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“…and you will be My witnesses…” [Acts 1.8] Why is there the need for the disciples to be witnesses of Jesus?  And what are witnesses needed for and when are they needed?  They are needed when there is a dispute about the testimony and the facts, that is, about the truth of a case.

Jesus anticipated unbelief, which men would show towards Him, even when He was telling the eleven about the work of the Holy Spirit when He said to them in John 16.9, “…in regard to sin, because men do not believe in Me…” It is because of the unbelief that the world would show to Jesus and His testimony that He instructed the eleven, “And you also must testify, for you have been with Me from the beginning,” [John 15.27] just as He said, “…the Spirit of Truth who goes out from the Father, He will testify about Me.” [John 15.26]

However, what is sad is that the unbelief from men comes more from those who use His Name than from those who do not call themselves by His Name… ‘Christians.’  Unfortunately, those He called to be His witnesses were the first to disbelieve Him.  This is the truth that is revealed by the Testimony of the Holy Spirit.  It clearly shows that the Pharisees who plotted His murder believed Jesus enough to trouble Pilate to post the guard.  As such, it is a true and sad fact that the first to see the rising of Christ from the dead were the Romans who were guarding the tomb, because those who were His disciples did not believe in Him enough to keep a vigil as well.  As such, the first persons the Holy Spirit had to convict when He came would have to have been the disciples of Christ themselves.

Now, for anyone who has ever had to face a judge, it is your own testimony and the testimony of your witnesses that are crucial to the case, for a solid testimony can even overturn evidence, just as evidence can expose a faulty testimony.

Jesus called His disciples to be His witnesses because His case needs to be clarified and defended so that He can receive justice.  For He was accused of being a liar and a blasphemer by those who then murdered Him and mocked Him.  How would you have felt if the very people you relied on to testify for you, to prove your case, were the very ones who did not believe your testimony?  No one believed enough to even go to Bethany to see if they could catch a glimpse of the Lord on the road to Galilee, and even when He did come to them in the evening and showed them and told them to wait in Jerusalem, they still did not believe enough to do so.

When you have read the Testimony of the Holy Spirit, you will see that Jesus asked Peter, “Do you truly agape Me?” [John 21.15] not so much as a test, but rather as a conclusion of his actions and motives.  Yet the disciples continued to accept the leadership of the one who led them into disobedience, the one who confessed that he only phileod the Lord and not agaped Him, the one who did not enquire of Him when he suggested a replacement for Judas Iscariot.  It is little wonder that Paul had problems with Peter in the letter to the Galatians.

So is there a need for the Testimony of the Holy Spirit at this point in time?  It depends on your point of view.  If you sincerely consider that the church of Jesus Christ is doing what it is meant to do for Jesus as His witness, then there is no need for the Holy Spirit’s Testimony.  As such, the Testimony of the Holy Spirit is not for those who are satisfied with the teachings and the traditions of the denominational churches.  It is not for those who are satisfied to leave the blind blind, the lame lame, the demon-possessed possessed, and so on.  It is not for those who are looking forward to finishing their work on Earth so that they can go to Heaven for their reward.  It is not for those who think that perfection has come so that the Holy Spirit is no longer needed, and certainly not His gifts of miraculous powers and healings since medical science has made such advances, neither the need for the gift of tongues since we have language schools, and so on.  It is not for those who are happy that the hospitals are taking in all the sick so that only the healthy and the strong are at their glorious praise and worship meetings to help them build their cathedrals.  It is not for those who see that true prosperity is measured by the riches one gets from mammon.  But above all else, it is not for those who truly think that it seems good to the Holy Spirit that teachings, which go against what Jesus taught, should be upheld; in particular, the recommendations of James.  It is not for those who think that the Holy Spirit would approve of the teachings of James for the disciples of Jesus.  For those who have faith that Jesus is the Christ, but yet are satisfied with the state of the church and with the history of the church, then the Testimony of the Holy Spirit is not needed at all.  For the Testimony is the Holy Spirit Himself stating His case on behalf of Jesus, and more importantly on behalf of Himself.

For in it He has clearly stated that the eleven were the first to disbelieve Jesus after His resurrection; that they were the first to disobey His command, and that they were the first to delay His schedule… not the Pharisees or the Romans.  It is the servants of Jesus… it is the brothers of Jesus… the so-called children of God… who are responsible for the state of the church and the world, because they have not done their part.  If the children of God have done half as much as what they are supposed to do as the sons of the devil have done, then I think there would be no need for the Testimony.  If even only half of the eleven went with Mary to Galilee whilst the others stayed in Jerusalem, then what God had prepared for us in Galilee that morning would be known by now.

So, do not blame the sons of the devil when they lie and when they murder, for they are at least doing what their father does.  But we who call ourselves the children, even the sons of God, have we been doing what our Father does?  Are we healing as our Father does and multiplying food as our Father does?  For whatever the Lord Jesus did is what the Father does.  So in truth, unless you can at least do some of the things that Jesus has been doing, then you are not doing anything that your Father does.  At least a lying murderous son of the devil is doing what his father does, and as such, his father can be proud of him.  Can we who claim to be sons and daughters of God bring such pride to our Father by doing what He does as He has shown us through Jesus Christ?

So then, what sort of witnesses are we for Jesus?  Witnesses who are thrown out of courts because our testimonies are worthless, or witnesses who can collaborate with the evidence and more importantly with the testimony of Jesus Himself, so that He is proved true before His accusers?

The Holy Spirit will testify to vindicate Jesus… to prove every one of His words to be true to all His accusers, and in the process will also show Himself to be the True Witness that He is.  So, be warned if you still truly believe that it seems good to the Holy Spirit that we, the church, should practise that which goes against the words of Jesus.  As someone once said, “…to the testimony!” [Isaiah 8.20] now there is a Testimony to go to.  If that which we have worked to release is false, then we are eternally damned and no one need worry about us, but if that which is released now as the Testimony of the Holy Spirit is true, then let those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying to the church before it is too late.

As an aside… God never does anything without giving His people due warning.  Why do you think a city called Christchurch has been subject to continuous shaking since February?

Dr. Ed, Manager of the Holy Spirit’s Workshop

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