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Ending the Confusion

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Confusion gives rise to hesitation, inaction, doubt and disorder.  When a person is confused, you will find him behaving in a hesitant and disorderly manner, or he will be paralysed, not knowing what to do next.  And because he is confused, he is unable to receive new instructions.  In his confusion, he questions and doubts everything.  Hesitation, inaction, doubt and disorder are as good as any term to describe the lives of most Christians.  They may have the faith and live great moral lives, but by and large they are slow to act or they will not act, and if they do, it is usually in a disorderly fashion.

Where do these things come from?  And there is no Christian out there who can deny that he has not suffered from some degree of confusion in his life when it comes to his faith and his life as a Christian.  Most ignore it and placate the confusion by staying safely behind the walls of a denominational structure.

Confusion in all our lives comes from the four gospels about Jesus Christ.  The four gospels were written in such a way that a reader of all four is left wondering just exactly what was the order in which Jesus taught His teachings and did His miracles.  If you only read one gospel, then the confusion of not knowing the exact order of when Jesus did or said things or visited places is prevented.  But when you read all four gospels, then questions arise… such as, was there two or one mad man at Gerasenes, as Matthew said there were two, but Luke said there was one?  Did the centurion at Capernaum go to Jesus or did he send his friends?  He could not have done both.  Yet one gospel says that the centurion at Capernaum went to see Jesus personally, but the other gospel says that he sent his Jewish friends.

Unknown to all of us, such unresolved discrepancies sow a seed of confusion from which comes the hesitancy in our lives to defend the gospel truth, inaction when it comes to sowing the truth, and doubt when the basis of our faith is questioned.  A hesitant person who is slow to act and has doubts about what he believes tends to be a person who does not speak up.  A confused person can act in a most disorderly manner.

Understanding that this confusion comes from the fact that the four gospels do not set out completely the life of Jesus in a succinct and accurate timeline will allow a person to appreciate the Testimony of the Holy Spirit about Jesus.  The Testimony sets out clearly the sequence that Jesus spoke and acted in His ministry… and so eliminates the confusion inherent in the four gospels.

As it turns out, Jesus visited Gerasenes twice.  The first time there were two mad men, and the second time He encountered the mad man with Legion inside him.  There were two centurions at Capernaum.  The first went to Jesus, and the second heard about Jesus and sent his Jewish friends to ask Jesus.

As such, any pastor, teacher or disciple who will use the Testimony to teach and study will see for himself the syllabus that the Father had given Jesus to teach us.  It sets in order everything Jesus said and did, from His first words to His last.  This clarity eliminates the confusion, and in my experience, removes the hesitancy, the inaction, the doubt and the disorder from the lives of Christians that no amount of prayer, praise, worship and ministry can remove.

So, praise the Lord for giving us His Testimony about Jesus Christ, and thanks to the elect who laboured so long and hard as a team to allow the Holy Spirit to use them as He has.  To all who visit the Holy Spirit’s Workshop website, the Testimony of the Holy Spirit about Jesus Christ is the reason this ministry was raised up to produce for all to enjoy.

Peace to all on whom God’s favour rests.

Hr. Ed, former manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop, Sydney


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