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The gentleman came back in this morning with a MRI proven complete tear of his right supraspinatus ligament. Examination showed signs consistent with a complete tear, with shoulder abduction reduced to less than 5 degrees and with severe pain experienced in all other movements. On questioning, the man had forgotten that he was healed on the 11 March 2016. The shoulder had worsened to the point that his doctor had the MRI performed last week.

Initial efforts of healing were unfruitful until the man repented of his ingratitude to the first healing (for forgetting that he was healed). After the repentance, healing manifested. The man was able to abduct (lift up the shoulder) to 110 degrees without pain, but only discomfort. Shoulder movement in all directions resumed without pain, just discomfort and stiffness. The man left without any clinical signs of a complete tear of his right supraspinatus ligament.

A second MRI has been scheduled by his doctor as he has been referred to a specialist for surgical repair of the torn ligament. It will be interesting to see the report of the second MRI.

This case illustrates the effect on ingratitude. How can a person forget the experience of being healed by a touch or a word in the Name of Jesus without cost? Obviously, we can. And this is not the first case we have observed and documented. But then, the nine lepers who were healed by Jesus never came back to thank Him either.