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The apostle Peter, when writing to God’s elect, strangers in the world [1 Peter 1.1], told them that you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light [1 Peter 2.9], which in the Revised Version, is translated ‘a peculiar people’.  And in Exodus 19.5 NIV God said to Moses to tell Israel, “Now if you obey Me fully and keep My covenant, then out of all nations you will be My treasured possession,” and in the KJV, “Now therefore, if ye will obey My voice indeed, and keep My covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all people…”

This peculiarity is associated therefore with a characteristic, a trait, that must set the elect of God apart.  The elect of the Father – Israel; the elect of Jesus – the church; and the elect of the Holy Spirit – those He has set aside from the church for His work. [Acts 13.2]

Israel would have been the Father’s peculiar treasure if they had fully (see the word ‘fully’, not partially) obeyed Him and kept His covenant… which is the Covenant of the Law that includes the Covenant of Circumcision.

The elect of Jesus are God’s peculiar people also… if they too fully obeyed God’s voice when He said, “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him!” [Matthew 17.5 NASB; Mark 9.7; Luke 9.35] and keep His covenant, which is the Covenant for the Forgiveness of Sins.

The elect of the Holy Spirit come from and can only come from the first two types of elect… that is, the one who has fulfilled the Law and those who, having been chosen by the One who fulfilled the Law, actually obey the new royal command, “Listen to Him!” and keep the New Covenant.  So that in order you yourself may know those whom the Holy Spirit might and will elect… see the peculiar characteristics of a potential elect of the Holy Spirit.

Anyone who claims faith in Christ, but yet does not see that listening to Jesus is the fullness of the obedience to the voice of God and that forgiveness is the name of the New Covenant, is not suitable for election by the Holy Spirit.  For indeed, those who do not lament at our lack of understanding and practice of what listening to Jesus really means, and do not detest our lack of practice of forgiveness of sins, are not suitable to receive the mark that will spare them from the harvesters.  As such, when the opportunity arises for you to restore the command and remind them of the covenant, those who do not lament of the times they have wasted listening to others and do not find detestable their unforgiveness of sins have made themselves subjects of the harvesters.  Now, it is not necessary that we few need to confront the entirety of the two billion who have called upon the Christ, but since the Holy Spirit already knows their responses, what little we do, when given to the Lord, He will multiply.  That is, by your willingness to restore and remind those who call themselves believers or disciples so that they may react to your word and so judge themselves, will allow the entirety of the host of believers and disciples to be so marked by the Holy Spirit so that holy angels can perform the harvest.

For after all, who is the present day Man with the writing kit?  Indeed, who was it who inspired and, above all else, reminded the writers of the New Testament the words of Jesus?  If He reminded those who wrote the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, then, in truth, He is the true Writer of the testimony about Jesus Christ with the disciples as mere instruments in His hands.

Those who lament and detest the loss of the command and the lack of upholding the covenant, and show their repentance by their actions in reading afresh what the Holy Spirit wrote to remind them of what Jesus said, and practise anew the forgiveness of sins, will find themselves marked by the pen of the Holy Spirit to be spared by the angels to remain as the elect of the Lord Jesus, and will be gathered by the angels from the four ends of the Earth on His arrival.

However, amongst you now exists one and ones who define what the peculiarity of an elect of the Holy Spirit is that sets them apart from the elect of God, even of Jesus.  For beyond obeying the voice and the upholding of the covenant, beyond the concerted effort to listen to Jesus, to practise His words and to recognise His voice, even the voice of the Holy Spirit, you have raised up a standard that is truly peculiar to the elect of the Holy Spirit.  A trait, a hallmark, a sign, that sets an elect of the Holy Spirit apart… something that an elect of Jesus does not have.

Jesus said, “When the Counsellor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth who goes out from the Father, He will testify about Me. And you also must testify, for you have been with Me from the beginning.” [John 15.26-27]

Believers and disciples of Jesus, if and when they do preach and testify, depend on the Holy Spirit to confirm their message with signs and wonders, assuming that they would even permit the Holy Spirit to do so… for there is a very strange and mystifying attitude, spirit even, amongst the believers and preachers and disciples of the Lord Jesus, and that is, a dislike, a disdain, a suspicion and even a fear of the Holy Spirit confirming their words with signs and wonders… as if such preachers and believers either fear that the Holy Spirit will disprove them or that their listeners will disapprove of their ‘unearthly’ ways.  Even amongst those who invite the Holy Spirit to participate, that invitation is often given with the attitude that the Holy Spirit should confirm their testimony and that is it.

If you claim to be an elect of the Holy Spirit and you behave like these first two groups, then what is there to set you apart from them?

So, elect, know your identity that you may recognise what makes you an elect and what allows you to keep your election.  Even if the gift of God may be without repentance, the gift of God can also be lost.  Adam lost his gift and Israel lost their gift, just to name a few.  Just as many who call Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” and do miracles in His Name, drive out demons in His Name and prophesy in His Name can lose their place when He sends them away, saying, “I never knew you.  Away from Me, you evildoers!” [Matthew 7.23] so an elect can lose his election.  A truth that is supported by the numbers that were, but are no more.

What sets an elect of the Holy Spirit apart is not the obedience to listening to Jesus, neither the obedience to practise His words, nor the obedience to uphold the covenant, and not even the desire to see scriptures fulfilled so that Jesus can return urgently, it is not the highlighting of the words spoken by the mouth of God only, it is not the writing of the word to be trained as a scribe, nor the presence of miraculous powers to do signs and wonders… it is all of these and yet, if this last trait is absent, then the election is not secured, not finalised, not immortalised.

Even though you have gone through all the above, now it is time to bring out that which defines, sets apart, makes peculiar, an elect of the Holy Spirit from those whom Jesus and the Father have elected.  A trait that, in truth, even the Father and Jesus would appreciate in their elects.  As such, it is a common trait for all the elects of God, but yet, separates them uniquely so that it may be known who elected whom as it were.

If you find this difficult to understand, it is meant to be.

The peculiar defining trait, the hallmark, that is peculiar to an elect of the Holy Spirit whose election is eternalised, made firm, unshakable, unmoved, unchangeable is this:  They delight not only in seeing the Holy Spirit confirm their testimony about Jesus with signs and wonders… but they delight, above all else, to see the Holy Spirit testify about Jesus, and not only delight, but they will work with the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit to confirm His testimony about Jesus Christ with signs and wonders.

As the Holy Spirit gave the disciples the power to be witnesses of Jesus Christ, so an elect gives power to the witness of the Holy Spirit about Jesus Christ.  How is that possible?  The power of a witness lays not only in his testimony, but in having collaborating physical evidence that confirms the words of the testimony.

If the words of Jesus in the four gospels, the epistles and the Revelation are indeed the words of Jesus that the Holy Spirit reminded the writers (scribes) of as He dictated to them, then the availability of co-witnesses who can testify that these words are true and the production of physical evidence to collaborate the word are what gives the Holy Spirit power as the Witness of Jesus Christ.  And that power that comes from us is the power of obedience.  For few understand what our obedience does to God… but if Adam had obeyed God, God’s plan would not have been foiled by Satan; if Solomon had obeyed God, God’s plan for Israel would not have been foiled by false gods; and if the eleven had obeyed Jesus, God’s plan for His kingdom would have been launched from Galilee on resurrection morning.

So even though the Holy Spirit is all powerful… in the paradox of all things… He can be made even more powerful through the one thing that made Jesus who is perfect even more perfect – obedience.  Likewise, our obedience to the voice of God and the upholding the covenant gives the power to God to stand up and testify… the power of His testimony confirmed by collaborating witnesses and evidence.

Now, since the Lord Jesus has said of the Holy Spirit, “…He will testify about Me,” [John 15.26] then is it any wonder that a true elect of the Holy Spirit delights in making every effort to allow the Holy Spirit to testify and testify without limit?  To this end the words, “Amen Holy Spirit,” are not a burden, but a song of worship, and the ways, our ways, of doing all things must be as peculiar and as unique as the Holy Spirit’s.  As such, an elect of the Holy Spirit not only delights in doing the things that Jesus has done and even the greater things, but he (or she) delights in doing the things the Holy Spirit has been doing and even the greater things, so that indeed the Holy Spirit can be taken out of the way because His elect are doing the things He does and even greater things.

Jesus said, “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.” [Matthew 13.45] A man looking for fine pearls does not keep every pearl he looks at… but keeps only those that have the potential to be the fine pearl which satisfies.

Elects of the Holy Spirit are not satisfied by the Holy Spirit, no, they satisfy the Holy Spirit.

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