back sliding into Judaism with the loss of free-flowing abundant miraculous power in all disciples, shows us that the understanding was neither retained nor passed on, except in a few individuals. As the understanding was lost, so the knowledge was lost until not only was ruin covering the church, but the church faced destruction. Many may say the martyrdom of the early Christians brought glory to God, but if the primary method by which God would glorify Himself through the church was through sacrifice of lives, then He would never have released the Holy Spirit and His power upon us to enable us to be witnesses of Jesus and His words, even to the point of doing what He has done and to live and never die. If that was the case, the teaching of Jesus would have been more specific concerning mass martyrdom, and He would not have promised that “he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”[2] Somehow, we were deluded into thinking that whole generations had to perish in order for the next generation to take the promised land, when that was never on God’s mind, if only the first generation had obeyed and listened. We listened to James and his judgements, which carried the curse of the Law, instead of listening to Jesus and His truths, which carried true freedom.

Until Jesus arrives above Jerusalem, see yourself as embarking on a journey towards perfect understanding, which is fuelled by faith, inspired by hope and accelerated by knowledge and encouraged by love. In previous times, the Scriptures were looked at through eyes of faith. Now you have been privileged to look at the Scriptures with the dawning of knowledge as well, for you have witnessed the blind seeing and the lame walking, and much more. To you, the voice of the Holy Spirit is not the whisper of a stranger you do not recognise, but His voice is now beginning to acquire the familiarity of a trusted Friend and Teacher. And you now know much more than you first did and believe much more than you first did. To this must be added understanding. The purpose now is to look at the words of Jesus with faith in the knowledge that they are true for the purpose of understanding why they are recorded for us and to understand what we know of them.

No longer do you need to have faith in God only but to understand what faith in God is. No longer do you need to know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent, but to understand God and Jesus Christ whom He sent. That complete understanding can only be accomplished when we see Him face to face, and the heart cry from one and ones for understanding is like the cry of the Israelites in Egypt for deliverance. But we are not crying out for deliverance that we may be saved and comforted, but we are crying out for understanding so that God is exalted and justified. As such, we can expect certain manifestation of our desire, Christ Jesus arriving over Jerusalem on clouds of glory for our eyes to see, our ears to hear, and our hearts to rejoice.

Neither do we look at unity from the stand point of faith and knowledge, but we must now understand what unity is and what Paul’s words, ‘united in love,’ really mean. To arrive at the starting blocks of the race to complete understanding of God, which makes all faith, knowledge and wisdom perfect, and therefore love perfect, we must focus our eyes, ears, minds and hearts even more intently on Jesus and Jesus alone. No longer, is it just loving one another as He has loved us based on faith and knowledge, but based on understanding how much He loves us, as we must learn that He loves the Father and did exactly what His Father commanded Him in order to show us how much He truly loved us. The singular focus He had on whom He loved and obeyed exclusively, manifested, for many who do not understand, an aloofness, a distancing and a coldness, even saying to Mary, “Do not hold on to Me, for I have not yet returned to the Father.”[3]

Even at the most poignant of moments, of hopes realised and love resurrected, Jesus was completely focussed on the Father and the work still to be done without a hint of personal affection. This is our Lord who understands all things and knows the order in which they must be done and accomplished so that His perfect love for Mary and for all of us who believe will and can never be ruined.

As such, the perfect unity that can be achieved through the glory that Jesus has given us, must not be based on what we believe to be unity nor know to be unity as men understand unity now. For men never had an understanding of what perfect unity really is, not since God confused our language at Genesis 11:6-7 and stopped us from understanding each other. On the plains of Shinar was once a group of people who knew and understood what unity was. The only thing imperfect about their unity was they were not motivated out of love for God but out of love for fame. Their covenant was: “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the Heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole Earth.”[4] There was no mention of a moral code or a code of conduct between each other, but rather the unity was purely based on a common goal. In that single commonness of goal would flow, without letter but in spirit, the code of conduct. As such, the code of conduct that is in the letters will not serve us either, but rather the code of conduct in the spirit that cannot be defined except by those who see where the wind is blowing. It is the code commanded by Jesus: “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”[5]

You doing to others what you would have them do to you sums up the Law and the Prophets, but you receiving from others what they are doing to you as fulfilment of that Law fulfils the Law and the Prophets. Now see and listen and understand.

You doing to others what you want done unto you still leaves you in control, and as such, you have not yet lost your life or will, which is why it only sums up the Law and the Prophets, for the Law and the Prophets is God doing to Israel and to humanity as He would have done to Himself. God showing mercy and compassion and forgiveness is what God would have wanted done to Himself. God giving us laws to live by is what He would have wanted done to Himself.

But God showed neither mercy nor forgiveness to Jesus, but rather as He promised David, “When he does wrong, I will punish him with the rod of men, with floggings inflicted by men.”[6] He permitted Jesus to be flogged until He did not resemble a man. Nor did He give Jesus commands to live by, but rather commands to die by. Jesus received those thoughts, words and actions from the Father as words, thoughts and actions that the Father would have wanted Jesus to do unto the Father. It is the receiving of what others think, say, and do to you in the light of this Law that is the fulfilment, not the summation of the Law and the Prophets.

If the Jews had received the Law and the Prophets in this spirit, that it summed up all that the Father would want done to Himself, then they would have fulfilled the Law and the Prophets. The reason no one before Jesus could fulfil the Law and the Prophets is because no one received the Law and the Prophets with the attitude that this was what God would have others do unto Him.

When you and I fail to receive what others – and I am speaking of others who are brothers, sisters and mothers in Christ – are doing to us as exactly what they would like done unto themselves, then we have missed the spirit of understanding and have instead put on the spirit of judgement.

James, of course, does not even begin to qualify in this discussion, for his judgements recommended that we partially keep that which he and his nation were never able to keep. In short, James put us under the Law, which he desired to be set free from, for he said, “we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles…”[7] meaning that he found the Law difficult to keep in whole.

So, in the light of this understanding what is true unity, which is waiting for its perfection when all understanding is revealed, true unity is not agreement between two persons, but it begins with a commonness of purpose and goal, and a trust that each and every person is working for that goal. Since the goal, like those of the people of Shinar, cannot be achieved by an individual but by a people, then the code of the people is united by the spirit of the common goal and not a written code that is inflexible through which and in which sin can draw power as it did from the written Law.

It was the way Jesus received that which the Father gave Him that allowed Him to fulfil the Law and the Prophets and nail that written code to the cross and disarm it for all who would believe in Him enough to listen to Him and abide in Him and let His words abide in them in this life, so that eternal life could and does begin for them now.

Thus, our love for one another is to be lifted up by the understanding that comes from learning that Jesus loved the Father and did everything He was commanded with a spirit that did not sum up the Law and the Prophets but a spirit that fulfilled the Law and the Prophets.

That spirit says, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit,”[8] even when you are forsaken for doing what you were commanded. That spirit says, “It is finished,” after it has brought forth a peace and a righteousness that even the thickest, darkest, and the worst of rejection cannot discourage.

It is the spirit that seeks no reciprocity nor a spirit that dictates what it has done or has been doing, but just as the thick darkness hid Jesus from our view, so it is a spirit that continues to do all that is required and more, without pomp, ceremony or seeking of gratitude or reward. No acknowledgement needed, no audience required, no applause expected. Just steady relentless work done in darkness so thick that perhaps even the Father could not see through, and in that darkness, perfect freedom. The freedom that comes because there is no expectation of reward, no expectation of reciprocation, no expectation of gratitude or applause, just the satisfaction of the individual being true to themselves.

The greatest love you can show one another is to give each other the freedom to be true to themselves as they follow Jesus, listen to Him and practise His words without restraint so that nothing is forbidden, just that not everything is beneficial, and to receive from each other with the spirit that this is what they would want done unto them without judgement. The first is the truth and the second is the spirit that God is seeking from His worshippers that Jesus said God is seeking.[9]

As you do unto others what you would have done unto yourself, it sums you up; that is, it defines you. But as you receive from others that which they do to you as what they would have done unto them, it fulfils you, that is, fully fills you to the fullness of the stature of Christ. For what other definition is there to define fulfilment than to be filled to the fullness of the stature of Christ?

Thus, humbly, I say to you, be humble as Jesus is humble and be gentle as He is gentle. First before God and with God, and then before one another and with one another, for the Master is ready to teach all, who are weary and burdened with the rules and demands of men, the easiness of His yoke and the lightness of His burden under which all men can stand before Him.

So to paraphrase Paul, whatever your gifts are, use them for God’s glory and each other’s good without restraint or judgement, much less envy or jealousy. Whatever your fruits are, display them without pride or prejudice, but be content with what you have been given and produced, for the Lord is the Judge and the One who rewards each according to their efforts.

If your gift is to care, care. If your fruit is to be sociable, be sociable. If your gift is to be constrained, be constrained. If your fruit is aloneness, be alone in holiness. If your gift is to be a flamboyant display of His grace, and the fruit is pleasure from the display, enjoy both. If your gift is to be subdued and your fruit is quiet delight, enjoy equally as the one who is flamboyant. If your gift is to be able to weep and mourn, and your fruit is the comfort of others, then do it all without hesitation or shame.

In all things, encourage each other’s hearts and let the unity of love be the love of God for God that is found only in Jesus. It is from that vine alone does love for one another truly come. Do not carry the yeast of the vine of the world where love for one another is yet another set of rules upon rules; do upon do; where an unholy abacus clatters away in the background comparing one with another, seeking to make yourself greater than the other, veiled in false humility and superficial religiosity.

Anything that hinders your growth in understanding Jesus delays His arrival, so understand Understanding.


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