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“Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me.  He who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him and show Myself to him.” To which Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “But, Lord, why do You intend to show Yourself to us and not to the world?”

Has it not occurred to you, elect, that this is an unusual thing for Jesus to say that He would “…show Myself to him”?  After all He was not talking to the crowds then, but to the eleven with whom He had spent the better half of two years or more (Julian years that is).  It is even more poignant when you realise He was speaking to eleven men, all of whom had not held onto His commands previously and the same eleven who would not hold onto His commands in three days time.  For Jesus, by His foreknowledge, would have known of the disobedience and disbelief that the eleven would show to the news of His rising from the dead.

It is specifically that you know that He said this to the eleven who had disobeyed and would disobey that you can have the confidence that these words do not extend to them alone… but to “Whoever has My commands…” Those who are the ‘whoevers’ are surely those who have been discipled and have been taught to obey everything that Jesus has commanded as He would later tell them, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

It is not believers who have His commands, but it is disciples.  And those who have His commands and obey them are loved by the Father because the commands Jesus gave us are the commands the Father gave Him to say and how to say it.  Hence, it should not surprise you or anyone that the Father loves those who have the commands and obey them.  As such, love for Jesus… agape for Jesus is not a love confessed or a faith invested in His word.  Rather, it is a work… an effort invested in the obedience of that command.

A person who believes that he should love his enemy but does not put it into practice, has not loved Jesus, no matter how much he has healed the sick, driven out demons and done miracles amongst his friends and family.  A person who uses worldly wealth to bless those who are already his friends and family instead of using it to win friends (gain friends), that is, turn those who are not his friends into friends, does not love Jesus no matter how much he believes in Jesus or confesses that he loves Him.  The love of Jesus is not demonstrated by laying your money at the feet of apostles to bless the widows and orphans of believers and disciples, but rather, when it is used to bless the widows and orphans of enemies and unbelievers.

He who has the commands but does not obey them has no agape love for Jesus, which is why Peter could not say he agaped Jesus, but answered phileo three times, for he had not held onto the command to go to Galilee to strengthen the brothers so that they would go with him instead of running to the tomb at the word of Magdalene.

Now see these words of Jesus, elect:  “He who loves Me…” within this context means… he who “has My commands and obeys them… will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him and show Myself to him.” This is not the love that Jesus has that He died for the eleven and that which He commanded when He gave the new command, “Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” The love Jesus spoke of in John 13.34 is the love that He has for those who are sinners, lost… which is the love of His grace and His forgiveness as well as the love of His sacrifice.  It is a love that is given to all who have yet to obey the commands though they have received them.  A love that allows all who have ears to hear to receive the commands that they may obey them.

By the Lord’s word, no one who has not received His commands (that is, no one who does not have His commands) and no one who does not obey them loves Him.  All are loved by Him… but not all can love Him.  A person who believes in Jesus and confesses that he loves Jesus has not met the requirements and standard of this word… if he does not have His commands and obey them.

As such, elect, the love that Jesus spoke of here, where He said, “…I too will love him…” is not the same love as that which He mentioned in John 13.34, but it is a love that comes first from the Father and is inspired by the Father, for Jesus said, “He who loves Me (who has My commands and obeys them) will be loved by My Father, and I too will love him…” and this is the promise:  “…and show Myself to him.” This showing of Himself to the eleven can only mean a revelation of Himself to them that He had not yet done up to that day.  A revelation of Himself not as the Christ or Man who is walking to the cross, but the Saviour who would die for them, and more importantly, the Messiah who would empower them to reap the benefits of His labour.  The Messiah, the King, He was going to show them had they gone to Galilee that morning.

They did not obey… and they never saw what Jesus would reveal to those who have His commands and obey them, for not one of the eleven ever called Him, “King,” in the book of Acts or their epistles, except the one who was abnormally born, who called Him, Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God… The eleven only called Him, “Lord,” even in their final question to Him they addressed Him, “Lord, are You at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?”

The revelation of Jesus the King is only for those who are loved by Him because they have shown their love by obeying the commands… His commands.  It is not for those who love Him because He saved them, healed them, forgave them and blessed them, not even for those whom He has baptised… but for those to whom the commands have been given and who have made it their business, their life, to hold onto His commands and obey them… just simply obey them.

For the eleven, it would have been going to Bethsaida immediately or going to Galilee or remaining in the city and not going to Capernaum or staying in the locked room or going fishing in Galilee… not choosing the replacement of Judas by casting the lot… and so on.  So the revelation of Christ the King was left to Paul who did obey and held onto the commands and understood the commands well enough to know that we who are born again are no longer under the law… the law has no power over us, so we do not observe it but we uphold it for those who still remain under its curse.  And so it was Paul who spoke of the Spirit of Sonship, for a servant cannot inherit the crown nor a friend but only a son can, so that believers and disciples then know that the Holy Spirit would raise them up as He raised Jesus up by His power, declaring them to be sons of God as Jesus was declared Son of God.  And without sonship, there can be no kingship.

Those who died holding onto their testimony and the word of God, that is, those who are martyred, have earned the right of sonship, for they have died for the sake of their testimony and because of the word of God as Jesus had done.  So as Jesus was raised in power and declared the Son of God by the Holy Spirit, so too they will be raised at the first resurrection, the first fruits, who are holy unto God by the Spirit of Holiness and declared sons of God by His power even though they displayed no power during their earthly lives… for by their time, the church had lost the right to be trusted with the power of the Holy Spirit and was resorting to worldly powers.  In earning their sonship through sacrificial death because of their powerlessness, they also have become eligible for their kingship to return with Jesus when He comes, not as a Lamb to be slain but as a Lion to avenge and to reign.

Now, for you who are alive, who believe and live – to have the command, “Listen to Him,” available for you to read from the day you picked up a Bible and began reading it –have His commands plainly set out for you to have and to obey.  And if you do hold onto His commands and obey them, then you are loved by the Father and by Jesus too, and you will be shown that aspect of Him that those who do not obey the commands even when they have them will never see.  To them He will always only ever be “Lord, Lord…” and the dreadful rejection awaits them, even if they have prophesied, driven out demons and done miracles in His Name.  But to all who have His commands AND obey them, the love of the Father for them will reveal not just the Son to them but the King, so that your cry to Him as He appears to you will not be “Lord, Lord…” but “My King…”  For a King is higher than a Lord… and so you who see the King, who is Jesus, have lifted Him higher to greater glory, and you, who through faithful obedience in holding onto His commands and obeying them, forsaking all others even if they come highly recommended like James the Younger’s recommendations, make yourself eligible to be a son who can be trusted with kingship, have lifted Him even higher than a King.  Indeed, through all who hold onto His commands and obey them… Jesus is no longer Lord and King, but He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Now, it is one thing to have the commands and obey them… but it is a far greater thing to obey them perfectly!

The responsibility then as an elect of the Holy Spirit is not only to do the work He has for you… but also to search out the commands of Jesus and obey them, that you may testify, teach and disciple others to do likewise so that when He returns, not only will He find faith, not only will He find a church purified… but He will receive that which is worthy of the King of kings, the Emperor, that no emperor of the Earth has ever received and can ever receive.

Go, search it out… for God has hidden it for His glory, and it is the glory of kings that they search out a matter.


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