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“Would you discredit My justice?  Would you condemn Me to justify yourself?” God asked Job out of a storm.

Likewise, these questions can be asked of the pharisees and the Jews of the time of Jesus when they questioned Him on His ability and authority to forgive sins and His willingness to heal on a Sabbath.  Indeed, they did condemn Jesus to justify themselves when they said to Pilate, “We have a law, and according to that law He must die, because He claimed to be the Son of God.” Indeed, there is no such law in Leviticus, and if such a law existed, then pharaoh would have had the right to execute the entire nation of Israel, for God said through Moses, “Israel is My firstborn son, and I told you, ‘Let My son go, so he may worship Me.’ “ However, in order to justify themselves before Pilate who repeatedly refused to kill Jesus and repeatedly tried to set Jesus free, knowing He was not guilty of what the Jews accused Him of, they made up this law:  “…He must die, because He claimed to be the Son of God.”

Another concern of the elect of the Lord, as this age draws to a close and the day of Jesus’ arrival draws ever closer, is that we do not discredit the justice of God, nor do we condemn God in order to justify ourselves with laws that are completely fictitious.

What is true justice for the word of God and the Word of God?  That those who use His Name are protected regardless of how they have not listened, nor obeyed and practised His word, or that those who use His Name are brought to account on the way they have used His Name before a world that has suffered for 2,000 years because of their misuse of His Name and their twisting and substitution of His teachings?  Surely it is the latter, for judgment begins in the house of God.  If Jesus was to return to judge, He would judge first those whom He appointed as His servants and then those who appointed themselves to be His servants and lastly, judgment for those who are not of His household based on how they treated His brothers or sisters or servants.

As such, if the Master of the house was to judge and clear the accounts with His servants, would you expect Him to come to them or would you expect them to be called to where the Master is?  Now, since Jesus has already said, “Whoever serves Me must follow Me; and where I am, My servant also will be,” it is immediately apparent that those who call themselves servants of Jesus but are not following Him in His word and His ways have already been shown not to be His servants.  So would it be a surprise that many of them will be removed from His service, that is, removed from this world and cast out completely?  And since where He is His servants must also be, those who do follow Him by His word and way but yet are not where He is, that is, at the right hand of the Father, would and should expect a sharp recall to be where He is, and if they have been found lacking in their work, they would then not be sent out again.

What does this mean, elect?

It means in the days to come you will find that multitudes of those who are self appointed servants of Christ and servants who are not following Him will be removed from the arena of work.  And what is this arena of work?  Is it not the Earth where the work of preaching the good news and confirming the news continues with signs and wonders?  So should you be distressed when you see multitudes of those who use His Name being removed?  Not at all, for you know who and what they are.  Your concern is that they have been warned to the best of your ability and the best of your agreement with the Holy Spirit.  As for those who seem to be following Jesus and are doing great works in the sight of themselves and their followers but have not the power of the Holy Spirit to approve their works as worthy of the Son of God, you will likewise find them recalled to the Lord to be at the Father’s side.  And if they have been found to be worthwhile to have around for the remaining work, then like Lazarus, you will be raising them from the dead.  But know for certain the ones who are not raised are ones who are no longer suitable for further arrangements at the workplace – this world that God sent His one and only begotten Son to save.

Now that is the justice of God as He removes those who claim to be His servants but are not and those who are His servants but are lazy and God forsaking, who have not in mind the things of God but of men… and raises up at the same time those who have not sought Him or known Him because of the failings of the servants to serve in their place.  So do not mourn as Ezekiel was commanded not to mourn, for they are receiving their just rewards.

In keeping with the truth of His word, those who seek to enter Heaven will find the entry, those who ask to be admitted to Heaven will be let in, and those who knock on the door to enter Heaven will be let in as the door will open.  However, they will find it will not be the way of the mythical rapture that is being prostituted.  For those of us who are left alive, who wait and witness the dead in Christ rising first, will rise changed in the twinkling of an eye, clothed with immortality, to join Him in the clouds forever, as Paul wrote for us, not to go to Heaven, but to return to this world to continue our work for Him, to raise up the latter harvest of His millennium.

Anyone who is truly a servant of the Lord and has been following Him will know and appreciate where He has been, where He is now and where He is going.  Anyone who is concerned about where they have been, where they are now and where they are going have not been following Him at all, even if they have used His truth to successfully bless themselves.

Having ensured and checked yourself that you are an appointed servant and not a self appointed servant, then discipline and rebuke yourself to keep yourself from laziness and wickedness… and know where He has been and when as you know where He is now and where He will be and when.

For if you do not appreciate or care to know the life and times of Jesus that was and is, then how can you expect to know the life and times of Jesus to come?  For the days of distress that are coming are merely a fulfilment and a manifestation of the life and times of Jesus Christ that are coming.  And since it is the life and times of Jesus Christ that are to come, they are also the life and times of the Father and the Holy Spirit that are coming, for They are One.

Even though the antichrist can do signs and wonders to deceive the elect if it were possible, that deception can only be possible if the elect themselves care not for the life and times of Jesus that was, that is and that is to come, but care only for their own life and times that was, that is and that is to come.  So truly, once more the words of the Lord are true when He said, “The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” He has said also, “No servant can serve two masters,” and even though He was referring to God and money as the masters then, now the two masters we must choose are our own life or His life, our times or His times.

Those who are concerned about the use of their faith and works to see the words of Jesus fulfil their lives and times have their own life as their master, and they will lose their life, be put to sleep to go to the Heaven they have sought, asked for and knocked on God’s door for.  They will die… and not as a martyr.

It is those whose concern that their faith and their works are to see that the words of Jesus fulfil the life of Jesus and His times that have indeed served the life of God as their master.  And since they are faithful with little, they will be given much more, and that is, to be entrusted in bringing the life and times of Jesus that are yet to come into being.  For if you cared not for His past achievements nor His present comfort, what right do you have to expect to be trusted with His future?

The past of Jesus is available for all to read, to listen to and to see, for all who have called themselves His servants and yet will not make every effort to ascertain with accuracy His past and hold it true, then really they have condemned themselves by their actions.  And if the church who prides herself as a mother has not raised up children who value the truth of His past with the accuracy it deserves, then such a church has condemned herself by her children, and her foolishness is revealed like a woman with her skirt lifted over her head.  For Jesus has said, “But wisdom is proved right by her actions (and) by all her children.”

However, if your actions, elect, and those you would disciple from those whom you bring into the Lord by your preaching and your testimony, are taught to show all care and concerns to the past achievements of the life and times of Jesus, and His present comfort, to prepare themselves to lay hold of His future – then you will be approved righteous, not by men but by God.

This then is the justice of God… for when Job complained about His treatment, his sufferings and his testings, he was concerned about only his own life and times – his past achievements, his present discomfort and his future hopelessness.  He was not concerned at all about the past achievements of God nor the present comfort of God or the future hope of God, which are the things that God spoke to him about out of the storm.  However, Job to his credit humbled himself and said, “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know,”for Job spoke of his own past, his own present and his future hope without knowing a single thing of God’s life and times until God spoke and he listened.

For God’s justice is that our life and times are held in His life and times, and those who seek the life and times of God will find their life and times, but those who seek after their own life and times will find nothing.

And so is it not true justice then that God gives nothing to those who have heard of the life and times of Jesus but cared not for them, yet reveals His life and times that are yet to come to those who were never told of the truth of the life and times of Jesus Christ when God walked the Earth in the flesh?

There is coming an hour and day and month and year when one third of mankind will be killed. Does it not alarm you, elect, that the number of those who use the Name of Christ Jesus is now one third of mankind in all its various guises?  So consider the times, yes, but more importantly, consider whose life you are serving.


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