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If you had watched your Friend, your Teacher, your Rabbi and your Lord killed and buried unjustly, what should your concern be?

Obviously if you are a disciple, your own safety… and that is why you would lock yourself away and hide for fear of the Jews.  And this concern for your personal safety can be so overwhelming that even when you heard the message and saw the empty tomb with the linen folded neatly, you would still simply go home and lock yourself in a room.  If they came to tell you again, you would disbelieve it.  So overriding is your concern for your safety that you miss the clue, the hint, that signal that the body was not stolen by the pharisees or soldiers or grave robbers, but rather, someone who cared had come over and set the body of Christ free… that pile of neatly folded linen.  For no grave robber would bother.

However, after He appeared and you touched His wounds, watched Him eat and listened to Him speak again, what then were your concerns?  To do what He now tells you exactly or because you are bored waiting in the city, you go fishing and take a group with you?  What should be your concerns, disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ?  What concerned them concerned them, elect, but now, focus on what should be your concerns.

Forget for a moment about your status as one who is saved and simply be a man (or woman) who has a son or daughter, a worthy child, one whom you love and one whom you find well pleasing because of the person who he or she is.  So pleased are you with him (or her) that to those you know you would introduce him as, “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased…”[1] Then suddenly one day as he was going about the work you have given him to do, evil men ambushed him and killed him… slandering his name… and you find that those very men who killed him are from your own household servants… what would you do?  What would you be concerned for?

You see, elect, you need not imagine what God the Father is concerned about right now, for by His giving you a family – a father and mother and to some, brothers and sisters and even children – you are able to begin to know the foremost concerns of the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus through your concerns for your own family, especially if they are your beloved family with whom you are well pleased, that is, they are your source of joy and pleasure.

What would be the foremost of your concerns when you see the injustice perpetrated on your beloved remains unanswered and unresolved?  What would be the foremost of your concerns when you see the heritage of his finished work, life and name is twisted, ignored and slandered by those who seek to profit themselves by his work or refuse to acknowledge His work and worse still, slander him?

Firstly, what would you do to those who twist and manipulate the finished work of your beloved so that they exalt themselves and set up a kingdom of sorts using his name, where they continue to reap the benefits while those from whom the benefits have been ripped are given a false impression of your beloved?  An impression that is not only false, but leaves all who have any decency and love of truth to be angry and bitter with your beloved… all the while, those who manipulate the name and work of your beloved grow fat and live in palaces of gold, ivory and pearls, clothing themselves in scarlet and purple.  What would be the foremost of concerns upon your heart if you are such a father with such a son whose heritage is so soiled?

Secondly, what would your concern be to those who ignored him and carried on as if he never finished the work you sent him to do, and carried on as if his work was of no concern so that they continue to present to the world the old ways that never helped anyone?  And these are your own people, your own servants, for whom you used your son to bring in the new so that the inadequate and old ways could be rendered obsolete.

Thirdly, what would your concern be to those who knowingly misrepresent him and so have caused him to be slandered, those who by their very unbelief and disobedience to the commands and works of your beloved have caused him to be portrayed as a lying man who tried to do some good?

And finally, what are your concerns for those who have yet to benefit from the heritage of your beloved because they have never heard of him, and if they have, they never heard the truth about him?

What then, O man, would your concerns be, should your concerns be, for such a son whom you might have, whom you would introduce to other men with these same words as another proud Father once introduced His Son… “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased…”?

Turn your heart to your own parents or to your own children whom you love and who bring you such pleasure – your beloved and well pleasing families – for a moment, elect… and if you have not such a family, consider what you would do for them if you did have such a family in the context of what I have asked you to consider.

Would not wrath and vengeance be the words that spring forth against those who have soiled and desecrated the heritage of your beloved to profit themselves?  And what would you say to them when they have the audacity to come boldly in front of you expecting a reward for what they have done in his name?  And would that not overflow to those who have ignored his work and slandered him or caused him to be ignored and slandered to this day?  Indeed, yes… wrath and vengeance would rise up out of your heart and unleashed through your mouth to bring about the destruction worthy of such criminals!  Yes, you are also compassionate and just… and above all else, you are true to yourself when all others are false even to themselves.

So then, in the midst of your plans of wrath and vengeance, would you also not be concerned for those who are innocent?  Those who are the way they are still because no one has shown them what the truth about your beloved really is?  What then would you do, elect?

You see, as I have pointed out before, the disciples were still only concerned with what was dear to them up until the moment Jesus ascended when they asked Him this final question that is on record for us:  “Lord, are You at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?”[2] They had yet to learn to be concerned as a father or mother is concerned for the justice that the heritage of their unjustly murdered beloved well pleasing son should have.

What defines your blamelessness, elect, is not just the fact that the inclinations of your thoughts are different from the people of your times, as the thoughts of your forefather Noah were different from the people of his time.  It is not your righteousness that comes by faith nor your walk with God that defines your blamelessness… but rather, what concerns you.

You are concerned for the poor, good, so are the pagans and atheists.  You are concerned for the environment, world peace and human dignity, good, so are pagans and atheists.  You are concerned for winning souls for Heaven, good, so are those who deny Jesus is the Son.  You are concerned about the evil in this world, good, so are those who deny Jesus is the Son.  See that many things may concern you, they are all good, but they are only good.  To paraphrase the Lord, you can be concerned about many things, but only a few are needed.  Learn to choose the better and the best above the good.

What defines your blamelessness is not your concern to be blameless, but rather, the blamelessness of your concerns as well.  And the highest concern you can have is the concern of a good father for his well beloved and pleasing son’s heritage.

You see, elect, this is what the next few rising and setting of the sun is all about… the proper presentation and appreciation of the finished work of Jesus Christ so that He can come in glory, to see it presented to the world in the truth it was meant to be.

So then, as you begin to appreciate the concerns of the Father for His Son’s inheritance, His Son’s reputation and glory and very life… so you will begin to understand the vengeance God deserves to have and see the justice of the unleashing of His wrath against those who are responsible, those who are asleep in the graves and those who still inhabit their tents, arrogantly failing to recognise the fragility of their existence, even as the graciousness of God warns them with ever increasing earthquakes, famine and pestilence with the seas roaring to get their attention.

So who can be an instrument of unleashing the wrath of God?  A blameless man like Noah.  Who can unleash the wrath of the Father and exact vengeance for Him?  A father who also has a well pleasing and beloved son who has been unjustly murdered and whose name remains slandered.  Who is such a father?  The Man who has the Son who is well pleasing and beloved to Him… the father of the Son of Man.

Elect, be mature and see… when you think as the father of a beloved and well pleasing son, you are truly beginning to think the thoughts of God’s wrath and vengeance upon disobedient servants and enemies.

And your blamelessness?  Who can find blame against the father who unleashes his wrath to avenge a beloved, well pleasing son upon those who murdered him and are accomplices to the continued denial of justice for him by burying the truth!

So then, when zeal for your household consumes you, elect, remember mercy prevails over judgment.  Even as you are blameless, perfect and whole as your Father is perfect and whole, remember to be merciful, for great is the wrath that will be unleashed through you for God’s vengeance.

Be blameless… and walk before your God, preparing the way for Him.


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