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Greater Things

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“He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” [John 14.12]

Jesus said this to the eleven after Judas had gone.  Before one can consider doing the greater things, the conditions needed to fulfil this word are the following:

The first condition is that Judas is gone, that is, the attitudes and behaviour that seek to betray Jesus are gone.  What are these?  They are our tendencies to ignore the words of Jesus and our desire to please men before Him.  Judas was a thief who was more interested in the money than in ministry.  However, no one really knows his motive for the betrayal, even though money was part of the deal.  He did not finalise the betrayal until Jesus offered him the bread and wine as His body and blood.  Was it zeal for the law that finally pushed Judas to seek out the Sanhedrin?  As it is, Judas felt remorse and realised that he had betrayed an innocent Man.  Now why did he call Jesus, “…innocent…”? [Matthew 27.4]

As such, to fulfil John 14.12, it takes disciples who are not thieves, who have lost their love for money and who do not take offence when the Law is broken by a teaching of Jesus.  Unfortunately, many who do believe in Jesus and even have faith in Him have not gotten rid of the Judas in them, and so we have very few who can fulfil John 14.12.

Many are mistaken as being those who fulfil John 14.12 just because they have a ministry with signs accompanying them, not realising that the signs accompany any believer whenever he preaches the gospel.

Even though Jesus said, “…anyone who has faith in Me, anyone who believes in Me…” [John 14.12 NIV & NLT] He was speaking to the eleven.  As such, John 14.12 in context is for disciples who believe in Him and have faith in Him, without the likes of Judas in their midst.  Any fellowship of disciples who desire to witness the truth of these words must be a group that has Judas removed from their midst, especially from their hearts, and that they are not thieves, stealing from what belongs to Jesus, including His glory, honour and time.

When we are concerned only about our lives lived out to their full years so that our ministry can grow and become well known, so that we can die a ripe old age to go to Heaven to be greeted by Jesus, we have stolen from the Lord.  We have stolen from Him time and the honour of His promise fulfilled, because such an attitude has delayed His return.  Judas stole money, but we, when we are not concerned for the Lord, steal much more than just money from the Lord.

Having expelled Judas, the second condition is that we must be able to do the things that He has been doing… more than driving out demons and healing the sick, we must be able to control the weather, change water to good wine, multiply the food, walk on water, travel great distances instantly… just to name a few.  For the greater things come after the things that He has been doing are done.  However, how can anyone expect to do even what He has been doing if they do not believe for them, practise them and speak of the need for them?

If you never see the need to control the weather because you have a cathedral to hold your services, you will never practise controlling the wind, the rain and the temperature.  But try holding your services in the open, you will realise that control of the weather is paramount to a successful meeting.  And if you practise it daily, you know you will master it, and like Jesus, even the wind will obey you.

If you always think of buying food for the hungry, then you will only ask for money in your ministry, but if you see that you must learn to live without money, then you will practise the multiplication of food and the changing of septic water to good water.

If you always only think of travelling overseas by buying a plane ticket, then you will never practise translation, like Jesus did and like the Spirit did to Phillip.  Yes, the Spirit transported Phillip, but Jesus transported the twelve from the middle of the lake to the shore immediately.  As such, although the Holy Spirit can pick you up and put you where He needs you to be like He did to Phillip, you yourself can traverse great physical distances just like Jesus did, if you need and want to, if only you believe and practise.

So, how do you know that the things that Jesus has been doing have been done by your ministry, by you, by your fellowship?  You can keep a record.  However, a sure sign that the things that Jesus has been doing have been done by you and your fellow disciples is when the Holy Spirit gives you the conviction to do things that have never been done.  Things that no eyes have seen nor ears have heard nor minds conceived, and furthermore He gives you not only the conviction, but the success in them.

So what are these greater things?  You will know when you have been practising to do the things that Jesus has been doing, and the blind see and the lame walk… but more than that the food multiplies, the weather is controlled and great distances are traversed in an instant.  When such things are practised, then they will manifest.  And when they manifest, the greater things can then begin to manifest as well.  And when they do, there is your proof that Jesus has indeed gone to the Father.  And if He has gone to the Father, then He is coming back from the Father as He promised.

He said that He came from the Father and that He was going back to the Father to prepare a place for us and that He is coming back for us.  So, how do we know that this is true?  When we do the greater things than what He did.

Hr. Ed, manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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