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God as Trinity

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Love shows us everything ~

God who is Love, shows us everything – for it is the love of God, the forgiveness of God, which opens our hearts and minds, our ears and our eyes to everything that is His, the love of God that opens everything for our eyes to see and our ears to hear and our mind to comprehend and our heart to embrace, that we may know all of which is His as we come to know the all of which is Him. For He has sealed us with His ownership by putting His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come. For having heard the Gospel and having believed the Gospel, we were marked in Christ with a seal of ownership – the promised Holy Spirit who is our deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession ~

For no created mind can know the greatness of God nor know the delight God the Father has in Jesus Christ, but it is only those whose thoughts are held captive to Jesus and have now the mind of Christ… only those can He take into where the thoughts held in the mind of God are revealed – into where what lay at the heart of the Deity comes into us and becomes the central core of what lay at the centre of the heart of all mankind ~

For in that central core of ourselves where we find the peace pioneered for us and then given to us by Jesus, is the place where we find and know and believe and understand and experience God as Trinity, the place where every atom of our being beholds and dwells in the perfect understanding of the revelation of the glory of belonging to God. For it is where everything comes together, and we are in supreme oneness with God who holds all things in Himself – one with His Light and His sound, one with His thoughts and His actions, one with His word and His Spirit, one with His perfect rhythm and purpose of life. A place where we are in supreme oneness with the enormity of His intricate and brilliant creation as we are simultaneously one with the mighty magnitude of the unknown and silent sufferings of One who has suffered the ultimate betrayal and the ultimate defamation of character, and that is the same One who still suffers when we suffer, the One who also when He suffers, He suffers alone and in silence.

But yet still, because of Jesus, we are brought into being inseparable from the abundance of His nature and His Name – being taught by Him, being inspired by Him, turned by Him from self seeking to God serving as we witness the extraordinary depth of His humility, which is infused with His complete passion as He has patiently endured for the Truth to be known and for the Truth to set us free ~

He brings us from death to life and changes us, grows us and awakens us to the absolute genius of His ways by the discipline and correction and guidance and teaching He gives us… bringing us into the joy of obeying His commands and practising His word – For we are undeniably enriched by His unmatched humility, by His gentleness of heart, by His generous Spirit, by His Love of redemption and by His extreme methods to bring us into the Truth, which will set us eternally free – so how can we not be filled to overflowing with an unquenchable love for Him… how can we not be desperate and determined and desiring above all else to be at His side as a warrior for the Truth? A warrior of Truth just as our Lord is the Warrior, who is the Truth, who is all Truth with nothing false about Him, who works for the honour of the One who sent Him… the honour of the One who is always at His work even to this day.

The Lord who is the Warrior of Truth, Justice and Freedom, healed us by His stripes.

He healed us from our deepest wound – our most fatal wound… For by His stripes we were healed from our separation from God and given holy and complete reconciliation with our Father, without anything added because of sin and without anything taken away through unforgiveness, but just that we are to fully dwell within His perfect Being… dwelling in the finished work of Jesus Christ and knowing, believing and understanding what makes Him a God who would become our Saviour, and why there can be no other like Him ~

Total submergence into He who is faithful till the end and always true to His word of Truth…

Complete submergence in Him to experience an unquenchable selfless drive and zeal and passion for our God and our Father, the One who is our Lord and our King, the One who we would fight to the death for

For even though we were born in sin and born to fall far from the glory of God, we were also reborn to rise above the deception of the evil one and make the risk God has taken for us be proven a risk worth taking, and that He has not risked it all only to lose it all because we would not listen to He who is the Truth, for we should gird ourselves with the truth that as He risked it all for us, then if we do not lose our life, so we may find it again – if we do not give it all up to follow Him, if we do not love Him more than anyone or anything else, then truly indeed we are not worthy to follow Him, for anyone who puts his hand to the plough and then looks back is not fit for service in the Kingdom of God… for where He is going, where He is taking us is straight into the W/word, which will take us into the age to come alive without tasting death because we have tasted of the goodness of the Word of God, and it is good because God is Good and we have eaten it, drunk it, spoke it, practised it, heard it in its roar and heard it in its silence, and we live because Jesus lives! …And we will never die because Jesus swallowed up death in His words, ‘whoever lives and believes in Me will never die’ – and we who believe in Him without a doubt will be taken into His sword of the word as He teaches us how to live His words, which take us from death to life, which take us from this age to the age to come and how to live them with honour, and live the marvellous and amazing truth that we can fight shoulder to shoulder with Christ Jesus for J/justice to be served and glory to be given to God our Father… That out of the tragedy of the error of our ways, that with repentant hearts, we may turn from our ways, which are not His ways, and zealously take up the cause in the same way, with the same word, same desire, same action as that of Jesus and the Holy Spirit who were both sent to us to bring us back… not so we can stray again, but so we can live again with our Father forever without being ever separated from Him again.

For within His gracious outpouring to us is given us the experience of a satisfaction and fulfilment and rejoicing, which penetrates every fibre of our being and which far transcends what we alone think will satisfy and fulfil us… far from what we think is the mastery of intellectual knowledge and wisdom and understanding and even power, for it is being with God as Trinity where we see ourselves in Him, where we see that we are His Image, that we are inseparable from Him… where we see our life, and the reason for our life in its finished state and we leave behind all of which hinders us running the race so as to win the race for our Father… to run it with Him and to win it with Him… He in us and us in Him… One Winner, the Lord God Almighty, and all those He has gathered to Himself through Jesus Christ, for no one can deliver out of His hand and when He acts who can reverse it?

And until we are desiring with a deep ache in our heart to be in this place of existing with Him and experiencing Him as Trinity, then we are never driven by the heart crushing truth that He risked it all to come to bring us home… to bring us back into His Kingdom and to free us from the power of Satan and to bring us into the arms of God who loves us.

For when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and receive Him as our life, we are filled with the Holy Spirit of God, and when the Spirit of God Almighty fills us, we experience God as Trinity… we experience the Fatherhood of the Father, the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit… we experience the revelation of the Lord God Almighty who is One, and we are where we belong for we belong with God as much as we belong to God, and belonging to Him should not make us rebel, but make us repent and turn – and not only be healed, not only be saved… but also to turn and to suffer with the One who suffered for us and who still suffers with us, and to go into the dark loneliness where He suffers and suffer with Him, and then we may begin the journey of understanding what is Trinity, for our God is like no one we have ever had in our life before or ever will again, and whatever it takes it will be worth it, for the richness of being with Him and Him alone in the Oneness of His Being is worth everything ~

For it is not only salvation that enters us into the life of our Saviour, but it is the suffering for His Name’s sake, which gives us deep access into the very mind and heart of the incomparable Jesus Christ who is also Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews ~

And when we respond to the Father by listening to Jesus, listening to Him to hear the entire Person of Jesus Christ and the Father who He is revealing, we listen to hear to what only He can tell us and the revelation of the Father and of Himself are revealed to us when we listen to hear His words as they come through His emotions, His anguish, His distress, His sternness, His anger, His joy, His tears, His pain… listening to Him to hear the aloneness we need to have with God, listening to His love for the Father, listening as He asks for the Holy Spirit to be sent to us… it is our response that decides if we are permitted to hear what we are really listening to, and know that it is without price for we are listening to the voice of God and hearing His passion, His betrayal, His resurrection, His return back to the One who is greater than He… We are hearing the One who holds the universe within Him and upholds everything with His powerful word – And then and only then, can we bring honour to the life and the sufferings of Jesus, and so bring Him honour when we suffer for His Name’s sake and not dishonour when our suffering for His Gospel is marred with resentment and words that cast blame and bring shame to the Name of Jesus, shame to the Name of the Father.

For we bring His sufferings honour without price when our entire understanding of the place of sufferings has been transfigured, and we will not know that place, that place of the sufferings of Christ, if the Father does not permit us to know it, but He did when He said, ‘Listen to Him’. And so we, who listen with full intention to hear, with full intention to hear the W/word, the emotion, the sacrifice, the love, the betrayal, the glory of the truth as only Jesus could say it and speak it, will be transfigured by the glory of Christ who reveals the One who is greater than He, His Father, our Father, His God and our God.

For His words in their original form take us to where He is, to where we can see His glory, the glory the Father gave Him because He loved Him before the creation of the world.

For it was in every aspect of His Person that Jesus was crucified by men, for His sufferings extended long before and long past that day at Calvary, for He already knew the place of suffering where sin entered to mar the perfect Image of God and defame the Image of the perfect God. He already knew the place of the suffering of the Lamb that was killed to cover our nakedness caused by sin… He already knew the place where the Father risked it all to have the world reconciled back to Himself… He already knew the place where He lay down His life only to take it up again, for that was the command to Him –

For God as Trinity was suffering long before Jesus came to Earth to dwell amongst us, for long before He came to us in the flesh, did man sin against God… Long before He came was He full of sorrows and familiar with sufferings, for that was what brought Him to those six hours one Friday on a Roman cross outside of the gates of Jerusalem to pay the price for our sin and to purchase our freedom with the blood of the Lamb of God.

And we have been given the benefit of the finished work of He who went before us in the Name the Father gave Him, and so now we should live without interruption the eternal benefit and blessing of what He made possible, for what Jesus and the Holy Spirit made come true, what They made manifest, what They brought into its fulfilment was the most dangerous, complicated, self sacrificing, risk taking yet dynamic and brilliant and ingenious and most generous and compassionate plan of the Father that held in it the revelation of His character and His nature and the silent desire of His heart, which ran so deep within Him.

For it was God in Christ on that cross reconciling the world to Himself ~

And Jesus and the Holy Spirit without doubts, without double guessing Him, without bringing Their own issues into the equation or Their own will or Their own words or Their own desires or what They also would have to sacrifice, give up, lose, set aside, or lay down, moved and went and did what would manifest and bring to fulfilment and completion not only this mighty plan of God for salvation and resurrection and life, but bring to its fulfilment in all of its unimagined glory, the all of which was held in the Father’s heart, which They knew would bring Him joy complete, joy that would never end, joy that would extend far out into the universes of His making and which would bring us to where we would live with Him, forever giving glory to the Lord God Almighty whose deeds are great and marvellous – giving glory to He who alone is Holy, for all His righteous acts have been revealed…

And we have witnessed His graciousness and received His mercy, received His grace, received His forgiveness and we have received our new life in Christ.

Our new life in Christ Jesus, who lay His life down so that the Father would not have to live without us,

Jesus who said a prophet cannot die outside of Jerusalem because it is impossible, unacceptable, cannot be, and would surely never happen, BUT Jesus did die outside of Jerusalem for He is more than a prophet… Even more than a prophet who has on His mind the things of God –

For He is The Prophet who not only has on His mind the things of God, but is the manifestation of the all of the things of which God has on His mind… Jesus is what God has on His mind, and if we have complete focus on Jesus and see and hear no one else, then we have on our mind only the things of God.

For Jesus made the impossible for men possible with God, the unacceptable to men acceptable before God and what could not be, BE, and what could never happen, HAPPEN!!

And He would die where God had chosen, for it was outside of Jerusalem where that one kernel of wheat would fall to the ground, for unless it did, it will be alone, a single seed, but its death would produce a plentiful harvest of new lives.

And the Father loved the Son and showed Him all He was doing, even by showing Him nothing as He remained on that cross until all was finished, until before the Father all was declared complete, finished, accomplished, perfected. For in that last hour on the cross, the Father was waiting for the Son to show Him all He was doing and to hear all He was saying ~ For what He did and what He said was all of which the Father was doing and saying even though Jesus could not see Him nor hear Him, for They are ONE – God in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, and Jesus the Man bringing all men into where the Father could only dream of where they could come. For Jesus is more than His body, but because of His body, we can have more of Him… the Father can have more sons of the flesh just like Him…

For we have heard and seen the precision of God’s Word made flesh… the very preciseness of its formation into the flesh of the living Christ and so when we listen to Him from every angle of His word, from every angle of His emotion, knowing, believing and understanding Him without having seen Him – Then having not seen Him is what has so enriched our senses and made us listen more acutely and made us more aware of how to listen so as to hear the magnificence of the revelation of the Father through the Son and the revelation of the Son through the Father… hearing His flawless words with the emotion still intact, the heart of God still intact, the passion of His work still intact, His zeal for His Father’s house still intact, the anger at the hardness of men’s hearts still intact, and the solitude and loneliness and the pain of betrayal still perfectly intact –

And it remains intact when we believe His words and believe in Him and believe in His Name and believe in His work and in His mission, without a shred of doubt as to their truth and as to their perfection and their power to save all who call on the Name of the Lord, for if everything about Him remains in its original order and condition as it was in the beginning, it will wash and sanctify us continually keeping us pure vessels, so our revelation of the more of Him can be received in all of its purity and in all of its frankness, and so remain pure and unchanged and so filled with the treasure of coming to Know Him, so filled with the treasure of Eternal Life.

For God’s W/word remained flawless even though tempted by the sinful world and its ruler –

God’s W/word as well as His promises remained pure like silver refined in a furnace of clay, like silver tried in a furnace on Earth, being purified seven times, such did remain the word and promise of God in the flesh of Jesus Christ, for so precise and so sharp and so active is the living word of God, which God made manifest for us in the Son He named Jesus. For He is God’s word made flesh, living and active sharper than any double edged sword, so penetrating that if we accept Jesus at the all of His word, then there will be in us a completion of the things spoken to us from the Lord. Spoken to us from the heart of the Trinity, for the impulse to serve lays at the very heart of the Trinity and it is from the heart of God that He desired to form men in His Image… the very heart of God which was given its manifestation in Jesus who came and dwelt among us as One who serves and not as One who was served… So if we know the very heart of God and if we are filled with the Spirit of God and have experienced God as Trinity, then the desire to serve will lay at the very core of our heart, the desire to serve only God until into our Father’s hands we commit our spirit as we lay down our life only to take it up again…

For in all things, Jesus has showed us the way… showed us the full power of God when it was at its ultimate state of glory and awe… the ultimate full power of God Almighty at its most supreme moment before the Father when it was held perfectly still within the Man Jesus, not given to any visible manifestation by Him, but was still, before God as Jesus went the extra mile… not by the power of the Son of God but by the might of the Son of Man… This incredible Man, our incredible Jesus shows us everything if we care to look and if we care to ask and if we care to listen and if we DARE to hear and receive the truth as it really is. To receive it and then to absorb it into ourselves and make it a part of us… making ourselves one without doubt with every revelation He reveals to us, and one with every correction and rebuke He bestows upon us –

For only then His revelation and His correction will manifest in us for His glory and not for ours.

For Jesus knew that the core nature of God is to serve… and the very core nature to serve was given all men when they were made in the Image of God… and not to serve God to bring Him the glory and honour and praise and thanksgiving and worship is rebelling against the natural flow of all life, the true fabric of our purpose and the Image we were formed in.

For men still do serve, but they serve their own desires and lusts and passion – They serve their own longings and their own plans… they serve themselves trying to fill themselves so they will have a sense of fulfilment, a sense of satisfaction and a sense of temporary joy at what they have accomplished and amassed and stored away in new barns as they sit back to enjoy the wealth of the things of men.

But God who formed us in His most gracious and perfect Image, formed us that we may have a humility of heart so like His, that to obey and serve God and to serve one another be for us a joyful and rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying experience.

For it is not the loving of one another that brings the joy, but the joy comes from obeying His commands and so abiding in His love, and that obedience and abiding in Him and His love is what allows us to be able to love one another as He loves us… what enables us to forgive one another as He forgives us.

And that is when we bring honour to His sufferings, which brought to us forgiveness of our sins, bringing it honour without price, not honour of which we have valued at thirty pieces of silver – thirty pieces of silver, the price of Him who had been priced…

And that is still the price many value Jesus at, and it is when they do not believe without a doubt every word that He has spoken, every word given Him by the Father to say and to speak, for when they doubt Him and His words, they have just thrown onto the table their thirty pieces of silver as payment for what God has given them, and God has given us Jesus… so it is thirty pieces of silver again, the price of Him who has been priced. The price of Him who wants to show us everything through His words we are commanded to listen to, for if we take Him at His word, so we will be taken by His Word to where He does abide and dwell, and so then live the knowledge that with the Lord a day is like a 1000 years and 1000 years like a day, for when we are with Him, a day or a thousand years is irrelevant for one is as the other, time is of no consequence and makes no difference to the richness of the glory of being with Him, for it transcends all time and all space… for we see and hear in Him our life and its purpose… the revelation of which is all around us and in us…

We see and hear not only the genius of the work of our salvation but the hard labour that brought it to pass and is still bringing it to pass.

We see with new eyes and with a new heart just what is graciousness, just what is generosity, just what is humility, and just what is mercy… we now see just what is aloneness with the Lord at its most supreme and elite level, we see just what suffering is when the One who suffers is without sin or blame, and we see just what justice is, when it is justice for God we are fighting for and not justice for sinners that we are crying out for.

For we are fighting for the honour of He who sent us, the One who took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows.

So if when we suffer, the Lord suffers also, why is it that when He suffers, He suffers alone?

Why is it then that when He suffers, His Body the church in the majority feels nothing, knows nothing, understands nothing, hears nothing, and worse still does not want to know, hear or understand anything that comes close to such a cut of the sword into hearts so complacent and hard and unforgiving and stubborn, for they will not listen, they will not let God teach them, they will not respond to the Father and listen to Jesus.

But we who respond to our Father and listen to Jesus must keep listening intently so we will be always taught by God, and come to maturity to be determined mighty and powerful warriors of the Lord who stand and fight for the Truth to be known ~

Ones who bring justice to the Cause, who bring justice to the risk God took, justice to the Son He sent, justice to the Spirit He poured out, justice to the war He has fought, justice to the work He never stops doing…

It is dwelling in He who is Faithful and True… being dwellers in the T/truth and nothing but the T/truth, the clear cut, simple and powerful truth that it is only Jesus through whom our salvation comes, only Jesus in whom all the promises of God have their yes and Amen, for only in Jesus is life worth living, for only in Him have we a purpose to live, a will to live, a reason to live and never die…

For God is mighty to save but also righteous in His judgement ~

And as Jesus said, ‘Just say a simple yes I will, or no I won’t – your word is enough – for to strengthen your promise with a vow shows that something is wrong.’ ‘So let your yes be a yes, and your no be a no, for anything beyond this comes from the evil one.’

For by our own words, we will be acquitted and by our own words, we will be condemned and when God acts who can reverse it?

For God owns the truth.

He alone owns the truth of our salvation, owns the all encompassing truth of the One He sent, and the One He sealed us with until the day of our redemption.

Own it with God, as He does, and live the outcome of what is truth as He always has ~

Because Jesus is the Father’s number One priority and at this stage in the end game, He had better be ours as well!

So it is imperative that we continue to respond to our Father and listen to Jesus so as to hear what we are really listening to and know the value of the revelation of the Father through the Son and of the Son through the Father, for then we will always bring honour without price to His sufferings, for as we listen to His words with the emotion still intact, our entire understanding of the place of His sufferings will be transfigured, and then the Holy Spirit in all of His supreme manifestation can fill us and possess us so as to bring us to the complete experience of God as Trinity, the complete experience of the Fatherhood of the Father, the complete experience of the love of Christ, and the complete experience of the power of the Holy Spirit ~ For They are One ~



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