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As Jesus often repeated His teachings on different occasions, even repeating the miracles, as a reminder to His disciples, so it is proper to remind ourselves, elect, the purpose of our election, and this should be something that we always do.  For as surely as the Father has drawn us to Jesus for our salvation and Jesus has called us as His disciples… so the Holy Spirit has elected us as He set Barnabas and Saul aside for His work.

For those who are mature now and have gone through the first round of training, it is essential that you are clear on the purpose of election so that there is no confusion in what you will say to those the Holy Spirit is now adding to His elect.  The work He has set us aside for begins with the work that He Himself was sent to do – “…teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” And the most important matter in reminding is the restoration of the Father’s command to all disciples of course, which is, “Listen to Him.”

Secondly, the Holy Spirit “…will testify about Me,” as Jesus said, which gives us the example to follow so that we would know how to testify about Jesus as well as He has said, “And you also must testify…” So our ability to be witnesses is shown us by the Holy Spirit from whom comes the power to be witnesses in the first place.

His work is also to “…convict the world of guilt [expose the guilt of the world] in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment…” In regards to this we permit the Holy Spirit to first convict us so that we ourselves are brought to continuous, unceasing repentance so that we do not contradict Jesus’ earlier command, “Do not judge…” but rather, bless those who need the conviction as we have been convicted.  As the Lord has said, “Freely you have received, freely give,” and, “…do to others what you would have them do to you…”

As well as that, as elect we must permit Him to “…guide you into all truth…” and “…speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come.” As such, a submissive attitude to His guidance, a willingness to listen, but above all else, the ABILITY TO RECOGNISE HIS VOICE so that He may “….bring glory to Me by taking from what is Mine and making it known to you.” In so doing we become ones who have “…an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches,” so that having heard, we can tell those who are in the church but do not recognise His voice what He is saying as well.  If they listen, they will listen… if not, we have done our work.

Even though the attitude of our labour remains with love as our prime motivator, you must remember that it is the love of God that must always come first… and on that basis, it is always the face and reputation of our King, His glory and His honour, that come above all others… even if they are reputed to be apostles.

So as God is respecter of no men, you, elect, must become respecters of no men even though your obedience to the commands of Jesus has you loving them.  Though we agape as we are commanded and we bless, pray and do good to all, remember, elect, you alone should know whether you are loving them as your enemies or as your fellow disciples, for that is not their concern but yours alone, and it should be done in such a way that they are obliged to give glory to God and have no accusations against our Father and our King on the day of their judgment.

As for your own personal reputation and standing in this world, it matters little.  For as the Lord never trusted Himself to men or relied on the praises of men, for He knows what is in men, so should your attitude be.  For as recently as 50 years ago, it was the members of the church who betrayed their fellow believers, disciples and pastors to the labour camps of godless heathens.  Indeed, you should likewise always judge yourself sombrely.  For indeed, when the days of distress come, you are not certain whether you yourself will be the betrayer or the betrayed, except that even now I know that the Holy Spirit has elected you because of your capacity and willingness to be faithful.  Faithful not only to the extent of those who were martyred because they refused to give up their testimony of Christ and the word of God, but more so if that were possible.  For as surely as those who were martyred held onto what they had even to the point of death, so you must shine and excel in this present climate when the words of Christ are sieved and sorted out like bargain hunters at a midyear department store sale, and only that which suits the church is kept and selected while whatever is too hard, too politically incorrect or too fantastic to believe is cast aside.  No, you have been elected because you have a capacity to be faithful.  A faithfulness that is defined by your willingness to believe every word spoken by Jesus, and not only believe, but to practise them in spite of failure and ridicule, and that coming from the church.

There is a faithfulness that is defined by loyalty until a sacrificial death, but there is a faithfulness that is defined by the ability to believe in the entirety of the commands and promises of Jesus, and not just believe but then hide your faith so that no one knows… but a willingness of not being ashamed of Him and His words.  As He called to the crowds and His disciples, “If anyone is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His Father’s glory with the holy angels.”

It is one thing to believe in Him and His words, but it is another to be ashamed of Him and His words in the presence of this adulterous generation… for nothing but shame awaits them when He arrives.  As such, you can see it is kindness that those who believe in Him and His words but are ashamed of Him and His words are removed before He arrives so that they are not subject to public shame when Jesus gathers the nations and judges them.  Imagine being put to shame in front of the nations of this world who did not know Jesus, and in particular, in front of those who are welcomed into the kingdom prepared for them because they showed mercy and kindness to the least of the brothers of Christ even though they themselves never knew Christ Jesus.

It is this particular quality of faith that the Holy Spirit is seeking so that when He, that is, Jesus, arrives, He will not only find faith, but faithfulness.  Those who believe in Him and His words, but are by choice ‘selective’ of which of His words they would believe and are ‘considerate’ in not displaying their faith in Him, will not be part of the welcoming party.  Now, elect, go the extra mile… being not only faithful in believing the entirety of Him and His words, being not only unashamed of Him and His words… go beyond unashamedness and reach straight into Satan’s heart and take out that which caused him to fall – pride – and use it for the glory of our Lord.

In your faithfulness, in your unashamedness, let your pride about Him and His words now show.  Show this adulterous generation of lukewarm candidates of vomitus who walk around wearing His death as jewellery, who use His buildings for their weddings, deaths and conveniences, your pride … your pride in Jesus Christ and His entire word.  Your pride in the Man as a man is proud of a father or brother or friend.  Your pride in the Man as a woman is proud of her man.  Your pride in your Teacher as students are proud of their teachers.  Your pride in your Lord and King as subjects are proud of their good king.  Pride… so much pride in Him who is faithful that indeed your very born again spirit becomes a spirit of pride that touches the Holy Spirit Himself, bringing forth from Him that hidden side of Himself… He who is the Spirit of the Pride of the Lord, for the Holy Spirit Himself is proud of Jesus, so proud that He is not ashamed to be poured out on all flesh in His Name so that this Earth may be prepared properly for His glorious return.

And indeed, elect, are you not in truth to be proud of Him, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, who elected you?  Or are you ashamed of Him and His peculiar ways… too ashamed to use His languages, His power, His wisdom, His knowledge, His faith and so on… even too ashamed to make mention of Him, much less allow Him to have full possession of your being?  Are you too ashamed of the Holy Spirit to spend time letting Him do His work in you, even to speak to you until you can recognise His voice?  Are you ashamed to be seen by spirits – angels and demons – to be in conversation with the Holy Spirit before men?  For if you are, then you have made yourself out to be a liar when you say you are not ashamed of Jesus Christ and His words.  For it is an insult to the Son when you say you accept the Son but refuse the Father, for the Lord was conceived in the womb of Mary when she was a virgin by His power and it was the Lord who raised Jesus from the dead by His power.

Jesus Himself is not ashamed of His Father in Heaven or of the Holy Spirit.  Indeed, even though as He said, “I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again,” He did not, but was Himself not ashamed to let the Holy Spirit raise Him up, and neither was He ashamed to let the Holy Spirit declare Him Son of God.

For, elect, the test of any believer, who says he believes in Jesus and who says he loves Jesus, lays in the degree to which he is either ashamed or unashamed of Jesus and His words… and indeed, whether he shows pride in Him and about Him.  And that truth of every believer is tested with how he is prepared to relate and receive the One whom Jesus sent – the Holy Spirit.  So you see, elect, there is no need for arguments or defence of what we are called to say or do or how we practise the commands and decrees of Jesus to those who consider themselves better qualified.

Your pride, yes, your pride in the Holy Spirit is the light that will reveal everything that is hidden in the hearts of all who say to Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” for those who have a good and noble heart towards the Lord will respond like a seed sown on good soil to the warmth of sunlight and yield forth the harvest of faith, love and pride in their Father and their God.

So, elect, though pride is the sin that brought down Satan, now through Jesus Christ who made us the righteousness of God through His sacrifice by becoming Sin even though He was without sin… pride is the garland that is retrieved from the dung heap and upon those who are violent for the Lord’s glory, it is the greatest of all gifts and treasures you can return to the King.

When you yourself are proud of the One whom you serve, you will display the noblest of all traits amongst enemies – respect.  For you yourself will learn to respect those who are proud of the one they serve… even if it is Satan.  In this lays the sad truth… you, elect, will find better gratification in close fellowship with worthy opponents than in fellowship with those who are but the Lord’s future vomit.

Elect, be faithful because you can… now.  Surprise the Lord, the Lord and the Lord… the King Eternal, Immortal and Invisible.  Show Them your pride, turning that which They hate to that which They would treasure most dearly, eternally.  Now that is glory!


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