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To be rewarded for obedience in the Old Testament you had to obey and observe all of the decrees and commands of God, of which some say are 618. Whatever the number is, it is still much more than the one decree and the one command that disciples of Jesus Christ have been given when God spoke from a cloud and said, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased,”[1] which is the decree followed by the command, “Listen to Him!”[2] So that anyone who observes the decree that Jesus Christ is the Son of God with whom God is well pleased is eligible for the rewards mentioned in Leviticus 26:3-13, for God does not change. However, anyone who does not observe that decree, but preaches that Jesus Christ is anyone other than the well pleasing Son of God whom He loves, has already removed himself from the reward section of Leviticus 26 and placed himself under the punishment section of Leviticus 26:14-44, for the conditions of being rewarded begins with following the decree and then obeying the command.

Thus, everyone who seeks to listen to Jesus, which is in obedience to the command, yet does not uphold the decree that He is the well pleasing Son whom God loves, can listen to Jesus all they want, but they will not be rewarded at all. Whatever they do, as they preach Christ and use His Name to do all sorts of miracles, drive out demons and prophesy, will not be counted to them for a reward. If miracles, driving out demons and prophesying in His Name do not make a person eligible for any reward, then how much less those who preach to build up denominations and religions with a fanciful mixture of the Law of Moses and the Law of Jesus not receive any reward?

To be rewarded by God is easy for a disciple of Jesus Christ, for they only have one decree to follow and one command to obey; there are no laws or covenants to uphold. You do not even have to listen to God, for He said, “If you follow My decrees and are careful to obey My command(s)…”[3] The person who believes in his heart that Jesus is the Son of God and listens to Him has made the Leviticus 26 rewards available for himself.

Now these rewards are both material rewards and spiritual rewards, for God gave those rewards materialistically to Israel, and that same materialistic reward is just as available for us, for God’s word of the Law does not disappear until Heaven and Earth disappear. Thus, an abundance of food, safety, peace, victory, fruitful increase, favour, fellowship with God and freedom in the natural realm are the present day rewards for all who follow the decree that Jesus is the well pleasing, beloved Son of God and obey the command to listen to Him.

However, the rewards of Leviticus 26:3-13 are also spiritual. It means that the rain of righteousness will always come in season at the right time, and the seed, which is the word and the sonship, will be multiplied so that you will always be fruitful for He is the Vine and you are the branches that bear fruit, the grapes. And there will be an abundance of spiritual food, which is the righteousness of God and the flesh and blood of Jesus, as well as natural food.

“You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall by the sword before you,”[4] means that as we pray, bless and seek to do good to our enemies as an expression of our love for them, with an attitude of one warrior pursuing an enemy, that is, daily continuous, unrelenting prayers, blessings, and seeking to do good, as well as actually doing good, you will put your enemies to the sword, which for us is the word of God. It means that the word of God will manifest in their lives until they are no more, and only a new creation is left.

The rewards of Leviticus 26:3-13 give us a foretaste of the rewards that await those who listen to Jesus and obey Him, and Jesus Himself has a set of rewards for those who listen to Him and obey Him, for He said, “For the Son of Man is going to come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will reward each person according to what he has done.”[5]

Now here is the catch—and what a catch! The handing out of rewards by Jesus occurs when He comes in His Father’s glory with His angels, which many who are blind and ignorant think is Judgement Day, and that is how they teach it. However, Jesus clearly told us it is not Judgement Day when He hands out rewards, but it is the day He arrives above Jerusalem to begin His millennial reign before the great white throne judgement occurs. For He said, “At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the Earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory. And He will send His angels with a loud trumpet call…”[6] Which means that in order to receive your reward from Jesus according to what you have done, you have to be alive on that day, the day He arrives. Only two types of saints will be alive that day—those who were martyred for His gospel,[7] and those who stayed alive until He arrived; the rest of the dead are not raised till Judgement Day.[8] It means that Jesus does not reward anyone on Judgement Day for what they have done for Him, but judges them according to what is written in the books. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what he had done.[9]

They are judged that day, not rewarded. Rewards are only handed out on the day of His arrival, and you will be rewarded according to what you have done for Him, and it is obvious then that those rewards are not on the basis of whether you did miracles, or drove out demons, or prophesied in His Name, but rather whether you died for Him and His Gospel or you stayed alive for Him and His Gospel. So it is not living for Jesus, but staying alive for Jesus according to John 11:26. And it isn’t dying as a Christian that gives you any reward, but dying as a martyr that gets you a reward.

For everything else, whether it is doing miracles, prophesying, driving out demons, making disciples, preaching, and even living and dying as a Christian, is just what you are expected to do. There is no reward pending for doing miracles, etc, for you have already been rewarded. That is why those who call Him, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and claim that they have done miracles in His Name, prophesied and driven out demons in His Name,[10] get no reward, but surprise, surprise, they might be rejected. A reward is not a wage, it is a bonus. You are a poor employee if you expect a bonus for doing what you have been paid to do.

The doing of miracles,[11] driving out demons, preaching, prophesying, making disciples, and living and dying, are the ordinary, the mundane, daily, ordinary privileges of everyone who claims to be a disciple of Christ. It is the laying down of our life as a martyr or the stubborn refusal to die but to stay alive until He arrives, however long He tarries, which is the extra mile, for both are sacrifices. One is to sacrifice your life and what that might have been as humans call life, and the other is to sacrifice your death as Christians know it. That is, the martyrs sacrifice the extra years living out a human life on Earth and the ‘lifers’ sacrifice their years of living out a saintly life in Heaven. But to perform miracles, to drive out demons, to preach, to prophesy, and to make disciples, is not a sacrifice; it is a privilege, and especially in the area of the miracles, a most enjoyable privilege, one that you should be paying for, not get rewarded for, if the truth be known. Jesus will only reward those who are with Him on arrival day, because anyone else who has followed the decree and obeyed the command of the Father, has already been amply rewarded by the Father.

No reward awaits those who have not listened to the Father, only judgement if, despite the punishments they have experienced from Leviticus 26:14-44, they have not been convinced to repent and to listen to God. Thus, the punishment comes from not listening, and the rewards come from those who have listened, if they actually follow the decree and obey the command.

Jesus is not indebted to anyone who has heard His words but does not put them into practice, for if they will not consider the work of practising His words sufficient privilege and the rewards of Leviticus 26 sufficient pay for their time, then they only have themselves to blame because they are the ones who denied themselves the ability to do what Jesus has been doing and even the greater things.

For if you listen to Jesus, upholding the decree that He is the Son of God, you are already a partaker of the rewards of Leviticus 26:3-13 in the material realm. However, if you hear the words with a heart that upholds the decree, and yet you will not put the words into practice, then no matter how much the rewards of Leviticus 26:3-13 manifest in your life, you will still be like the foolish man whose house collapsed when the river rose, the rain fell, and the wind blew because he built his house on sand.[12] For death will still sweep you away from your material rewards, and if you are living in the last days, then the disasters unleashed during these coming days will sweep away all your material blessings anyway, even if death does not take you through age.

For it is only the one who hears and puts into practice the words of Jesus of Matthew 5 to 7 who are offered the one state of being that can overcome death that comes from sin and disasters—perfection as the Father is Perfect.[13] For if you are perfect, or rather, when you are perfect, you will always be at the perfect place at the perfect time to avoid death and disaster and to stay alive, and when you are perfect, then even the laws of the natural world will operate perfectly for you, and not the way it does for everybody else, tainted with sin and therefore error.

Perfection is what gives you perfect physics, chemistry and biology; so that even molecules and atoms will obey the perfect word spoken to become whatever is spoken without a disastrous leakage of destructive nuclear energy. You see, when Jesus changed water to good wine, He unleashed a nuclear fusion reaction that had no radiation leakage, and the mechanism was so perfect that no heat was even released. Now that is perfect physics, perfect natural laws in action the way they were meant to be without sin.

Anyone who does not practice Matthew 5 to 7 will have no perfection, and without perfection, the imperfections of this world tainted by sin will not disappear. A miracle is merely the laws of physics, chemistry and biology working the way they were meant to work perfectly. That is why what we call normal and extraordinary, is normality for God who is Perfect, and through the love of enemies, He has given us what no pagan can ever access —perfection.

For a pagan will pursue an enemy with a sword to kill and will not love, that is, sacrificially as God loved His enemies, who also were us, by sacrificing His only begotten well pleasing Son whom He loves, to save them and make them His friends.

Thus, we have in fact been given a most unfair advantage through Jesus Christ. Perfection through the practice of His command, “Love your enemies.”[14] Once you have understood this for yourself, then you will see why the pursuit of your enemies with a sword is to love your enemies with the unrelenting love of praying for them, blessing them and doing good to them, until they too are slain by the sword of the Lord, the word of God, so that the old creation is gone and only the new creation is left.

So then, see how privileged you really are to be given such understanding, and know that, don’t believe it, know it, that nothing is impossible for you if you will practise the words of Jesus you have heard. Once you are perfect, all things are easy, and it can’t get easier than having one decree and one command to follow and obey… or can it?


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