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On the 12 June 2009, we held an overnight prayer meeting and there I started to share with my church members and leaders the teachings that I have learned at the workshop conference. The Lord spoke in our midst and I felt His Holy Spirit moving. Some spoke in tongues and others have received instant healing, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Everyone here is filled with the Holy Spirit. I know that the Lord also revived each of us that night.

Every Saturday we hold a Bible study in one of our member’s place in Westplain subdivision. His name is Brother Nino Ramos who had been blind for 2 years. He was so depressed of his situation because he did not understand why he had to suffered blindness. His family members said that he inherited it from his father who was also blind. And because of that he lost hope and his mind was filled with fear, which caused mental illness. There were times they had to go to a mental hospital to inject a medicine into him to calm him down, about which I have witnessed. And then he started not to eat or speak and neither sleep. This lasted for 6 months, but the 13 June 2009 was a different day… after we laid hands on him and ask for God’s miracle to release him from mental illness, the Lord perform His miracle – He brought back Brother Nino’s life because he can now eat and sleep at night. We can now talk to him and now he even participates in hearing God’s word! And I believe more miracles will come, that the Lord will give new eyes for him to see again. To God be the glory, praise the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 14 June 2009 came and it was also a different one. We did the Holy Spirit’s workshop and the members and leaders were overwhelmed with God’s anointing Spirit. A fellow member, Sister Yolly, brought her father, Biato Boco, who is 83 years old with her. He had difficulty with his bone movement. We prayed for him in the church and ask God’s holy hands to heal him from head to toe. And to our astonishment, as they left church, her father can now move his bones easily. It seems a big plastic bag of stool was released inside! Halleluiah! To God be the glory!

On the same day, one of our fellow members, Sister Lilibeth, gave her testimony about her niece who is 7 years old. Her niece who lives in the province of Samar had been suffering from a stroke for 5 days. The parents of the bedridden child decided to take off the oxygen that is connected to the patient because it seemed useless, for even the doctors told them that they did not know if the child could survive the situation. But Sister Lilibeth resisted the parent’s decision. She started to lay her hand on her niece and with faith she spoke her prayer to the Lord sincerely that “if this is the way that the Lord wants to perform a miracle for them to believe… let this child be a testimony… please let her live.”  Suddenly the child slowly opened her eyes and her hands slowly moved! They were all surprised by what they saw! They all now believe in God’s power and through the miracle they now know that the Lord is real! Halleluiah! Praise the Living God! Now the child is no longer sick, but is alive. To God be the glory!


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