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“Be perfect therefore, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect.”[1]  Perfection is what Paul appealed to the Corinthians to aim for when he wrote:  Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal, be of one mind, live in peace.  And the God of love and peace will be with you.[2]

But which perfection is the true perfection that God has?  We know by the words of Jesus that God is Perfect, and as such, He is the source of all perfection.  And by our understanding of perfection, it means everything is complete, whole, and without any flaws or weaknesses.

However, you must also realise that Satan himself was the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.[3]  As such, the consolidation of your perfection must begin with recognising what and which is the real perfection, and which is the counterfeit perfection left over from Satan when he fell.  Not that he is still perfect, but because he was the model of perfection, he has been able to produce a counterfeit version of perfection based on two key ingredients, wisdom and beauty.

It is no surprise then that a certain type of wisdom is worshipped by the world, a wisdom that is measured by education, inventiveness and experience, a wisdom that is for the privileged few.  Likewise, there is so much emphasis placed on the perfection of beauty, physical beauty of shape, form and colour that can be appreciated by the eye and ears.  You see, Satan’s counterfeit perfection is based on lack as usual, so that only a few are wise, and his system conveniently always puts him on top of the pile, for after all, he was full of wisdom.  And the beauty that can be appreciated by the ears and eyes will play on the weakness that we have all inherited from Eve who listened to Satan and saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom.[4]  The satanic version of perfection is the attainment of wisdom through the knowledge of good and evil and the appreciation of beauty that is pleasing to the eye.

What then is Godly perfection?  It does include wisdom and beauty, and even the wisdom attained through the knowledge of good and evil, as well as appreciation of beauty that is pleasing to the eye, for what Satan offers is a counterfeit of what he originally received from God when God first made him.  Satan’s life is the classic tale of the rebellion of the creature against the Creator, the truth of which is not full of wisdom, for it is foolishness for a creature to rebel against its Creator, for it is the Creator who gives existence to the creatures, not the creatures who give existence to the Creator.  As such, without the Creator, the Creation cannot be.  That is why the life of Satan, because of his rebellion, is now the model of foolishness, as he was the model of perfection before he sinned.  That is why one must be mature and take a respectful look at Satan’s life and follies, for he can teach us what not to do.  The best way to earn your seat in the Lake of Burning Sulphur is to join with Satan and rebel against your Creator, and in the case of the false prophet, to rebel and take up arms against the Author and Perfecter of your faith, Jesus Christ.[5]

The perfection of God then goes beyond wisdom and beauty, it goes beyond knowledge and understanding, and the beauty that is appreciated by the eye goes beyond, but by no means excludes, wisdom and beauty.  Thus, those who seek a closer walk with God, yet live a life that isolates itself from the manifestation of worldly progress, but attempt to discipline themselves with harsh treatment of the body and rejection of physical beauty, are as deceived as those whom Satan has deceived.  One group has been deceived by Satan; the other group have deceived themselves. 

For the wisdom that is valued by the world comes from God, just as the beauty that is appreciated by the eye also comes from God, and to reject either is to reject something of God.  Just because Satan has a counterfeit does not mean we reject the original.

Thus, the consolidation of your perfection begins with knowing that which is counterfeit without rejecting the original from which the counterfeit was made.  And thus, just because there are counterfeit tongues, signs and wonders does not mean we reject all manifestation of tongues, signs and wonders as well.  Such doctrine is fear based and has nothing to do with perfect love.  For perfect love drives out all fear, even fear of the counterfeit, and I might say, especially fear of the counterfeit.  The love and knowledge of the true original is what allows a person to detect the counterfeit.  If we are experts in the gifts, signs and wonders of God, then the manifestation of a counterfeit in our midst will be easily detected.

The perfection that we aim for then includes wisdom that is attained by the knowledge of good and evil, and the beauty that is pleasing to the eye, and even an appetite for that which is good for food, but it does not stop there, but goes beyond.  For the hallmark of God’s perfection is His love for His enemies.  As Jesus commanded us, “Love your enemies… that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven.  He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the unrighteous.”[6]

The sons of Satan will love their own kind and those who love them, but they will certainly not allow the sun to rise on the evil and the unrighteous.  So those who love righteousness, justice and all good things, yet if they had the power, would not cause the sun to rise on the evil and the unrighteous, thus have not learned to be like their Father in Heaven who is Perfect.  They have learned to love that which is good, but perfection, God’s type of perfection, escapes them, and they will, if you observe them, successfully escape Satan’s deception only to deceive themselves.  For all their professed love of all things good and godly, you will find that they do not value listening to Jesus with all their heart, soul, might and mind, but rather, prefer to question Jesus and make up their own explanation, doctrines and theories of who Jesus Christ really is, all the while calling themselves practicing Christians.  Our job is not to condemn them, no, but to ensure that we do not deceive ourselves, but having escaped Satan’s deception and having freed ourselves, set them free gently.

You see, the perfection that God is is a perfection that exists only if it is merciful and compassionate.  For when Jesus taught on love of enemies, He said, “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful, because He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.”[7]  And that mercy as expanded by the Amplified is, “sympathetic, responsive, and compassionate.”  Being sympathetic, tender, responsive and compassionate to enemies causes you to be kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

Then, perfection for us is not to know everything perfectly only to do everything perfectly and beautifully, which produces a hunger for more, but perfection that produces within us mercy.  Mercy for our enemies, mercy for those who are evil, unrighteous, ungrateful and wicked, mercy which is also sympathetic, tender, responsive and compassionate to the evil, unrighteous, ungrateful and wicked.  You see then, mercy to those who are good, righteous, grateful and godly does not lead to the perfection of God.  It only placates our sense of righteousness and godliness by giving the deserving what they deserve. 

But God’s righteousness and Godness is mercy to the evil, unrighteous, ungrateful and wicked.  It is not loving those who love us, but rather loving those who hate us—that is being patient, kind, gentle and so on with those who hate us.  It is not greeting those who greet us, but rather, greeting those who do not greet us.  It is not befriending those who believe us, but rather, befriending those who ignore us.  It is praying for those who lie about us, blessing those who curse us, and seeking to do good to those who seek to harm us. 

Thus, whatever we are learning and seeking to acquire in that which God has for us, it is so that we may be merciful as He is merciful, sympathetic, tender, responsive and compassionate to the evil, unrighteous, ungrateful and wicked, and yet at the right time to be firm as God is firm, to be able to sit on our thrones and smash the nations to pieces like pottery if that is needed.

As I have said before, your election is not for the ordinary, and it is a walk of the way so narrow that it is sharper than a razor’s edge.  What a privilege you have been afforded through Jesus Christ that He is leading you by His example with the power of the Holy Spirit so that you may be sons of the Father, perfect as He is Perfect, and merciful as He is merciful.

Thus the practicality of this consolidation lies in the acquisition of as much knowledge, wisdom and understanding as possible through listening to Jesus and the Holy Spirit until you become a type of person that the world cherishes, an expert; an expert in the words and ways of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

It also includes a determined, disciplined practice of the words of Jesus so that you can practise and do His word and will with such ease, expertise and lightness of form that for those who are watching your practice of His word, it is beautiful to the eye and desirable for food.  That is, your constant practice of the words of the Tree of Life turns the fruit of the Tree of Life into something more beautiful and desirable for food, so that the sons and daughters of Eve would reach out for it rather than the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And all this expertise of word and practice is directed at being able to pray, bless and do good to our enemies.  As the command of the use of word and practice increases in you, so does the power, and that power is acquired so that we may display our love for God by being found worthy to be His sons and daughters.  As such, the power that you are yet to experience being released through you is for the express purpose of doing good to those who seek to harm you.  It is not so much power to bless those who bless us and do good to those who have done good to us.  For those who give us a cup of cold water in the desert, who visit us in prison, who clothe us when we are naked, and who feed us when we are hungry already have a kingdom prepared for them by God and a reward they cannot lose.

But those who seek to harm us, who do not feed us when we are hungry, or clothe us when we are naked, or visit us when we are sick or in prison, have a horrible punishment prepared for them by God.  It is therefore those we must seek to do good to that we may turn God’s wrath from them.

Herein again, our predecessor Paul serves us a prime example.  Paul who, when he was Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee, not only breathed murderous threats against the believers and disciples of Jesus, but imprisoned and killed many of them, and yet he was shown mercy when Jesus, by His power, blinded him and then used Ananias to restore his sight, turning him into one of His greatest apostles.  The mercy of God turned Paul’s eternity from one of condemnation to destruction to glorification for the personification of God Himself.  Now, that is the perfection of our God and Father, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will soon return.

Thus, your acquisition of the fullness of the Holy Spirit and all His gifts is not for perfection as man sees perfection, but for perfection as God is Perfect, perfection that displays mercy in all its fullness.  Perfection that is acquired to display the one thing God said He desires when He told Hosea, “I desire mercy.”[8]  Perfection to display mercy as God desires mercy, and so be the desired of God.  That is why Paul commended us, no, appealed to us to aim for perfection.

Thus, when you seek to know and practise the word of the Lord, to be able to do all that He has done and the greater things for the express purpose to be a blessing to your enemies, to be an answer to prayer for your enemies, and to be the one who can deliver your enemies, then you are standing in true perfection, the perfection of God that is kind to the evil and unrighteous, the wicked and the ungrateful. 

And God’s kindness does not end, not even to His enemies, not even to those who have condemned themselves by their actions to the Lake of Sulphur, for even there He causes His sun to rise on them, for as it is written:  And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the Lake of Burning Sulphur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown.  They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.[9]  And you can only have day and night if the sun rises and sets on you, just as Jesus said, “He causes His sun to rise on the evil…”  And even after Heaven and Earth have disappeared,[10] the word of Jesus has not disappeared.[11]

So then, fear God for this is the only worthwhile conclusion of the teacher, but fear Him because He is Perfect and merciful, and His mercy knows no bounds.  Therefore, all you who fear God—should you not love Him?  And you who are His sons and daughters, should you not be perfect as your Heavenly Father is Perfect?  And should you not be merciful as your Heavenly Father is merciful, so that even all His enemies, the evil, the unrighteous, the ungrateful and the wicked will have to bow their knees before Him and praise Him for His mercy, goodness and kindness forever?   Amen

Now that is perfection forever!

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