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Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.

So what made Noah different – blameless – among the people of his time?  See that he was found blameless before, not after, he was given his word by God to build an ark to prepare for the coming wrath.  So what do we know of the people he lived amongst?  The only description of the people of Noah’s days found written for us is this:  The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the Earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.

To understand why Noah was found blameless as well as righteous as he walked with God, characteristics he had inherited from his great (x7) granduncle, Abel, and his great grandfather, Enoch, look at the people the Lord found him out of.  The people of his time were great in wickedness, that is, great in forsaking God, so that if they were all religious, they would be religious in the worship of all manners of things that are not God, including the worship of the angelics who had married women and their offspring.  You see, the world of Noah was not a world of ignorance or science as we understand ignorance and science to be, but rather, a world where angelics mated with the daughters of men to produce a super-humanoid race called Nephilim.  They are known as the heroes of old, men of renown. Heroes perhaps because of bravery, strength and even character, and men of reputation – half-breeds fathered by angelics, born through women, possibly with intelligence and physical prowess greater than those fathered by men, born of women.  We can say this and we know this, for when the Canaanites restored the interbreeding between the angelics and women, they produced the giant races of the Anakites and Rephaites, of which Goliath was one.

As such, if you were a man (born of woman by a man’s will, not an angelic’s will), you lived in a world where there was a race of super-humanoids that probably ruled the world.  And since these were descended from rebellious, God-disobeying angels, you cannot imagine that this subspecies of humanoids knew much of love, as God is Love.  So not only was man subservient to a super-humanoid race of superior size, power and intellect because their very size dictated they would have a larger cranium with a larger brain, but also that every man’s thoughts were inclined only to evil ALL the time.

A man whose thoughts are inclined to evil all the time is a man who is constantly thinking about murder, stealing, rape, cruelty, slander and so on.  Imagine if every man on Earth around you only thought as Hitler, Stalin and other mass murderers did all the time, and also throw in your rapists, serial killers, terrorists, concentration camp butchers and so on… now see that all of them were thinking these things all the time.  Against such a backdrop, a man whose thoughts were not inclined to evil all the time, much less a man who had faith in God and walked with God, would shine like a star… and it is against this backdrop that Noah achieved his blamelessness.  A man who not only believed God and walked with God, but his very thoughts were different from the people of his time.

Herein lays the simple but powerful truth for our own blamelessness… it is not what we believe or what we practise, not even what we hold onto as traditions, but rather it is our thoughts.  What are the inclinations of our thoughts compared to the inclination of the thoughts of the people we are amongst?

Understand from the beginning that this is not a comparison so that we may say who is more righteous, more holy, more gifted, more faithful, more anointed and so on.  It is not about who is right or wrong, or whose interpretation is more accurate, whose faith is greater, whose experience is richer or who is more knowledgeable.  No, on the field of blamelessness, none of these matter, for when you begin to measure and compare levels of faith, obedience, knowledge and holiness, you can always find blame… not blamelessness.

You see, elect, the Lord looks for righteousness not in public places where you are heard or seen, but rather, as Jesus has commanded us to do, “Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them,” and to remember that “…your Father, who sees what is done in secret…” As such, God looks for righteousness, faith, holiness and all things acceptable to Him in the most secret of our places – our thoughts, in particular, the thoughts of our hearts.  It is not what we say or even what we do in response to His word, but rather, what we think of His word that He concerns Himself with.  For you can fool anyone who can only see and hear you as you sprout out scriptures and homilies and walk as one in a manner people would consider to be ‘holy,’ even going as far as being dressed in white and mumbling into a microphone a suitably edited word, whilst in your heart you would not hesitate to torture and kill those who disagree with you, as was the custom of your forefathers.  No, elect, blamelessness, as it was with Noah so it is with you, is dependent on the inclinations of the thoughts of your heart.  And it is compared with the inclinations of the thoughts of all who are living in your time.

So, how can a man be blameless before God?  A man is blameless by the way he thinks firstly of God, secondly of His word and thirdly of His honour.

Magdalene was blameless before Jesus because she chose to sit and listen, because she chose twice to anoint Him with perfume.  It was what she thought, which carried forth into her action that brought the Lord to her defence again and again and again, first to the Pharisees, then to Martha and then to Judas Iscariot and finally the rest of the twelve.  For God knows full well that we think of many things we would like or love to do but cannot… and as the psalmist tells us – You perceive my thoughts from afar – so God knows the thoughts of men.  Jesus, time and again, responded to those around Him because He knew their thoughts, first to the Pharisees and then to the disciples as they were arguing about which of them was the greatest.

As such, elect, your concern is not about what others are doing or what God is doing with others.  Your concern must be first to be blameless as Noah was blameless, even as you are righteous by faith and you are walking with God.  A blamelessness that comes because the inclinations of the thoughts of your heart are different from the people of your day.

And indeed, those of you who have retained your election have passed that test – the testing of your thoughts.  For while others have their thoughts set on Heaven as their destiny at the end of an acceptable Christian life of faith in God and good works that meet the approval of their fellow Christians, you have accepted to think of staying alive until Jesus arrives as being more logical than to succumb to that which is common to men.

It is then the way you do think in your heart about God, His word, and His ways that makes you blameless amongst the people of your time.

See that Noah had no answer to the evil of his times, but God provided the answer for him, and yet, if you look carefully, it was Noah who provided God with the answer to God’s problem first, by being the only righteous and blameless man of his time.  So, even as you ponder and consider the evil times you live in and see no answer to them, you might find that God will provide you with the answers as He did to Noah… for your very first pondering about the state of His kingdom has provided God with the very instrument to deliver Himself out of this dilemma.

In the same way, as David even began to think about being able to stand up to Goliath and went through the sequence of actions and events that allowed him to be standing opposite Goliath with a stone in his sling, he provided God with the answer to Goliath as that little stone flew through the air and it was guided by God straight into Goliath’s head to knock him down.  David chose five stones, but he only used one because God guided it true to the reach.  So anyone who launches his stone against the enemies of God with the best for God on his thoughts will only ever need one little stone.  No wonder Jesus gives the overcomers “…a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.” A new name, a new nature, a new person, a white stone, a reminder of what David’s stone did to Goliath.

So likewise, each and every one of you whom the Holy Spirit has elected are given a new nature, no, not only born again, but the nature of being blameless before God amongst the people of your time, even amongst the holy people.  For the inclinations of the thoughts of your heart are upon His return all the time, and the schemes of your mind, which you speak forth in prayer and devise in actions, are purposed to bring this to pass in such a way that God alone can oppose you if it suits Him.  For you know not one of your thoughts, prayers or schemes can succeed unless the Almighty Himself says, “You will succeed…  Go and do it,” as He did to that spirit who laid down his eternity that God’s will and purpose be done.

For having thought of it, schemed it, worked out its costs and put the strength of your arms and the sweat of your brow to it as you believed and practised every word of Jesus, trusting full well God with whom nothing is impossible, it is not success that will be your reward nor failure your judge, but blamelessness that is your vindicator.  For you have thought of doing what is impossible for men but possible with God, and as you thought so you decreed, so you wished and so you schemed.  And what is this that you have been thinking, scheming and wishing?  A fine reward of Heavenly treasures poured upon your lap as Jesus welcomes you through the pearly gates for a Christian life well led?  No, but rather, that which has made you a victim of scorn and ridicule as you professed with all hope, faith and will that you who live and believe will never die to see Jesus arrive on clouds of glory even if He tarries another millennium!

However, it would not stand well before the Lord if after you have wished it and said it, then sat down and waited like a lazy servant who having buried his talent waited for his master’s return.  No, it is when you then make every effort to enter the narrowest of doors, a door that no one has contemplated, to not only live and never die, but to live to fulfil all scriptures needed so that Jesus can be sent back.

To do what seems ridiculous, needless and unreasonable, and to persevere at it regardless of the amount of time it has already taken, is the inherited trait you have received from your forefather Noah.  For he too did the needless and ridiculous over an unreasonable length of time, until the last plank was secured.  It did not matter to him that no one had ever seen rain in his time or that there were no oceans nor rivers big enough to take his ship.  It did not matter that he had no idea how to get it to the nearest river or who would fill its rooms and decks.  What mattered to him was that God had chosen him and spoken to him, and his completion of the task was what God was waiting for.  We do not know by what is written what Noah thought or what he said; whether he thought of giving up or complained to God or whether his own wife and family thought him ‘out of his mind.’  But we do not need to know, for we do know what we would have been like ourselves.  We would have complained, we would have doubted, we would have thought of giving up, we would have received ‘godly’ counsel and advice to be of sound mind and to not chase after fantasies.  Yes, elect, you do know what went through the heart and mind of Noah.

For to live and never die when all other Christians have lived only to die is unheard of.  It has never been done.  Jesus did not mean it literally, so the ‘godly’ advices would chorus… to stay alive until He arrives when you do not know when He will decide to come.  Worst of all, to think once you have fulfilled the scriptures needed He will come… now that is lunacy; you are out of your mind!

It is when they do say, “He is out of His mind,” because you are finishing the work God has sent you to do that truly you have become blameless amongst the people of your time.

So, what is your concern, elect?  To be blameless as your forefather Noah was blameless before God and to remain blameless.  For it is the blameless that unleashes the wrath of God.


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