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Food and Drink

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Our health and strength in the natural and spiritual realms begin with and are maintained by our food and drink.  Without the proper food and drink, even our natural talents, gifts and powers become as nothing.  Then how much more our spiritual gifts and powers.

The recommendation that the gentile believers should avoid the eating of blood, strangled meat and food sacrificed to idols was a stupid, idiotic idea… ensuring the cutting off of the new believers’ source of food.  For in the early days, all were surrounded by pagans whose food was sacrificed to idols before they ate of it.  As such, it would have meant that anyone entering a pagan village to preach the gospel would have difficulty finding acceptable food to eat… going against Jesus’ instructions to the seventy-two, “…eating and drinking whatever they give you…” [Luke 10.7]

However, even worse, the idea that they should neither drink blood nor eat strangled meat meant that the gentiles would be in conflict with the teachings of those who remembered the words of the Lord, that they were to eat His flesh and drink His blood through the breaking of their bread and the blessing of their cups.  Those disciples who remained faithful to the words of Jesus must have encountered great difficulties trying to overcome the instructions of the letter of the council in Acts 15, as those recommendations came in the Name of the Holy Spirit.

For when Jesus said, “My flesh is real food and My blood is real drink,” [John 6.55] He brilliantly merged the physical with the spiritual, as He later broke the bread at the supper and declared it to be His body, and blessed the cup and declared it to be His blood.  He made ordinary, everyday food and drink to be spiritual food and drink as well.  For as He later told Paul that to eat the body and the blood, we do it in remembrance of Him. [1 Corinthians 11.24-25]

Herewith an example of the simplicity of the teachings of Jesus and their practicality:  The merging of the spiritual and the physical into one, as through Him who is both fully God and fully Man, fully spirit as God is Spirit and fully flesh as man is flesh.  The physical and the spiritual are now one.  The extraordinary is the ordinary.  Miracles, signs and wonders are as commonly available as wood and stone for the building of a person’s life and livelihood.

Through the Spirit of truth, the counsel of God would become as readily available as a neighbour’s gossip.  However, the recommendations of the council removed that easy practicality and reintroduced the fear of associated religious thinking.  A way of the mind that is based on avoidance and lack where access to God and His word can only be possible for the few and the special.

Jesus’ practice of what He taught about His flesh and His blood used the ordinary things of a meal so that He could remove the restrictions of the religious from what is an essential in the life of all men and women – the need for food and drink.  Pagans do not only run after the food for their flesh, but also the food for their spirits and souls, often making great pilgrimages to holy shrines to worship, hear and receive messages for their spiritual lives.  They have to bathe at certain places on certain days, eat the food from certain temples and from certain teachers and false prophets in order to maintain and increase their spiritual lives.  A practice that the daughters of the prostitute capitalised on in order to make money as they began to declare places and objects to have special holiness and power to bless.

Whereas Jesus made available the greatest of all the spiritual blessings of the kingdom to each and every believer and disciple by placing the greatest act of faith in Him to be performable with every meal.  However, the spirit of church removed this practicality to a religious place out of the reach of the common people so that only the few could have the body and blood occasionally.

So, a famine has engulfed the believers and disciples of Christ.  Starving and hungry, our minds can no longer think clearly, and it made it all the easier to succumb to false and poisonous teachings.  Weak from the lack of food and drink, our gifting and powers could no longer be exercised even if we still had them.  Just as no sportsman could hope to win in his sport if he was starving and thirsty, so no believer or disciple was able to overcome completely and consistently.

Finally, the famine is over and the drought has ended.  We can eat blood, strangled meat and food sacrificed to idols for our spiritual and physical wellbeing.  No food is unclean.  We are to eat whatever is set before us when we enter the villages and households of pagans.  We can eat and drink of the body and blood of our Lord whenever we eat and drink of any food, for the water can be turned to wine and the stone can be turned to bread.

So, liberty and freedom can come… but before the battle begins, let us feed and strengthen our spirits and flesh.  Let every meal be the body and blood of our Lord no matter what the food and drink is, and let no food be called unclean, for there is no such thing.  There is no junk food.  What God has made clean remains clean.  Eat and drink unceasingly.  Let every mouthful of food and sip of liquid be the flesh and blood of Jesus for us.

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