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God is the Greatest Love

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What does God desire from us? – to act justly and to love mercy and kindness and to humble ourselves and to walk humbly with our God ~

Because our Creator has a master plan which would only interest a man who walks humbly with his God – a plan to spread out the living frontier of His eternity – the frontier that borders the settled and inhabited regions and then spreads forth as a cloak unfurled in all its glory making known the uninhabited, untouched and unknown fields of the imaginings and dreams of the Ancient of Days –

The final but endless frontier of the unexplored knowledge of our God –

To be explored with Him by men and women of the frontier – men and women who live on the razor’s edge in this age – going beyond the border of what is inhabited and settled… and into the radical and strange but power filled miraculous ways of the Lord… men and women who are alive because Christ is alive and who will never die because they live in the resurrection and the life of the risen Christ – and faith in Him is their shield – His righteousness is their breastplate – His truth the belt around their waist –  His word their sword of the Spirit – His gospel of peace the readiness of their feet – His salvation the helmet upon their head – and His glory their ever present, ever powerful rearguard – 


For the arm of the Lord was not too short to ransom us – nor is it too short to reach out to the farthest of the horizons of what is still to come and with that same bared right arm draw it unto Himself and name it the Eternity of the living God who was, and is and is still to be –

The frontier of the eternity of coming to know God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit – as the Trinity – as the Ancient of Days – as the one Lord and one God. 

For this is for the Lord God – so as to fulfil His Almighty imagination which He has for Himself now that His creation has been brought back into His life and into its eternity in the fullness of the resurrection given through Jesus Christ –

For then it will be time for the fruits of His imaginings for Himself to be partaken of – and savoured and enjoyed – for Him to enjoy the fruits of His labour – His hard labour – and to live in the freedom of His accomplished victory through His Christ, and to live it in the oneness of the Trinity as God moves into living the rest of His life… –


For New Jerusalem is the inhabited and settled living city where men will live with God and He will be their God and they will be His people – but beyond New Jerusalem is the untouched, unsettled, uninhabited, even wild frontier of all of which He has yet to be – all of which has been left unwritten –

The untouched awe of God in the splendour and glory of His resurrection –

The freedom of which belongs to Him alone –

His peace we still know nothing about –

His beauty which has yet to unveil itself – 

And the rendition of His opera which is to be sung by one single voice – the voice of One Who was as silent as a lamb to the slaughter – 

For God is Justice and it is justice that He keep aside for only Himself that which has remained only known and endured until the end by the Father and His Son and His Holy Spirit – and which has not been permitted to be known – nor seen nor touched nor tasted nor shared with another –

For Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty – Who was – Who is – and Who is still to come.

And if our humility and our love of mercy and kindness and justice is not that of Jesus, we could not humble ourselves enough to be able to walk humbly with our God into the new fields of His knowledge which never ceases – as we acquire with miraculous power the wealth of the eternity of coming to know the One true God in the fullness of the Trinity – knowing Them individually and as One, as They know Each Other individually and as One –

For that is what will be unfurled into its full state of glory and presence –

Released from His heart and dispensed from His hand like a canopy removing from those who are men and women of the frontier of the living God – the glory which they bring – as glory upon glory is added to the glorified body of the resurrection – as the magnitude of the unexplored truth and goodness and mercy and kindness and justice of a humble and gentle man is spread out and revealed in such a statement of Who our Lord is – of Who our Father is – and Who we are still yet to be in Him – and it spreads out across the wide open spaces of eternity like a seamless garment caught up in the wind as it soars in the freedom of the life held in the resurrection – unfurling like a cloak that the Lord has wrapped  Himself in and has now released into its full dimensions to declare the glory and honour and victory of God Who was patient, waiting for all to come to repentance – and it is released with a desire of His heart and a yearning of His soul and a movement of His arm – His cloak of humility – the signature of His Will to bring salvation and eternal life to all who believe in the Name of Jesus.


For it is the uninhabited and unchartered and wildly spectacular proportions of God Almighty which He has left, not for last – but left for when it would be the beginning of God being Who He was still to yet to be – when all His written word was fulfilled – for then He would move into being what and Who He would never have given to be made known by way of the written word – but only by way of the unspoken – 

For New Jerusalem and New Earth are just the beginning of coming to know Him as the Ancient of Days – and as the Lord Who is One…

For we were born and saved and trained by Jesus to reveal the completed works of God as seen and accomplished in Jesus Christ, and our salvation was only to be the beginning of an eternal quest for what is endless… and for what never ceases to increase… a quest to understand and know He Who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth for in these things He delights…

For the wealth of the universe is to come to know God in the paradise of His R/resurrection and to explore what He has released from His heart and hand and has laid stretched out far beyond New Jerusalem for this is what is of the unwritten –

This is what was to come after the victory, which came through Christ Jesus, was elevated to its place of honour and all His word had returned to Him after fulfilling the purpose for which it was sent –

This is what comes after New Jerusalem is inhabited, and outside the gates of New Jerusalem is inhabited, and the new earth and heavens are complete in all their full array of finery and splendour.

Then the victory brought through Jesus will take the Trinity into what will be Their life in the resurrection – as it will be for Them in all its completed array of finery and splendour and glory and honour and praise and thanksgiving…


And how can we stop wanting to explore the furthermost regions of what is still unknown of Him?  How can we not be trail blazers of the wild and perfect frontier of what is still to come to understand and know of Him?  How can we stop when Jesus is in every fibre of our being?  How can we stop even when the living city of New Jerusalem is our home and the new earth and new heavens are a living testimony of the fullness of the life of the resurrection given to all God’s creation through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit? ~

For our Lord is full of mastery and wisdom, from which has come every sign, every wonder and every miracle which is to light up the new day which is soon to dawn – the dawning of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit arriving into Who They are still to be –

Their Oneness lighting up the ultimate living unchartered territory of the Ancient of Days – The Holy infinite expanse of the one God, which overwhelms the distant galaxies of eternity to eternity, as it awaits to become known to those who can never unceasingly remain in what is already made known – who can not unceasingly remain in New Jerusalem without also seeking what is still left to come to know of the one true God and His Jesus and His Holy Spirit, not only in New Jerusalem, but far into the places of Him and where He exists which are yet to be inhabited or touched or known by His Creation – the entirety of what was placed and held secure in the Name and person of Jesus Christ – held safe and secure because He sacrificed His life to save it and to secure it ~


And it is when we step out of what is written and into what is unwritten – it is where we step out of New Jerusalem and into what is beyond – where God is in His element and where we have stepped again out of the elementary truths as it will now seem even on the new earth, and into the maturity of where God will be what He has still yet to be – where He now becomes what was never written – taking us to where we will be the fullness of what we are to be as the New Creation –

For He is not only a God Who lives with His people in New Jerusalem as it is written… but He is still a God Who is of the unseen and of the unwritten and of the unspoken – and of the miraculous – the miraculous in a way we have not seen nor come to know –

For we know miracles as only a way so as to right the wrongs which sin has made manifest in us and in the world – 

We have never seen it in the way it was meant to be used – in the way it was meant to be acknowledged and lived – the way is was meant to enrich our lives – Lives which were not in sin – but lives which were pure and innocent as we walked humbly with our God – walking richly in His love and in His perfection and in His abundance of power.   For God lives in the perfect power of the miraculous – and He waits for us there – 

For His miraculous powers were meant to give us a perfectly powerful life in God – not meant to have to be used to redeem us from a sinful powerless life which had separated us from God.  

And for the Holy Spirit, the distinction between the two is endured for the glory of God – as He patiently waits for the time when the miraculous is once more solely for the full enjoyment of the exploration of what has been left to still know about the one true God and Jesus Whom He did send – used totally for the delighting in life and in its increase – delighting in God’s creation – delighting in increase of perfection as the Father continues to make more perfect that which is already of the perfection of His hands – the workshop in His eternity where He continues to enjoy His love of perfection – His love of perfecting perfection – as He makes more perfect those made in His image – as we watch Him and copy Him – as we live in the miraculous life given us through rebirth, death and resurrection through Jesus Christ by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit – 


For our Lord was our sign to us that we were perishing – our wonder to us as the wisdom of the wise perished and the intelligence of the intelligent vanished, and our miracle to us that even though we were dead in our sins we are now alive forever in Christ Jesus –

Alive in the miraculous salvation and resurrection of God – alive in the miraculous imagination of God – alive to live in a dream land – a land of dreams – of living dreams yet to be fulfilled and lived – so real and so solid for they were a part of the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ and extend beyond the inhabited living city and lay untouched and unexplored and unlived for their time has not yet come – 

For the living and creative God Who created us for a reason is going through what He is going through for a much higher purpose than we know – salvation for all only the gateway into what it is – for Jesus is the only way by which we can enter any part of the life of the eternity.  

And if we are at that place within Him and within ourselves, our eternal joy will be made complete – the goal of our faith being salvation – and the goal of our salvation being to watch Him through the eyes of ones who finally not only believe, but know and understand the joy and the passion of the Creator… who would not allow His creation to perish… for He rejoiced in the whole world He created and delighted in the children of mankind ~

For we have never seen our God creating – never watched Him – never saw such a sight nor heard such a sound – nor understood such a thing – never witnessed His miraculous power displayed in such a way – 

But we will be glad and we will rejoice forever in what our God creates –

And we shall be glad and we shall rejoice forever because He is Creating – not salvaging – but creating – not using His power to redeem the imperfect but to create what is perfect!!

And we do not need the thoughts of others to confirm or deny His Will, nor His W/word, nor His zeal, nor His passion, nor His commitment, nor His love of life and love of perfection… we only need the thoughts of God that we might share with Him at HIS level, HIS zeal and passionate commitment to life and to perfecting that life.

Because Jesus is our confirmation – He is our belief, and our knowing, and our resurrection and life as a new creation in God – 

For it was the unchanged truth which was with God in the beginning which had the power to free us from sin and from all the rules upon rules – and burdens upon burdens – for what man added Jesus deleted and what men wanted to take away He reinstated – for even Jesus Who was fully man was not giving His own interpretation of the scriptures – but spoke only what the Father told Him to speak –

For Jesus was a true Teacher of the word – and a true Master of life – and a true Father to all who came through Him…

Because He kept purely to the words that give eternal life – that give resurrection and life – so it could be no more misunderstood what God alone precisely meant when He gave us the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has to power to save us and the power to condemn us – so there would be not one thread of a man’s word added in any way – not even from Jesus who only spoke what the Father told Him to speak because He was working for the honour of the One who sent Him – and He did not send Himself – but He was sent by the Father – 

Because God is about the Truth telling you the truth –

He is about the Word speaking to you the word –

He is about the Power displaying to you the power –

And He is about God revealing to you God –

For He does not need us to tell ourselves about Him – but it is that we need God to tell us about God – we need Christ in us, the hope of glory – Christ in us the Truth of we who are the New Creation of God ~

For the Truth tore down the lies and cast away the rules and burdens –

For the cross of Christ is not a burden – it is what saved us – and it is what perfected Jesus – and it is what resurrected us from death…


And so as Jesus felt the unrelenting whip across His back as it tore into His flesh and shed His blood – so are we to feel the very last stroke of His pen across our own flesh and spirit and for it to be unrelenting so we never forget – never forget to commemorate His death until His return – never forget to abide in Him without ceasing – that we never forget not one word He spoke nor one deed He did… every deed and every word even down to the last stroke of His pen before it was put back in its place –

For Jesus was never removed from receiving the last stroke of the whip down to the very last piece of bone attached to it, which cut into Him so as to tear the final piece of flesh which was still intact… nor was He removed from enduring the fullness of His sufferings on the cross… and so as He said, ‘As I have done so you will do and then the greater things you will do’ – and we take Him at His word to the very last full stop after His last words –

‘Yes, I am coming soon’ – and to the very last drop of blood which fell from the Word made flesh which signified ‘It was finished’ – the last drop staining the page on which it was written, just as it stained the ground on which He walked and lived and died and resurrected ~

So that it is driven in and wedged into the very sinews of our bodies – so if He comes and moves that full stop, we will know about it – and if another drop of His blood is to be spilled, we will know beforehand – because we are to be sharper than His enemies – one step ahead of them – so we will be there before the wound is inflicted and we will deflect it in the honour of His death, which was once for all… and in the honour of His life which was given to all who believe in Him –

For we are the frontier of God while we are still on earth – ones who stand between the living and the dead as our Lord did – ones who defend His honour and honour His death and live in He who is Life to the full 

For we are of the frontier cleansed by the blood of He who blazed a trail ahead of us – for we came from the unknown and unseen of God and we are going back to the unknown and as yet unseen of Him, if that is where our heart is – if that is where our treasure lay –

For if it is – then that is where we belong ~


For we are not of the inhabited and dainty of the world, but are of those who are outcasts and who are of the distressed and discontented and in debt – we are of the places which are inhabited by only our Lord – lonely and secluded places where there is deep darkness and where there is not one who will stay awake with us for even an hour except for the Holy Spirit Who also shares that place with us – a place though from where we can see what the Father is so full of – the fullness of His indignant anger and also the fullness of the outcome of the victory which is never far from Him – because that is the outcome of all the trials… the despair… the pain… the unbearable pain that He lives in… it is the outcome, which comes from the victory held in Jesus Christ, that He looks ahead to the outcome of His patient endurance…

And His indignant anger at the treatment of His Son will be satisfied and then the honour which is to greet Jesus will be unleashed in its full power and the Father will be fully satisfied and Jesus will be fully honoured… and we will have remained standing until the end… and Jesus will be on His throne in His Kingdom on earth just as He is in the heavens and our life with Him on earth for the next 1000 years will have begun ~


And so we are as we are – because the Father gave us Jesus to disciple us –

He gave us the First and the Last of all who are called forth, to lead us to victory –

He gave us the radical One to listen to – and to follow – and to obey and to believe and to know and to understand and to copy –

He gave us the One Who is faithful until the end – even unto death –

He gave us the One Who says, ‘I will do’ and then does it –

He gave us the One Whose blood washed us clean and then soaked into all our pores and saturated us until we are of the very same flesh and blood and heart and mind and vision and even sweat as He is –

He gave us the One Who never gives up… He gave us HIS SON. 

And we are as we are because we were given the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and we ate it and drank it – for it is the only gospel, which has the power to free us, and save us, and resurrect us into a new creation – and it is of the same power which made God’s Word flesh – which made God’s Son sin – not so Jesus could come and have afternoon tea with us and we would think well of ourselves for our good deed and hospitality – but so Jesus could be made the sin offering for all who have sinned against God – and that deed of our Lord Jesus is the only good deed by a man which is of the lasting –

For all the deeds of men are but filthy rags alongside the deed of the Lord, which gave us the New Covenant – perfected in His flesh and blood – 

The new perfected Covenant for the forgiveness of sins – our sins – the New Covenant, which was written in the blood of Jesus, which was sealed for the day of redemption with the blood of Jesus and which was given to all flesh by the flesh of Jesus –

Given by the blood, body and by the Will of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost –

And we know that whether in Spirit or in the flesh that JESUS IS LORD! –

And that He is arriving very, very soon – for God is not slow in keeping His promise as we understand slowness – but He is patient, not wanting anyone to perish, but for all to come to repentance and have resurrection and life through Jesus Christ, and to explore the frontier of His destiny and to live the greatest adventure of our life as we come to know the Ancient of Days –

For such is what life is given – for such is what our refinement is given for –

For our walk on the razor’s edge now is not to see if we bleed when cut, but to see if we are of the substance of our Lord – the substance of the Sacrifice – the substance of the Cross – the substance of the greatest Love – the substance of what was left unwritten – the substance of what is still to come – the substance of what dreams are made of – what God’s dreams are made of –

The substance of ones who remain faithful until the end – faithful to the Name of the Father’s Son – faithful to the sacrifice of our eternal Saviour – faithful and holy until the end to the Holiness of the Holy Spirit as we live in the holiness of the gift of the miraculous, because from the holy power of the miraculous were we given life to live in abundance –

For we were made and came forth from the abundance of the imagination of God so we are as big as His imagination and as infinite as He wants to imagine us, and so make us…

But would we lay your life down for the imaginations of God –

For what he has in His imagination may not be what we have imagined for ourselves – for what the Father had in mind for salvation and for Jesus may have been not what Jesus had in mind for Himself, but the Lord said, ‘yes I will do it – I will be their Saviour and I will be the Resurrection and the Life for all of creation’ ~

And for Jesus it was the reality of death on a roman cross that He said yes to –

But He cannot say yes for us to the Father when the question is for us – Would we lay down our life for God’s imagination? – Lay it down for what He has always imagined we would be, and do, so He could still be what and who He is still yet to be 

Would we say yes and then be the fullness of what we were saying yes to – even if what God has imagined for us is not what we thought, nor knew, but is of what is unwritten – of what He will not even form into words, but will be of the unspoken and unseen and be only known to Him forever…?   

Just as there are many things of which Jesus did for the Father which are not known to us but always only known to the Father and the Holy Spirit ~

And it is Jesus formed in us Who establishes in us what will last forever between us and the Father – 

It is Jesus the W/word in us which lasts forever…

The discipline of being His disciples which lasts forever…

The patient endurance of the last days which will last forever…

The formation of Christ in us which will last forever…

Loving each other in the same way that He has loved us, which will last forever –

For the fruit of which the Father is seeking is the fruit which will last forever and until that fruit is produced in us, we can never even understand the questions He is posing to us –

For the fruit, which lasts and which when produced by us, is when the Father will give us whatever we ask in the Name of Jesus.

For Jesus said, ‘I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you –  And here is how to measure it’ – He said, ‘The greatest love is shown when people lay down their life for their friends – And I chose you and appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last for then the Father will give you whatever you ask in My Name – So I command you to love each other’ –

In the same way that He loved us – not in our own interpretation of His command – nor our own narrow interpretation of His love – for He gave us a way so we could measure the least to the greatest, so we could not say we did not know the difference –

Jesus loved us by laying down His life for ones who were the enemies of God so all would have salvation and resurrection and life in His Name – resurrection so we may live in the new – that we may live in the eternity – so that we could be of the new creation – and so be taken out of the old way and brought into the new as the Holy Spirit brings rebirth and death and then resurrection and life to all of God’s creation at the appointed time –

So we take the measuring line He gave us, and instead of going to the most common end, we go to the most secluded and lonely end – the end which will cut us to pieces even unto death – For that is the power of the cross to save by the revelation of the Truth as seen and heard in the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord – and is the only end which borders and separates the inhabited and settled from the uninhabited and unsettled – the only end which separates the contented from the discontented – 

For the most common way is not the way He loved us – the common way does not last – only the Holy way lasts – and the Holy way is the Lord’s way no matter what way He does it – whether it is accepted or rejected, it is Holy unto us and Holy unto the Lord 

For it is our salvation and resurrection which lasts, not the material things He blesses us with, even though they are a part of Him and a part of coming to know Him – it is not to stay in the material blessings and comfort of a good deeds and powerless word, for the real love which produces fruit which lasts is the way Jesus loved us – loved us enough to make sure we entered into the new creation of God and where not left to perish in the ways of the old creation –

That is the love which lasts and which produces the fruit the Father is waiting for – But He has few who will produce the fruit of the greatest love – the laying down of our life so one and all may be brought into the resurrection and life of the new creation – good and friendly deeds do not necessarily lead to what will be of the lasting –

For the Father gives us what we ask in the name of Jesus when we are just like Jesus and producing the fruit which lasts – the first fruit of love in its greatest and most powerful form –  

For when we love with the greatest love as Jesus loved us, we have gone to the very end of the frontier in this age and have seen our cross and have said, ‘yes I will do it’ – and then have gone and done it – and we have seen the imaginations of our God and have said, ‘yes I will be it’ – and we have become it – being as true to our word as the LORD IS true to His word – 

For only then, what we ask the Father for in the Name of Jesus, can be given us in the way it is there to be given us – for we have chosen the way of the Lord – for already what God imagined we might become was surfacing – we were already of the heart, mind and soul of one who forges ahead into the darkest of places in the darkest of hours and into the unsettled unknown regions and blaze a trail for others so they may be of the resurrection and the Life of Jesus… even His enemies…

For many have gone to the least end of the scale, some even exalting themselves for such worthy deeds, but it is ones He is looking for, and waiting for, who have seen the sharp point of the nail and have said, ‘I will do it’ – and have felt the weight of the mallet and have said, ‘yes, I will still do it’ – have felt the cutting edge which cuts deep into every sinew and have not turned back but honoured their word to God and have freely and willingly chosen the way and the truth and the life of the Lord God Almighty –

Because the Lord is the First and the Last Frontiersman Who went ahead of us to carve out the way for us so we may follow Him where no man has ever gone before, but where every man was meant to go with the Lord in the complete abundance of what is the miracle of life –

The miracle of life in those who have no life of their own, but were given life by God so we may freely and wilfully follow Him into the unchartered territories of the living God, and not only remain alive, but remain alive to live the life of Christ to the full – and that is the life of the Father and of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit as They are as One…

For Jesus put His heart and His life on the line – for on the razor’s edge is where the Lord was born and where He lived and where He taught and where He died and where He was resurrected.

So how can we be any different than He who is our Saviour, He Who is our Hero? 

How can we be any different when the One we follow is the class act of all time?  

And if we want to be a class act to display and give honour to the Lord in the way Jesus gave display and honour to the Father – then we have to follow and copy the One Who is THE CLASS ACT of all time – the One Who came and accomplished and performed an act of SUCH CLASS – of such distinction – that it separated what He did and said from anything else which the world had ever seen or heard before –

He is the only act of class and distinction which is to be exalted so far above the world and its ways that nothing else can come near it –

And if we are His disciples, we do as He did, and do what will distinguish us from all other peoples of the world and even of the church as it is now ~


For Jesus is a hard act to follow – but it is that class which brings us out of the world even though we are still in the world –

Doing what Jesus did in the manner He did them – and then doing the greater things so as to distinguish us from being disciples of anyone else, but making us known only as the disciples of the One and Only Jesus Christ Who is the Son of God, is the only way to the place where Jesus is… the only way to the edge of the living frontier of the eternal God – for living on the very edge of God – the very precipice God is when we are not of the world but are still in the world and living in the power of His resurrection – in the power of His economy 

When we live in the power of the miraculous and truly taste of life as it was meant to be – Tasting of what is true sacrifice – tasting what is the true razor’s edge – tasting of what is true faithfulness unto death – and what is giving it all up for the will of the Father – giving it all up for the gospel of Jesus Christ ~

And how can it be any different for us – if we are to be with Him and see the glory He had before the creation of the world –

How can we be any different when now the only way we know is the way of the Lord and any other way is a blatant contradiction of everything He has taught us, and a blatant contradiction of everything He is… and stands for… and died for…

But the miraculous power is not meant to destroy us, nor our faith in Jesus.

And the freedom that absolute power brings is not meant to free us from our God nor His will – but to fill us with the absolute joy of being free to be one with Him as Jesus is One with the Father –

For what was stopping us, Jesus tore down and washed away – what was stopping us, Jesus died for – 

For the power of His freedom – and the freedom which comes from His power – and the power of what the miraculous leads us into is what it is to be free to live in, and to express the absolute joy of living in the completed works of God as held in Jesus Christ – of living in what are the deeds and works of Jesus, which are only known to the Father and the Holy Spirit.  The portion kept only for Themselves and which has remained untouched and Holy only unto the Father and the Holy Spirit even from eternity past –


For with power, our God shall bring forth the headstone of equity and of mercy ~

The Capstone to shouts of God bless it – 

The Top Stone amid shouts of Grace to it –

For the Final Stone of the Temple will be put in its place –

For the Lord will glorify the House of His Beauty –

He will beautify His beautiful House and adorn His glorious Temple, as He makes the place of His feet glorious ~

For the wrathful indignation of the Lord shall not return back to Him until He has executed His devises and until He has performed the thoughts of His mind and until He has finished all His plans and accomplished the intents and purposes of His heart ~


And if we know Jesus was sent by God by the deeds He did – Then we will be known not only in the world as being sent by Jesus by the deeds we do, but we will be known by God, for those deeds will enable us to stand on the edge of the frontier of the eternity of the living God and lay down our life as we have known it in New Jerusalem, and lay it down on the edge of the frontier which leads into the unknown of the Ancient of Days, because we have said, ‘yes I will be what I am still yet to be, and will walk humbly with my God, as He is who He is still yet to be…’ as we walk with the humility of one who have received the relentless mercy and grace and forgiveness of God – and walk in that humility with Him side by side… hands intertwined… hearts and minds as one… with the humble expectation and anticipation of what is still to come for our Lord who waited patiently for His time to come – just as He waited patiently so all could come to repentance and call on the Name of the Lord… and we will know Him in the fullness of the Life of the R/resurrection He gave to all of His creation through the sacrifice of His only beloved Son who revealed to us what was the greatest love, and loved us the way the Father loved Him – so we may be able to come to know God as One in the fields of His eternity, as sons and daughters of the resurrection – not only in His mind but now at His side… who have come from the splendour and beauty and riches of the living New Jerusalem to walk with Him into the unknown and the unadorned – to walk with Him into what is the unwritten and unspoken glory of God – 

The unwritten and unspoken glory of a humble and gentle Man… walking with Him, not as kings, nor lords, nor overcomers, nor even heroes of the former age, but just walking with Him in the peace and solitude and perfection of the cool of the day – not a word spoken, nor a mention of what has past, but only now with the same eagerness to enjoy together the perfection of His dream for all of His eternity…

To enjoy what is the perfect living fields of His heart and mind – the untamed, unexplored, untouched frontier of God, which leads to only where He has imagined it would…

For He patiently persevered until the end so no one would perish and His patient perseverance brought to Him the outcome He so desired…


But He still has to judge the secrets of men – for He lives in Truth and in Judgement and in Righteousness – and we must know that a great responsibility has fallen upon us who are the elect of the Holy Spirit –

For in the day when God shall judge the secrets of men – it will also be according to our gospel given us by Jesus Christ – our individual gospels given us by Jesus Christ      


For that is the responsibility, which comes with power and the gospel for which we will be held accountable for before our Lord – that they are all perfectly executed with the precision of the Sword of His word – for men will live or men will die according to the richness or the hollowness of the gospel we have been given to preach –

For the gospels He gives us are the wealth of His Kingdom – the wealth of His eternal life –

And our greatest wealth is that God is our Father – and that our Father just happens to be not only the Lord God Almighty – but just happens to be a very humble and gentle man who loves the simple things of life – Who loves life and who rejoiced in His inhabited world and delighted in the children of mankind and wants not one to be lost to Him ~

And so we preach our gospels with all we have in us ~ even unto death so that we may give life as Jesus gave us life – us, who were once enemies of God, given life through the greatest love given us by Jesus Christ – and so we love as He loved us even unto death, so that the life of Christ may reign in all its abundance –


For so as Jesus, through the Spirit of Holiness, was declared with power to be the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead –

So the Holy Spirit dispenses His infinite power and through the sacrifice of One Who made us all holy – the Spirit of Holiness declares with power that all creation belongs to God, and declares it by its resurrection from the dead as all thing are made new –           




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