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God is Love is Glory

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Man is not man as we know man to be, which is man – male and female – as we are, for we are corrupted with sin, wickedness and rebellion, corrupted by the knowledge of good and evil out of its proper rightful order. We are not that which Man was made of, neither of the Original Man, nor of man, male and female, that is, man who was made in God’s Own Image and Likeness, who was a representation of in form of appearance and in semblance of, a copy, a counterpart closely resembling what God is in Image and in Likeness, that is, both in God’s appearance and in God’s tendencies and mannerisms. For we were created without eternal life reigning in us, let alone the unequalled, unsurpassable life of the divine, neither were we created already knowing good and evil, for we had not yet been tested to be proved trustworthy, not yet proven to be full of unfailing love and faithfulness, that is, full of grace and truth, at our birth.

Yet as like the Pieta is a magnificent and highly skilful, graphic sculptured depiction of the image of man, if the image was to be in that pose, but only made of lifeless marble stone, man, of which the Pieta is the inspiration of, is with internal working organs and flesh to function by and with the breath of life and a will to choose, whereas the Pieta is devoid of living flesh and all its functions and the freewill ability to choose, let alone any will at all. So God has a fully matured character, an attitude of spirit, complete and perfect in every which way God is, that does sustain eternal life to the exclusive life of the divine, even as He knows all good and evil. And this is what was not automatically generated in man at creation, for so enormously different are we to the fullness of God in His Perfection as the Pieta is from us, for we likewise have no life of our own with which to maintain ourselves, and neither the ability to create or reproduce to sustain in its full function that substance called life.

But the seed of all that God held within Himself was planted within us, for it was for man to be fruitful and multiply, not just of man, male and female, having many sons and daughters to populate the Earth, but to be fruitful and multiply what was sowed into him that it would grow to its fully mature state, that is Man, Perfect Man as the Original Man held within Himself, that we would subdue the Earth and be masters over the fish and birds and all the animals, and over all the wild beasts that move upon the Earth by way of humble submission to They who created us, not in subservience, but in willing obedience and mutual friendship to Their full counsel and teaching, as They discipled us into the fullness of maturity to become an exact representation of Man who is in Heaven… For only in this way, would God receive back True Man, man with freewill who chose to heed carefully the commands given him and obey them exactly because of the seed of love which resides and swells within him to reciprocate all that he has been freely given, and take what was very good into its increase to what is perfect, without measure, without limit, having no boundaries, without wearying to the point of stopping to say, “It is enough,” and without declaring “My will be done”…

We, as we know man, are what were originally created as patterned after God, but with sin having corrupted our being, sin paying us the wages of death, with this death working in our members, bringing decay and the severity of the certain decrease to our life in all its manifestations. And not only of its prime state of being, but also in its decaying state, which brought our life span to a certain close on this Earth upon which we were placed, to return our flesh to the dust from which it was formed, our soul to sleep, and our spirit to endure all that Heaven or Hell offers in preparation for that time when all those who are in their graves will hear the voice of the Son of Man, Son of God, to be raised to the resurrection of life or to the resurrection of judgement, according to their works,[1] which are whether they had or had not believed in Him whom He had sent.

By our sin, we perniciously maligned what was created – our wilful self rebelling against God – for we chose the path that we thought would set ourselves up as gods to be like God, but unwittingly to us, in our greed, ignorance and indifference, because we took no care and gave no heed to the command of God, turned our original given nature from very good, even excellent, to one that had evil ruling in riotous control and bought at no up-front purchase price, death, lock, stock and barrel. Death having its way in our members and raging throughout creation with spiteful hostility, in an intensely bitter, viral package of lies – a virulent package of anti-truth – and so we all fell short of the glory of God, short of Truth, and so we never came to know God in His Fatherhood; short of Life, life that we never entered into, for we had to be removed from the Garden wherein we walked with God in the cool of the day so that we could come to know Him to become like Him; and short of Love, for if we had loved God, we would have obeyed His two commands to us, the first of abundance, to be fruitful, multiply and subdue the Earth, the second of protection, not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But rather, we fell at the first deception by our own freewill and without repentance, fell with the first package of lies that we believed, for it was what we desired, for in our childish state, not childlike state, it seemed good to us that it would make us like God, omniscient, knowing everything, both good and evil…

For though we were created in perfection, we were not created perfect; for we were created as very good, excellent,[2] a counterpart, by the precise and exacting execution of a design formulated with the intention to bring a definitive outcome to satisfy all the criteria of Perfection. And yet it was and still remains God’s desire that we would attain that perfection and not remain in our created state, birthed as man, male and female, who were very good, even excellent, in the image and likeness of They who are Perfect. And very definitely, neither was it desired that we would commit the grievous transgression of eating from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil before we were given counsel to, but His design was of such daring critical sharpness that we were to put on the nature of Perfection by our own free will choice, for it was our role, and it was Their test not just of our trustworthiness but of Themselves, that we would desire and grasp hold of the nature of God who is Perfect, to have the disposition towards Perfection in all the characteristics of God, to fix the attitude that is Perfection as the natural mental and emotional outlook of our hearts and minds, and thus to set it firmly as the predominant, prevailing tendency of our spirits… For when we were created, we were very good, even excellent, but not of the character of God, that is, the Spirit, nor the spirit of God, for our spirit had neither received the Spirit of God, nor was our spirit, our attitude, one of humble obedient submission to acquire the knowledge that would take us on the cutting edge pathway to the putting on of the fullness of God’s character by the W/way of God, for we were given free will to choose to grow into perfection as we walked with God, and talked with God, and listened attentively to God that we may put God’s words into practice, as we abided with God, and remained with God, as we heard and took deep into our hearts to grow our spirit, our soul, and even our flesh, as our minds comprehended and put into action the knowledge of all that was taught to us in its precise accorded measure at each stage of growth, for the defining purpose to effect the desired result of forming in us the stature of fully mature Man, Man who is Perfect as God is Perfect, True Man as designed and fore-imagined by God in His heart… and that was and still is the perfection of His design… the perfection that we, by our own free will would desire to be like God, to choose to be like God, to strive with all our heart, all our soul, all our might and all our mind to be like God by the Way of Perfection, God’s way, the perfect way, as He would guide us, lead us, counsel us, train us and discipline us in… His way, and not the way of any short cut, of any other way that was never intended by God for us to go by, but the way that God would lead us in and nurture us by, with all the tenderness of Father, Father whose complete prime motive is for the better than best, the perfect, for His sons and daughters, Father whose unceasing work is to bring them into a greater glory than He Himself had in the beginning… Father with the compassion of a mother contained in His heart, a compassion that made vulnerable and tore open His heart to be violently ripped into with a vengeance, as His dreams were cruelly dashed when sin took hold of His cherished creation…

Yet it did not rob Him of the glimmer of hope, maliciously crushed, yet not destroyed, because it was firmly anchored by Love, by God who is Love, of the better glory that He carried and cherished in His heart and soul, even as it brought anguish and grief beyond that which any fragile mortal man could bear, even to the cup of the bitterest of suffering which God alone could bear…

For True Man, as desired by the soul, held within the heart and created from the imaginings of the mind, spoken into existence by the Word and powered into physical manifestation by the Spirit of God, for the express purpose to fulfil the desires, hopes and dreams of the one Spirit of God who yearned to be Father, is sinless and powerful… perfect, of the full nature of God in all His characteristics, ferociously Jealous, shamelessly humble, completely trustworthy, and full of unfailing love and faithfulness, grace and truth, and thus proven to be one to be given unconditional authority and full discretionary power. For God who does not change, desired of the increase… the increase by way of family, a family not only of sons and daughters, but a family of sons and daughters who had been proved true to be exactly as God is—One

We, fallen man, fell not only from our image and likeness of, from the grace of that which was very good and even excellent, from that which we were patterned in from what God fore-imagined and created for Himself and was held and existed in the mind, heart and soul of God, God who is Spirit, of whom and which only Jesus is and has ever been the Exact Representation of, expressing the very character of God and radiating God’s own glory. For man, male and female, Adam and Eve, had not entered into the fullness of what God had in mind for them, had designed for them, had hoped for them, and had longingly cherished for them. For though man was created in Their Image and Their Likeness and had received the breath of life into their nostrils to be not only an image and a likeness, but also a being with life, man, male and female; though he had of its inheritance, had not been given the fullness of God’s character. For this was for man himself, man herself, to manifest as it was desired and imagined they surely would only, surely could only, surely should only, choose to imitate and become of, as taught and patiently coached by God.

For who would not desire to be like God, as God is, if God were to reveal the fullness of His glory to them, as God had forethought with full intention, planned to lay open and make known along the course of the way in the precise accorded measure, the glory He had in the beginning… For God, who is Spirit, is Love, and His nature changing glory is His love, love powering glory, and it is this glory that Jesus had with the Father before the world existed, when Wisdom was there by His side parting the waters, fixing the Heavens in place and setting the springs of the deep, moulding the heights of the mountains and scooping out the valleys, levelling the plains and dusting the sky with clouds. And when He marked off the Earth’s foundations, He was the Architect at His side, for before He had made the Earth and fields and the first handfuls of soil, He was already born. He was His constant delight, rejoicing always in His Presence. How happy He was with the world He created; and how He rejoiced with the human family.[3]

And the title, God, is quite simply the Name for One. You could describe God in our understanding as a council of members, or a committee, a directorate, an authority, even a government, who are only always of one accord, in perfect agreement, in complete unity, of one mind and one attitude, that is, one spirit. But God, that is, the Council of Members who are One, always only consisted of Three Persons who are Spirit – the One Spirit of God who desired to be Father and became Father – the Original from whom Man was given birth, the Originator of Man; the One Spirit of God who is Holy, that is, set apart and consecrated to be the Spirit of God – the Holy Spirit; and the Word who is Wisdom, who became the Firstborn – True Man, the Son of God, Son of Man, the Firstborn Man, even of man of the flesh of the dust of the Earth.

And God, who is One, is Love, but not just love – eros, philandros, phileo and even agape – but Perfect Love; for Perfect Love is the ever expanding soaring unreachable pinnacle of all of these, which as far as it ascends effortlessly, it likewise plunges its depths to a bottomlessness that never ends but is of the unceasing, ever-expanding increase in both its descent and its ascent… And this Perfect Love gives glory life, the life that powers the change to the nature and substance of things, for love changes the One and Ones who love when love reaches that peak of desperation that sustains change, a desperation that stirs up an urgent willingness to change the circumstance and situation for one another, and this Love is the spirit, the attitude, of oneness. For Love, this supreme quality of Love will find a way… Love transforming Love, Love powering forgiveness, even for one’s enemies, Love fuelling mercy and grace, Love driving righteousness and justice, Love reining truth and faithfulness without barrier, Love expanding the tent pegs of holiness and peace in harmonious sovereignty. Love willing to pull its own skin inside out to provide a way for the other to have their needs met, seeking fervently, even feverishly, desperately, yet with careful meticulous plotting, for the astute appropriate solution that will issue forth purposely the rightful desired outcome, not challenging the other to change, not requiring the other to reciprocate, nor laying blame, but daring to die to what one has for the sake of the other, risking all that Love owns, rising to the occasion like a furious volcano erupting in purposeful cleansing, not suppressing any of itself so that a righteous path with divine eternal consequences will eventuate… Love radiating change; Love that is inseparable yet in appearance is forcing apart, cutting and dividing, as the death of self reunites a greater unity; Love transfiguring what was to what is desired; Love resurrecting hopes and dreams that have died to a greater glory. Love that is, can only be manifested by its art form, not by its restrictive science form…

And this Love that is the Glory of God that radiate glorious impassioned change, operated exclusively by Love, is not to be mistaken for the lesser glory of magnificence, wonder, power, or wealth, nor is it the glory of mighty conquering victories, neither is it man glorying in the splendorous majesty of One who is Almighty, the richest Men in the universe, all powerful, all knowing, all beauty, all opera, all peace, all awe, all freedom, all perfection, and all justice. But yet, it is the Glory of One who is Almighty to change, owning everything to having no pillow to lay His head upon; all powerful to lay down His power with all His might and strength so that man could scourge Him and pierce a crown of long sharp thorns upon Him, spit on Him, mock Him and strike Him, then nail Him to a cross to remain on that cross in indescribable unmatchable searing agony for six of the longest hours in the history of both God and mankind, even to the forsaking of until all was fulfilled, for this was why He was saved… why He was spared. All knowing to take on the form of an embryo in a mother’s womb to begin a new road of discovery; all beauty to have none that men would desire Him by; all opera to no majesty for us to be attracted to Him; all peace to being acquainted with the bitterest of grief; all awe to being despised that we esteemed Him not; all freedom to perfect humble obedient submission; and all perfection to be made more perfect through such a bitter suffering, not of His own will but by the will of the One whom He changed for. And, all justice to shouts of “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” when Pilate demanded for the third time, “Why, what crime has He committed? I have found no reason to sentence Him to death.”[4] Yet Pilate himself, though he found Him innocent, showed Him no mercy, but pacified His enemies and ordered Jesus to be flogged with a lead-tipped whip before turning Him over to the unruly, unrighteous mob to carry out their evil desires…

This is the love that changes circumstances and persons in all humility, Grace and faithfulness, in patient perseverance, long suffering and endurance, because of mercy, loving kindness, righteousness, justice and truth, each in their purest of essence, not for One’s Self, but for the Self of the Other… This is the Glory of God that Jesus had with His Father before the world was formed… and They did glory together at what They had made, for it was good, it was very good, and it was excellent!

Love shines forth glory; Love radiating glory on the Face of the One who loves, that brings peace and changes the nature of things and persons, even to their very substance, and that change manifested as He who is the Word submitted Himself to the Spirit who desired to be Father, that He would become the Son that the Father heart of God had always dreamed about from eternities past, and was thus created in the mind and heart of God to every facet and in every detail, even to the clothing of the Spirit with flesh, not withstanding any part of the design of He who desired for Family, a Perfect Family of the harmonious spirit of oneness that sings joyfully the melody of perfect peace, to give of Himself to become the Firstborn Son of His Love, to every last exacting detail.

For the unsuppressable desire gave rise to the repeating dream from the deepest of yearnings and the aching longing and emptiness of unfulfilled God Family, a desire so precious in it pureness and so noble in its outcome, that Love did find a way for its fulfilment, and so Word transformed and manifested in the Spirit of Father’s very own bosom as His Son… Word, who is of the nature of Love, did the extraordinary, the unasked for, the dared not hope for, and became His Firstborn, first in Heaven and then to the putting on of the flesh of the dust of the Earth when the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, a virgin favoured and chosen by God as the perfect female, the perfect mother, not perfect as God is Perfect, but the perfect choice for this position, this very great privilege that would pierce her very own soul, with the seed of the Word that was now held within the bosom of He who became Father. So Love, that nature changing glory, changed He who desired to be Father, who yearned to have family, to He who was made Father by the Word who submitted Himself to be a Son and begot Him as His Father, first in Heaven and then on Earth, and declared Him to the whole world as, “My Father” …for His purpose was to reveal Him as …Father…

So the Word came as the Man Jesus to make known His Father, came as the Way to and for the Father, for He was the first of His works, before His deeds of old, He was appointed from eternity, from the beginning before the world began when there were no oceans, He was given birth, when there were no springs abounding with water; before the mountains were settled in place, before the hills, He was given birth, before He made the Earth or its fields or any of the dust of the world, He was there… He pre-existed before man was brought forth from the dust of the ground and was given the breath of life… For, until the Father had a Son, He was not, and could not be …Father. For the Word came to make manifest the Father heart of the One Spirit Member of God whose every desire was to have family, to have a Son, the Firstborn of many sons and daughters just like Him, not just in spirit, but in flesh, in spirit and in truth – truth being that which man was originated from, the DNA of man’s ancestry, man becoming of the fullness of that Truth – and He brought into being, into flesh, grace and truth, unfailing love and faithfulness, that which man had taken no heed to acquire for himself, bar one, prior to the birth, in the flesh, of the Son.

And it is true that the Father is greater than He, and more powerful than all, He whom He declared to be Father, His Father… For the Word did not come to reveal Himself, but He came as the exact representation of He who had been begotten as His Father, the exact representation of His Being, the radiance of God’s glory, and sustaining all things by His powerful word. For the Father now held the Word within Himself, and the W/word was given for the Father to administrate and reveal to the Son, His Son Jesus, whom He gave His own Name, not just the Name Jesus as is common for man to bestow on his firstborn, but also His Family Name, the Name of Lineage, God, for though He was born the Son of Man, He put on the character of His Family and brought glory to His Family Name as He worked to honour it by speaking not of His own accord to seek praise for Himself, but speaking only what He heard His Father saying, and doing only the works He saw His Father doing, just as the Father had always dreamed… just so perfectly precisely as the Father had always imagined for His Family, the Family of God…

For we were meant to walk with God and talk with God as Enoch did, and we would most certainly have grown into trees of righteousness ourselves, and Death would have been nowhere to be found, would have no hold over us, no place wherein to make his home, and as we grew it was meant that we were to be given fruit from the Tree of Life at, and only at, the rightful time, that would likewise have matured alongside of us, as we surged ahead to complete our natural growth and development, for we would have been faithfully, lovingly and tenderly nurtured solely by the Members of God. And as we would have borne our fruit, likewise so would the Tree of Life bear its fruit, and we would have the wisdom to eat of it only in obedience, before we ever ate from that tree of which we were commanded not to, for if we did eat of its fruit we would surely die, and then, and only then, our Counsellor, the Spirit of Truth, would have advised us to take of that tree that we could be like God, knowing good and evil, for our spirit would have grown to show plainly and make clearly evident to the eye and the understanding that we had become of the character of God, One, of one accord with the Council Members of God, to be of the God Family…

For the Spirit of that Council was not the One Member, the One Spirit who yearned to be Father, but He was in oneness with Him, and in oneness with the Word, and so He too changed, for He is the Spirit who is also of the full nature of Love. And so likewise, He submitted Himself to the One who yearned for a larger Family of God, for They had searched but found no one, no one who would be one as They are One, They found no one who would be of the Council that is titled God, no one who would wholly submit themselves to other members within the dominion of a God Family, that is, a Family who are One, of one spirit… So the Holy Spirit changed from He who was Holy to He who was poured out on all flesh by the One who had been begotten as Father by the Word, for He was poured out on both good and evil, for there was no one who was righteous, no one who was holy as He was Holy, not one amongst the human race whom He could call His temple, apart from He who was the Righteousness of God Himself, the Firstborn Son…

Not only did He change from One who is Holy to One who suffered the indignity of being poured out on all flesh, flesh that ignored Him, flesh that even called Him unclean, and flesh that paid no heed to His counsel, even when they did hear His voice whispering gently to them to change… His voice that was guiding them on the paths of righteousness as He convicted them of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgement, so that they would change… But now His change was of the more, for when the Son came in the flesh and grew into His own tree of righteousness, the Tree of Life, overcoming Death and the world as He conquered sin, He submitted Himself to the Son to baptise us with Him. And for those of us who would receive Him with willing open hearts, to be baptised into Him so that our spirits would enter into eternal life that we would come to know our Father, the only True God, and Jesus Christ whom He did send, to have life reigning within us. For the flesh counts for nothing, it is the Spirit who, and the spirit that, gives life,[5] and in so doing, the Holy Spirit gives birth to our spirits to be become our natural Father, the Father of our spirits, and our spirits receive Him as Father, the Spirit of Truth. The Truth of Fatherhood that we never received because we never went to the Mountain that day to participate in the reunion of the God Family, Father, Father and Son… for the Holy Spirit became the Spirit Father of Jesus by His resurrection, not only of His flesh, but when He made Him alive in the spirit to preach to the spirits in prison, that Jesus would not only become the Firstborn Son of Man, but Firstborn Son of God, God who is Spirit, God, the spirit of One!

And so it is our spirit that first receives the life everlasting, life to live within New Jerusalem, the city of the Son of His Love, the bride of Jesus Christ, the Firstborn Son of Man, Firstborn Son of God, for the Spirit and the bride, say to Jesus, “Come.” And we enter into union with Them, for we have listened carefully to hear and obey what the Spirit is saying, and so we say exactly what we hear, “Come” to our Lord and Saviour, our Older Brother, the Firstborn Son of the God Family.

He, with the passion of all of His Love, a glamorous love of such divine elegance that He did die for, and which powered the glory to change, and brought by the way of suffering a greater Perfection to He who was Perfect, that He would bring to God – the Family, God – many sons and daughters, and amongst them, the pearls of great price, those who would manifest the fullness of True Man, Perfect Man, in the complete Stature of the Christ, no longer a copy, in the image and likeness of God, but of the exact representation of, radiating the glory of God that the world would have full knowledge of the glory of God throughout the Millennium, and even in this age, the awareness of this divine glory.

And so it shall be that the Almighty’s word will be fulfilled in all its perfection – as we would dare to submit ourselves to the suffering that produces a greater perfection by the Love that is the Glory of God manifesting within us, as is being tenderly nurtured to its full fruitfulness – that “the glory of this latter house shall be greater than that of the former, and in this place I will give peace.”[6]

“Come, Lord Jesus, come!”


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