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I once thought that God being all knowing had no faith, that is, He did not have to believe as we believe.  However, as in all things, increasing knowledge makes that which we thought to be the truth to be untrue.  In the things that we know of God, it is perfectly correct that with the passage of time, that which we hold to be true about God can later be shown to be untrue or incomplete.  That is because eternal life as Jesus defined it is that they know Him, the only true God. [John 17.3]  So just as we come to know any person over time, that which we hold to be true of that person can be shown to be incorrect.

Faith, as the writer of Hebrews tells us, is a substance. [Hebrews 11.1 KJV]  And Jesus quantified it twice when He said, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed…” we would be able to move mountains and transplant a tree into the sea, [Matthew 17.20; Luke 17.6] that is, we would be able to do miracles.

It is evident that God does have faith, otherwise, how else could Paul speak of the Holy Spirit having the gift of faith in his list in the letter to the Corinthians?  As such, yes, God has faith, even believing faith.  This faith was demonstrated by the Father when He chose the disciples for Jesus to chose His twelve apostles from.  The Father drew them to Jesus for Jesus to choose, knowing what they were like, but yet hoping and therefore believing that they would obey His Son and do that which would be commanded and asked of them.  I say, the Father called them hoping that they would fulfil His hopes because although God knows the end from the beginning, He cannot know that which we would decide at the moment of decision because of the free choice He has given us.

And when we believe in Jesus, that is, put our faith in Jesus, we have also likewise put our faith in the One in whom the Father has put His faith, for this is how the Father showed us that He has faith in Jesus when He commanded the three (Peter, John and James) to listen to Him.

Through His life, Jesus the Son demonstrated to us the second type of faith – faith that is obedience – as he listened to the Father and obeyed what He was commanded to do, even to death on a Roman cross.  And so He came to be known as the Faithful One. [Psalm 16.10]  Listening to Jesus and putting His words into practice allows us to develop the obedience that also makes us faithful ones.  As such, anyone who has not believed in Jesus has not believed in the Father, and anyone who does not listen to Jesus to know what he should be practising is not willing to become a faithful one, that is, an obedient one.

Through the Spirit, God shows us the faith that is loyalty.  Indeed, that is why Jesus called Him the Spirit of truth, that is, just as the man of truth is he would works for the glory and honour of the one who sent him, so too the Spirit works for the honour and glory of the One who sent Him, and that is the Father.  The Spirit glorifies the Father by glorifying the Son, and He glorifies the Son by making known to the disciples that which belongs to Jesus.  The Spirit has displayed His loyalty to the Father by His perseverance with those called and chosen by the Father and the Son, and He has continued to contend with those who claim to believers of Jesus but yet do not hold onto His teachings.  In short, the very existence of the church today testifies to the loyalty of the Holy Spirit, not to the church, but to His Friends – the Father and the Son.

So God shows us what it is to believe, to obey and to be loyal, and how to be faithful as They are faithful.

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